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Their Perspectives:
Part 2 -- Janitor

By bank_farter


The Janitor wasn't actually cleaning the spot. Well, he was, but only in the technical sense of repeatedly moving a cloth over it while applying pressure. In the more literal sense of removing it from the wall, he was failing miserably—as he expected.

Thing's been here since 1978—botched emergency tracheo-something. He misted the worthy foe with a new combination of chemicals and scowled. I'll get you one of these days…

In truth, he really wasn't all that concerned with it; he mostly just used it to look busy.

Makes it easier to eavesdrop on Scooter, he thought as he scanned the hallway. He didn't really have to look to know that his mark was nowhere close, but he figured it added drama.

Strange, I could have sworn he came around at three minutes after two on Wednesdays.

He pulled a small notebook out of his pocket to recheck his calculations. After examining an intricate diagram for a few moments, he snapped it closed, frowning. He's definitely late. Maybe something bad happened.

That thought made him immensely pleased, but, happy as he was, he still needed something to entertain him in the meantime. He glanced around the hallway. Bald Lawyer: too depressing. Rotund Nurse: too Jesus-y. Ah, Blonde Doctor. He subtly scooted closer to her to get a better view.

Hmm. She's talking to Mean Lady. She's been doing that a lot lately, he mused as he watched the two of them. Most people wouldn't have guessed that he was as observant as he was, but tormenting people effectively required a certain attention to detail. Like the way Mean Lady was failing to live up to her name by smiling—just a little, from the corner of her mouth, but definitely smiling. Or the way Blonde Doctor lowered her eyes and grinned when Mean Lady reached out to touch her.

Good, he thought. He smiled. Blonde Doctor hasn't smiled a lot since whiny jerk screwed things up, and I like it when she smiles. Her teeth remind me of the pieces of gum I used to chew when I lived with those Eskimos in Japan. And Mean Lady looks less intimidating, too.


A ridiculous thought crossed his mind. Were they…?

"Nah," he said aloud, letting out a short laugh and making a quick mental note to do something extra-mean to Scooter to balance out the unusual levels of good cheer in the hospital.

Just then, he saw Tight T-Shirt Doctor walking toward him briskly.

"Out of my way, Jumpsuit," he grumbled, brushing past the Janitor. "Some of us have actual work to do around here."

The End

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