DISCLAIMER: Let me be clear. This is a NC-17 PWP (starting after the intro).
This also leans heavily on my ongoing story 'The Traveler'. While it is not necessary that you have read that, it could be helpful to understand occasional references. So if you have free time then I would suggest reading what I have written of 'The Traveler' first. It will give an extra dimension to this PWP.
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This story features interaction of the female/female kind. If you don't want to read that, or are not allowed to read that, please feel free to go read something else.
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RATING: NC-17 (definitely, without a doubt, absolutely, most positively)
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My sister: She betad the first online writing I ever did and still reads everything and points out if something is unclear.
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Now, let's get started.

The Couch
By H.W.


A low buzz is going through the studio as more than four hundred excited VJB members are whispering about the show. For the last two hours they have been slowly gathering in this 'underground' studio far away from TPTB. They are a strong community. Combined by the knowledge that TPTB don't know what they are talking about. B/7 is simply meant to be. And now the day is here. B/7 will no longer be denied. Today the first episode of 'from the cutting room floor' is going to be taped. A show dedicated to the true pairing of that cool Borg and that's feisty Klingon. And because the members of VJB are so loyal they have gotten the invitations to be present at the first show.

Finally the moment is there. A tall and shapely blonde woman walks onto the stage. Obviously an attempt at a Seven look-alike. But the effect is lost on the loyal VJB members. They can't be fooled by fakes. There is only one Seven of Nine. And the VJB'ers know this. But since they are such a friendly bunch. They still give the obviously nervous woman a very welcome applause.

The blonde lets out the breath she is holding and smiles at the VJBers. Showing her gratitude for the friendly welcome. 'Thank you' she says quietly to them before someone off stage starts counting.

"Ready to roll in 5..."





Good evening ladies and gentlemen. *The blonde woman smiles into the camera. Much more at ease now thanks to the VJB friendliness.* And welcome to tonight's addition of 'from the cutting room floor'. A program in which we bring you scenes from stories posted on VJB that never made it into the final story.

And do we have a treat for you tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a scene that was originally planned to be in the story 'The Traveler' by HW. As some of you might know this shy writer started his story way back when, and said that it would be only PG-13 because he didn't think he could write a NC-17 scene. Well ladies and gentlemen, some time has passed since then and it appears that this writer has tried several NC-17 scenes. Two of which made it into the final story, the second one in an episode that still has to be aired.

But, dear people, after some investigation we have found that there is actually a third NC-17 scene that was taken out of the story because the writer didn't want the adult tinting to distract too much from the original story. So an entire scene was cut from this, in my eyes, excellent story.

We on 'from the cutting room floor' thought that it would be a shame to waste this nice scene so we decided to bring it to you.

Of course, since we basically jump into the story after more than 12 chapters, there are several things you need to know.

First, the two leading ladies, B'Elanna Torres and Seven of Nine, are very much in love, they are actually engaged according to Klingon traditions. They have already consumed... eh, sorry, I meant consummated, that love on several occasions. And they live in the same quarters.

Having shared this information with you, we believe that now it is high time that you got to see this part that will never make it into the completed story.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy. We did.

B'Elanna tide the silk cord to close her robe while she stepped from the bathroom of her home into the living room. She suddenly stopped when the thought struck her. 'Her home'. It was so strange. It had always been her quarters. When she was married to Tom it had been their quarters. But it only had become 'home' recently. Since the day that Seven moved in. She closed her eyes and basked in the feeling for a moment. Home. It wasn't the rooms really though. It was the fact that she shared them with her fiancée that made it 'home'. She realized that home would always be the place where she and Seven were together. From the day they got engaged, that would be the definition of 'home'.

Standing there, thinking those thoughts, B'Elanna realized that she missed her lover. And missed her in a bad way. "I wish you were home already, love." She said into empty air. And as if some divine force had heard her the doors to their quarters opened, and in strolled the center of B'Elanna's being.

Seven took in the sight of her lover standing there in that black silk robe the Borg like so much on her. Her eyes found those of B'Elanna. There was something in those eyes, a contentment that Seven herself also felt. "It is good to arrive at home." She said before walking up to B'Elanna. They stood in front of each other for a moment. Quietly regarding each other, breathing their mingled breath.

B'Elanna finally broke the silence. "Kahless, how I love you."

As answered to that Seven captured the Klingon's lips in a tender kiss. "And I love you, Kyamo." They started exchanging tender kisses until Seven wanted more. She captured B'Elanna's lower lip between her own and trailed her tongue along it, showing the Klingon that they were about to do much more than just kiss.

B'Elanna let out a satisfied 'mmmmh' at that and pulled the Borg a little closer.

"I am going to make love to you now." Seven said quietly while she started placing kisses on that beautiful jaw, working her way up to the ear. "I have been thinking all day about touching you..." A soft nibble on that delicious ear. "... about tasting you..." the distance between the ear and the neck was slowly covered with light but lovingly kisses. "... about feeling your beautiful skin under my lips..." a slow shift of attention from the neck to the base of the throat. "... about how your smell would almost make me unable to form coherent thoughts."

"Coherent what?" B'Elanna asked when Seven stopped her attention to her lover's throat. "Kahless, Seven, you are good at this. The effect you have on me..."

"I know what kind of effect I have on you, Kyamo. I can smell it. I love that you react to my touches this way. But do you know what I love the most about it?"


"The fact that I already started smelling what kind of effect I had on you when we were just looking at each other. Kyamo, the thought of just my presence having this effect on you..."

"So are you planning on doing something about the way I react to you?"

"Are you implying I talk too much?" Seven asked with a smile.

"No, I love to hear your voice. It's just that I would also like to feel you right about now."

"That can be arranged." The Borg said and started moving B'Elanna backwards through the room until she was standing against the back of the couch. "Did I already tell you that I like the positioning of this couch? Very convenient." With that Seven leaned forward again, once again claiming B'Elanna's lips.

B'Elanna felt Seven's tongue brushing against her lips, asking for entrance. Something she readily allowed. The meeting of their tongues sends a surge of heat directly to her center and she couldn't keep back the moan that formed at that.

Having B'Elanna moan into the kiss like that proved to Seven that she was also not immune to the situation. The usually so comfortable biosuit suddenly was too much. She wanted to be naked. So that she could feel the Klingon's heated flesh against her own. "Help me." The blonde whispered softly.

Having been in this situation before, B'Elanna knew exactly what Seven meant. So she softly trailed her hands from the Borg's hips over her sides, than deciding to take the long way, she moved to Seven's breasts and caressed those for a moment. All the while continuing to share sweet kisses with the Borg.

"Now, Kyamo, I need to feel you're body against mine."

At that, B'Elanna abandoned those beautiful breasts for the moment, but not before rubbing over the obviously excited nipples one final time. While she moved the focus of her kisses to that beautiful neck, she reached behind the blonde and undid the fastenings, which would allow Seven to remove the biosuit. Of course, the moment more of that ivory colored skin became accessible, the Klingon attack it immediately. She always loved how Seven would move her head to the side and moan 'oh, Lanna' when she started sucking and nibbling the sensitive skin on the base of Seven's neck.

And this time was no exception. Seven moved her head to the side to give her lover a better access and closed her eyes while moaning; "Mmmm Lanna." She loved when B'Elanna did that. The combination of feeling those soft lips kissing her, and those teeth just barely nipping at her, it always put her body on fire.

Wanting to feel Seven against her, B'Elanna slowly started removing the offending garment of her lover.

Taking time to caress and kiss every square centimeter of skin that became available. Moving the biosuit further off the shoulders and exposing more and more of the beautiful swell of Seven's mounds, the Klingon eventually freed the blonde's arms from the offending garment.

Finally the Borg's mounds were also completely exposed and B'Elanna couldn't resist the temptation. Bending her knees she moved down a little bit, enough to bring her on equal level with those beautiful taut nipples.


The Klingon took a moment to just look at her lover. She started to smile when she saw that her breathing was causing the poor buds to tighten even more. So giving in to her mean streak she alternated between both nipples. Kissing them and swirling her tongue around them. Then she leaned back and softly blew over the flesh still wet from her saliva.

"Oh, Lanna! Lanna, please stop. This was supposed to be about you." The Borg moaned, throwing her head back and bringing her chest closer to her lover's devilish mouth. "Please, Lanna. 'I' want to give YOU pleasure."

"But you are, baby." The Klingon said while she once again took hold of the biosuit and lowered it some more. "I love to love you, you know that. Giving you pleasure IS my pleasure." Lowering the suit some more until it was past the Borg's shapely hips, B'Elanna let go of it and watched it drop to the floor. "Just enjoy, baby." The Klingon gave a final kiss to both nipples before lowering herself to her knees, her back against the back of the couch, the Borg's middle right in front of her.

Using a finger to softly trail the curves of the implants in front of her the Klingon added; "Let me love you, Annika."

At the soft touch the Borg gripped at the couch again and her head once again lulled back between her shoulders. Seven loved to feel B'Elanna touch her like that. The sensation was always mind blowing to her. To feel those beautiful slender fingers trailing her implants, teasing her, there was no defense again that possible. "Yes, love me, Kyamo. Make me yours."

"You already are mine. Just as I am yours." B'Elanna stated what they both knew and had discussed on several occasions. Then she leaned forward and put her tongue to good use, trailing the implants as her fingers had just done. Following one of those deliciously long legs from the foot up, B'Elanna brought one hand up and took hold of one of the blonde's beautiful and muscled cheeks and pulled the Borg closer. She brought her other hand up to those beautiful full mounds and started caressing those. Just lightly, never doing more than moving her hand over the soft flesh and occasionally, just to tease, trailing the length of her hand over one of those nipples that were standing so proud, yet begging for attention.

Seven could not stop the moans that were coming from her lips. The things that B'Elanna could do to her.

Finally they both wanted more and the Klingon started placing kisses lower and lower until she reached the Borg's hairless mound. "My, my, you are sure worked up." B'Elanna stated after the Borg automatically started swaying her hips in that age-old movement that no one can control.

"Only you can make me react like this, Kyamo, only you."

Moving down a little bit more B'Elanna started teasing the blonde by using the tip off her tongue to caress the heated flesh above the bundle of nerves that was already peaking out from under its hood thanks to all the excitement.

However, all of this also had an effect on B'Elanna. As always, tasting her lover was driving her wild. So while she kept one hand on Seven's cheek, kneading and massaging it, she brought her other hand from Seven's breasts to her own and started to softly knead those and pinch her nipples through the thin fabric of the robe she still had on. But quickly that contact wasn't enough so she slipped her hand inside to massage her own flesh without the feeling of the silk parting her from her own silk-like skin.

"Kyamo, please, I need more."

As always, Seven's pleas were a command to the Klingon. So she shifted lower once again. But not without taking a little detour. First she moved to the blonde's thighs and cleaned of the Borg's excitement. Tasting her lover made B'Elanna want more. So while she brought her mouth to her lover's center, she brought her hand that had been massaging her own breasts to her own needing center. And while her lips closed around the blonde's bundle of nerves, two of her fingers found their way deep into the opening of her own heated center.

"Mmmm." B'Elanna moaned into her lover's oversensitive flesh while she filed herself, the vibrations of the moan almost sending the Borg over the edge.

Till now the blonde had kept her eyes closed and her head mostly back between her shoulders. Simply enjoying what her lover was doing to her. But now she had to look. She could feel how B'Elanna's body was swaying while the Klingon was a filling her with her tongue. She could see B'Elanna's arm moving but nothing more because the Klingon was obscuring the view. "I want to see." The blonde managed to say between taking two deep breaths.

B'Elanna looked up only to see those beautiful blue eyes looking back at her.

"Please, Lanna, I want to see."

Finally understanding what the Borg meant, B'Elanna removed her fingers and offered those to Seven while she shifted position slightly. This way she could still give her undivided attention to Seven, yet it would offer the blonde a perfect view.

Seven wasted no time accepting B'Elanna's gift. Eagerly she cleaned the Klingon's fingers and used the opportunity to make love to those fingers with her tongue. But to quickly for her those fingers were removed again. However, when she saw those same fingers once again filling her lover and at the same time felled B'Elanna's tongue doubling its effort she quickly felt her peak approaching. The view before her was hypnotizing to her. To see those slender fingers pumping in and out off her lover's own center, the Borg could never get enough of that.

B'Elanna could feel that Seven was close and decided to send her over with a trick that worked every time. She removed her fingers from deep inside herself and used one of them to slowly push into the Borg. And once again, it was all that was needed to send Seven over.

Seven groaned at the sight, the feeling, and the thought of it. That B'Elanna's finger, slick with the Klingon's own juices, was slowly and tenderly pushing into her, that her own juices were mingling with those of her lover, it sent Seven over with a orgasm so strong her legs started shaking while she fought to keep standing.

"Lannaaa!" B'Elanna smiled when hearing that shout coming from her lover's lips. Never, never would she get enough of hearing that. But knowing that her task wasn't finished yet B'Elanna concentrated on helping the Borg ride out the waves of pleasure. And slowly brought her back down again. Calming the blonde by changing her approach. Now the kisses were to calm down. Occasionally she shifted away from the center to get as much as possible of the blonde's excitement. And then shifting back again. Placing sweet and light kisses on the oversensitive flesh before her.

"Thank you." The Borg said after she calmed down enough. "Now, get up here so that I can repay the favor. After all, the plan was that I would take you, make you mine.

"It was my pleasure." B'Elanna said while standing up and once again being captured between the couch and the Borg. "And I am yours already. Hearts, body and soul. All of it belongs to you, baby."

"I know it does, love. I do not know what I did to deserve you, but I know that you are mine just as much as I am yours. Now... let me take care of you."

Seven quickly bent down to take off the shoes of the biosuit so that she could finally step out off the garment which was still pooled around her ankles.

"Mmm, nice view, baby." B'Elanna said with a smile, looking at her lover with lust in her eyes.

"My turn." Seven reminded after straightening up and stepping closer to the Klingon. She placed a hand on both sides of B'Elanna, trapping her and slowly leaning closer. "Now I am going to give you pleasure." A passionate kiss was exchanged before Seven leaned back again. "But first it is time to discard this robe.

B'Elanna couldn't agree more and started to open the cord of the robe.

"No, Lanna, let me." The Borg said, taking hold of B'Elanna's hands and placed them back on the couch. Standing almost entirely against the Klingon, Seven had little difficulty to bring her mouth to B'Elanna's throat again. Nibbling their for a few minutes before saying; "Because, it is much more fun if I take it of." With that the blonde's hands started moving. Tracing all over the Klingon's body and taking a good moment to linger at her lover's breasts. Eventually she reached B'Elanna shoulders and lightly pushed the robe down the Klingon's arms, moving her hands along those arms and placing soft kisses everywhere she could while she pushed the robe down B'Elanna's arms completely.

B'Elanna lifted her hands and the robe fell to the floor. As soon as her arms were free the Klingon wanted to take her lover into them.

"No, turn around." The blonde said and with a whisper of protest, B'Elanna obliged. Once again taking a firm hold of the couch that now was in front of her.

Immediately she felt Seven stepping closer, against her, and those beautiful arms closing around her, pulling her in even closer.

"I love the way you feel against me. That is why I love holding you like this when we sleep." The Borg whispered softly into B'Elanna's ear. "But I also love how accessible you are like this." And to show what she meant Seven moved her hands over B'Elanna's body until one hand was cupping one of B'Elanna's breasts and her other hand resting just above the neatly trimmed triangle of hair. Knowing that her lover's body was not yet as sensitive as it could be the Borg deliberately concentrated on B'Elanna most sensitive areas. Shifting between massaging the two breast she rolled and pinched the sensitive buds on top of them, and moved her other hand lower until she covered B'Elanna's womanhood. "I see that making love to me effected you as always. Good. I love that I can do this to you." The Borg whispered into her lover's ear before starting to run the tip of her tongue softly along it and at the same time she slipped one of her fingers into the moist heat between her lover's legs. Not entering her, but teasingly rubbing her finger over the overheated sensitive flesh between the opening and the little bundle above it.

"Mmm." The Klingon moaned while arching her body into the touch, and leaning her head back onto Seven's shoulder. "Baby, you are so good at this. My body responds to you as if it was made for your touch."

"Lean forward, Lanna." Seven whispered, indicating that she wanted B'Elanna to stand a little bit more bend over. "Let me makes you feel all of it."

B'Elanna did so, but only reluctantly because she knew that those brilliant hands would then leave the places she needed them the most.

Seven looked at the sight before her and had to take a deep calming breath. B'Elanna was a beautiful woman and by now Seven knew every square millimeter of her body. And yet, to have B'Elanna standing there, waiting for her touch. That caramel collared body. Those lean muscle. That beautiful rear end, accentuated by the position. Those beautiful breasts swaying a little while B'Elanna moved, as if beckoning her. And then those brown eyes looking at her over the shoulder, filled with emotion and want. Want for her. And all of it, all of it was just waiting for her.

When Seven started massaging B'Elanna's back the Klingon realized that her lover was using the quick 'efficient' massage. And that was more than all right with her. The slow, sensual, massage was perfect for the tender lovemaking that went on for hours on end. But now, now it was not what she wanted. What she wanted she felt moments later when Seven finished her massage and leaned her naked body over B'Elanna's. Her heart beats picked up considerably when feeling Seven's wet and heated center against her rear and those delicious mounds on her back when Seven leaned quite some weight onto the strong Klingon's body.

"I love you. You are my life." Seven softly stated.

"And I adore you. You are everything to me. Annika..."

"Yes." Seven only said, while standing up, trailing her hands down B'Elanna Body until they were resting on the muscled rear. "You really have a beautiful ass Lanna." Seven said while she started kneading the cheeks. Only knowing too well what kind of affect it had on B'Elanna when she heard the Borg said words like 'ass'. "I must admit that when we were still on unfriendly terms I sometimes said things of which I knew it would make you turn around and leave. Lanna, the way you roll in this..." a soft slap indicated what 'this' was. "...When you walk away, it is such an incredible turn on for me. Sometimes I just want to get down on my knees and kiss your ass all over. As a matter-of-fact..."

The next thing B'Elanna felt tore a 'oh yeah' from her lips. Seven started exchanging soft slaps of her hand with sweet kisses to sooth the reddening flesh. "You have no idea how sexy your ass is, do you Lanna?" The Borg asked between the soft slaps and the warm kisses. "Do you have any idea how often I came close to saying 'I would love to' when you said 'you can kiss my ass' when you were angry."

"Oh, baby, keep talking. You know what your voice does to me." B'Elanna said in what could as best be described as a Klingon purr.

"And now, here I am sitting on my knees behind you. Kissing your ass and enjoying it." Using her tongue the Borg trailed the valley between the two cheeks from the beginning down to B'Elanna's heated center. Taking a moment to circle the puckered muscle she found along the way. "Here I am kissing and licking your ass while you continue to grow more excited with every minute."

More and more often Seven made the journey to her lover's center, starting to concentrate on the slick folds. Finally she stayed there, feasting on the essence that was B'Elanna. The Klingon couldn't take much more and once again started massaging her own breasts with one of her hands. Fondling them pinching her nipples in the rhythm that Seven was setting further down. "A little harder, baby, I'm almost there."

Seven knew that her lover could easily handle more than one peak so she gladly did as asked. Pushing her tongue a little bit harder into the swollen flesh and increasing her movement slightly.

"Yeah, that's it." B'Elanna said through clenched teeth, being only moments from her release.

Knowing that her partner was close Seven used some of B'Elanna's excitement to lubricate her pinkie and tenderly inserted that into the Klingon's tight second opening while she entered her lover as far as possible with her tongue in the first opening. Seven moved her pinkie slowly in and out while flexing her tongue deep inside her lover. That did it for B'Elanna and her legs started to buckle while the name 'Annika' rolled off her tongue time and time again. Seven steadied her lover with her free hand for a moment and then quickly used that hand to pass over the bundle of nerves a couple of times to prolong the Klingon's pleasure.

After B'Elanna finally came down from her peak the Klingon found enough power to steady her legs. After another few passes over the heated center to make sure none of the arousal went to waste, Seven straightened up and claimed B'Elanna's mouth, knowing that the Klingon loved to taste herself on her lovers lips.

Finally Seven move away and B'Elanna knew that the fun was about to continue. But what she didn't know was that Seven was about to try something new. Continuing her Borg version of 'dirty talking' Seven said; 'You dreamed about this.' Between kissing B'Elanna's back and reaching around her to play with the Klingon's breast. "You standing bend over while that cold Borg bitch is taking you from behind."


"Ssshh. Enjoy it, Kyamo." After saying that Seven moved to stand behind B'Elanna, leaning her body into that of the Klingon again. "Yes, I know some of the things you called me when you thought I could not hear you." Seven reached a hand around her lover and once again cupped B'Elanna's womanhood. She was glad to find that her words where producing the lubrication she was hoping for. "Well, today you will get your wish. Popsicle is about to 'fuck your brains out'."

With that B'Elanna felt herself being filled by two deliciously long fingers that tore a moan from her lips. But she quickly realized that it somehow felt different then usual. And when Seven moved, coming up beside her, on her right side, she realized why it felt different. Two enhanced fingers were filling her. Something Seven had not yet done before.

"Yes, that is correct. It is the Borg that is filling you." For a moment they both concentrated on the sensation of it. A slow rhythm was established while both relished the feeling. B'Elanna could feel the ridges moving inside her, going in and out slowly and steadily. And Seven for the first time felt the heat of her lover surrounding her enhanced fingers. Not for the first time Seven wondered how technology made by the emotionless Borg could feel so good while making love. With a thought she changed the sensitivity of the sensors in her hand and immediately stopped all movement while she closed her eyes and rested her head on her lover's back. She had to adjust to that. Now her enhanced fingers were the most sensitive parts of her body and she was truly feeling B'Elanna around her. She couldn't stop moaning while she adapted to this new sensation.

The feeling of B'Elanna's heat surrounding her, the slick walls around her fingers, tightening and releasing in a torturously sweet rhythm. She thought about resetting the sensitivity but decided against it. She wanted to feel all of B'Elanna. Slowly she started moving again and felled the smooth walls of B'Elanna's womanhood moving against her fingers.

Eventually Seven could handle the sensation and remembered that this wasn't about her, this was for B'Elanna. So she bend to B'Elanna's ear and started whispering again with those beautiful lips. "How does that feel, Kyamo?" Seven asked softly while she started moving her fingers a little bit faster. A 'mmm' was her answer while B'Elanna contemplated this new feeling, this new sensation. It felt incredible, she realized, she could feel the texture of the mesh covering the hand slowly moving in and out of her.

Becoming more and more used to the feeling of B'Elanna surrounding her fingers, and knowing that she would never get enough of that feeding, the Borg started moving yet a little bit faster again and the sounds that B'Elanna was producing went from moaning to groaning. Setting up a nice steady rhythm Seven kept moving in and out. Eventually the Klingon started growling softly and Seven new that they both wanted more. She moved slightly to get a better position, better leverage, and circled her other arm around B'Elanna's waste. Once again she sped up the rhythm. In, out, in, out. Delighted to hear the Klingon make more and more noise. Seven loved that sweet mixture of groaning and growling that her lover could produce.

"Harder, baby." B'Elanna growled. The sensation of the mesh covered fingers pounding into her was indescribable. She loved making tender love for hours with Seven. But she knew that from now on she would also be addicted to this feeling. This was perfect for hard and fast. Exactly what she wanted at this moment.

Hearing her lover's words made Seven speed up the rhythm some more until she was almost pushing B'Elanna forward with the power behind the trusts. Only her arm around the Klingon's middle was keeping her steady.

They kept going like that for a few timeless minutes but eventually Seven could feel that B'Elanna was once again getting close. So giving her lover something extra to send her over, like she always liked to do when B'Elanna was about to peak, she shifted the hand that was keeping the Klingon steady, until her fingers found the bundle of nerves and started rubbing that in the same rhythm as the fingers were setting. And just when the Klingon's peak started Seven folded her thumb in slightly and rubbed that over B'Elanna's tight ring of muscles with every trust.

"Yes, baby, that is it, Kahless, Annika." The Klingon groaned just before going over. And then a second try at the word 'Annika' ended in a high-pitched 'iiiii' when Seven continued to prolong B'Elanna release.

Finally Seven started slowing her movements, bringing her lover down slowly. Changing to loving caresses and light kisses while B'Elanna found her breath. "Oh, my. That was good. You can do that again anytime, baby." The Klingon finally said while she stood up straight and turned around to face her lover. But seeing her lover licking her fingers clean tore another growl from B'Elanna's throat.

"Good, I am planning to do this more often. It was... very enjoyable. However, now it is time for cleaning up."

"Yeah, I could use a shower by now." B'Elanna agreed.

"Actually..." Seven said while dropping to her knees before the Klingon. "... I was thinking more along the way of a tongue bath."

"Oh boy." B'Elanna groaned when she felt Seven licking up her thigh. "That'll do also." Finding that the strength was leaving her legs, the Klingon put more of her weight on her hands that were once again resting on the coach's back. And just before Seven found her target and anything else in the universe stopped existing for B'Elanna, she realized that she really liked the positioning of the couch.

*fade to black for the duration of the rest of that long, long, night.... and morning..... and afternoon.*

Oh, and...


Last note, if anybody wants to use my idea of the show 'from the cutting room floor' to introduced and show a scene of their own story, you are welcome to do so.

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