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Their Five Drabbles
By bank_farter



Jordan is always curt with the servers when they go out, but god forbid someone mess up her order. That leads to dragon's fire, abundant berating, and plenty of snappish comments in which Jordan condescendingly refers to the waiter/waitress as "Junior," "Sally," or "Susie" (regardless of gender).

Once, when they're out with Elliot's old sorority friends, Jordan excuses herself to the restroom and Melody looks at Elliot, concerned. "You know," she says, hesitantly, "They say you can tell a lot about someone's character from the way they treat service people."

"Oh, no," Elliot says dismissively. "She's like that with everyone."


Some people would be jealous if they caught their… whatever Elliot was to Jordan flirting with someone else.

Jordan's not most people, though, so she's kind of proud when she sees Elliot leaning forward far more than necessary when she asks the janitor to help her find something, or winking when she's trying to bribe some geeky lab tech into putting a rush on a sample.

She's less proud when she sees Elliot perform an incredibly geeky "SCORE!" dance when it works, but she just figures that's something she'll have to work on with Elliot later. Preferably in her bedroom.


On a whim, Jordan accuses Elliot of still being in love with JD. Elliot looks pissed before snapping back that Jordan is one to talk (what with Perry).

And, next thing Jordan knows, she's pressed up against the wall, and Elliot's kissing her (hard) and pinching her nipples (hard) and then fucking her (hard), and, as much as she wishes her body wouldn't betray her—at least not so quickly, she's coming (hard).

"There," Elliot says, satisfied. "Still think I love JD?"

"No." Jordan looks pensive.

"What're you thinking?"

"Who else can I accuse you of being in love with?"


Elliot administered the wrong drug to a major hospital contributor, who promptly puked. It wasn't really her fault—she was covering for another doctor, who'd left bad instructions—but she probably should've spotted the mistake.

It takes a lot of string-pulling on Jordan's part to convince Kelso not to smite her, but she manages. Not that she thinks that nothing should happen to Elliot—just nothing with major professional consequences.

When Elliot finds herself bent over the boardroom table, scrub pants at her ankles and ass red and stinging, she almost wishes they'd just fired her.

Almost, but not quite.


"Admit it," Elliot demands. She runs a finger lightly, teasingly, around Jordan's clit, and Jordan half moans, half grunts in frustration.

"You're gonna pay for this."

"Maybe," Elliot says, smiling as she dips her fingers into Jordan. "But you still have to say it."

Jordan groans again, hating that she's too frustrated to hold out, and mutters, "Fine." Deep breath. "I…need you."

Elliot grins and replaces her fingers with her tongue.

The next day, Jordan challenges and Elliot gives in.

"Why did you let her win like that?" Carla asks.

Elliot shrugs. "Don't know. Because I win when it counts?"

The End

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