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Tell Me
By Geekgrrl


Jamie stood in the door of the abandoned warehouse carefully listening, trying to scan into the musty dark. Sarah smiled. She knew Jamie wouldn't be able to resist her cryptic request to meet.

They had come a long way since that first fight on the roof in the rain. Damn she had looked good that night too, all dark and brooding. Sarah wanted a cigarette just thinking about it. Jamie slowly walked into the warehouse. Sarah definitely wanted one now that she could sense the connection.

"I know you're here." She whispered. I can feel you, Sarah.

Corvus closed her eyes. Well, fuck.

Jamie smiled as she turned at the sound, the soft flutter of lashes on pale skin and a soft sigh. She moved towards an abandoned office to the left faster than most would be able to see.

Leaning against an old desk Sarah watched Jamie approach, not too tight jeans, black cotton shirt, flowing leather duster.

Sarah pulled out a cigarette and lit it, the clink of her Zippo lighter closing echoing into the large space. "Jae has been working with you. You move more fluidly." She recognized the subtle signature moves of her ex-lover and she liked the sway of Jamie's hips.

Jamie cautiously moved into the dingy office. "What did you want Sarah? I told you last time I can't help you." Sarah could just make out a trace of blood along Jamie's nostril. Sarah took a drag of her smoke deep into her lungs, pleased.

"That's what you say," came a throaty growl from Sarah. But is it what you want? Sarah pushed off from the desk and started to circle the younger woman taking a final pull and tossing her cigarette to the floor.

Sarah caught her up, pushing Jamie back against the wall, her tongue sliding between pouting lips as they crashed together. Caught off guard so quickly, Jamie could only cling to Sarah. Pressing her advantage, Sarah grabbed Jamie's wrists and kept them trapped against the wall as she deepened the kiss.

Jamie could feel rough plaster at her back where her shirt had ridden up, and could hear herself moan as Sarah's insistent hands moved from her wrists, stroking and caressing her flushed skin. Sarah broke the kiss, and much-needed oxygen returned to Jamie's brain.

"Sarah," she panted as Sarah nibbled and bit her way down Jamie's neck, popping open the soft blouse, her hands finding pert breasts, squeezing and twisting, "Sarah, please…."

"Please what?" Sarah whispered into Jamie's human ear, feeling the younger woman shiver in her arms.

"Please stop."

"You really don't want me to do that," Sarah muttered against her neck, licking just above Jamie's collarbone as she teased erect nipples with her thumbs, causing another needy moan. Her mouth moved lower and Jamie arched to meet demanding lips. The brunette slowly dropped her hands, down over Sarah's hips and cupped her tight ass, pulling her closer. Oh god Jamie.

Sarah pulled her mouth back from Jamie's breasts, teasing the sensitive flesh with her breath, lightly blowing, moist nipples tightening even more and watching the quivers on her stomach in response. "Fight later, 'kay?"

"Isn't that… what we're doing?" Jamie gasped out as her body played traitor, craving Sarah's touch. She squirmed under Sarah's fingers and mouth, begging to be filled more deeply, more thoroughly.

Sarah teased the brunette's body watching as Jamie tried to sustain contact, watching as Jamie caught her bottom lip between her teeth. It is just a different form of battle really isn't it…

"I… " Unable to take any more Jamie wrapped her arms around Sarah's waist, pulling her up and in for a scorching kiss, pressing her body as tightly against Sarah's as she could, and still finding too much space. There was a small electrical vibration where their skin touched now, a pressure building. Jamie could feel Sarah's smirk against her lips, but she just parted them inviting Sarah to enter her.

Jamie pulled back from the kiss, forcing Sarah's mouth to relocate to her ear, Sarah's fingers tangling in her dark hair to hold her head still, alternating between sucking the lobe and blowing it dry, driving her crazy, until Jamie grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Sarah's head back, growling "Change of plans" through clenched teeth.

Taken by surprise, Jamie spun the blonde and held her captive against the wall. Jamie's deft fingers slid opened the soft denim jeans and tugged them down her legs, teasing the skin between Sarah's thighs with a gentle caress as she did so. Smirking into another kiss, Sarah opened herself to Jamie, holding on for dear life as Jamie traced lazy circles with her bionic fingers around her clit, never directly putting pressure on the sensitive flesh but emitting a delicious vibration.

"Jamie," Sarah warned, rocking her hips hard against Jamie, "Now." Jamie flicked back and forth relentlessly building a steady rhythm, Sarah's body racing to match.

"Jamie, please," she begged as the brunette lightened her touch, teasing Sarah's clit with quick but faint flicks of her finger tips. Wrapping one arm around Sarah's waist to hold her steady, Jamie parted Sarah's lips, feeling the wetness coat her fingers and earning a gasp from her lover.

Sarah wanted to scream but she couldn't find the breath as Jamie's fingers continued to tease, tracing the moist folds over and around but never in. She thought about pleading for the satisfaction that Jamie promised with every move, every touch of her hand.

Just when Sarah thought she couldn't take it any longer, Jamie's fingers slid home, filling her completely. Sarah's head thudded into the wall behind her, grinding her hips as Jamie's fingers slipped out and then filled her again, slowly increasing the tempo with each thrust.

Jamie built her up, each new thrust taking her closer to the edge, but never enough to take her over. No longer able to move, Sarah rode the waves of sensation as every touch caused her body to buck and shudder.

Just as Sarah felt the edge of her impending orgasm, Jamie slowed the pace down and eased off her clit, and pulled her back while Sarah pleaded her for release, her hand finding its way into the long dark hair to pull Jamie's mouth tight against her until she felt Jamie's fingers again thrusting into her.

Jamie took her up and eased her back again, all of Sarah's body responding to her, every nerve ending and wire jumping and ticking, and everything in her desperate for release. Jamie brought her up again, bionic fingers tirelessly thrusting in stronger, harder, faster. Jamie leaned in closer still, Sarah panting desperately teetering on the brink.

"Tell me." She husked, nuzzling Sarah's ear. Tell me, Sarah.

Sarah's eyes shot open as she finally came long and hard. Collapsing back into the bed, she heard a cockroach crawling on the wall beside her and the sink two floors up was dripping. Catching her breath, her body buzzing, she swung her legs over the edge of the narrow bed and sat up.

What the hell was that?

Her hands were shaking again.

The End

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