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AUTHOR'S NOTE: 'More than I ever imagined I lose myself in you' That line pretty much says it all… Femmeslash and a bit of fluff, let's say a kiss. R&R people!
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This Kiss
By Missy Holland


More than I ever imagined I lose myself in you. Tangled up I can't remember who I am.

My mouth has gained its own soul. All I can give is poured into this kiss. My hands tangle in your hair, your hands are on my hips. A moan is uttered as we duel once again for control. We're standing on an edge, and I'm more than willing to take this jump. But for now I'll settle for losing everything.

I can't remember if I'm the one who's mesmerized by the caramel curls, or the one who's delicately stroking the arms of soft porcelain skin.

Am I the one who's always been struck by the molten gold of her hair in the sun? Am I the one who's been waiting for the moment she could touch bronze features? I can't remember and for the moment I'm content in letting it all happen. Jade eyes glance into honey-brown ones. Which ones are mine, which ones are hers?

Do I care?

It's the way you love me
It's a feeling like this
It's centrifugal motion
It's perpetual bliss
It's that pivotal moment
It's, ah, impossible
This kiss
This kiss

She's all I ever needed, all I ever longed for, so desperately. The pain I'd been feeling in my soul for the past month has finally been solved. And yet the moment it went away a new one came back. The sweet and yet so bitter taste of more. What more can I have? What more can she give? Can she, whoever of us two she is, give and take what I want to take and give back? Can we both deal with that?

Can I handle her chippery behavior? Can she handle my intense love for guns?

Whoever I am in this relationship, I'll be right next to her.

Pulled back from my thoughts, she tugs at my bottom lip, begging for entrance to my mouth, entrance I more than willing give. Our tongues duel, that ancient old battle I'd never really noticed.

Not until now. In the rain. On the beach.

We're kissing. Soaking wet and covered in sand. We're kissing like tomorrow the world will end. And maybe it will. Maybe, just maybe we try to forget in the morning. But if we won't I'll be forever glad.

The smell of strawberry's in her golden hair. The taste of spicy salt on her full lips. The moist of her soft tongue against mine is more than I can bare. More than she can bare. A moan is elected by either one of us. Was it me? Was it her?

Do I care?

You can kiss me in the moonlight,
On a rooftop under the sky oh
You can kiss me with the windows open
while the rain comes pouring inside, oh
Kiss me in sweet slow motion
Let's let everything slide
You've got me floating
You've got me flying

If I stay in this forever in my memories I will drown over and over again in her eyes. I'll be able to lose my hands over and over again in her long soft hair. Lose myself in the feeling of her bronze skin.

It all started because we wanted to let go. Let go of our jobs for a day. Let go of our guns for a day. Let go of our lives for just a single day. Friends who took a camping trip together. Friend who took a walk on the beach together.

Yeah, I know I only wanted her to dance in the rain because I could enjoy the sight. Yes I only did dance because I wanted her to enjoy the sight. She looked so lovely standing there, hair wet alongside her face.

She looked so lovely, standing there, looking at me. Her eyes sparkled with a glister I'd only seen glimpses of in the past. I looked at her, trying to show her everything I'd been feeling in a single look.

She's simply gorgeous; Hair dripping wet, clothes clinging to her body, hugging all nice curves. Her eyes are sparkling as she joins me. I reach out as I join her, hugging her, laughing out loud. We're standing in the rain, softly dancing and holding each other. I see emotions in her eyes I only dared to dream of. That's the moment; that is that moment you know you've got it all. Right then and there you feel like you can conquer the world. I smile and lean forward. As she closes in I close my eyes. The senses are overwhelming; her body flush to mine, her hair in my hands, her breath on my face. I can't help but to close the distance and press my lips against hers. I know that this is where the music is supposed to start in movies, but around us there's just silence. The only thing I can hear is the rain pouring down on us and the beating of my heart.

I start to melt right on the spot as she moves her lips from my mouth to my neck, but she catches me and lays me down in the sand.

I hover above her as she opens her eyes and pulls me in for another kiss. She moans as I shift my weight so I'm on top of her now.

As I lay under her I can't hold back a moan as I feel her resting on top of me. She's so close right now, I can see every shiny spot in her eyes. My hand finally find the hem of her shirt and I am able to touch her skin for the first time. She's as soft as silk. Everything inside of me starts to burn as my desire increases. For all these months I've been hiding my true feelings behind jokes and flirty comments. For all these months I've been pretending it was just my southern nature that made me love her. That it was just my need for a friend after being the mole.

It's the way you love me
It's a feeling like this
It's centrifugal motion
It's perpetual bliss
It's that pivotal moment
It's, ah, impossible
This kiss
It's criminal
This kiss

But it's so much more than that.

I kiss her. On the beach. Laying on the sand. She's panting softly and her mouth is swollen slightly. Her hair is tousled and she's never been more beautiful. I've seen her in many shapes and forms, but this is the way I like her best.

Exposed to me, the naked truth in her eyes. God, how I love her this moment.

I move up a bit and nuzzle her nose. The sand is getting everywhere, but we'll shower later. I lean in when she reaches up and nuzzle her nose. I wipe away some sand on her cheek, smiling. I lay down aside of her, letting the rain pour down on us.

My hands find her sides as I pull her close to me, letting her fit perfectly against my body.

We undress. Slowly. I shed her clothes and she sheds mine. She's gorgeous. She's a natural blonde. She's gorgeous, now I finally know that those caramel curls are her real colors.

Making love on the beach is something right from a movie. We didn't make love that instant though. We just stayed there for an hour in each others embrace. Later that holiday we came back when the sun was shining. On a private and secluded part of the beach we got to know each other even more.

Yeah, I guess we can say that is where the magic started. The magic that's been floating around our souls for the past months now. I lost myself many times in that time, not knowing who of us I was. Neither did you, we were lost in translation. But I now know what and who I am.

I am happy.

The End

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