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The Piano
By Sparx

"Where did you get this thing? It weighs a ton," Tom complained as he stopped pushing the monstrosity.

They were half way across cargo bay two. The last thing to do was push it into the space they had cleared for it earlier.

"Actually it weighs a little over 800 pounds and I got it on our last away mission." Harry grunted.

It had looked so much like a piano, the ever musical Harry had believed he could master it in no time. When he had heard his hosts playing it he had been positive. What he hadn't counted on was the way the music depended so much on the strange arrangement of knobs, buttons and foot pedals placed seemingly at random all over the thing.

"Why are you saving it anyway? I heard you playing it. Sounded to me like a herd of dying buffalo with maybe a small flock of diseased seagulls." Tom joked while shifting his grip a little.

"I'm hoping that if we ever get home, I'll have the time to learn to play it." Harry answered. "Now, Just keep pushing. All we have to do is get it up this ramp and we're done."

With both men pushing, they reached the top of the short ramp.

Just as they were about to give it the final shove onto level ground and into the slot they had made for it, Harry heard a sound.

Since he was already facing the direction of the sound, he immediately saw it's source.

Tom, standing on the other side of, Harry saw nothing, or he might have moved in time.

Not ten feet away from Harry, the cargo bay doors had opened to reveal Seven of Nine entering the room.

The day might still have been saved if she had not had a Half-Klingon engineer glued to her lips as she entered. The two were in a heated embrace and Seven was carrying the smaller woman, who had her legs clamped around the former Drones waist. Seven had one hand supporting B'Elanna's back while the other cupped her ass. B'Elanna had her one hand wrapped around Seven's neck. The other hand was busy kneading a large perfect breast.

With a gasp, Harry stood and took an involuntary step towards the couple.

The funeral was a solemn affair. It was a closed casket of course.

The End

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