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By allie

Part 13

Ro Laren was not happy; in fact, that was the understatement of the quadrant. She did not want to be in this much pain while her wife was laughing hysterically. Growling low in her throat as she tried to breathe through the pain shooting through her abdomen, she cursed her wife to Earth and back again. Janeway wiped the tears of laughter from her cheeks and tried to apologise.

"I'm sorry babe. I don't mean to laugh at you. I just think it's fitting that every time you think something nasty about B'Elanna something happens to cause you discomfort." She wheezed through her giggles.

"Discomfort!" Ro exploded. "You get me bloody pregnant! I balloon about forty sizes and you call it discomfort!" Ro tried to stand but couldn't quite make it. She leaned heavily on the table as Harry quickly rose and helped to support her. " Next time you decide that 'we' should have a baby, you get to carry it. I am never going through this again."

Janeway stood, while smiling at her wife. "Let's get you to Sickbay and the Doctor can take care of you." She tried to placate her wife.

"B'Elanna's there, remember? He'll be too busy fussing over her to pay any attention to me." She whined. It was out of character for Ro to be whiny, but her hormones were playing havoc with her moods.

"He'll be able to make you comfortable and keep an eye on you both." Janeway used her best diplomatic tone on her wife. Harry and Tom just glanced at one another; silently communicating their next actions.

Tom took Ro's left side, Harry her right; with one hand behind her knees and the other supporting her back, they scooped her into their arms in a cradle and started to walk out of the Mess Hall. Squealing at the indignity of the situation Ro cussed up a storm as her wife started giggling again.

Seven frowned at the Doctor as he repeated the scans she's seen him do in the Mess Hall. She felt he was being inefficient and opened her mouth to speak when her daughter beat her to it.

"Dokor, you fix mama's baby."

The EMH would have broken his neck had he been flesh and blood as he whipped round to glare at the child.

"Bethany seems to think that her mama is pregnant." Sam spoke quietly, diverting the angry glare away from the child.

"It would appear that the Little One is correct." The Doctor stated flatly. He had never gotten over his love for Seven and still found it difficult at times to deal with B'Elanna fairly.

"Wildman to Naomi Wildman." Samantha grinned at Bethany's reaction to her words as the child's face lit up in a perfect replica of Seven's smile.

"Yes mom?" Naomi responded.

"Could you come down to Sickbay and look after Bethany for a little bit please?"

"Sure mom. Is everything okay? Is Seven okay? What's wrong?" Naomi questioned.

"I'll tell you when you get here. Wildman out."

Seating Bethany on a vacant biobed Samantha turned back to the Doctor who was now running a series of complicated scans to confirm the cause of B'Elanna's fainting. His angry glare changed to a satisfied frown as he determined that it was nothing more serious than her pregnancy.

"Her blood sugar levels are too low and her adrenaline levels a little high, even for a Klingon. Her body simply shut down to protect the baby." He looked like he was about to launch into another round of narcissistic praise of his medical abilities when Seven turned her back on him.

"Bethany, when Naomi gets here, you will go with her. She will care for you until mama wakens. I will remain here; if you need me, you know how to call for me."

"Yes mommy." Bethany leaned slightly from the biobed into her mother's embrace and whispered for her ears only. "I love you mommy. We get the babies soon?"

"I love you too." Seven whispered back, gently kissing the tiny ridges on her daughters brow. "I will explain later when mama is awake, okay?"

Tom and Harry entered sickbay with the still cussing Ro Laren in their arms. Gently depositing her in the biobed next to B'Elanna, they retreated quickly behind Seven as Ro threatened to pull them apart limb from limb.

"How's B'Elanna?" Harry asked from her shoulder.

The Doctor, fussing around Ro now started to respond but B'Elanna beat him to it. "She's fine. Bang'wI? Where's Beebop? Is she okay?"

"She just left with Naomi." Sam answered for Seven. "We were worried about you."

"I'm fine, let me outa here Doc?" B'Elanna glared at the Doctor defying him to say no.

"Sorry B'Elanna, you're here overnight at the least. You need to take better care of yourself in your condition." The Doctor stated coldly.

"What condition?" She frowned at him as she turned to her wife. "What in Grethor is he talking about?"

"It would appear that you are pregnant." Seven blushed.

"I'M WHAT?" B'Elanna exploded.

Part 14

Seven stepped back hurriedly as B'Elanna launched herself from the biobed and stalked towards her. She couldn't believe her ears. She had to be dreaming. In fact this was more like a nightmare than a dream. There was no way she was pregnant! Yes, they had discussed it, but they hadn't finalised anything. They hadn't agreed to go ahead. There was so much to prepare for before having another baby. It wasn't a simple thing to cope with, it was made all the more complicated because of the neo-natal nanoprobes.

Seven continued backing up until she was pinned against the wall of sickbay. B'Elanna was 'in her face' and glaring at her. "How am I pregnant? What the Grethor did you do to me? I never agreed to being pregnant again! What the fuck have you done?"

Lowering her eyes from the intense gaze of the irate Klingon Seven blushed at the accusations being fired at her. Unable to formulate a reply she continued to stare at the floor.

"I'm waiting BORG! Don't you think I deserve an answer? What the fuck did you do to me?" B'Elanna was toe to toe with Seven and almost purple in the face with barely suppressed rage.

Raising her eyes briefly, catching the anger in her love's eyes Seven quickly whispered. "I lost control."

Exploding at full volume B'Elanna roared. "Lost control?" Turning away from her wife, she paced the length of sickbay cursing in every language she knew.

"Lost control of what? Your mind? You don't just get me pregnant without my agreement Seven! How could you?"

"Bang'wI, I know we need to discuss this – situation - but can it be done in private?" Seven was conscious of the curious stares of the crew in sickbay. "B'Elanna, please?"

"Fine!" B'Elanna stormed from sickbay without a backward glance.

Ro Laren watched B'Elanna explode at her wife and tried not to smirk. The last time she'd thought evil towards B'Elanna her contractions had started so she was taking no chances. As B'Elanna stormed from sickbay Ro felt her own wife tighten her grip on the hand she was holding.

"Oh God! I'm going to have to separate those two." Kathryn wailed. "Things were going so well too. They haven't had a bust up for ages!"

Smirking Ro agreed and tugged her wife closer. "Yeah, but they are certainly value for money when they start." She immediately regretted opening her mouth as another contraction ripped through her belly. Squealing in pain she cursed her own stupidity. She'd known the Spirits had a warped sense of humour and this was their way of making sure the uneasy truce between the two of them was maintained. Sarcastic remarks from Ro about B'Elanna seemed to be forbidden.

Janeway mopped the sweating forehead and encouraged her wife to breathe through the contraction. She wasn't looking forward to having to referee a verbal sparring match between Seven and B'Elanna. She moved slightly to allow Sam Wildman access to scan Ro's upper abdomen. For the moment she was concentrating on her wife and the birth of their child; the happiest moment of her life. Seven and B'Elanna could wait, she wanted only to see her baby born.

Ten years of marriage had mellowed B'Elanna slightly, she was still furious with her wife, but the walk to their quarters had helped take the edge off her rage. She stalked through the doorway and halted in the middle of the main room. Before she could speak Seven indicated that they should sit. The look on her wife's face made B'Elanna pause and obey the unspoken instruction.

"B'Elanna, you know how much I love you." Seven whispered, knowing the Klingon's hearing would pick up every word she said. Cerulean eyes met sable as they locked. "Your being pregnant is not the only bad news…"

Whipping around from her side-on view to face her wife fully B'Elanna growled. "Wadaya mean? What else can possibly go wrong?"

Seven stared, swallowed hard and blinked once. Steeling herself for the reaction she was sure to get she whispered. "I am pregnant too."

B'Elanna was out of her seat like someone had lit her ass on fire and across the room before either of them could really process her movement. She stared at her wife before taking a huge breath.

"You're pregnant too?" She blurted as she tried to breathe out slowly to calm down. The grin on her face spread like wildfire through a forest. "Really?"

The Klingon rage dissolved as she looked at her wife properly. Seven had a radiance about her that had gone unnoticed until that moment. B'Elanna studied her wife closely as she walked back towards her. She looked even more beautiful than ever.

B'Elanna melted.

She couldn't stay angry at Seven, not now that she knew she was pregnant. Her Klingon protective instinct kicked in and she leaned over into her, caressing the cool pale cheek and smiled. "You are pregnant? For real?"

Leaning slightly into the touch Seven smiled shyly. "Yes." Reaching up she pulled B'Elanna gently into her lap. "We need to discuss this situation."

"Don't we just!" She laughed at the irony. "I don't really care about the how, I know that, you did the same as when we had Beebop didn't you?" Frowning at the detested nickname for their daughter Seven nodded in agreement. "Why though? That's what I don't get. We'd discussed it but hadn't agreed to have another baby."

"I know B'Elanna. I have searched my memory and can only conclude that I managed to lose control at some point. As I have no conscious recollection of implanting you, or me, I assume it was my subconscious desire to carry your child which made me do it."

Naomi Wildman smiled as she walked through the corridors of Voyager to her quarters; Seven and her mom trusted her to look after the two year old. The child was chattering away nineteen to the dozen as they walked when something she said caught Naomi's attention.

"What did you say Beebop?" She asked, gently pulling on the child's hand to make her stop.

Frowning at being pulled, Bethany looked up at Naomi and raised her left eyebrow in imitation of her mommy. "No-mee?

"What did you say there just now? What about a baby?"

Nodding and giggling like the little girl she was, she replied. "Mama got a baby."

Restarting their journey to the Wildman quarters Naomi thought about who Bethany referred to as 'mama' – she always got them muddled. As she entered the code to her quarters and stepped inside it dawned on her who Bethany meant. "B'Elanna's pregnant?"

Bethany nodded as she made a dash for Naomi's toy targ. The bright pink monstrosity was threadbare and desperately needing repaired around the ears, but he was well loved by both girls. Hugging it close to her little chest Bethany grinned at her friend. "Yep. Mama got a baby."

"Great Spikes! No wonder my mom wanted you outa the way. They didn't plan this one." Naomi grinned at her own mother's foresight. The inevitable row between the ex-Borg and Klingon hybrid was sure to be explosive. If they had been seriously planning for a baby, Samantha Wildman would have known about it as she was the 'midwife' for Voyagerand by default Naomi would have known too. "Beebop? How do you know?"

"Mama got baby. Beebop know." She grinned. "Beebop talk to baby when she's sleeping."

"Who's sleeping? You or the baby?"

Frowning, in perfect imitation of her mama, Bethany crossed her arms over her little chest and repeated. "Beebop talk to baby when she's sleeping."

"You can hear the baby? You can talk to it?" Naomi was dumbfounded. She'd heard of other species who were telepathic, but she didn't for one minute think it was a human or Klingon trait.

Ro Laren roasted the hearing of her wife by once again roaring at the top of her lungs. "This is your entire fucking fault! I am never having another child! You wanna be maternal Janeway then you carry your own fucking kids in future! This is the last goddamn fucking time I'm going through this fucking shit!" As another contraction racked her body she ended her tirade at her wife and tried desperately to breathe her way through it.

She felt like she had been in labour for days, but it had only been a couple of hours. She was pale and sweaty and in huge amounts of pain as the contractions brought the birth of her baby closer. She'd refused drugs as she and Kathryn had agreed a natural childbirth would be best for baby. Now she was regretting that decision.

Kathryn held on firmly to the grasping hand and coaxed her through the contraction. Her hands were sore from being crushed by Ro's larger ones and her ears were ringing from the profanities hurled in her direction. She didn't care about either. Her baby was almost here. They were going to be mommies. She was so excited she was almost dancing on the spot. Smiling at Ro she gently brushed the brunette's sweaty hair from her brow.

"Hang in there babe. It won't be much longer." Watching as an exhausted Ro just nodded, she couldn't resist saying. "For the record though – my parents were actually married years before I was born."

Ro hung her head in shame recalling the rude names she'd called her wife and the abuse she'd hurled at her. She didn't cope with pain very well without the benfit of adrenaline rushing through her system. She grinned at her wife and pouted an apology. "I'm sorry love. It just hurts so damned much!"

"No-mee, mama's baby is girl like me and you not it."

"But, how do you know?" Naomi was frustrated with the little two year-old. Although she was really clever, her speech wasn't as well developed as her ability to work things out. She was better at demonstrating things than talking about them.

"Girl told me, we talk, she say she girl like me. No boy like Itchy."

Grinning at the nickname for Icheb she tried to understand. "You know your mama is having a baby?" Bethany nodded. "It's a little girl, like you and me?" Again the nod. "You can hear her when she talks to you?"

"She hear me too." Bethany said proudly. She was lying flat on her back on Naomi's bed cuddling the targ. "We talk when mama nap-time."

Naomi rubbed her spikes and pondered the probability of her little friend being telepathic or at least empathic. She knew that Klingons could sense their mates when they entered a room and that Klingon children knew at birth to remain silent, but she didn't know how to explain Beebop's apparent telepathy with the unborn children. She'd have to do some research to verify this apparent conundrum. Perhaps it was something to do with Seven's nanoprobes being in the little one too. She wandered over to her mom's computer console and entered her search parameters. Thinking to herself that maybe it was just Beebop playing a game. Sure, Kids had the imagination to dream something like this up, but Bethany wasn't old enough to………. At least Naomi didn't think so. She'd best tell her own mom when she returned from duty.

Ro Laren gave one final push and collapsed back into her wife's arms. Sam gently wiped the child's face and cleaned the baby up before presenting her to the exhausted woman.

"She's beautiful ladies. Absolutely beautiful." Sam had tears in her eyes as she handed over the precious bundle.

Ro smiled proudly up at her wife as tears poured from her eyes. "We did it Kath. We have a daughter."

Swiping the tears from her face she gently caressed the child's mop of auburn hair. "Hello, little one."

"Welcome Niamh Ro Janeway." Ro smiled as she kissed her daughter's forehead. "Spirits bless you little one and keep you safe."

Kathryn leaned forward and kissed the child too; unable to keep her tears in check she wiped them from Niamh's crown as they spilled onto her. Never before had she felt an instant overwhelming rush of love towards another human; but staring at her daughter she knew instantly that death would become her before she allowed any harm come to her baby.

Lying in bed holding her wife tightly B'Elanna caressed the pale shoulders; they had been discussing the night which had resulted in them both being pregnant. It had been very sexy, very passionate and beautiful. They knew now where they had lost control. At one point in their lovemaking Seven's Borg-enhanced hand had been almost fully inside her. Her tubules had extended briefly, without either of them realizing it, impregnating B'Elanna just at the crest of her orgasm. Seven had subconsciously commanded her own nano probes to use DNA captured from B'Elanna's orgasm to impregnate herself with. Neither of them had realized at the time just how important that night would be.


Seven laid her naked body down over B'Elanna's until their nipples touched each other. The warmth from B'Elanna's body penetrated her flesh and Seven could feel B'Elanna surrender to her touch, as she began to stroke B'Elanna's face with her hand. Seven outlined the features of B'Elanna's face, and drew her knee up into B'Elanna centre, applying pressure. B'Elanna's head tilted back slightly and her mouth opened just a little, so Seven seized it with her hungry lips and tongue. As soon as her mouth found B'Elanna's; the hunger grew, and Seven could feel lightening speeding its way to her clit. Seven could tell that B'Elanna felt it too, as she moaned and arched into her.

Seven's hands searched for B'Elanna's breasts, as she rose up slightly to allow her fingers access to B'Elanna's hardened nipples. Seven pulled and pinched them until B'Elanna's breath became ragged, even as they savagely kissed. Her tongue couldn't stop its lust for B'Elanna, and the force of B'Elanna's tongue in her mouth made Seven's juices flow. Seven could feel her cream dripping and mingling with B'Elanna's.

Seven slid her tongue from its home in B'Elanna's mouth to her neck. The smell of B'Elanna's musk wafted past Seven's nose and she became fevered in her ministrations. B'Elanna's moans turned to growls; Seven could feel B'Elanna rumble against her. B'Elanna's sounds turned Seven on even more and she felt an electric jolt in her stomach.

B'Elanna called out as Seven's mouth found its way to B'Elanna's breasts. Seven seized a nipple in her mouth and sucked and swirled her tongue along the ridges, until B'Elanna started to arch and gyrate her hips. B'Elanna eyes, which had been closed until that point, opened and stared at Seven with a feral and wanton look. As Seven began to suck and lick her way down B'Elanna's belly, B'Elanna dug her nails into Seven's back, scratching and drawing blood. They both smelled the blood at the same time, as it mixed with the scents of their desire; B'Elanna growled a deep and primal sound.

Perspiration covered B'Elanna's body in a sheen, and Seven slid her way down until her swollen lips found B'Elanna's curly hair. She teased B'Elanna, watching as she began to buck; Seven could tell B'Elanna needed her. Seven felt her passion rise yet again and she was overtaken with lust.

It was like their first time together and all Seven wanted to do was feel herself inside B'Elanna. She wanted to consume B'Elanna and be consumed by her. Seven wished that she could fuck B'Elanna and make her pregnant, and that B'Elanna could return the favor.

Her hand drew down upon B'Elanna's slick crotch, and Seven placed two fingers at the edge of B'Elanna's entrance. She slowly entered them, feeling B'Elanna's hot wetness envelope her fingers. Seven's mouth blew gently upon B'Elanna's clit and then she took it into her mouth and sucked. B'Elanna gasped and began rocking harder and harder. Seven's fingers went in and out of B'Elanna faster and harder, and her tongue licked at B'Elanna like a starving beast. B'Elanna began to buck and her wetness spread across Seven's hand.

Seven was bucking too, from the sounds of B'Elanna's growls and screams. B'Elanna's hands were wrapped tightly in Seven's hair, and B'Elanna's smell was so intoxicating Seven felt herself get dizzy. She entered another finger and then another, until Seven felt like her whole hand and B'Elanna were one. Seven thrust over and over until her hand tingled while her mouth sucked B'Elanna until she released herself with a howl.

*End flashback*

Part 15

Lying cuddling with her wife, Seven became aroused both by B'Elanna massaging her shoulders and the conversation they'd just had. The musk wafting from B'Elanna's body enhanced the electrical charge Seven felt as her wife touched her skin. She could feel her clit start to throb, and in answer to its call, she swept B'Elanna's hair aside and let her lips find refuge on the darker woman's neck. Seven's ruby lips began to swell as they sucked and nipped, causing B'Elanna to lean back and moan.

She could feel her own senses heightening, as her body responded to Seven's ministrations. Her nostrils flared, taking in the sweetness of Seven's odour, and a low growl escaped her throat. Seven sucked first on B'Elanna's right breast, swirling her tongue on the hardened nub, while using her fingers to tease and stimulate B'Elanna's left nipple. B'Elanna felt shock waves coursing her body from her breasts down to her clit. She throbbed from the stimulation; wanting; needing her wife to fulfil her desire. Pulling her wife closer she escalated their kisses.

Several hours later, they were again cuddled in bed. Now, they had to deal with the repercussions of their passions: both of them were pregnant at the same time; one of them with an abdominal implant to contend with, the other a Klingon temper and raging hormones.

As she cuddled further into her wife's embrace B'Elanna made the plans in her head. First stop would be the Doctor. Get both of them checked out properly to ensure as smooth a pregnancy as possible. For herself this would probably be the same as last time, frequent check-ups and reduced hours towards the latter part of pregnancy, nothing major that she couldn't deal with.

For Seven though it was a different matter. There was no reason why she could not carry a child; the Doctor had advised them when they had been planning Bethany that it would be problematic; not impossible. She remembered part of the Doc's lengthy explanation.

"The position of the child in her womb could pose a problem because the abdominal implant will be in the way; especially during the latter stages of pregnancy when her belly is swollen with the child.

The nanoprobes will need semi-constant monitoring through an adapted cortical monitor or a series of commands programmed into them to prevent the rejection of Klingon DNA once pregnancy occurs. This will probably be the biggest risk, as we have no previous knowledge of ex-Borg pregnancies to go on.

Although the abdominal banding is adaptive, there may be some discomfort for Seven if it fails to adapt quickly enough to the demands of the growing child. The neo-natal nanoprobes will protect the child at all costs. Even at the cost of the mother's life. That much I do know as fact about Borg pregnancies. The actual birth of the child will have to be closely monitored to prevent the neo-natal nanoprobes from remaining active after delivery."

He had droned on a lot longer but B'Elanna had tuned out the rest. Thinking now; with Seven carrying this child the baby really would be a perfect blending of the DNA used. This time B'Elanna hoped that more of Seven's features would be prominent. She loved Bethany's little forehead ridges but she wanted Seven's baby to look just like Seven. Bethany was a beautiful child both to look at and in nature, but she definitely had the physical characteristics of her Klingon mama.

Her inner nag stood up and made itself known at this point. <why do you want that Klingon? You want Seven's baby to look like Seven. Just how fickle are you?>

Silently cursing herself, she rephrased her thoughts. She wanted their baby to be blonde, blue eyed and tall, with forehead ridges, which were only just noticeable. She corrected her scattered thoughts again as she thought about it. All she really cared about was that the baby was healthy and happy nothing else really mattered.

Tom and Harry were leaning against the bar in Sandrines talking about Ro Laren and Niamh's delivery.

"I take it Janeway forgot about Bajoran birthing techniques since Ro went through all that pain?" Tom smirked. He thought it hilarious that the biggest practical joker on the ship (after himself) had been getting a taste of karmic justice whilst she was pregnant. Ro had complained to him that every time she thought something bad about B'Elanna, something happened to her, which either left her in pain or acutely embarrassed; or both.

"More to the point Tom, how do you know about them?" Harry frowned at his love. "What are they anyway?"

Tom giggled into his beer as he tried to recall the details around Bajoran pregnancies through the alcoholic fuzz. "The Doc told me about it when Ro first announced her pregnancy. It's a relaxation thing with breathing exercises and calming sounds; something about the sounds creating a calming effect and helping with the labour. The details are kinda fuzzy but I think they had to wear a shawl and play some instruments."

"I thought the worst thing they had to cope with was all that sneezing?" Harry grinned. Ro's sneezing had been a frequent topic of conversation. "Have you seen the baby yet?"

"Nope. No visitors until tomorrow. Captain's orders!" Tom laughed. "They called her Niamh though, I think it's beautiful." He smiled.

"Yeah." Harry smiled too. "I looked it up in the database it means "Bright" in Old Irish. Niamh was the daughter of the sea god in Irish legends who fell in love with the poet Oisin, son of Fionn. It was fascinating reading."

"Yeah, I'm sure it was Harry." Tom frowned at his empty glass. "Want a refill?"

Ro and Janeway were cuddled together on their bed with their new daughter propped between them. Neither had stopped smiling since leaving sickbay with the child. Janeway was grinning like a Cheshire cat and had her future all mapped out. She would learn to walk and talk and then she would be put into command training, she was after all the 'heir' to Voyager as the Captain's only child.

Ro was thinking along similar lines but her future for their child differed hugely from her wife's vision. She had plans for the little one to have a happy, carefree childhood filled with love and laughter with space for Niamh to learn at her own pace. There would be none of that 'Starfleet' nonsense where everything was regimented and learned to a timetable. Niamh would have the flexibility of a Maquis-like childhood, without the violence around her, to learn at her own pace, learning whatever she wanted whenever she wanted with no set curriculum.

Seven turned slightly in B'Elanna's embrace and sighed heavily. Concerned about her wife B'Elanna instantly raised her head with a gentle finger. "What? Why the big sigh?"

"It is nothing Be'nal." Seven smiled as she kissed her wife gently. They had spent several hours discussing the night they'd become pregnant; the results of which would be obvious in a few months. After the discussion she had grabbed B'Elanna and taken her to bed for a replay of all that had happened that night, with the exception of the pregnancies.

"If it's nothing - why a huge sigh?" B'Elanna grinned at her wife.

"I simply want a large piece of banana & toffee cheesecake and coffee flavoured ice-cream but cannot be bothered moving to get it."

B'Elanna roared with laughter at her wife's discomfort – they both had some really strange cravings to look forward to.

The End

Quick note: Niamh (pronounced Neeve) really does mean "bright" and the legend is true in Old Irish.

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