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The Lesson
By Kate


"Damn it!"

Helen was losing her temper. She took a deep breath and tried again.

"Shit." She muttered and shook her hands, releasing the tension and tried once more.

"Oh shit!" She yelled.

Nikki heard the expletive all the way to the kitchen. She was tasting the Bolognese she was cooking and trying to decide if it needed more salt or a drop more wine. She looked at the glass of red wine she poured for herself and sipped on that instead and added a little more salt to the saucepan.

"Are you ok?" Nikki called out. Helen had been quiet while she was preparing dinner. She took her a glass of wine earlier and left her watching TV.

"Yes!" There was no hiding the irritation in her reply. "Oh for Christsakes!"

Nikki slung a tea cloth over her shoulder and filled up a pan to boil water for the pasta.

"Darling, what are you doing?" She called to Helen.

"I'm practicing my golf swing." Came another irritated reply.

Nikki frowned. She'd recently purchased them each a set of golf clubs. They'd been away for Helen's birthday and stayed at an exclusive country club. While there, they took advantage of the facilities and found they both enjoyed the challenge of hitting a very small ball with a very thin stick. They were hooked and had embarked on lessons.

With the image of Helen swinging away in the living room and the lovely ceiling light fixture they had recently installed, ending its brief existence in pieces, Nikki headed for the lounge.

"Practicing your golf swing?" She hurriedly put down the tasting spoon and tea cloth and took another swig of wine, taking the glass with her and left to investigate

"Yes, on this bloody Wii thing." Helen announced as Nikki arrived. "Every time I drive off the tee, my ball keeps going off to the right!"

"Oh, so you've got a bit of a fade going on, or is it a draw when it goes to the right?" Nikki pondered.

She leant against the door frame and watched Helen ready herself to try again.

Helen had developed the peculiar habit of wiggling her backside slightly as she prepared her stance. Nikki raised the glass to her mouth and stopped at the spectacle. She found it highly arousing and knew if they ever managed to play a round of golf, she'd never be able to concentrate on her game or even make it round the course without resisting the temptation to feel that backside move against her hands.

Helen swung again. It flew off to the right.

"Darling, how are you managing to do that? It's just a video game." Nikki laughed. She looked at the screen. "You're already 12 over par and only on the second hole?"

Helen froze for a moment before turning her head slowly in Nikki's direction.

The expression and look in the eyes were pure ex wing governor and told Nikki that she should shut up, or there was a strong possibility that the Wii remote would be shoved firmly where the sun don't shine.

Nikki quickly sipped some wine from her glass. Helen prepared her stance once more and was about to swing.

"Darling?" Nikki said. A loud annoyed tut emitted from Helen.


"Can I make a suggestion?" Nikki offered.

Helen turned fully in her direction, hands on hips, eyebrows raised.

"You look a little tense in the arms when you swing. You're not following through far enough from the back swing."

Nikki walked over to her and handed Helen her glass of wine. Helen's own glass was empty and sat on the coffee table waiting to be refilled.

Helen looked at her, and took a large sip.

"Ok." She conceded politely. She gave Nikki the glass and faced back to the TV screen.

Nikki watched the wiggle.


Helen took a deep breath and stayed in position. "Yes?"

"Your arse is sticking out too far." Nikki stared at it admiring the shape and then quickly added. "As lovely as it is."

"How do you mean, it's sticking out too far?"

Nikki placed her glass on the coffee table and stood behind her.

"Just straighten up a bit more."

She emphasised her point by grabbing Helen's hips and pushed them forward and stepped in behind her using her own hips to push into Helen's body.

"That's better." Nikki grinned as Helen turned her head to look at her.

"Ok Tiger. What now?"

Nikki knew Helen was going to make her work for this. She'd seen the expression and heard that same tone too many times in the last few years since her release, to know this wasn't going to be easy.

"Relax your arms." Nikki stroked down them from shoulder to hands. "You're very tense." She whispered into Helen's ear. She covered Helen's hands with her own.

"What about my grip?" Helen asked.

"A little tight darling." Nikki slid her fingers between Helen's, until they clasped together holding the remote.

"My stance?"

"Needs to be a little wider." Nikki pushed her leg inside Helen's and used her foot to push Helen's leg out to the side. Her chin rested on Helen's shoulder giving her a clear view of the cleavage nestled securely in the t-shirt.

"Shall we swing?" Nikki asked.

Helen looked at Nikki and saw where her gaze was concentrated.

"Are you talking to me or my chest?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Hmm?" Nikki's eyelids fluttered and she licked her lips. "Sorry darling. Where were we?"

"Swinging?" Helen suggested.

"Of course we were. Ready?" Nikki shifted her body into Helen's, grinding a little into her back.

"I don't believe Tony, our instructor, does that." Helen remarked.

"I should bloody hope not! You let me know if he does. Anyway, this is purely for home practice." Nikki informed her.

"Oh, I see." Helen tried to hide her smile.

"Remember, don't take your eye off the ball. Head still." It was whispered into her ear and Helen felt Nikki's warm breath against her skin.

Nikki pulled their arms back and gently swung through. They watched the ball fly straight on the screen.

"Well, well." Helen said. She couldn't believe it and felt usurped at her previous attempts.

"Ok, let's carry on to the hole." Nikki offered.

"You mean green?" Helen corrected her.

"Yes, of course." The mischievous look in Nikki's eyes didn't fool Helen.

As Nikki swung their arms back again, she bit gently into Helen's neck. Helen's arms jerked at the sensation and they watched the ball slice itself off the fairway.

"We're in the rough." Helen stated.

"Oh dear." Nikki tried to look and sound concerned. "Don't worry we can chip out from there."

She ground harder into Helen's body, pulling her tighter against her own.

They chipped the ball back onto the fairway.

"There's an obstacle coming up." Helen said.

"There is?" Nikki frowned.

Helen felt Nikki's body heat seeping through her clothes, warming her back.

"There's a bunker in front of the hole."

"You mean green darling." Nikki now corrected her. "Do you want to go around it, or try for a shot straight to the hole?"

"Let's go straight at it." Helen felt a distinct twitch and thrust from behind, at her suggestion and wondered how much longer she could tease Nikki.

The ball landed on the green, avoiding the bunker and rolled to within four feet of the hole.

"Excellent darling," Nikki exclaimed. "Lets set up for the putt."

She stood up straighter and Helen leant back with her.

"Would you like me to help darling, or do you want to try and get it in the hole all by yourself?" Nikki asked.

Well aware of the meaning in the question, Helen answered her.

"I'm more than capable of doing it myself."

Nikki swallowed hard, the intense look on Helen's face and inflection in her tone was overtly sexy.

Nikki held Helen's hips as she softly swung the remote and they watched the ball trickle towards and then plop into the hole.

"Darling, you're a natural." Nikki congratulated her.

Helen smiled and put the remote on the coffee table. She picked up the glass of wine and drank some before handing it to Nikki. Then picking up the TV remote she switched it off.

Nikki stood in front of her and she watched her drink some wine, then reached out and took the glass, placing it back on the coffee table. With her hands, she pulled Nikki by the waist and looked at her.

"We need to practice getting a hole in one."

Nikki was about to answer when a hand behind her head, pulled her into a warm, soft kiss. Now both hands gently tugged her shirt out of her trousers. When the same hands slid underneath the shirt, Nikki felt her knees go weak. And as lips kissed her neck, she heard Helen's command in her ear.

"Clothes off."

As Helen continued to roam her back with her nails and kiss her neck, Nikki frantically tried to unbutton her shirt and wished she worn a t-shirt instead. The lips moved to her mouth and the hands to the zipper on her jeans.

The feel of the zipper being slowly lowered made her moan into Helen's mouth. She felt Helen push the jeans down at the back and hands gently begin to massage her backside.

Nikki finally fought her arms out of the shirt sleeves. Feeling free at last to discard Helen of her clothes, she didn't get the chance. She found herself pushed back down on to the couch.

Helen gripped Nikki's shoulder as she felt her nip at her neck. Her senses were hypersensitive to every touch. She tried to concentrate on what Nikki's fingers were doing to her elsewhere, and also what hers were doing to Nikki, but she found her concentration interrupted.

She was vaguely aware of an aroma filtering into the lounge. If put her off momentarily and she lost the rhythm between their two bodies.

"Ow." Nikki mumbled.

"Sorry sweetheart." Helen said. She felt her breath begin to labour at the mounting sensation in her body.

The aroma became stronger and again she lost concentration.

"Ouch." Nikki protested a little louder but kept going, increasing the speed of her movements.

"Sorry." Helen bit her lip and raised her knee up, pushing Nikki's thigh outwards.

She was rewarded with a deep moan from Nikki and watched as she lifted herself up, supporting herself with her arm. Helen's gaze shifted down between their bodies and watched as they thrust a sensual movement of hands. She felt her arousal increase as she saw what they were doing to each other.

Nikki's eyes were closed tightly and her mouth slightly open and Helen heard her breathing harder. Soon she knew each exhalation would carry a low deep moan, until the final one would be trapped and Nikki would open her eyes and shudder against her. Helen loved watching it happen. It was a sight she never grew tired of but most of the time she missed seeing it. Her own fulfillment meant she was lost to the ecstasy that Nikki gave to her and she knew Nikki watched her in the same way.

Helen finally recognised the aroma. Nikki sucked in her breath and opened her eyes, still not breaking the rhythm.

"Sorry." Helen said to her again.

"Darling, what's wrong?" Nikki asked. She thrust a little deeper.

Helen gasped and arched her back.

"I can smell burning." She reciprocated Nikki's gesture.

"What?" Nikki groaned from pleasure and looked at her, still not stopping.

"Something's burning." Helen rasped.

"Oh fu…the Bolognese!" Nikki now became aware of the aroma. "Should I go and turn it off?"

"No!" Helen exclaimed. Her breath now came in short bursts and this wasn't the time to stop what she was about to feel.

"Sod the Bolognese." She said through gritted teeth.

"What about dinner?" Nikki began to moan.

Helen couldn't believe Nikki was still managing to engage in the conversation.

""Who cares!" She growled. "We'll order take…" Helen didn't finish the sentence, her words were was lost amidst one final rasping breath as her body lost control, quickly followed by Nikki's.

Nikki returned to the couch, having turned off the cooker. She held the wine bottle in one hand and poured some more into the glasses. She handed one to Helen and lay down beside her again.

Helen snuggled into her warm naked body.

"Warm enough?" Nikki asked.

"Yep." Helen smiled at her and kissed her cheek.

Nikki looked at the take out menu she had in her other hand.

"What do you fancy? Lamb jalfrezi or chicken vindaloo?"

"Jalfrezi." Helen stroked Nikki's thigh. "So what kind of golf lesson was that exactly?"

"You've not heard of the 19th hole?" Nikki feigned surprise and Helen tried not to laugh.

"That's the bar at the club house." Helen told her.

"That may be, but for home practice, it's entirely different."

"Of course, the Nikki Wade school of golf. I should have known."

"This Irish golfer goes to confession," Nikki started and Helen groaned. Since their new found hobby Nikki insisted on subjecting her to countless golfing jokes.

Forgive me father for I have sinned he says to the priest. The priest asks if he would like to confess his sins and the guy says that he used the "F-word" over the weekend.

The priest says, Okay, just say three Hail Marys and try to watch your language.

The guy says wants to confess why he used the "F-word". So the priest tells him to explain.

Well father I played golf on Sunday with my buddies instead of going to church.

The priest says, And you got upset over that and swore?

The guy says, No, that wasn't why I swore. On the first tee I hooked my drive left into the trees

The priest said, And that's when you swore"

The guys says No.. When I walked up the fairway, I noticed my ball got a lucky bounce and I had a clear shot to the green. But before I could hit the ball, a squirrel ran by and grabbed it and ran up a tree."

The priest said, Is that when you said the 'F-word'?

No says the guy because an eagle then flew by and caught the squirrel in its sharp talons and flew away.

The priest was getting fed up so asked, Is that when you swore?

The guy says, No, because the eagle flew over the green and the dying squirrel let go of my golf ball and it landed within 5 inches of the hole.

The priest yells Don't tell me you missed the fucking putt?!

Nikki giggled but Helen just looked at her, completely humourless.

"Would you like to get the phone so we can order the take out?" Helen suggested.

Nikki stared at her, frowning slightly that Helen hadn't found her joke funny. She got up and went to get the phone. It gave Helen the opportunity to gaze at a very shapely and scrumptious arse and Nikki missed the wicked grin of pleasure on her face.

The End

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