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Teaching B'Elanna
By Cirroco DeSade


There was a strange energy in engineering this day. Sure it had all begun well, but only a couple of hours into the Alpha rotation things were suddenly tense. After all these years as a team, every person under Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres' command knew when it was wise to tread carefully and be extra vigilant at their duties. Now, hearing their beloved chief shouting Klingon epithets directed at a certain Astrometrics officer, everyone in earshot straightened and double-checked their figures. Some even found excuses to crawl into Jeffries tubes for 'much needed' repairs to obscure parts and junctions.

B'Elanna sat at her console staring at the message, her eyes narrowed and her fists clenched tightly. A low rumbling growl issued from her throat as she suddenly punched at the board. She turned swiftly on her heel and stomped into her office. She sat heavily behind her desk and began trying to dissect an extraordinarily complex Borg encryption code that blocked her way to understanding.

B'Elanna stomped past several of her crewmates if only to beat them into the Mess Hall 20 seconds earlier. Immediately upon entering her nostrils flared as she scanned the room. She found by scent before sight. It had always been that way, although she wouldn't tell any of her friends that little detail. No, it wouldn't do for people to know that she could always identify Seven by her unique blend of pheromones and the scent of her implants long before she saw her. She could feel her presence and smell her the moment they were both in the same room. That Seven of Nine had always had a unique effect upon her body.

She didn't even try to clamp down on her growl as she pushed her way over to where Seven was sitting with Harry and Tom. The blonde was consuming a nutritional supplement and even though B'Elanna knew that Seven had that same cognizance of B'Elanna's presence the blonde did not turn or even acknowledge her presence. Yet Harry and Tom were looking at her with wide eyes. They could see B'Elanna's state of mind and worried that there might be a fight momentarily.

"You!" B'Elanna bellowed at Seven. "How dare you alter the programming of an essential component of our computer system?"

Seven finally turned her head and smirked at the fiery Klingon-Human hybrid. Only those who knew her well could actually recognized the tiny lifting of Seven's lips as a smirk, but B'Elanna was certainly someone who knew when Seven was smirking at her. It served to escalate her anger to unparalleled proportions.

"You were the one who suggested you would not need help. I was merely assuring that you would stay within the parameters of your own boasting," Seven answered calmly.

"Drop the encryption codes," B'Elanna demanded.

"Are you admitting defeat?" Seven asked smugly as she stood to face the enraged woman.

"No! I'm not. I can beat this without the computer. You can't… " B'Elanna trailed off obviously frustrated. "You can't just lock me out of that program. It's unsafe."

Seven raised her eyebrow and smirked again. B'Elanna had the good grace to blush slightly at her own assertion.

"You will adapt," Seven stated flatly.

Then B'Elanna fumed and cursed at the blonde in Klingon. Then Seven surprised the men seated in front of them and those within earshot (who were of course eavesdropping) by rattling off several long Klingon phrases. She sounded more Klingon than B'Elanna did and even fiercer than the engineer had when she walked in.

"Now, if you will excuse me," Seven said in a suddenly calm voice. She raised her eyebrow at B'Elanna one last time then calmly strode away.

B'Elanna growled at her retreating back. Then she turned and looked at Harry and Tom, and the men both suddenly found their bluish soup very interesting to stare at. The smaller woman just rolled her eyes at them and stomped right back out of the room.

At the end of her shift B'Elanna was in no better mood. She was frowning mightily because she had not conquered the Borg's challenge by now. She walked into her quarters and stripped from her uniform. She just kept going until she was in her shower ordering a steaming hot hydro.

Minutes later she heard her lover enter the bathroom. Moments after that she felt strong arms embrace her from behind. She leaned back into the contact even as she felt delicate kisses being trailed slowly from the base of her neck towards her mouth.

"I'm still mad at you," B'Elanna said half-heartedly. "It wasn't fair to take away the translator." She felt full lips smile on her cheek.

"You will never learn if you always rely on the computer," Seven said gently then turned her attentions to the other side of her B'Elanna's neck. From the corner of her eye she could see her tough wife pouting.

"Yeah, well… what I did remember only served to confuse me. That stupid language makes no sense anyway," B'Elanna said in a remarkably childish tone. Seven had to fight the laugh that wanted to surface. "The only words I knew for sure in five sentences were the words 'my love,' 'take,' 'breasts,' 'blood,' and 'own.' And how come Klingons cannot ever talk in the past or future? And always demanding! It's no wonder everybody is always fighting on Qo'noS."

B'Elanna felt Seven snickering into her neck even as the blonde's hands had begun to knead and cup her pert breasts under the warm water. Finally the blonde inhaled deeply and turned to her lover's face giving the smaller woman a breathtaking kiss.

"BangwI'," Seven whispered into her love's ear after they had parted for breath. "Would you like a more personal translation of the message I sent you?"

A shiver ran down B'Elanna's spine even as her mouth suddenly became very dry. All she could do was nod vigorously. She turned around wide-eyed to stare into Seven's eyes and got caught in the obvious lust and arousal the tall woman was displaying. Seven's smile became almost predatory as she reached past B'Elanna to turn off the water. The lithe little engineer squeaked when she was suddenly lifted in strong arms and carried dripping wet out into the bedroom.

After Seven lay both their soaking wet bodies in the middle of the bed, she began growling each sentence out one at a time, taking time to demonstrate their meaning fully. Several hours had passed before the five sentences had been properly demonstrated to the blonde's satisfaction. B'Elanna lay spent and drenched in a mixture of their sweat. Somehow, the blonde still had some untapped reserve of energy and was propped up on an elbow looking down at her love, tracing little designs on B'Elanna's body creating Goosebumps in her finger's wake. B'Elanna looked over at the striking beauty in her bed with an exhausted smile.

"I'm beginning to like my tlhIngan Hol lessons."

The End

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