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Thoughts and Realities

By Cirroco DeSade


I stand next to you, working on a set of equations for the captain's pet project of the week. I can't believe how my body betrays me in your presence. I can feel my ardor growing. I worry that you can smell me. That your hearing can pick up my rapid heart rate. You standing next to me always accelerates my every desire quite beyond my will.

We have to go into a Jeffries tube now. Before I know it we're next to each other, nudging each other accidentally occasionally. Actually, you are touching me more than necessary. And you keep grinning at me.

"Pardon me," you say and begin to reach across in front of me for a tool. Then you lean into me, rubbing your breasts against mine. I am frozen. You lean further in and growl softly against my carotid. I moan. I briefly wonder how you knew, before all thought scatters in your erotic onslaught. You command my body to the deck. I gasp. You kiss me. I am lost. You strip us. I am found again in your strong arms. You make love to me right there. You make me yours. You look into my eyes as I peak.

"Mine," you say.

"Yours," I agree.

"What?" I hear your voice beside me. I realize I was fantasizing again.

"Nothing," I say, turning on the personality that usually inflames you.

"You said `Yours.' I heard you." You face me. I inhale deeply, not knowing what to say or do.

Then you inhale deeply too. Your nostrils flare and you pin me with your eyes. I look away, occupying both hands on a tricorder reading. You capture my right hand and bring my wrist to your face.

"I'd gladly accept," you say.


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