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Three Little Angels
By Del Robertson


I rolled over, away from the nightstand, towards the middle of the bed. Instinctively, my hand splayed out, sliding across cool, satin sheets.

My eyes flew open. Reaching out, I snatched the alarm clock off the nightstand. Jaw set, I slammed the clock facedown. It was well past three in the morning, and my lover wasn't in bed.

I rolled over again, this time, facing the open doorway. There were no lights on in the house. I would have seen the light shining down the hall if she had turned any on. And, she wasn't in the bathroom. I was sure of that.

I lay there motionless, straining my ears, listening for unusual sounds. I concentrated, blocking out the ordinary, run-of-the-mill night sounds in an attempt to discern her exact location in the house.

I carefully eased the phone from its cradle, covered the mouthpiece with my palm. Slowly, I brought the receiver to my ear, checking for a dial tone.

Kelly was on the phone with her lover.

"I can't stop thinking about you," A husky voice whispered. "I close my eyes, but I can't sleep. All I see is you."

"What am I doing?" Kelly asked.

"Leaning over me in the car, kissing me, your fingers pressing inside me."

"Did you like that?"

"You know I did."

"I knew you wanted me." I could almost see Kelly smiling in the darkness. "The other day when we had lunch together - when you said it was 'just lunch' - I knew you wanted me. Desperately. And, when we walked to the cars, and we hugged goodbye, I could feel your nipples through your blouse, pressing into mine."

"I want you again, Kelly. All of you. Let me come over."

"When?" she asked, clearly interested.

"Right now."

"You can't." My ears perked. Kelly's voice grew huskier with unconcealed desire. "Bree's here."

"But, she's sleeping, right? You said she's a heavy sleeper."

"True." A suffocating pause. "But, it's too risky."

Her lover moaned. "I'm so wet."

"Are you touching yourself?" I could hear the excitement in Kelly's voice, picture her sitting forward, on the edge of the sofa.


"Touch your clit for me."

"I am," she gasped. "I have been. It's so hard." Another sharp gasp. "I want to be in your bed with you, holding you, while I go deep inside you."

"Stroke yourself for me," Kelly demanded. When she heard a deep moan, she asked, "Are you doing it?"

She wouldn't answer. She didn't need to. Her ragged breathing was answer enough.

"I'm taking off my panties," Kelly whispered softly. I heard her move, her bare skin squeak against the leather sofa. "I'm taking them down my legs, to my ankles . . . they're off."

Her breathing was labored. "What else do you have on?"

"Nothing. I'm not wearing anything." Kelly's voice shuddered in my ear. "And, I'm touching myself, too. My breasts. My - - oh, yes!" She exhaled long, sweet notes. "I'm so wet for you."

Her lover gasped. "I'm there!"

Over her moans and groans, she urged, "Picture me with you, honey. Go deep. Just like I did today in the car."

"I need you," came a plaintive plea. "I need to touch you, take you."

There was a long silence on the line. "Tomorrow," Kelly breathed, at last. "Here. After Sabrina's birthday party. I'll send her out for more wine or something. You can have me then. All of me."

"I can't wait."

"Me, either." Then, she quickly said her goodbyes, replaced the receiver.

A few moments later, the floorboards creaked as Kelly tiptoed across the carpet. Her weight settled gently against the mattress, barely disturbing it. Her hand stole beneath the sheet, over my bare hip.

"She came in a hurry," she whispered, lovingly kissing my ear.

My heart pounded in my ears. My tongue swelled in my mouth. "Did you do her today?" I asked.

She moved against my back, pressing herself closer as she confessed. "Yes."

My voice cracked. "In your car?"

"In hers." Her hand traveled lower, fingers dipping between my legs. "We stood there talking after lunch, down in the parking garage where it was cool. When she went to hug me goodbye like she did the other day, I kissed her. And, when her tongue entered my mouth, and her hands cupped my breasts, I didn't pull away."

I squirmed against her fingers. "Were you wearing a bra?"

"That hunter green one you bought me."

"The lace one?" I asked, knowing full well which piece of her lingerie she was describing.

"Uh-huh." Sharp teeth bit my shoulder. "The demi-cup."

My eyes threatened to roll back in my head. "Did she go inside your blouse?"

"After we got in the car, she unbuttoned my top and felt me up through my bra."

"She didn't unhook it?"

"No." Kelly's breathing intensified as she stroked me open, coating her fingers with my moisture. "That's when I reached beneath her skirt. Did you know she doesn't always wear underwear?"

"I suspected," I gasped as Kelly's fingers found my hyper-sensitive bundle of nerves. "Was she wet?"

"Drenched. And hard. You wouldn't believe how swollen she was."

Reaching over my shoulder with one hand, I traced the outline of her lips. I knew Kelly's taste; I could guess what came next. "Did you suck her?"

"Mmm-hmm," she moaned, taking two of my fingers between her lips. "I sucked her like this." She ravished my digits with her sweet mouth.

"I sucked her hard," she moaned, rocking her body against mine. Her mouth worked hard, her tongue drawing on my fingers. Her fingers pressed into me, making an identical draw between my legs.

"You made the arrangements?" I gasped.

"Of course," she breathed huskily in my ear. "Tomorrow." I felt her smile against my back as she thrust two fingers deep. "I couldn't let the birthday girl down, now could I?" She asked above the din of firecrackers exploding in my head.

Afterwards, I lay in bed, Kelly snuggled contentedly against me. Instead of falling into my usual post-sex haze, I lay there, eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling.

And thinking.

About all sorts of things.

About how Kelly told her lover she'd have her tomorrow. I flicked a glance at the alarm clock - make that Today. And, how this time, I'd do more than listen as Kelly described the encounter. This time, I'll be watching her. And, how glad I was that Charlie replaced Jill with Kris Munroe.

The End

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