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The Gift
By Tina LaMarch


B'Elanna dragged herself out of the Jefferies tube. She was covered in sweat and dirt and a few things best not thought about. Somehow or another the last nebula they ran through left huge deposits of raw biomatter in the stupidest corners of the ship. The drifts were smelly and huge and greasy.

The engineer was pissed beyond words to find that the matter couldn't be locked onto so they couldn't beam it away. It had been a long week and there were still pony size biomatter drifts in the Jefferies tubes running along the port nacelle and on deck 3. B'Elanna ran oily hands through her hair and cringed as she became aware of what she had done. She could only pray that Neelix hadn't decided the stuff was edible.

She unfolded and stood up stretching and cracking. Carey was standing nearby. He took one look and went to go work elsewhere before the Chief decided he was looking too clean. B'Elanna stretched side to side and hollered at her second. "Carey. Going to check my desk and then log out. You're in charge."

"Got it Chief."

B'Elanna walked into her office to find a large box wrapped in blood red paper with a black ribbon. She blinked as if expecting it to vaporize. She walked backwards out of her office. "Yo Carey, who's been in my office?"

"Nobody Chief."

"Hmph." She walked back into the office and examined the box. "Swear to Kahless Paris if this thing explodes I am going to kill you." She looked for a card. There was one tucked up under the bow on the top. She slid the card out. The brunette snorted. "Whoever you are, I don't read Klingon." She put the card aside for later translation.

She opened the box. Again she wondered if the biomatter had hallucinogenic properties. She pulled out a plate. "As far as gags go, this is kinda out left field." She looked down through the rest of the crockery. No clues, just dishes. B'Elanna rubbed her forehead ridges. Her sensitive nose picked up the whiff of rank biomatter on her hand. She cringed and grabbing the note left.

B'Elanna took a shower and changed. The half-Klingon aggressively brushed out her hair and stared at the card. She pocketed it and walked out. 'First food, then find out who to blame for the dishes on my desk.' Her hand shot out just in time to hold the closing turbo lift doors. She squeezed in and spotted Seven. Nodding at the Astrometrics officer, B'Elanna announced her floor.

Just as she was turning to face front, she called out, "Hold turbo lift." She turned to the blonde who raised her ocular implant at the smaller woman. "You read Klingon."

"Yes Lieutenant. I read and speak fluently all major dialects of Klingon."

"Maybe you can help me. I kind of blew off the whole learning how to be a proper Klingon thing growing up and now some joker gave me a card with Klingon writing on it. I can't translate it. I could ask the computer, but as long as you are here, would you?"

"It is efficient to make use of my presence. May I see the card?"

B'Elanna looked at Seven and slid the card out of her pocket. Seven looked down briefly at the card and then back up to the engineer. "Would you not rather learn to read it yourself?"

"Would I have asked you if I had the time and energy Borg? Forget it," B'Elanna snapped off and grabbed for the card. The former Borg simply raised the card high.

"If you do not wish to learn to read it, I will help you by telling you." Seven brought the card down. She tilted her head momentarily.

"In a traditional world I would have left a bloody carcass for you to prove my worth as a mate. In this world, I can only offer you these dishes in hope that you might respond when I find a way to show you how I wish to change our relationship. It is unsigned."

"Still don't get dishes."

"Traditionally, the suitor offers freshly killed food to prove his worthiness, to prove his ability to provide. The object of his affection, should they wish to respond favorably, would throw the dishes. The suitor must dodge."

B'Elanna rubbed her head. "Cause trying to kill the one you love makes so much sense."

"The Klingon rituals more perfectly mimic a normal relationship. Pleasure and pain faced together."

"And the Borg becomes the relationship expert."

"Not an expert. Merely a careful observer of interaction."

B'Elanna snorted and called for the turbo lift to continue as she snagged her card. "Hate to tell you this Borg, but some things you just gotta wade in and experience." B'Elanna darted out of the turbo lift as it opened. The blonde watched her walk away. "Indeed," she quietly responded as the doors closed again.

B'Elanna dug into her plate of pancakes with enthusiasm. She was not about eat anything she hadn't replicated until she was done chucking the biomatter drifts. She loved Neelix dearly but didn't trust his opinions on what can be categorized as food any further than Naomi could throw him. Paris and Kim slid their plates onto the table.

"Hey guys," she mumbled around a mouthful. She was too tired and annoyed to be worried about what Emily Post and Miss Manners had to say.

"Attractive. Why did I ever give you up B'Elanna?" Paris inquired as he shoveled in his first taste of the nameless goo du jour.

"I kicked your ass out. If I hadn't you would have left shortly having discovered the fun of playing hide the sausage with Starfleet."

Kim choked on his coffee turning red. Paris laughed and patted Harry on the back reminding him about breathing being a good thing. B'Elanna snorted at the picture they made.


"Yeah B'Elanna?"

"Found a package on my desk. Bunch of dishes and a note in Klingon talking about courtship. Wouldn't know anything about it?"

"Not signed?"



"Hey Maquis, is there someone we should know about?"

"Nobody. At least nobody that'd study Klingon language and rituals to get my attention."

"What did it say exactly?"

B'Elanna thought hard to dredge up the exact words the drone had used to translate. "Something like….'In a traditional world I would have left a bloody carcass for you to prove my worth as a mate. In this world, I can only offer you these dishes in hope that you might respond when I find a way to show you how I wish to change our relationship.'" On seeing Paris's expression, "What? It was kinda romantic in a disgusting bloody violence kind of way. Someone states their interests like that you pay attention."

Paris's eyebrows danced. "So is our little barbarian queen getting herself hitched?"

"Shut up. I don't know why I talk to you."

"Cause the only time you see me is with him." Harry flicked his thumb at Tom. "You think he is an idiot, but you know I'm there for you Maquis."

"Yes you are. So be there for me. What do I do?"

"Hmmmm, look for clues? How did the box get there? Any telltale biological clues? Who has been accessing the computer for the Klingon database? I can count the speakers on one hand, only two that I know of who read and write in Klingon."


"Seven and the Doctor."

B'Elanna thumped her head on the table. "Please don't let it be the doctor, please don't let it be the doctor."

Harry laughed. "Why don't we start eliminating suspects with him then?"

Tom beamed. "My boy toy is Sherlock Holmes."

"Shut up Watson." Harry laughed and finished off his coffee.

Harry promised to feel the Doctor's intentions out while B'Elanna ran over the package with tricorder and fine toothed comb looking for clues. She tried casually asking another of the people who habitually monitored systems near her door if anyone had been in that day but they didn't see anything. She couldn't find any sign on the package itself. No records of transport. 'Whoever you are… if the present itself didn't turn me on the stealth of making and placement sure did. You could teach the Maquis a few tricks.'

After ascertaining that no one had visibly accessed the Klingon cultural files, B'Elanna blew a puff of air out. She sat on the corner of her desk and mulled. There was chirrup.

'Torres here.'

"Janeway. We have a situation. Please report to the conference room."

"On my way."

"Great. Janeway out."

When B'Elanna arrived the entire senior staff had assembled. The Captain was standing with her hands on the headrest of her chair as she began to speak. "Let's get to the point. I am letting all departments know that there is a Borg sphere on an course that will put it onto us unless we come to full stop in the nebula we are about to enter. I have ordered the stop. We will sit tight until further notice. I wanted everyone aware in case the sphere does somehow become aware of us and changes course. For now, just be alert and try to keep everything as normal as possible. We don't need a panic just now. Any questions or comments before I dismiss?"

"I wish we could harvest the coils out of that sucker.," B'Elanna thought out loud.

"As do I B'Elanna. Unfortunately, while it is taking its time in the local neighborhood, it will be unlikely that there will be time and equipment and a genius plan to take it that wouldn't involve putting Voyager's neck on the block."

"Anyone else? Come to me if the nebula brings up any special issues I need to be aware of. Dismissed."

B'Elanna looked up to see Seven looking at her. "What?"

"I was wondering if you had discovered the identity of your suitor."

"Not for lack of trying. You wouldn't happen to know would you?" B'Elanna snorted. 'Like anyone on the ship would tell the Ice Princess anything.'

"Yes." Seven turned and walked out while B'Elanna picked up her jaw. She was about to go after the Borg when the captain called her aside to ask her a question about the hull and the nebula's properties. Her inner Klingon howled but the good little Starfleet officer adjusted her jacket and went to talk science and engineering with her mentor.

B'Elanna and Janeway were chatting over the Bridge Engineering console when Harry called out. "Captain we have an unauthorized launch in progress."

"Stop the launch."

"Too late."

"Tractor beam."

"Nonfunctional captain."

"Beam the pilot to the brig."

"Can't get a lock on her. She appears to be using some form of biodampening."


"Yes Captain. It's Seven."

Janeway and B'Elanna shot a look at one another. "Open hailing frequencies Mr. Kim. I want to speak to her."

"Aye Captain. Frequencies are open."

"Seven, what the hell do you think you're doing? You can't be thinking of returning to the Borg."

"I am not considering that at all Captain Janeway. I am merely proving my ability to provide." The signal began to crackle.

"Provide what? Proving to who?"

The signal was degrading further and further as Seven increased her distance from the ship in the nebula.

"Provide…… to …..my prospe….mate."

Kim shook his head. "I can't boost the signal any further. We've lost her Captain."

B'Elanna was in shock. Seven was trying to prove should provide? She was the suitor. B'Elanna's chest ached when she realized that she never even considered the former Borg. She didn't even think the woman could feel anything much less the kind of depth of feeling that could lead her to think in terms of mating.

"Anyone have a clue what she'd doing?" asked the Captain.

"She wants to prove that she's a worthy mate for me," B'Elanna quietly answered.

The captain's eyebrows shot up. Hers weren't the only ones.

"My ready room now."

"Aye Captain," B'Elanna acknowledged quietly, still in shock. She followed the Captain to the ready room.

B'Elanna sat on the couch. She curled into herself slightly. She felt bad, really bad. The little engineer hadn't even seen the six foot drone standing right in front of her.

"B'Elanna, what's going on?"

B'Elanna drew a ragged breath. "Seven is trying to be a good Klingon suitor. They leave bloody carcasses for their prospective mates to prove they can provide."

The Captain's eyes got big. "Tell me she's not going to bring back a stack of dead Borg."

"I think she is trying to provide for my biggest need. I think she's going for the coil."

Janeway puffed out a breath and sat down heavily. "Oh God. Even with the Raven's technology and her knack of survivng everything thrown at her, I don't think...."

"I know," replied B'Elanna miserably. "I never even saw her. She wasn't even on my radar."

"You didn't see what?"

"I didn't even think of her when all the evidence pointed at her being my mysterious suitor. I still... I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it." Janeway put her hand on B'Elanna's shoulder. "I treated her like shit. How could she feel anything but disgust or disdain for me?"

"As Tuvok would point out, feelings aren't logical."

"We have to go after her."

"We can't, not without giving the ship away. One shuttle might go under their radar, set up for fooling Borg sensors, and you know Seven would know to do that. Two would get their attention and make them ask where they came from. We can't put 148 people at risk that way."

"It's Seven."

"And if anyone can pull this off, she can."

"And if she can't she won't know whether I would ever have put those dishes to their intended use." B'Elanna shut her eyes tightly. Her fingers curled into her palm.

While B'Elanna tore her heart apart for the truth about her own feelings for the former Borg, Seven was coming up on the Borg sphere. It was apparently surveying the surrounding systems for later visits by cubes. There was no other explanation for their slow perambulation through local systems.

Seven used her shields and biodampening equipment to best advantage and prepared for her assault. As there was no need or desire for a bloody carcass, she would provide what her heart's desire both needed and desired. The coil was closely guarded and protected by fields. She would wait until the sphere came into the nearby system. Its drives would be powered down enough for her to snag the coil.

She would use the biodampeners to mask herself. She made a small device that would produce a local field, basically a Borg nametag that could be seen only at extreme close range. It would identify her as a drone charged with the removal and maintenance of the transwarp coil. The ploy would probably only buy her a few seconds if it was needed, but to a Borg, even a former Borg, a few seconds could be a lifetime.

She input a few final commands into the Flyer's computer and readied herself for transport. She thought of B'Elanna. She left a message for the half-Klingon. If she had not returned to the ship in three days, B'Elanna would receive it. She hoped it would not come to that. It would mean she failed in her mission and failing the woman that she had come to realize she loved was unacceptable.

"Qapla," she told herself as she transported over.

She was struck by her visceral reaction to the grey environment and its green flickers and glows. If ever she had doubts about her decision to remain with the Voyager crew, they were gone now. This was her home for almost two decades. It was not home anymore, it was all she knew of hell. Things were simpler here, but her life was stripped of everything that she had come to think of as being worth living for.

She moved quickly and unobtrusively to the location of the transwarp coil. She set the 'badge' to respond to direct inquiries and moved through the various fields with creative countermeasures and field adjustments. She drew near the coil and saw and felt the power down of their arrival in system. She began removing the mountings of the coil. She felt a ping on her 'badge.'

B'Elanna was curled on the couch when the third day dawned. She hadn't slept more than a few snatches in the past two days. Her eyes were too heavy and her mind was too restless. She wrapped her arms tighter around the plate held to her chest and groaned. She was just about to take a shower when she heard her workstation announce a message.

She padded over and placed the plate beside her as she opened it. It was Seven of Nine. B'Elanna's heart leapt as she saw her alive. It fell moments later as she saw the date stamp. "Lt. Torres, according to my calculations it should take no more than 60 hours to catch up with, raid and return from the Borg sphere. If you are seeing this message I have overshot that estimate by several hours and am therefore unlikely to return."

"First, I would like to ask you to do something for me. Inform the crew I was honored to serve with them. In addition, please express my love and regard to Captain Janeway and to the Doctor. They have been fine mentors and friends to me. I often confounded them, but I believe that on some level, they found that quality to be somewhat endearing." Seven's lips curled slightly.

"I realize you are worried that I have been assimilated and that I will betray the crew. That will not occur. I have taken steps to ensure that there will be no assimilation. If an attempt is made, you will be gratified to know I will take some of them with me." B'Elanna's fingers touched the screen and her other hand took up the plate again, holding it to her chest as a tear rolled down her face.

"Lt. Torres, the next portion of this message is extremely personal. I wish to express my regret at my apparent failure to obtain the means to declare myself to you." Seven paused as if searching for words.

"I came to understand the emotions I felt in both your presence and your absence to be love. I was uncertain to how to proceed. You challenge and excite me. You wield brilliant intuition and blinding intelligence, strength, courage, and honor. I have long felt that perhaps I was not worthy of you, and you have certainly given me every reason to believe I was not. I had to show myself your equal."

"To show myself your equal, I must show my courage. I therefore decided not to hide behind my demeanor any further. To show my strength and honor and commitment to the realities of both pain and pleasure in a relationship, I decided to court you in proper Klingon fashion. I needed only to find a proper opening."

"When you expressed your wish for the coil, I had found my bloody carcass, my gift of intent. If you have seen this message, then I have failed you and I know great shame at that. I hope that you will find it in you to think well of me despite my failure Lt. Torres. Your opinion has always meant a great deal to me."

The image halted and B'Elanna's head came to rest on the desk. She sobbed quietly for the woman her stubborness and pride lost them all.

"Captain, sensors are picking up a vessel moving toward our position. It is difficult to make out against the nebula's radiation, but it appears to be the Flyer."

"Hail it when it comes within range. Commander Tuvok, ready the shields and weapons in case Seven is bringing friends home." Janeway silently prayed that her heart's daughter was alone and well. She didn't care if there was a coil or not. Just please let Seven be ok.

"The ship is in range. No sign of company. She is answering the hail."

"Put it up Mr. Kim. Seven, I have a bone," she paused briefly thinking, "actually several bones to pick with you."

"I am aware of that Captain."

"Bringing back any company I should be aware of?"

"No Captain. I was able to evade the sphere."

Janeway rubbed her forehead. "Did you at least do what you set out to do?"

"Yes Captain. While I am aware that I am likely to be sent to the brig for my actions, I ask permission to deliver the coil first."

"I'll have security meet you in engineering and they'll bring you to my Ready Room. You and I are due to have a very long discussion about appropriate dating behavior."

"Yes Captain. Seven out."

"And still she doesn't let me close the line." She sighed and threw up her hands as Chakotay chuckled. "I'll be in my ready room. Commander, you have the bridge." She levered herself up and mentally calculated the amount of caffeine it was going to take to get through her discussion with the former Borg.

B'Elanna was listlessly going over the upgrade schedule when she realized that the heart of a transwarp coil had been placed on her desk. She looked up to see Seven. B'Elanna came around her desk and hugged the former Borg. She felt tears sliding down her face. Seven's hands came to rest around her waist. B'Elanna leaned back and looked at the blonde. She smacked Seven's arm. "Don't you ever scare me like that again damnit!"

"I apologize Lieutenant. I wanted to prove my ability to provide."

B'Elanna tucked her face against Seven's shoulder and started laughing. Seven tilted her head. "Are you well? Do you need to be in Sick Bay Lieutenant?"

B'Elanna looked up. "You went on a suicide mission to show how much you love me. I am thinking you've earned the right to call me B'Elanna."

"B'Elanna. I must apologize. The Captain made it clear that after I made my delivery that I was to report for my disciplinary action. I will need to leave."

B'Elanna leaned back and kissed the former Borg on the cheek. "If she doesn't put you in the brig for a million years, come back to me. I want to take you to dinner."

"Will there be dishes, B'Elanna?"

B'Elanna laughed. "At the very least, Seven." She pulled the blonde close for another hug and then stepped back. "Hurry back."

"I will comply." Seven turned and joined the security team waiting outside the office for her. B'Elanna looked at the transwarp coil and chuckled.

"Waaay sexier than a bloody carcass any day."

The lecture went nowhere near as well as Janeway had hoped. Seven was a passive audience. She was polite, soft spoken and completely and utterly unapologetic. Janeway rubbed her forehead. "You know I can't just let you get away with this Seven. You are a member of the Senior Staff and you provide a role model for others on this ship."

"You are correct that you cannot allow me to get away with this, however I do not believe I am a role model."

"You are to my assistant."

Seven tilted her head. "You are correct. I will find NaomiWildman and explain that stealing a shuttle craft is ill-advised."

"Well, that's something. At least tell me she liked the present?" Janeway allowed herself a small smile.

"Lt. Torres, rather B'Elanna did not remark upon the gift, but she hugged me, kissed me, hit me, told me not to scare her again, and invited me to dinner. While not all of those are positive, I feel the balance was sufficiently positive to give me some hopes of a return upon my affections.

Janeway chuckled and hugged her student/friend/daughter. "That is incredibly positive. You are going to be under house arrest for the next two weeks, Seven. Work, Mess Hall, Cargo Bay 2 and captain's discretion. I suggest you two start figuring out where that leaves the two of you to talk. Now get out of here Seven."

Seven stood and began walking toward the door.


"Yes Captain?"

"Welcome home."

"Thank you Captain."

B'Elanna grinned and hefted a bowl. It had been two weeks since Seven had come back from the sphere. They used the new coil to gain a lotta miles before it was too far gone. She and Seven had taken to spending long evenings in Astrometrics and the Mess Hall. They talked and B'Elanna found herself falling fast for the woman she hadn't met before the box of dishes had appeared on her desk.

Tonight the house arrest was over and B'Elanna called the blonde to join her for dinner in her quarters. She hadn't a doubt left in her about how she felt. B'Elanna took her plate away from the living room and put it carefully in the closet. She had carried it with her for days after the former Borg had gone to the sphere and she had come to think of it as a large lucky charm. She was going to respond to Seven's gift and didn't want it broken.

The door chimed and B'Elanna called for the entry. The door whooshed open and the bowl shattered near Paris's ear. Paris dropped to the deck. "What the hell, B'Elanna? I haven't pissed you off this week already have I?"

B'Elanna laughed and helped the helmsman up. "No. I'm answering Seven's proposal tonight."

"You trying to tell her to go away?"

"Telling her to stay for good. You know I'll need a best man if we end up doing the Federation ceremony as well as the Klingon thing."

"Just no blood."

B'Elanna laughed. "Blood is for the Klingon ritual. Just for me and her. Now what did you want?"

"Was going to see if you were up to Sandrine's."

"Gonna be a little busy, you know the whole proposal marriage thing."

Paris laughed and gave his ex a hug. "Break the bed B'Elanna." She smacked his arm before he could dodge and he waved goodbye as he walked out the door.

This time when the door chimed she checked who it was with the computer first. She grinned as she hefted a mug. The door opened and Seven dodged the dish handily. The next several swiftly followed. Seven smiled and B'Elanna found herself unable to move for a moment. She hadn't seen Seven smile before and it was the difference between midnight and dawn.

She picked up dishes and started throwing with enthusiasm. Seven dodged a dozen more beginning to recite poetry in Klingon. B'Elanna understood not word one but the thought she was doing it all for her was turning her on beyond measure.

Eventually, B'Elanna was running low on dishes and Seven made her move. The blonde moved almost too quickly to follow and pinned B'Elanna to the wall by her wrists. The woman stood so close B'Elanna could feel her heat and she knew that the distance between them could be measured in millimeters. B'Elanna closed her eyes and felt as much as heard when Seven began to growl. The little engineer's chest began to heave and she waited for her lover to declare herself.

B'Elanna could feel the breath on her throat as the former drone scented her neck. She tilted her head to allow her better access. The delicate feel of her lips and her tongue moving along B'Elanna's throat nearly collapsed the engineer. She felt a low growl begin to rise in her own throat.

Seven curled her hand around the back of B'Elanna's neck. She pulled back and waited patiently for B'Elanna to open her eyes. "JiH d'ok!" she asserted.

B'Elanna smiled. She used her free hand to take Seven's nape. "Maj dok!" She turned her head for the bite. She felt Seven nuzzle her jaw line before feeling the sharp bite, immediately soothed by the gentle sweep of her new mate's tongue. She felt her blood begin to sing to the feeling of it and the low growls that seemed to be welling up unceasingly.

She saw Seven turn her cheek and she lovingly bit the beautiful woman. She tasted Seven's blood and felt her become a part of this woman and this woman become a part of her. The growl rose and her lips fastened on Seven's throat. She felt Seven lift her and carry her into the bedroom as her legs wrapped around the blonde's waist. Her lips found Seven's. She felt Seven almost stumble as she tasted the blood on their tongues mix.

Seven lay her on the bed and using her arms levered herself up over her lover. She looked down at the half-Klingon. "Be'nal," she whispered as she lowered herself. She kissed B'Elanna's ridges and touched her lips to her eyes and cheeks. B'Elanna moved her hands to Seven's hair and after letting it loose, tightened her fingers in it to bring her wife to her lips.

They kissed until they had to separate for their lungs' sake if nothing else. Breathing raggedly, B'Elanna began pulling at Seven's biosuit trying to work the catch. Seven ripped at the suit and pulled it down for her. Seven made similarly short work of B'Elanna's uniform. B'Elanna was long past caring. All she wanted was to be skin to skin with her warrior, her wife.

She could smell Seven's arousal and her blood. The growls rose in pitch. "I need to touch you," she rasped out as she turned the blonde onto her back. Her tongue moved roughly down Seven's throat and she could feel the normally contained woman begin to move without thought beneath her. Seven's hands began to move up her sides and it was affecting her ability to think. She grabbed Seven's wrists and moved them to the headboard. "Keep them there," she growled.

Her lips and teeth and tongue moved past Seven collarbone. Her hand cradled one of her breasts. She moved her tongue over the swell of the breast and circled the nipple with her tongue as her thumb touched the other nipple. Seven arced into the contact. B'Elanna laved the bud in her mouth and sucked at it gently. Seven began to moan. B'Elanna almost lost herself. Hearing, feeling the former drone lose control was bringing her to the edge. She took a deep and ragged breath before slowly moving down her lover's body. She was delighted to find the remaining abdominal implants sensitive and her wife responsive as she drew first lips then her tongue slowly over the junction of metal and flesh.

B'Elanna's hand moved down over Seven's thigh and then up the inner side gently moving her legs apart. The scent of arousal was so powerful that B'Elanna needed a moment to collect herself. She brushed her lips over the light hair and tasted Seven's warm wetness for the first time. The growl deepened and Seven quivered. B'Elanna wanted Seven's first time as her mate to be special so she slowed the pace. She ran her tongue slowly over Seven's labia then tasted her in long slow licks that swirled around Seven's clit.

"Be'nal," Seven moaned and her movements again became desperate. B'Elanna entered her with her tongue. She felt her walls tight and quivering and moved in her as deeply as her tongue could reach. She heard her name being breathlessly called. Her fingers touched Seven's clit as she pushed her tongue in deeply. She felt the beautiful blonde come.

She lovingly tasted Seven as she went through small aftershocks. B'Elanna moved up Seven's body to kiss her and hold her in her arms. They kissed one another thoroughly before Seven flipped her on her back with great skill and began showing her all she had learned. She was an apt pupil as she was to demonstrate repeatedly through the night. They broke the bed, but B'Elanna made her new wife promise never to tell Paris that.

The End

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