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The Proposal
By Demeter


Claire found Tom Hogan in his office, poring over some files. He looked up at her entrance. "Claire. How was the wedding?" he asked, absent-minded.

She sighed. "I need to talk to Lindsay."

Now she got his full attention. "I thought she was at the--"

"There was no wedding," Claire interrupted him. "This is important. Do you know where she is?"

Tom looked fairly alarmed now. Somehow, it didn't look like there was a quick fix to the situation, she thought dejectedly. What she learned though was even worse.

"There was a meeting with Narcotics this afternoon. They gave her an undercover assignment."


The look that Tom gave her clearly said, you girls might be inofficially running the department, but there are still things you don't know.

Maybe they deserved that. "Come on, I really need to talk to her. It's a matter of--" Not life or death actually, but happiness or no happiness. Which, at the moment, seemed no less grave.

"No way, Claire."

"But you know where she is?"

Tom nodded. "Of course. But you know as well as I do, for the sake of Lindsay's safety, I can't tell you. I'm sorry. You said there was no wedding. What happened?"

"Lindsay Boxer did," Claire said, leaving him to ponder that. She'd give her stubborn friend a piece of her mind, that much was for sure. After she'd returned safely. And after she'd break the news to Cindy that the happy ending she might dream of was still pretty far in the distance.

The End

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