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Their Perspectives:
Part 3 -- Cox

By bank_farter


"Listen, chief, if you want to keep floating your liver on cheap booze, be my guest. Little favor, though? If you do decide to go ahead and do that, just let me know so I can send the morgue tech up now to start filling out the info on your toe tag."

That one made it through, Perry Cox thought as he watched the reality of the situation hit his patient. The man slumped in the bed, squeezed his eyes shut, and brought a hand up to his forehead, and Perry changed his demeanor to serious.

"Look, if you don't quit drinking, it will kill you," he said, his voice low and even. "I'll give you some time to think about it."

Here's hoping he listens, he thought before turning and walking out of the room.

When Perry stepped into the hallway, he forced himself to switch gears. He glanced at his watch: nearly half past two and he still had yet to eat anything resembling lunch. His stomach growled in protest, and he decided to make a quick detour to the cafeteria before checking on his next patient.

At least I won't have to worry about Gloria trying to sit elbow-to-elbow with me while I eat. And maybe they'll still have frozen yogurt left…crap, is that Jordan?

Perry groaned inwardly as he noticed his ex-wife standing a few feet away, talking to Barbie. Christ, that shrew is the last person I want to deal with right now—well, scratch that, Suzanne would probably be worse. But, just you wait, she'll latch onto me as soon as I get close because she'll want an excuse to escape that annoying, shrill—

He paused, baffled. He'd just walked by the two of them, and, not only did Jordan not attach herself to him quicker than he could say, "I've got a bottle of scotch and a motel key," she also completely ignored his presence.

Perry took it as a challenge.

"Oh Jordaroo," he sing-songed as he waved his hand inches in front of her face.

She reached up to slap it away before biting off an irritated, "What?!"

"Did you forget about your appointment?" he asked, letting a self-satisfied glow spread over his face. He was going to rescue her even if she wouldn't stoop to asking for it.

"What appointment?"

"You know..." He paused. He was growing increasingly confused at the fact that she seemed peeved at the interruption. "....That…women's appointment… that you had… today."

Jordan rolled her eyes. "I don't have an appointment." She turned towards Elliot, "God, why is everyone in this place trying so hard to rescue me from you?"

Elliot shrugged, and a realization hit Perry like a ton of bricks.

Oh dear god.

Perry glanced back and forth between the two of him. "Jordan, please tell me you're not."

Jordan just smirked.

"Oh no. Nonononono!" He yelled, weaving a hand through his hair. "Barbie, Jordan? Barbie?! Why?!"

Elliot looked like she was about to wet herself, but Jordan just rolled her eyes again. "Per, people are starting to stare, and you know I only enjoy that when I'm naked. Get your tighty-whiteys unbunched and we'll deal with this tonight," she said, before adding, "Not that I have to answer to you."

Perry opened and closed his mouth a few times before sputtering, "I don't… have you two?"

Elliot looked guilty and Jordan crossed her arms and smiled defiantly.

Oh god. Perry shook his head vigorously and winced. Must escape situation before head explodes…

He barreled down the hallway, muttering under his breath and managing to upturn several trays of medical equipment before Francine halted his progress by stepping into his path.

"Hey, Dr. Cox," he began, seemingly oblivious to the older doctor's agitated state, "What did you say to Mr. Davidson? Because he's actually crying and, you know, I'm ok with that, but it was a little uncomfortable when he started sobbing into my...."

JD trailed off when he noticed that Dr. Cox's hands were hovering within inches of his neck.

"Oh," he said, glancing nervously at his mentor. "Is it not a good time to ask you about Mrs. Milford's dosage?"

Perry just growled and stormed away.

"What crawled up his booty?" JD mumbled before brightening again and continuing down the hallway.

The End

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