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Maybe...This Life
By Lynne

'Fuck, Fuck, Fuck..' Anna exclaimed as she dragged herself from her bed, the red glow of her alarm clock showed 08:20.

'Fuck, why does this always fucking happen when I need to be somewhere, on time and looking presentable' she snarled to herself.

Hearing the commotion, Milly got out of bed and padded into Anna's room.

Anna frantically pulling underwear from her chest of drawers said ' my fucking alarm didn't go off, I set it right I know I did, I remember doing it when I went to bed', Milly picked the clock up and checked the setting.

' You set it to go off at 7pm'

'Fucking marvellous, why does this always happen to me?'

'Probably because you're usually too pissed to find your bedroom, let alone set this thing properly, I'll let you use the bathroom first, what's the big panic anyway?'

' I've got to be at that Crime Prevention Conference bollocks, the boss wanted the day off playing golf so he volunteered me to represent him, I thought it sounded like a good idea, he mentioned an open bar and that there might be quite a few eligible bachelors on site too!'

'What time does it start?'


'Shit, I'll call you a cab.'

'Thanks babe' came Anna muffled response as she pulled her only clean, ironed top over her head.

Striding purposefully into the bathroom she was met with a mouthful of abuse from Miles, who had also set his alarm early in the vain hope that he could have a bath without one of his housemates barging in.

' For Christ sakes Anna, can't you knock'.

'Fuck off Miles, it's nothing I haven't seen before and I haven't got time to argue' came Anna's reply as she sat on the loo. She finished, got up brushed her teeth, smiling into the mirror when she caught a glimpse of Miles' seething face.

As she went to leave she looked down into the bath ' actually Miles.. being honest I don't think I have ever seen one that small before', laughing she ran out the door and narrowly avoided the wet sponge that Miles had thrown at her.

Having donned the necessary make-up and hearing the taxi beeping frantically outside she ran downstairs.

'Anna, can I have a word I need to ask you a favour?' asked Warren

'Not now darling I'm late, whatever it is the answer is yes, absolutely no problem' see ya all later. Her exit was confirmed with a loud slam of the front door.

A sense of calm settled over the house as the rest of the occupants silently ate their breakfast.

Miles, looking as smoothe as ever glided into the kitchen.

'Morning all'.

'Morning Miles, er can I ask a favour?'

'I'm not going to shag you Warren, I don't care how long it's been for either of us…'

'Yeah, get real Miles, as if I'd want to shag… er anyway, I'm meeting an old mate from college to go to a football match later..'

'I'm not going to give you a run down on the rules either.. you Taffy egg chasers and your odd shaped balls. It's about time you gave up the rugby anyway and started watching real sport'

'Believe me Miles, the only thing I'll be watching is a gorgeous Welsh bloke called Savage, long blonde hair mmm! It's my mate Steve who wants to watch the match, apparently we're meeting up with some old friend of his too, some girl he knew in school. Apparently she's been travelling round the world and apart from the fact that we're all gay he thought that we might have something in common, with me not being long back from my travels too'.

'What's that got to do with Me.. I don't give a fuck who you go and watch the footie with mate'.

'That's not the favour Miles, this friend, Nikki she needs a place to stay tonight and as Steve and Paul only have the one room I thought I'd offer her our spare room for the night?'

' Well I'm off out on the piss anyway so it makes no odds to me, if everyone else is happy with that then offer away.

Have a good day every one and if I don't see you later, I'm finishing early to come home and get changed , wish me luck as I intend to get laid tonight' with that as he parting comment he too left for work.

'Good luck Miles' the housemates chorused 'even more good luck to all you unsuspecting girlies out there!' exclaimed Milly.

After a rather uneventful day Miles disappeared from work at around 3, as he opened the front door the phone was ringing.


'Miles! Hallo darlin' how nice to hear your sexy voice, did you have a nice bath?'

'Anna, are you pissed already?'

'Yep, free bar all day – and I'm drinking with a fellow Scot! We're hanging Miles'

'Why are you ringing home?'

'Er..what was I .. oh yeah, well the Scot I was talking about, I've persuaded her to stay in town tonight, said she could stop over with us, be a honey and let the others know, oh and Miles.. can you make up the bed Thanks bye!' the phone went dead.

Cheeky bitch he thought, as he walked up stairs, taking the sheets from the airing cupboard he walked into the spare room and quickly made up the bed, thinking to himself, ' it's best to keep Anna happy, just in case I don't pull and she's pissed enough to agree to a shag.

Once he had got changed Miles was out the door, it was a couple of hours later when he remembered that not only had he not warned the others, he had forgotten all about Warrens dyke mate coming back too. Realising that events back home might actually be more interesting than here he swiftly swigged back the remainder of his pint and headed home.

Milly & Eg were happily watching TV having polished off a couple of bottles of red wine. The front door crashed open and in fell Warren and a rather tall, very good looking (or so Eg thought) woman..

'Thish ish Nikki' drawled Warren. Pointing at his housemates ' Milly and Eg'

'Hiya' said Nikki, feeling slighlty uncomfortable, she hadn't had as much to drink as Warren, but she'd had her share.

'Hiya Nikki, take a seat, want a glass' Milly held up her wine.

'Sure thanks' she said

'So how did the footie go warren?' Eg asked.

'Dunno mate, I was too busy trying to keep up with that Savage bloke…cor!'

Eg looked over to Nikki and raise his eyes.

'Is he always like this' she asked

'Nope, usually he's worse.

Milly came back with the wine and the four were soon talking, laughing, generally putting the world to rights, as pissed adults generally feel the need to do.

Next home was Miles, he walked in, looked at Nikki, 'What a waste' he thought to himself. Even with the full knowledge that she was a lesbian Miles still felt compelled to chat her up. Nikki found the whole thing hysterical and was in a fit of giggles when the door opened and in walked Anna, with her guest… Helen Stewart.

'Fucking hell .. Helen!' thought Nikki, her thoughts were mirrored by Helen .. Nikki I didn't know she was back in the UK.

'Everyone this is Helen and to you darling I am Anna, pleased to meet you' leaning over to shake Nikki's hand Anna fell and landed on Miles…this evening is going to be one to remember he thought.

'Did Miles give you my message guys?'

Five pairs of eyes turned to Miles expectantly.

'Shit!' he exclaimed trying to sound convincing 'I forgot all about it'

'Every one ..' he said ' trying to sound serious, Anna is bringing home a fellow Scot who is too pissed to go home and she's staying in the spare room'.

'Miles!' they shouted in unison

'Sorry, does it matter?'

'Miles you know we've only got one spare room'

'So there's a double bed and there's only two of them, you don't mind do you girls, I mean now you've been formally introduced'

'The alcohol had got to Anna and she started to laugh'

Nikki and Helen exchanged glances, each conveying to the other that now was not the time to let on that they were acquainted…well acquainted.

'Let's have another drink' Anna decided.

They all sat around drinking, smoking and generally having a good time, as usual the conversation got down to sex and relationships.

'So Helen, are you married, engaged, Young free and single ?' Miles ended his question with a hint of hope.

'None of the above I'm afraid' she replied

Confused by this she was encouraged to explain..

'Well I was living with the person I loved up until about 2 years ago, unfortunately my job dictated a move away and they didn't want that, they wanted us to travel the world for a bit, unfortunately we had a falling out and parted company' she said, rather deflating the conversation

This only encouraged Miles 'so you're single then'

'Yes, but not available Miles' she replied and looked at Nikki ' I'm still too in love with my ex'.

'Lucky bastard' thought Miles

'Ah well worth a try, Anna – fancy a shag?'

'In your dreams Miles' came the standard reply

'c'est la vie' he said and stood up' Night all, oh and sorry about the bed mix up!' he chuckled as he left the room.

'We're off too' said Milly, nudging the already half asleep Eg awake, 'see you in the morning'.

Warren and Anna looked at each other then at Nikki and Helen, Anna spoke first.

'Do you mind, sorry about all this'.

'Fine by me' came Helen's reply

'So long as she doesn't snore' came Nikki's light hearted response ' do you?'

'The last person I slept with didn't complain' Helen laughed.

With that they were shown to the spare room.

Alone at last…

'Sorry about this, Nikki'

'Don't be, how have you been?'

'Fine, I feel really pissed now though, God that Anna can drink! Er Nikki I don't suppose you have any spare clothes that I could use to sleep in inside that bag of yours do you?'

'Sure hang on, taking three times as long as usual to open her bag because she was more pissed than she thought, Nikki passed Helen a T-shirt, it was one that she had bought for Nikki when they were together she smiled as she saw it. 'This is Nice'.

'Yeah the last person I slept with bought it for me she had good taste' Nikki replied and got up and went to the bathroom, when she got back Helen was already in bed.

'This T-shirt smells of you, I love it' Helen said.

Surprised by her frankness but putting it down to the over indulgence in alcohol, Nikki smiled at Helen and switched off the light. The room was suddenly very dark and very quiet.

Helen could hear Nikki moving around then felt the bed dip as she got in.

'Night Helen' she said

'Night Nikki… er Nikki'


'Is that true?


'Am I the last person you slept with?'


'Good, the same goes for me' Helen mumbled as she drifted off into an alcohol induced sleep.

Nikki was not long falling asleep herself.

She was woken by the hand moving back and for across her stomach.



'Are you awake'

'Uh Huh'

'Am I awake or an I still dreaming?'

The hand stopped stroking and pinched her.

'Ow! What was that for?'

'Checking you were awake'

'Well I am now'

Helen's hand continued it's stroking. Helen knew that Nikki loved the feeling of her nails scratching against her stomach, just above the elastic of her knickers.



'Do you realise what you are getting yourself into?'


With that Helen's hand slipped under the elastic of Nikki's underwear, stroking lower.

Oh God, Nikki was wide-awake now. She could hear her heart beating in her head, the muscles at the top of her legs started to jump. Helen always managed to get her so close to the edge so quickly.

Grabbing her hand she pulled it away, 'ah ah no you don't not until I get to do this….'

She turned to Helen, leaning closer and closer until their lips touched. It felt like coming home.

'I've missed you' Nikki said as she pulled away slightly

'mmmm me too' replied Helen, quickly resuming the kiss.

Gently forcing Nikki's mouth open she started to explore with her tongue, running it along Nikki's teeth then gently stroking it against Nikki's tongue, reaching in further to caress the roof of her mouth. God this felt so good.

Nikki too was keen to explore, releasing Helen's hand she placed hers at the small of Helen's back, slowly trailing it up her spine the bringing it round to caress the side of Helen's breast, then moving on to find her nipple. It hardened at her touch, Nikki groaned , feeling Helen's body respond to her touch made er feel so good. Knowing that no one else had done this since the last time they had made love made her feel even better.

Neither woman was happy with the slow pace of their love making, they had been apart for too long, there would be time for that later, right now they both had a burning need and they both knew exactly what the other wanted. With the familiarity of a married couple they sat up and stripped, laying back down hands soon found their way back onto bodies.

Lying face to face barely their lips touched Nikki's hand slid down Helen's stomach to the familiar triangle of hair to the centre of Helen's very existence, slowly she slid her finger closer to its goal.

Helen breathed in sharply, not wanting to be the only one enjoying this her hand matched Nikki's, their desire for each others touch was clear when each found their goal moistened with their partners juice. Needing no further encouragement they both set about their aim, pleasing each other in ways that only they knew how.

Nikki immediately placed her finger on Helen's clitoris, Helen nearly came there and then, but Nikki recognising the signs moved slowly away, only to return to the same spot some seconds later, following her lead Helen matched Nikki stroke for stroke each felt their own climax build up and as each inserted their fingers into the woman they loved, with a steady rhythm that increased until together they reached the insurmountable peak, falling into an abyss of pleasure, they whispered their others name into each others mouth as their lips met and their bodies became one.

Exhausted by their lovemaking the two women fell into a peaceful sleep, they were next woken when Miles walked into the spare room, hoping to 'accidentally' bump into Helen.

He couldn't believe what he saw, the two strangers were wrapped together, naked and judging by the state of the bed had been shagging all night.

In disgust he walked out slamming the door, 'What is this fucking world coming to!' he jealously screeched as he walked into his bedroom.

Nikki turned to Helen 'Any regrets?'

'Only that I let you go away..what are your plans now?'

'Well I was planning to look for a flat near your place…where is that now?' she chuckled.

'Tell you what I can do better than that..I'm moving into a new flat..plenty of room for two.. if you're interested.. only one problem though?' she said looking at Nikki seriously

'Yeah, what's that then' Nikki asked, dreading the reply.

'Only one bedroom' Helen grinned.

'Darling, that ain't a problem, that's a blessing!'

And they started to kiss, their earlier passions swept aside to allow for some slow steady love making…

The End

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