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The Shoe
By Ohyjo

Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres, of the Starship: Voyager, was bone tired after her double shift but couldn't sleep. Staring at the ceiling of her quarters, she kept wondering if yesterday's encounter with the

captain had really happened.

She couldn't remember how long she'd stood nailed to the floor of

her office. Only after one of her engineers entered had she finally

been able to pick up her jaw.

Well, she couldn't deny the message that had been waiting for her at

her console when she finally got to her quarters.

"Dear Lanna, I will see you in three days at 20:00 hours. Your Captain." The enormity of the situation and the possibilities boggled the young lieutenant's mind.

Suddenly, a broad smile appeared on B'Elanna's face. The captain had asked HER out – her, Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres; not Chakotay, not Seven... her!

Even though it was just a first date, it opened up possibilities for

herself she had never dared to even consider. Now, for the first time, she was allowed to acknowledge feelings she had long since denied herself. She barely slept that night but, Kahless, was she full of energy the next day! In fact, 'til the good commander learned she had worked seven shifts in three days and ordered her to get some sleep, she was walking on cloud nine.

Kathryn Janeway looked into her mirror, thinking to herself she

didn't look half bad. Now if only B'Elanna would think that as well

she knew the evening couldn't go wrong. She grinned again as she recalled the stunned expression on the engineer's face after she said what she intended to say. It was not a look she would forget any time soon.

Of course the insinuating looks B'Elanna had been bestowing on her

during today's senior staff meeting had had their intended effects

on her in return. They made long denied feelings in her nether

region resurface. If she'd had any doubts about asking her chief out before, she didn't have them any more.

Tonight B'Elanna was in for a `treat'.

The evening went smoothly, after some initial awkwardness. Alone in the privacy of Holodeck 1 they enjoyed a memorable evening, and time

flew by much too fast. And, when the evening was over, B'Elanna insisted on walking her date home. Of course, to say that Kathryn minded this would have been a big lie.

Once the two of them were in the turbolift, safe from prying eyes,

B'Elanna became bolder. "Do you really want this evening to end

already Kathryn?"

Intrigued by the way in which this question was directed at her,

Voyager's captain asked, "You want to come in for a night cap?"

"For starters, yes..."

Kathryn's heart started to beat a bit faster, in spite of herself, and just as she was about to come back with a reply, of course the turbolift stopped. Two crewmen entered, cheerfully chatting until they saw just who was already in the lift. "Captain, Lieutenant,"

they acknowledged.


B'Elanna just nodded and, as the two men turned silently facing the

doors, B'Elanna grinned. Lighting quick, she put her mouth near the captain's ear, making absolutely sure that only the captain could hear her as said, "I'd like to do this." After which she put her hand on Kathryn's behind and started moving it lightly up and down, wishing she could transport the two men out of there. This, in spite of the fact that the ride would take them to their point of exit in less than 20 seconds.

The doors whoosed open and the two women exited.

"So that is the night-cap you were after?" Kathryn managed to say

when the turbo lift had closed again. Not that she minded at all.

Understanding her actions weren't unwanted B'Elanna kissed the

captain right there and then. The feeling of those lips on her own made long-denied feelings resurface with a vengeance and Kathryn temporarily forgot she was still standing in the hall.

Turning her foot to get into a better position to touch the other

woman, Kathryn moved her foot at the same time that B'Elanna moved hers, accidentally hitting the ankle of the older woman and kicking off her shoe. Neither of them noticed this as B'Elanna swooped Kathryn up in her arms and then walked to the redhead's quarters, where they would be spending the night together.

After they disappeared inside, Chakotay was left standing there with

the biggest grin ever to be seen on his face. Walking calmly over

to the captain's forgotten shoe, he picked it up and started thinking

of the fun he could have about this with his two friends one day.

He finally had something he could use against them when they brought

his unfortunate incident with the Kalimantran priest up again.

That night sleep was difficult for the commander, due to all the

noise coming from the adjoining captain's quarters.

The End

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