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Their Haunting Experience
By bank_farter


Elliot cracks open the door of her bedroom and glances around the hallway. Coast clear. She grins, opens the door all the way, and, robe in hand, heads for the shower.

"Oh, hey, Elliot. Glad I caught you," she hears from behind her. FRICK! She wipes all traces of the momentary cringe off of her face before turning to face JD.

"Hey, JD. Um, I was just about to take a shower. I'm in kind of a hurry this morning, so…"

"That's cool. It'll just take a sec," JD began. "Listen, um… do you ever hear any weird noises at night?"

Oh my god, please don't let this be going where I think it is. Please, please, please.

"Like what?" Elliot asks nervously.

"I don't know. It's just… lately I've been hearing this weird banging sound on the walls. You know, like an angry person pounding on it or something. And sometimes there's this weird, kind of spooky "oooooohhh" sound late at night. Almost like the place is… you know…"

Elliot feels herself blushing, but tries to play it cool. Unfortunately, she totally sucks at that, and her next words come out sounding like a squeak.

"Is what?"

"How do I put this?" JD pauses like he's grappling for the right word. "It's just…"

Please just kill me now. "JD, I really need to get going, so…"

"Ok, fine! I think the apartment might be haunted!" JD blurts. "There, I said it."

Elliot feels a wave of relief sweep over her. Then, she laughs. "JD, that's ridiculous. Ghosts are totally not real."

"Oh yeah?" JD says, a little defensively. "Well, I challenge you to come up with one other explanation."

Just then, a sleepy looking Jordan steps out of Elliot's bedroom.

"Jesus, DJ, did your mother never teach you about inside voices? And ghosts? Please." She turns to a very red-faced Elliot. "Oh, and Stick? Nice try on getting to the shower first. Little tip for next time? I'm more likely to stay sleeping if you don't yammer on with your girlfriend here—" she gestures towards JD "—ten feet away from the bed."

Elliot stares at the floor, and JD just gapes at them, his gaze flitting from Jordan to Elliot and then back again.

"Oh my god," he says, finally. "You… you two are….but…the sounds…"

"Yeah, whatever." Jordan rolls her eyes and addresses Elliot. "If you don't want an icy shower, I suggest you come join me soon. I'm not saving any hot water."

After the bathroom door closes behind Jordan, JD turns to Elliot.

"Um," Elliot begins. "I can explain. It's just..." She cringes, then sighs. "Any chance we could talk about this later?"

"Yeah, how about never?" JD suggests.



Well, that went well. Five bucks says this is going to be an awkward day at the hospital…

The End

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