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By Ohyjo

Part 2

B'Elanna Torres entered her quarters and dropped down on her couch. Sitting down, she didn't move for several minutes.

A date with Harry. Another date with Harry…

Granted she'd had fun. Fun like she'd had with him on countless other occasions before they'd started dating.

"Computer record personal log B'Elanna Torres, stardate 53292.9."

A chirping sound indicated that the computer had started to record.

"I went on my third date with Harry today. I was actually enjoying myself until Harry told me he was starting to fall in love with me. I didn't know how to respond. Harry is a nice fellow, gentle, nice and more honest and sincere than Tom ever was. The kind of man I wished Tom was when I was dating him, but I feel nothing for him in a romantic way. I love you too starfleet, your my pall, one off the best friends I've ever had… your my little brother."

"Why didn't I tell him that right away? Why did I just smile at him instead of telling the truth? Why didn't I?"

B'Elanna paused for a moment and rubbed her face, encountering the familiar Klingon ridges. She laughed knowing that wasn't a problem anymore.

"I know I have dealt with a lot of issues from my past. I'm actually proud of what I've accomplished, and I'm proud of my Klingon side, which is a complete turn around from earlier years. I know I have changed in other ways to. I don't feel like fighting the entire universe anymore. I know I owe a large part of my current peace to Voyager, and Captain Janeway."

"I am Voyager's Chief-Engineer, my crew look up to me. I have found a place where I have friends who have become my family, even Seven and I stopped fighting after last year's Telexana festival, and have become good friends. So why did I mess up the situation like this?"

Pause again. Seven…! What had she done to her friend? Was that why she was feeling so… she couldn't put a name to how she felt. She wasn't depressed, just discontented… perhaps… though that word didn't describe how she felt either.

Seven had been present when Harry had asked her out the first time. It had been during lunch, as had become customary over the past year the four of them would have lunch together three times a week. Tom was the fourth member of their group and he had been encouraging Harry to ask B'Elanna out.

Having been interested in B'Elanna for quite some time now the young ensign had finally collected his courage and asked her out. He had confessed to expecting to be turned down by her with some good- natured but definite words.

Instead she had agreed before she realised it. Harry's ensuing smile had been affectionate and she smiled in return, it was nice to put a smile like that on someone's face. The smile had vanished though as she was just in time to see Seven's look of anguish, before it vanished and Seven's look had returned to normal.

When had Seven fallen in love with Harry anyhow? She had never said anything to her about him, and they had definitely talked about Harry. She knew she hadn't imagined Seven's look, she should have turned Harry down right then and there. Instead she had probably hurt two good friends by accepting.

"Computer end log." Commanded B'Elanna, she had to set things right. First thing tomorrow she was going to tell Harry she couldn't see him anymore, which on board Voyager was kind of a paradox. In addition to telling Harry she would look up Seven and tell her she would help her win her guy.

Having made these decisions B'Elanna didn't feel much better but she rested in the secure knowledge she was doing the right thing.

Seven tried to focus on her work, but was unaccustomedly having a hard time to focus. Two names just kept on looping through her neural processor. B'Elanna, Harry, B'Elanna, Harry… B'Elanna and Harry together.

Why did this bother her so much? She was aware of her feelings for the beautiful brunette, had been for a very long time. Right after last year's Telexana's festivities she had come to the conclusion she was attracted to the half-Klingon. Slowly over the course of the year as their budging friendship had blossomed, her attraction had evolved in a lot more. She had fallen in love with her friend, and hadn't been able to figure out what to do with her feelings. So she had said nothing, and simply enjoyed being friends with B'Elanna. She had feared that if she told B'Elanna it would put a strain on their friendship, certainly when the older woman wouldn't return her feelings.

There had never been any indication that B'Elanna loved other women anyhow, she only dated men. So why take the chance? When the Chief- Engineer would find someone special, so Seven had reasoned, she would be happy for her friend. That was a part of truly loving someone, wasn't it?

Then why were the names of B'Elanna and Harry becoming a repetitive chant in her mind? Why did she now regret not telling B'Elanna about her feelings earlier? She honestly liked Harry, he was a nice young man, but was he right for her Lanna? Maybe he was, B'Elanna seemed to get along great with him on their few dates. At least she hadn't heard any complaints, but then again she had been avoiding them both since their first date. How could she be certain?

A thought struck her. B'Elanna was a very passionate being, if she was happy about her fledging relationship with Harry she would have sought Seven out to tell her all about it. This hadn't happened though, the Chief had even missed one of their regular lunches, perhaps something else was going on. Maybe… just maybe… no she shouldn't think like this. If B'Elanna was happy with Harry, she should do everything in her power to make certain B'Elanna was happy.

Maybe she could share her earlier insights about Harry. Warn B'Elanna not to be to move to fast with him. When she had just arrived on board Voyager her straightforward behaviour seemed to have made him nervous. Yes, she would help with her friend's happiness, it would make her happy to make her friend happy.

Having made this decision Seven didn't feel much better but she rested in the secure knowledge she was doing the right thing.

Tom and Harry shared a turbo lift together on their way to start their bridge shift.

"So how are thing going between you and our Chief?" Tom asked good- naturedly.

A smile brightened Harry's eternally youthful face. "Great Tom, we went out on our third date yesterday. It was very romantic and…" Harry stopped as the turbo lift stopped and in walked Seven.

"Hi Seven," Harry greeted his friend, always pleased to see her. "Going to bridge as well?"

"Indeed, I require to speak to the Captain." Seven nodded friendly to her friends in greeting. She was about to say something else but then a familiar voice sounded in the cramped environment.

"Torres to Kim,"

Harry automatically responded by tapping his fingers to his com badge but the smile on his face was clear to both his companions. "Kim here."

"Harry are you free tonight?"

"I'm afraid not, I agreed to help ensign Rol with some diagnostics. How about tomorrow?" he sounded vaguely disappointed.

"Eh, sure Harry tomorrow is fine. Torres out."

Tom was the first and the only person to notice the sadness that very briefly crossed Seven's face. He was an observing fellow. Was Seven interested in Harry, or, he thought it strange given their past, but could Seven be interested in B'Elanna like he had suspected for some time now. If he'd for one second believed his ex-girlfriend could be interested in Seven he wouldn't have encouraged Harry to ask B'Elanna out. His friend just wasn't a match for the volatile engineer, but Tom had figured Harry needed to find that out for himself.

In the brief ride to the bridge Tom decided to have a little chat with B'Elanna to figure out what he could do to help his friends, all of them. He knew them, from whichever way he looked at this someone was going to be hurt. Quite possible all three of them.

B'Elanna had wanted to talk to Harry before talking to Seven. She had to talk to him before his feelings for her deepened. Circumstances however had changed her plans about talking to Harry first when she found Seven waiting in front of her quarters. Upon seeing her friend a sense of guilt flowed through her. This didn't change the fact that her mood always seemed to perk up a notch or two when she saw the blonde.

At least this is how it had been since last year Telexana festival since she really allowed herself to get to know the real Seven. Today was no exception so she greeted her the Astrometrics officer with a smile on her face.

"Hi Seven, have you been waiting long? Why didn't you contact me? I would have been here earlier if I had known."

Despite her serious mood Seven responded to B'Elanna's smile with one of her own.

"B'Elanna Torres I require to speak with you."

"B'Elanna Torres, my full name, this must be serious." B'Elanna glipped, though her mood sank. She believed she knew why Seven required to speak with her. This believe was confirmed as Seven nodded.

They had moved inside B'Elanna's quarters where B'Elanna indicated Seven should sit down. Seven honestly preferred to stand but sat down anyway, declining the drink B'Elanna offered.

"It's good you came by Seven, because I wanted to talk to you too."

Figuring she might need it B'Elanna replicated a drink for herself, after which she sat down next to Seven.

"What did you require to speak to me about?"
"So what's up?"

Both women asked at the same time.

"You and Harry," they both answered.

Looking at each other they each recognised their own emotions in the other, or so they thought, laced with humour at their well-timed answers.

The third time B'Elanna was just a bit faster then Seven.

"It seems we have the same thing on our mind. Before you say anything, can I go first?"

Seven nodded. "Proceed." To hide her nervousness Seven retreated behind her formal manners again. Grateful that this no longer irritated B'Elanna. Though the half-Klingon Engineer was so intent in getting her story out in the open that she barely noticed.

"Seven, I want to apologise to you."

Seven blinked, and surprised she asked, "why?"

Taking a deep breath B'Elanna continued, "For going out with Harry when I know you are interested in him."

Now Seven blinked four times, her highly efficient neural processor had no problems processing the words she heard but maybe her hearing was malfunctioning.

B'Elanna explained, "I saw how you reacted when harry asked me out Seven. I'm sorry, I should have turned him down right there and then. He just surprised me and honestly I was kind of flattered he asked."

"B'Elanna I.." Seven tried to interrupt the brunette, but with little success. B'Elanna steamed on.

"No, Seven, hear me out. I do love Harry, a lot even, but not in any romantic sort of way. I should have faced up to this sooner instead of letting him believe there was anything possible between the two of us. So tomorrow I am going to talk to him and straighten things out. After that I'm going to help you get together with him, I promise you that.

Seven didn't know whether to laugh or cry. B'Elanna did not love Ensign Kim, instead she believed her friend to be in love with Harry. She was going to try and get them together. She needed to clarify things and fast!

However Murphy decided to visit in the shape of Captain Janeway's voice.

"Janeway to Torres, Lieutenant report to engineering, stat!"

Immediately responding to the urgency in her Captain's voice B'Elanna jumped to her feet, tapping her com badge. "On my way Captain, Torres out."

Walking towards the door of her cabin B'Elanna looked over her shoulder and said quickly, "I'm sorry Seven but I will make this up with you." Then she was gone.

She didn't hear Seven's whispered reply. "I do not desire Harry, I desire you."

Then Commander Chakotay ordered her to the bridge where she learned why B'Elanna had been called away.

Another average day in the Delta Quadrant for Voyager's intrepid crew. An as yet unidentified something had penetrated Voyager and immediately left. They had no idea who or what it had been, but it had done uncountable damage. Particularly engineering systems had been hit hard, though nothing was fixed beyond repair, it would take B'Elanna and her team of hard pressed team of engineers a long time to get everything in working order again.

Tuvok was put in charge of investigating just what had penetrated their ship this easily. More importantly he had to find a way to prevent it from doing so again. The Astrometric's department was put to work helping security, scanning space for any trace of what might have hit them. Ensign Kim was assigned to work there as well. Three days into their search they had come up with exactly nothing, and they were running out of ideas.

Harry was running several scans while Seven was studying the results that were coming in at a speed that was impossible for him to follow. For the seventy sixth time, give or take a few, that day he wondered what had gotten into his friend. He was used to the fact that Seven was focused on her work, but what he no longer understood was why she seemed to have reverted back to her old behaviour towards him. His attempts at making conversation futile, to use a phrase his friend often used. She would simply ignore him or redirect the conversation back to their work.

Something was bothering his friend, and he couldn't figure out what it was. He was going to try it though, and with Seven the best way was usually the direct way.

"Seven, are you all right?"

Seven heard the question and heard the worry in Kim's voice. She didn't know what to say in reply. On more than one occasion he had tried to start a conversation. One of the subjects he had often brought up would naturally be B'Elanna. Under any and all circumstances this was a welcome topic, but not now, not with Harry. So she tried to ignore him as much as she could ignore someone she considered a friend and who worked less then three metres away from her.

Right now she wanted to ignore him again, which shamed her, but she couldn't help it. "I am functioning within acceptable parameters Ensign Kim."

"I am functioning within acceptable parameters," Kim repeated exasperated, "Come on Seven it's me you're talking to, Harry, I can tell you're not."

"Ensign, do I need to remind you of the fact we have work to do."

Exasperated Harry looked at the woman on who he'd once had a serious crush, and who later became a good friend. He tried to hide the confusion, and the touch of hurt he felt, at the blonde's distant behaviour. However this did not change the fact he was worried about her, maybe he should try something different.

"Look Seven, I want to catch a trace of who or whatever did this to us as badly as you, but you've been working none stop for nearly three days now. I'm betting you didn't even catch a break."

For a brief moment Seven looked up at him, but she didn't respond. For Harry it was enough to convince him he was right.

"Your just like B'Elanna you know, I bet she has been working none stop as well. Look I know how dedicated to the job you are, and I want to know who did this to us as much as the next guy, but you need a break. Why don't I call B'Elanna and Tom and the four of us can have something to eat, like we usually do." Privately he thought, `maybe they can figure out what's bothering her.'

At the mention of their friends' names Seven involuntary looked up. This was not a good idea in her mind, not with B'Elanna intend on setting her op with Harry. Not with Harry as off yet uninformed off B'Elanna's true feelings.

"Ensign Kim, Harry, I believe B'Elanna Torres would prefer to converse with you in private."

Harry frowned, now Seven was trying to avoid him again, him… or one of his friends…

"Seven did you and B'Elanna have a fight, is that why your so uncomfortable around me?"

At this Seven looked up sharply and Harry came to the conclusion he had finally figured out what was wrong with his friend.

He laughed gently, "Seven you're my friend, just because I'm dating B'Elanna, doesn't change that. All right? I know B'Elanna can be stubborn but what ever happened you two will work it out. Come on say you will join us?" His last words were accompanied by his best puppy dog look.

Seven surpressed a sigh, why did everyone always assume to know what she was thinking or feeling these days? First B'Elanna, and now Harry, it was irritating to say the least. She made a decision. "Very well Harry I will join you…" Harry face lighted up, "… tomorrow evening."

This evening, no matter what the circumstances she would have a talk with B'Elanna. Even if she had to transport her to cargo bay two for a private conversation. Some things had to be clarified and rapidly. She even considered telling B'Elanna the truth about her feelings for her. Maybe it was time…

However the planned meal didn't happen. Harry searched out B'Elanna, he wanted to talk to the woman who he was rapidly starting to see as his girlfriend.

If he couldn't get Seven to talk maybe B'Elanna would shed some light onto the situation.

B'Elanna could, and did clarify, some, things, much to his regret. Though the things she clarified were not related to Seven, or so he thought.

"Computer record personal log B'Elanna Torres, stardate 53293.2."

"Harry stopped by today, I guess I seized the opportunity, and told him everything."

The computer also recorder the sigh she emitted.

"Of course, being Harry he didn't get angry, but the disappointment and hurt where plain to see on his face. I'm such a P'Taq!"

I know that I want to see Harry and Seven together, partly so I can erase some of the pain I cost them. I won't forget that look Seven directed at us or Harry's face."

Kahless!" Why do I always make such a mess of things?!

Well, not this time, this time I'm going to get it right."

After this B'Elanna became quiet and seemed to stare in the distance. Then she literally jumped up. "Right if I'm going to do this, I might as well start now. Computer stop recording."


"Computer confirm if Seven of Nine is still in Astrometric's."

"Affirmative." Came the computer's female voice.

B'Elanna grinned, in the face of a crisis she always knew where Seven could be found. In spite of herself she was starting to feel better now. Even if she continued to make a mess out of things in her own personal life that didn't mean she couldn't help her friends.

She quickly left her quarters and walked to Astrometric's, she wanted Seven to know Harry was a free man immediately.

Part 3

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