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SPOILERS: Set after the episdoe 'Spencer's 18th Birthday'. Contains mild spoilers.
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By Kye



Spencer gently pushed open the door and then quietly stepped inside. Blue eyes scanned the room, but was met with only empty silence.

Spencer closed the door with a soft click and then headed towards the familiar end of the loft. "Ash?" she called softly again as she pushed back the curtain of beads to step into the space of her girlfriend's bedroom.

A soft smile spread across perfect lips when her blue eyes took in the sight of her completely passed out lover.

Ashley was sprawled out across the bed, her half open suitcases sitting by her feet at the end of the bed. Spencer looked from the disheveled attempt to unpack and then back up to the soft face of the girl she loved.

The blonde placed her purse onto the dresser and then slowly walked over to the bed. She eased the heavy suitcase to the side and then pushed the make-up bag beneath the bed.

"Still cleanin' up my messes?" a soft husky voice jolted her and she suddenly looked up from her kneeling spot at the end of the bed. Another soft smile graced across her lips.

Ashley returned it sleepily as she blinked back and then lifted her hand to rub her palm against her right eye. "Been here long?"

Spencer shook her head gently as she moved to sit up on the edge of the bed. Her smile faltered just a bit as she took in her lover's haggered form. "Ash..."

The brunette blinked back with a heavy sigh before turning brown eyes to her girlfriend. "Spence, please," she sighed softly again. She moved to sit up, but was stopped by a soft hand against her shoulder. She looked up to see concerned blue eyes gazing back at her.

"Just lay back," Spencer whispered softly as she eased her lover back down onto the bed. She was met with no protest as she reached down to take Ashley's leg and then pull it into her lap. She massaged the tense calf muscle with slow, easy strokes.

Ashley chuckled softly. "Maybe I should blow my career more often."

"Ash," Spencer sighed as she turned her gaze back to her lover. "Your career isn't blown. It was one mistake..."

"Yeah, a really huge fucking one at that," Ashley shot back with a harsh snarl, but quickly lost the anger in her voice when she met the soft blue eyes. "I'm sorry," she offered gently. "I'm not mad at you."

Spencer's brow furrowed as she continued the soft massage. "I'm sure it's not what you think. Maybe Kyla just..."

"What, Spencer?" Ashley shot back again. "Kyla just what?"

Spencer sighed softly.

"Yeah," Ashley shot back with a heavy sigh of her own. "Look," she squeezed her eyes shut tightly and then released a long breath. "Can we please just talk about something else?"

Spencer chewed on her bottom lip as she turned her attention to the soft leg in her hands. "My grand-mother hates me."

Ashley's eyes blinked open and she set her gaze on her girlfriend. "What?"

Spencer looked back to meet brown eyes. "My grand-mother hates me," she repeated softly as her blue eyes started to tear up.

Ashley's brow furrowed and she quickly sat up to come face-to-face with the blonde. "She said that?"

Spencer's face tensed and she shook her head shortly. "She didn't have to."

Ashley swallowed back, trying to buy some time as she searched her brain for the right thing to say.

Sometimes, she really sucked at this girlfriend thing.

"I don't know if it helps," she offered weakly as she reached up with her right arm to wrap it around Spencer's waist. "But I love you, and I promise that'll never change."

Brown eyes searched blue intently as the moments ticked passed.

Finally, a soft, slow smile broke out across the blonde's lips.

Spencer reached up to place her hand on Ashley's face and then leaned in for a soft, reassuring kiss. She pulled back with a sigh, her eyes lingering closed for a second longer than her girlfriend's.

Ashley smiled softly. "Sorry I missed your party."

Spencer shook her head. "It wasn't that big a deal. You're here now," she added softly as her fingers continued to brush across the soft skin of Ashley's face.

"I got something for you," Ashley grinned.

Spencer's smile widened. "What?" Her face lit up as her hand slipped from the brunette's face. "Birthday present?"

Ashley chuckled softly as she pulled herself from Spencer's grasp and then moved to stand in front of her at the foot of the bed. Blue eyes blinked up at her in slight confusion as she moved her hand to the hem of her shirt.

"Uh, Ash?" Spencer glanced to the curtain of beads. "Isn't Kyla..."

"Spence?" Ashley broke in as she pulled the shirt from her body and tossed it onto the floor. "Don't kill it."

Spencer blinked and then quickly nodded as she licked her lips before dropping her eyes to the firm muscle of her girlfriend's stomach.

Ashley smirked, cause sometimes Spencer was just too easy.

The brunette moved her hands down to the waist-band on her skirt. She popped open the button and then slowly pulled down the zipper. She smirked as she watched Spencer's eyes focused intently on her hands. She reached up to peel back the material. "Happy Birthday, baby."

Spencer's blue gaze squinted and she leaned forward just a fraction of an inch. Her eyes suddenly widened and she gasped softly. "Ashley..." She looked up to meet tender brown eyes. "You didn't."

The musician smiled and shrugged her shoulders slightly. "I told you I was gonna a long time ago. Figured I had some promises to catch up on."

"But, Ash," Spencer protested softly as she once again glanced down to the waistline of her girlfriend. "It's kinda...permanent."

Ashley swallowed back. "I'm hopin' we are too."

Blue eyes flickered up and a tense moment passed before Spencer slowly smiled. "You stole my spot."

"Technically," Ashley grinned. "You pointed to your left hip," she added with a finger on the aforementioned area. "So I really didn't."

It wasn't really even on her hip. More like the dip where hip met thigh.

The exact place that Spencer had pointed to all those days ago when they were just figuring out what this thing was between them.

It was just as Ashley promised. A perfectly scripted 'S' sat on the curve of her hip, still glistening a bit from it's newly inked surface. It was dark blue in color, and stood out in stark contrast against its owner's tanned skin.

"You like it?"

Spencer was still a bit dumb-founded. As far as birthday presents went...this one definitely jumped right to the top of the list. Not to mention the fact that it was insanely romantic and impulsive and so...Ashley.

Not to mention so incredibly permanent.

Just like them.

Spencer slowly licked her lips and finally managed to pull her eyes away long enough to glance up into nervous brown.

"Ash..." She tried to respond, but her brain and her mouth were suddenly not cooperating. "Ash, it's..."

"Hey," Ashley called softly as she reached down to gently lift her girlfriend's chin. She smiled. "It's you, Spence," she responded softly. "It always was."

In that moment, the blonde's heart and mind were so overwhelmed with thoughts of the woman standing in front of her that she burst into tears.

Ashley dropped her her knees in an instant, pulling the blonde into her grasp to hold her tightly. She kissed Spencer's temple. "No tears."

Spencer smiled. "Only good ones."

Ashley held the girl in her arms for a few more moments before she pulled back and smiled into her clear blue eyes. "Hey," she teased with a husky laugh. "Had to do something to take my mind off the shit-fest that has become my career."

"Ash," Spencer warned with a smile.

"Okay, okay," the brunette relented as she moved to take a seat on the bed next to her girlfriend. She sighed softly. "You really think I can salvage it?"

Spencer's smile softened as she reached over to place a warm palm on the other girl's cheek. "I think you can do anything."

Ashley's smile returned full-force before leaning in to claim soft lips in a tender kiss. It didn't stay tender very long as both girls moaned into each others mouth, reaching out to deepen the kiss.

"Ash," Spencer whispered as she pulled back just enough to catch a breath between them. She licked her lips and then sighed softly. "Make me forget."

It was the only permission that the rock star needed before leaning back into the kiss and then raising a hand to gently coax the blonde to lie back. She moved her body to straddle her lover's waist as she worked frantically on the buttons of her shirt.

Ashley pulled back with a frustrated groan. "I hate this one, Spence," she protested as her fingers continued to work the buttons.

The blonde laughed despite her desire. She bit her bottom lip as she rested her hands on the brunette's waist. "You're sexy when you're frustrated."

Ashley paused in the motion of her hands to look down into blue eyes. She smirked slightly before grabbing two fistfuls of the shirt and pulling. The material instantly gave way, buttons flying off in all directions.


"I'll buy you a new one. Hell, I'll buy you a hundred new ones," she mumbled before leaning down to reclaim her lover's lips in a heated kiss. She moved her right leg to slip it between Spencer's thighs, eliciting a heady groan from the body beneath her. She didn't stop as she trailed her hand over an ample breast, pausing to give it a firm squeeze before moving down to brush the very tips of her fingers along a flat stomach.

Spencer sucked in a harsh breath as she moved to weave her fingers tighter into the brunette locks.

Ashley made quick work of the button and zipper on her girlfriend's jeans as she moved her mouth down the side of a perfectly place neck. She bit down, satisfied with the moan she felt breathed harshly into her ear. She lifted her hand to dip it into the waist-band of Spencer's Calvin Kleins.

"Oh!" the blonde moaned as her back arched and her eyes squeezed shut tightly. She held onto her lover as a deep shiver rocked through her body. She released a harsh breath and then fell back to the mattress as her lover's hand continued to work inside her jeans.

"Oh, Ash," Spencer moaned breathlessly again as she moved her hips in time with the soft touch of the brunette's hand. Another harsh moan spilled from her lips when she felt a finger slowly slip inside. "Oh God..."

The brunette smiled against the edge of her lover's jaw. "I prefer Ashley." She moved her thumb up to press down against her girlfriend's clit as she tightened her leg across a quivering thigh.

Long moments ticked by as the air was filled with sounds of soft moans and gasps. Muscles tightened and chests became heavy with arousal as the fire inside grew to a raging inferno.


The rock star kissed a perfectly soft expanse of throat. "It's okay," she offered gently with a firm thrust of her hand.

"Ashley!" Spencer's body arched against her lover, her toes curling as her heart nearly exploded in her chest. The orgasm that washed over her sent a powerful quake to every muscle and nerve cell in her body. She held on desperately as the seconds ticked by before she finally regained the ability to speak. "I love you."

Ashley smiled as she slowly removed her hand from her lover's jeans and then leaned in for a soft kiss. "Ditto." She continued to smile as she held herself above the blonde's shaking body. She leaned down for a soft kiss against the edge of perfect lips. "So...did you forget?"

Spencer smiled, still a bit light-headed. "Forget what?"

Ashley smiled before placing another soft kiss. "Well, just in case..."

Spencer's eyes slipped closed and she released a soft sigh as she allowed her lover to kiss down the front of her body. She stretched her arms out and moaned softly when she felt the jeans pulled from her body. "Ash..."

The moan turned to a sharp gasp when her eyes suddenly flew open and her body arched. "Okay..."

Ashley moaned as she slipped the blonde's thighs over her shoulders before burying her face into the abundant wetness. She heard her lover's scream and then felt the harsh bite of blunt nails against her shoulder. But it was all well worth it.

If she had her way, Spencer wouldn't ever remember anything else.

Long, satisfying hours later, Ashley lay wide awake beneath the warm sheets. She let out a soft breath and then tilted her head to look towards the body lying next to her.

A soft smile graced her features as the brunette leaned over to tenderly kiss perfect lips.


The older girl's body froze in mid-motion as she tried to pull away. The smile widened just slightly. "Yeah?"

"It's sweet what you did," a soft, husky voice whispered next to her ear. She sucked in a harsh breath as a soft finger traced the sore skin along her hip. "But...next time you wanna get a tattoo..." The soft nip to the underside of her jaw kept the air captive in her chest.

Ashley whispers low and husky, but with some decided effort. "Yeah?"

Spencer smiles as she bites her lover's jaw and then smoothes it over with a slow, methodical lick.

The body above hers tenses considerably. "Spence..."

The blonde's hand slips beneath the sheets and her lover's soft moan fills the silence of the room. Her fingers trace the sensitive skin on Ashley's hip, and then dip lower. "Find your own spot."

The End

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