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Thanks for the Memories
By Katrina


The away team split up, with orders to stay within one kilometer of one another. The planetoid was deemed somewhat non-hostile as it was uninhabited by intelligent life. On the other hand, there were plenty of wild animals and strange plant-life of which to be wary.

B'Elanna and Ensign Chase went south, while the others, including Seven of Nine went in other directions. They were searching for various mineral deposits and had their tricorders out. The exploration was methodical and in B'Elanna's and Ensign Chase's case, short.

They encountered a large plant, tripped over its roots, and set off an explosion of pollen right in their faces.

Seven of Nine and her partner were the ones who found them walking around delirious and forgetful. They got them transported back up to Sickbay.

The away mission was cut short.

Later Seven of Nine, for her peace of mind, went to check on the Lieutenant. The Klingon had been acting very strangely and, while she could have just used the combadge, Seven knew that a personal visit would allow her to set aside any reservations.

She made her way down the corridor and waited by the turbolift door while the in-board transport made some other journey. It chimed and the doors whooshed open. Seven of Nine's eyes widened. "Lieutenant Torres!"

"Hi. Uh...what was that again?" B'Elanna narrowed her gaze at the gorgeous woman before her. "Oh. Yeah. Seven."

"You remember me?"

"Well, yes... I mean, no. But I remember you from when you rescued us."

"Ah. I see. I thought you would be in Sickbay."

"The Doc sent us home. He thought... familiar things might help. Either that or the pollen effect will eventually disperse."

"I see. So it was the flower?"

"Yeah, some sort of... allergic reaction I guess." The Klingon woman smiled whimsically. "Though personally, I think I would have preferred sneezing." B'Elanna looked Seven of Nine up and down. "Aren't you going to come in?"

"Oh." The cybernetically enhanced woman stepped into the lift and the doors shut behind her. She then took a place far to the corner, away from the Klingon.

"What? Do I stink?" asked the feisty brunette acerbically. She watched in fascination as the the composed blonde sniffed the air.

"I believe your scent to be pleasant, Lieutenant Torres."

The Klingon couldn't decide which impulse to run with first, but decided on information seeking. "Then why are you standing way over there."

"We agreed."

"We did?"

"Yes. You said that I drive you crazy and you needed me to stand over here."

"I did?"


"Was that the only reason I gave?"

"There were certain motivations for the request, but the phrasing is correct."

"I see." B'Elanna gave the Borg a speculative look. "You drive me crazy? Can you tell me how you drive me crazy?"

The blonde turned to face the Klingon, "When I am near you, your pulse rate heightens and your physiology changes. I believe there is a ... hormonal flush... and then you find it difficult to control yourself around me. It often starts before I even enter a room. We often engage in..."

"Whoa. Stop." B'Elanna turned around and really looked at the blonde and then, she listened to herself, the way her hearts beat, the rush of sensory input. She grinned wolfishly. "You're right. You do drive me crazy."

The statuesque woman nodded serenely. "Now you see. I will continue to stand over here."



"Nope. I need you over here."

"You need me?"

"I do. Right now."

"Lieutenant ..."

"Don't you know my first name?"

"Of course."

"Then call me by my first name, and step on over here."

"B'Elanna. I do not think it is wise..."

There was a rumbling noise, a growl. "Woman, I need you. Here. Now."

The blonde suddenly clued to the fact that there was a double conversation occurring. "B'Elanna I believe there has been a ..."

"Do you want me or not, Seven? Or do you think I don't know that I make you crazy too." The Klingon took a long deep inhale. "I make you very... needful, don't I?"

The blonde swallowed. "Daily."

The Klingon pointed her hand to a place besides her. "Come here, Seven."

Seven of Nine hesitantly made the step forward. It was enough of an indication for the Klingon that she met her halfway.

B'Elanna wrapped her arms around Seven of Nine's waist and drew her near. "Now. Isn't this better than staying way over there?"

"I... uh... Yes."

"Seven, you do know where my quarters are, don't you?"

"Of course..."

"Oh good. Could you tell the turbolift to take us to that floor."

Seven of Nine made the command.

"Good. Now. Let's see what we can do with the time." B'Elanna brought a hand up to the back of Seven's neck and pressed the other woman's face down, until their lips were touching. She pressed up and suddenly they were kissing, warmly and deeply. "Mmm. Yes. I think I'm beginning to remember now."

"B'Elanna we've ne..."

"Shh. Not now. Kiss me some more. These are some good memories we're making."

"I...OH. Oh. I see. Yes." The blonde leaned against the smaller brunette, letting her lips be claimed again until she felt unsteady on her feet and desire pulsing through her. "B'Elanna..." she husked. "I do not have the strength to say no to you about this. And there is..."

"Then don't." The Klingon pulled Seven closer, pressed her leg between Seven's thighs. "This is... better." She nibbled a plump lip, kissed Seven again and settled her hands on the other woman's hips. "We should have done this a long time ago."

Seven's eyes opened. "You remember."

"Maybe." B'Elanna Torres wasn't going to tell, just yet. "From now on, Seven, you stand by me. When you see me, you greet me with a kiss. When I see you, I will greet you with a kiss."

"I would...I would very much like that." Seven of Nine struggled. But she was an honest woman. "Lieutenant Paris has..."

"No claim on me. We broke up a week ago." The Klingon rocked Seven's hips on her thigh. The blonde's eyes went wide. Her lips pursed in surprise, inviting another steamy kiss.

"I... Oh." Seven's willpower completely crumbled under the tender assault. She returned the kiss in full force, forgetting where she was for the moment.

The turbolift doors opened and the chime rang. B'Elanna withdrew gently from the kiss. "Our floor Seven."


"Don't you remember? You live with me now." B'Elanna took Seven's hand and began to lead her out of the lift. "We'll make new, better memories," she promised.

And they did.

The End

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