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The Gift
By Outsidethebx


"Helen, you all right?" Propping herself up on an elbow, Nikki watched as Helen closed the cell door. "I was worried when yesterday's meeting was cancelled, and you know Bodybag—so helpful in telling us what's going on."

Helen sighed as she joined Nikki on the bed. "I'm fine. Had a touch of the flu, but…"

"Did you call a doctor, take some medicine, drink lots of fluids?"

Helen reached over, cupped Nikki's face in her hand, and gently kissed her. "Shhh. Always thinking the worst. I'm fine."


Placing her finger on Nikki's lips, she quickly silenced her worried inmate. "I promise I'm fine. Anyway, if it were serious, I'd make sure you knew."

Nikki put her arm around the Lifer's Liaison Officer and drew her closer. "I can't wait till I'm finally out of here. I can take care of you, see you off to work, make love to you every morning…"

"Might complain if I have to wake up early." Helen grinned as Nikki playfully crossed her arms in protest. "So what's on today's agenda?"

"Oh, I dunno. Thought I'd drink a few pints, maybe catch a movie, you know the usual."

Helen kissed Nikki's forehead, then stood up and walked toward the door. "Well, don't get yourself into any trouble."

"Oh, don't worry 'bout me, Miss. I'm not planning on starting riots anytime soon. Though you know, today is Shell's birthday."

Helen winked as she replied, "Don't forget to sign my name to the card."

"Hey man, you know it's Shell's birthday?" Denny sat down next to Barbara and began to eat her breakfast. "We should give her something."

"I'd like to give her a punch in the mouth, or at least a bloody good talking too, but I doubt it'd do any good."

"Morning Denny, Barbara, what you two going on about?" Crystal walked over and set her tray on the table.

"Oh, Denny here was just saying that today is Shell Dockley's birthday. She suggested we give her a gift." Barbara snorted as she began to eat. "I personally think we should receive gifts for having to put up with her."

"More like we should get medals. Morning girls." Shaking her head in disgust, Nikki sat down next to the women. "You seriously think we should give her a gift?"

"Yeah, man, why not?" Denny's face reddened as she crossed her arms in defense. "She's really trying to be nice and all. Like the other day, didn't she talk to you about that God business, Crystal?"

"Yeah, she wanted to know if the Lord was powerful enough to satisfy her sexual needs." Crystal's jaw clenched and she slammed her spoon on the table. "I told her that she needed to repent of her ways, and that the Lord was getting impatient with her sin."

"It's not like the Almighty is "bad" enough for Shell anyway…"

"Denny, shut it. You need to be careful too. You're headed down the same path of destruction."

"It's a little early for the morning sermon, Crystal." Nikki patted her friend's shoulder. "At least wait until our food's digested."

"Well, I don't care anyway. If I thought it'd help the poor girl, I'd give her my Bible as a birthday present. But it's Shell innit?" Crystal rolled her eyes as she stood to leave. "She'd rather use it as toilet paper, than read it as God's Holy Word. She's too far gone for even Him to help."

"Hey Julies, you have a minute?"

"'Course Nikki..."

"Yeah, course, always for you." The two Julies smiled as their friend entered the cell.

"I'm sure you've heard it's Shell's birthday."

Julie J. nodded. "She was going on about it this morning—wouldn't let us forget it."

Nikki rolled her eyes and sat down on the bed. "Denny's been pestering everyone to get Shell a gift, so I've got an idea. You think you could fetch something from the kitchen?"

Shell walked into her cell and noticed a cardboard box sitting on her bed with the words "Happy Birthday" written on the outside. Grinning from ear to ear, she opened the package and discovered a large pickle with a card taped to its tip. It read:

To fill the void when Fenner's away.
-From your friends on G-wing.

The End

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