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Their Happy Accident
By bank_farter


1. Comfort
Jordan hates neediness, so she doesn't understand why she finds herself attracted to a woman who seems to require constant comfort and reassurance just to make it through the work day.

2. Kiss
Elliot is mid-freak out the first time Jordan kisses her, and Jordan tries to convince herself that she only did it to shut the younger woman up.

3. Soft
Elliot is soft in a multitude of ways that Jordan isn't used to; Jordan will never admit it to anyone, but she likes it.

4. Pain
It's no secret that Jordan likes causing others pain, it's somewhat secret that she doesn't mind a little pain herself (under certain circumstances), and it's totally secret that she's impressed by how willing Stick is to oblige her.

5. Potatoes
When Elliot talks about Connecticut, Jordan just rolls her eyes and asks if that's the state that has all the potatoes in a tone that implies she doesn't care about the answer; she knows it's not, but she doesn't want to seem like she's been listening too intently to Elliot's stories.

6. Rain
Elliot tells Jordan that she likes to think of her as the rain on her parade of crazy; Jordan rolls her eyes at the metaphor, but agrees with the sentiment.

7. Chocolate
Whenever Jordan is in one of her moods, Elliot picks her up a bar of dark chocolate on the way home from work; whenever Elliot is in one of her moods, Jordan spreads said-chocolate in strategic places on the blonde's body and takes her time licking it off.

8. Happiness
They're about six months into…whatever "this" is when it hits Jordan that the nagging feeling she's been trying to ignore is actually happiness; she feels the sudden impulse to shower.

9. Telephone
Jordan thinks of reasons to call Elliot during days when she knows the hospital is busy because she thinks it's weirdly adorable when the blonde gets irate with her.

10. Ear
Jordan likes to whisper dirty things in Elliot's ear during sex; Elliot pretends to be shocked, but Jordan notices how much harder she clenches around her fingers when she comes.

11. Name
Jordan calls Elliot by her actual name when she admits that she might not exactly hate what they have going on, and that's all it takes to make Elliot tear up as she pulls her into a hug.

12. Sensual
Elliot likes to tie Jordan to the bed and torture her until she begs, just because she knows she's the only one that can make her beg for anything.

13. Death
Elliot likes to play with Jack after she comes home from a particularly "poopy" shift; when Jordan asks her about it, Elliot tells her that it's nice to be around someone so lively after all the death she sees at the hospital.

14. Sex
When it comes to sex, it's a struggle to determine which of them is more "extreme" (which is good because both of them enjoy struggles).

15. Touch
Jordan is thrilled when she discovers a certain touch that never fails to stop Stick in her extremely annoying tracks.

16. Weakness
When Perry sees them together in the hallway, he grins like he's won something because he knows he's just discovered Jordan's weakness.

17. Tears
Elliot doesn't cry as much anymore, which works out nicely because Jordan has never had any idea how to deal with tears.

18. Speed
Jordan isn't sure whether to be amused or frustrated by the fact that, after almost two years, Elliot is just as awkward and slow at removing her bra as she was the first time they had sex (she leans towards amused, though).

19. Wind
When Elliot gets flustered enough that she blows her bangs from her forehead with one of her exaggerated sighs, Jordan resists the urge to do a victory dance.

20. Freedom
Elliot knows that she and Jordan will never get married or have a big family or probably even officially move in together, and she think those things should probably disappoint her; instead, she just feels free.

21. Life
Jordan doesn't think she'll be in "this" for life, and neither does Elliot; they both realize that makes it more likely that they will be.

22. Jealousy
Neither one of them is particularly prone to jealousy, but sometimes, when Jordan catches DJ staring longingly at the one that got away, she feels the intense urge to smack him on the back of the head (then again, she reasons, that might have nothing to do with jealousy).

23. Hands
Elliot's hands are almost always freezing; she thinks Jordan's being cute by making her coffee and hot cocoa all the time, but, really, it's a survival instinct.

24. Taste
Elliot doesn't taste like strawberries (or apples, appropriate as that would be), but Jordan has always preferred salt and tang anyway.

25. Devotion
Jordan thinks she's been pretty good about concealing her devotion to Elliot—until she notices that every time Kelso wants the board to approve expenditures for new equipment, he sends "Dr. Reid" to make the presentation.

26. Forever
"I'll love you forever," Jordan says; when she's done giggling, Elliot agrees that it would be weird if Jordan were like that.

27. Blood
Elliot draws blood with needles; Jordan draws it with fingernails that rake down Elliot's back.

28. Sickness
Elliot deals with major illnesses all day, but it doesn't stop her from babying Jordan whenever she comes down with a cold.

29. Melody
"I like the name Melody for a girl!" Elliot says a tad too defensively, and Jordan rolls her eyes and thanks Whomever that they're never going to procreate.

30. Star
Elliot tells Jordan about how she and Bradley sometimes pretended they were Star Wars characters and then gets indignant when Jordan asks if she was Jar-Jar.

31. Home
Elliot doesn't take Jordan home to meet her parents, but she does introduce her to Barry, who launches into a high-pitched rant about how unfair it was that Elliot escaped hetero-camp.

32. Confusion
Sometimes, when Jordan sees Elliot's toothbrush in her bathroom or Elliot's scrubs folded in her drawers, she wonder how in the hell she let this happen; then she shrugs it off because, secretly, she's kind of glad it did.

33. Fear
Elliot is constantly afraid of losing the approval of those she cares about, so, in a weird way, she appreciates that Jordan never showed her any approval to begin with (it really took the pressure off).

34. Lightning/Thunder
When it storms, Elliot likes to watch from the window; Jordan prefers to sit on the couch sipping a scotch and pretending she doesn't think it's cute that Elliot gets so excited about the lightning.

35. Bonds
Elliot likes that Jordan struggles so fiercely against her bonds even though they both know there's nowhere she would rather be.

36. Market
When Pedro from next door comes waggling his eyebrows asking for a cup of sugar, Jordan just rolls her eyes and tells him it's off the market.

37. Technology
They go through three computers in the first two years of their relationship because Jordan likes to smash things when she's angry and Elliot is like kryptonite for any complex technology.

38. Gift
Elliot has a knack for tripping or spilling things on herself whenever Jordan is having a bad day, and Jordan is grateful because it always makes her feel better.

39. Smile
JD caught onto their relationship before they told anyone about it; when Elliot asked him how he knew, he told her he'd seen her with Jordan and recognized that smile.

40. Innocence
Elliot's inability to say words like "vagina" or "penis" leads a lot of people to conclude that she's all innocence and naivety; clearly, Jordan thinks, they've never heard her talk about apples.

41. Completion
Jordan starts to say how glad she is that they don't finish each other's sentences the way Ghandi and DJ do, but she only gets about three words in before Elliot is agreeing with her about how annoying it is (she at least has the good grace to look embarrassed afterwards).

42. Clouds
Sometimes, when Jack is off playing on the swings, Elliot and Jordan sit on the grass in the park and look at the clouds; Elliot always says they look like monkeys playing hockey or bats with helmets on, and Jordan always says they look like penises just to annoy her.

43. Sky
Elliot manages to drag Jordan camping one night because she thinks it'll be romantic to sleep under the night sky; 52 minutes into it, they both decide it's kind of gross and decide to book a room with a king-sized bed at the local Holiday Inn.

44. Heaven
Jordan goes through the motions of religion, but she's not sure if she actually believes in heaven; Elliot believes it's probably just a state of mind, which makes Jordan think something so cheesy that she makes herself nauseated.

45. Hell
Jordan doesn't really know if she believes in hell either, but the idea that it might be real is comforting when she's in traffic or talking to someone particularly dumb; Elliot just rolls her eyes when Jordan tells her as much.

46. Sun
Whenever they go on vacation anywhere sunny, Jordan has to spend at least a half hour rubbing sunscreen on Elliot; she complains about it every time, but, really, it's one of the highlights of her trips.

47. Moon
Elliot keeps complaining that she can't get one of her patients to let him give her a shot, so Jordan bets the kid $20 that he won't moon the blonde doctor and smiles when she sees Elliot stick him.

48. Waves
Jordan teaches Elliot the art of the sexy wave, but Elliot still waves like a spaz whenever she sees her coming down the hall in the hospital.

49. Hair
Jordan's gotten used to tangling her hands in the sheets when Elliot goes down on her because Elliot hates it when Jordan messes up her hair.

50. Supernova
Jordan actually likes those shows about supernovas and Egyptian history and sharks (especially sharks), but, if Elliot catches her watching one, she brushes it off like there was nothing else on; Elliot just smiles and offers to make popcorn.

The End

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