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Their Perspectives:
Part 1 -- Kelso

By bank_farter


Damn, thought Bob Kelso as he rounded the corner of the nurse's station. That hellcat Sullivan was leaning against the counter and talking to Dr. Reid. Why is she here again? I like my board members absentee or dead, and if she keeps hanging around, my nose is going to have a permanent brown stain on it from all the—

"Sweetheart!" he exclaimed, grinning ear to ear as he approached her. "So good to see you again."

Dr. Reid looked confused. "But, sir, we just saw each other five—"

"Not you!" he snapped as he shot her a brief death glare. One of these days, I'll have to think up some other nickname for the women in this hospital. It's getting too confusing; Nurse Espinosa responding when I'm talking to that nurse who wears those hideous lavender—NO, Bob. Don't get sidetracked. The last thing you need is that barely competent basket case meddling with a member of the board. He replaced his syrupy smile and turned back to the person who actually mattered to him. "Ms. Sullivan, you're looking especially lovely today, and I hate to interrupt. I was just hoping to borrow Dr. Reid."

He reached for Elliot's arm, but Jordan brought her hand up to stop him.

She pasted on an equally syrupy smile. "Gee, Bob, as much as I would love to let you do that, I'm going to have to say no. 'Dr. Reid' here is busy." She turned back to Elliot, who looked not unlike a deer positioned in front of a rapidly approaching semi. "Where were we?"

Kelso tried not to let his shock show too much. What in the hell just happened? You're the Chief of Medicine. She can't talk to you that way. He felt his anger flare. Easy, there, tiger. She's a major financial contributor. Just laugh it off.

"Of course," he replied as he let out a deep belly laugh. "You have a terrific day."

His smile faded as soon as he got a few steps down the hall, and he scanned the corridor quickly to find someone to take his frustration out on. Nurse Roberts? God knows what that malcontent would do to me if I messed with her. Albino guy from radiology? Too easy. He caught a glimpse of gray from the corner of his eye. That damn janitor. Perfect.

"You!" he yelled.

The janitor turned away from the spot he was working on.

"Why haven't you cleaned that puddle of vomit near pediatrics? It's been there for three hours and the parents are starting to complain!"

The janitor opened his mouth to speak, but Kelso continued: "I don't care about your pathetic excuses! I want it cleaned five minutes ago!"

Having adequately vented his aggression, Kelso strolled off, satisfied with himself.

"You know, that's not actually possible!" the Janitor called after him before turning to continue his battle with the spot and mutter to himself. "Doesn't matter. I'm not cleaning that."

The End

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