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The Tease
By Hayseven

The party was in full swing, even the resident ex Borg turned up. On time, and wearing a black Bio suit. Seven had walked into the room, politely nodding to the females present and took a seat near the back. B'Elanna nearly spat out her blood wine when Seven sat not two chairs from her. Already half the females in the room were intoxicated and raring to enjoy the festivities.

If Seven had not been forced by the Captain to come she would have been safely ensconced in her research and her own pursuits. But she knew by now arguing with the Captain when she insisted she only had her interest at heart was a futile exercise. Seven calculated the same argument that always occurred was the 452'nd time in a space of 3 and a half years. She could have told you the exact days and hours to the last second but knew she was being fastidious.

Of that figure Seven had won the discussion 144 times. This time she had merely nodded to Kathryn when she told Seven of the Girls only party. The Captain had been talking of the merits of going for approximately 24.3 seconds when she realised Seven had consented. Seven felt the look on Kathryn's face was worth the waste in going to a party. The term priceless came to Seven's mind, and she now knew what Lt Torres meant.

B'Elanna was busy refining trans warp fluctuations in her head when the lights dimmed and out came 4 young, hairless, strong good looking men. The multi coloured fluoro strobe lights came on, casting a funky glow across everyone. A loud electric, dance beat started up and soon the young men were performing a dance show.

Seven sat there and calculated the music playing was at a decibel deemed too loud for Human ears. She doubted that if she spoke of this that it would receive a warm welcome. It was 22.1 seconds into the dance routine that Seven's mouth opened and her eyebrow aimed for a new postcode. The men were slowly and in a non-sexy way Seven thought, taking their garments off.

By the end of the second song, Seven had sat back and composed herself to note that the performers were near naked except for a thin piece of string around their hips thus providing a modicum of decency. The vast majority of the women were hooting as Seven had earlier learned and were raising their hands in the air clapping and cheering for the performers to "Take it off, Take it all off." Seven had at one stage suppressed the impulse to shout out "Keep it on, Keep it on."

B'Elanna was sitting back on her chair watching her fellow female crewmembers fawn over a bunch of sleazy three-dimensional Hologram strippers. How she hated these types of holograms. Tom had cheated on her for the last time, and now they were divorced. The nerve to cheat on her with a hologram, it made her feel inadequate and perhaps that's way she felt sickened by it all. Looking around the room she saw her Captain stuffing credits into a performer's G-string and was busy pawing at him. Ensign Nicoletti and a few others were intoxicated and were groping a performer.

It was only a half hour into the show and B'Elanna doubted that most of the people here were going to last much longer. Either they would pass out from the vast amounts of alcohol, or leave to go to their respective partners and "have a good time." B'Elanna was guessing a lot of crew tomorrow would turn up late and sleep deprived.

Looking around the room again B'Elanna spotted Seven sitting alone with an intense look on her face. She was sitting there ramrod straight with her hands placed on her lap. On closer inspection one hand was clenched tightly, the knuckles white. Realising she was being stared at Seven made a show of clapping her hands and relaxing her body. B'Elanna looked away, and smirked, she knew that Seven was aware of being watched and decided to have some fun.

After a few minutes B'Elanna staggered over to Seven and fell heavily onto the chair beside Seven. In the process of doing so, she overbalanced and Seven's quick reflexes managed to grab B'Elanna by the shoulders and ease her to the chair. Seven ignored the heat from B'Elanna and sat back down. For the next half hour Seven sat there listening to the Klingon talk about men and how they were only good for procreation and copulation. She emphasized the word Copulation to get a reaction from Seven and wasn't let down when Seven swallowed audibly.

Listening to the Lt Seven felt the desire to correct or at least question the Lt on some of her views but decided against it. After all who wanted an intoxicated half Klingon getting enraged at you. Sure it could be fun, but overall it just wasn't worth the disturbance Seven deemed. Ten minutes later Seven found herself with a drunk LT sleeping away on her shoulder, not to mention drooling.

At one stage after moving the Lt to the other side of the chair, the Lt had just moved back and this time she snuggled into Seven neck and chest. Seven remained immobile as she felt Torres's hot breath and warm body on her. It felt somewhat oddly comforting. It was a half-hour later when all the partygoers had filed, more like staggered out and all that was left was one ex Borg and a sleeping Klingon.

'Lt Torres, though I hate to say this in case it angers you, would you mind waking up and cease cupping my breast." Slowly waking Torres sat up, looked at Seven, gave a smile and asked "Did you chase away the revellers with your open Borg demeanour." "Lt if you are going to be more hostile then I suggest you leave and find a man to Copulate so you may get out whatever aggression you have stored away. After all, one can surely find a inefficient man to waste the time away with."

Hearing a growl Seven realised a tactical retreat was in order and was about to head out of the Holodeck when she heard Torres laughing. "Come on Seven, don't tell me you think I would find your comments offensive?" I have had copious amounts of blood wine and am feeling Mary, and she doesn't mind." At Seven blank look she said "Never mind Seven, it was a joke, forget it." " Sev, it's early and I want some fun. It is clear to me even in my state that you found tonight's forced entertainment clearly lacking. Tell me, what would be more to your style?"

"Lt, it is not to my style to have sweaty men strutting their goods in my vicinity. Besides, though I find them aesthetically pleasing, they lack a certain appeal and attribute. And for that matter they fail my criteria for a mate, or a one night copulation." "Stand Seven, the term is One night stand."

Intrigued now Torres became bolder and coming to stand a few inches from Seven she asked "So my dear Seven, what attributes would fit your criteria?" Seven then decidedly became at unease and seeing that Torres took her arm, gave it a squeezed and flashed Seven a toothy grin. 'Come on Seven, tell me, or if you want show me. Do a hologram, maybe I can help you find a suitable candidate."B'Elanna was leaning closer to Seven, so close Seven could smell the wine and scent that was B'Elanna. Seven spent an entire 45.6 seconds debating on the logic and tact of this conversation and question.

Seeing that B'Elanna was intoxicated and would in all likely probability forget this talk decided to be brazen. Calmly walking to the computer she inputted commands and after ten minutes stood back, and cocked her head to the side. Taking a few seconds to regulate her heart rate Seven walked over to B'Elanna and whispered into her ear.

She left the Holodeck with an open mouthed Torres leaning against the wall in near shock. Seven couldn't help but smirk when the LT tried to say something but the words had failed her. B'Elanna half stood half leant on the wall, and after ten minutes shook her head to clear it. 'Nope, I am not seeing things and I am not as drunk as I made out. Damn Borg. What the Grethor is she playing at?" There in front of her stood a hologram of herself wearing a Black Tux complete with a red tie and cummerbund. The last words Seven had whispered in her ears were still echoing in her mind.

The End

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