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Tied, Together
By Demeter


"Enter at your own caution," Jacobi warned Jill as she headed for the break room. "The mood's... explosive."

"That's what I thought." Jill winked and opened the door, bracing herself. At the sight that greeted her, she found herself unable to stop the smile from spreading across her face. "You tell me again how this happened. And really, Linds, how come you never told me about this kinky side of yours?"

Cindy avoided her gaze, but her face was almost the color of her hair. Still, there was some spite when she said, "Well, technically we haven't told you in the first place. Kinky? I wish," she muttered under her breath.

"Hey!" Lindsay said, glaring at her. With a sigh, she turned to Jill. "Will you stop laughing? You know I brought in that Houdini girl who clubbed her manager over the head? Our friend here was supposed to ask a few questions for her article, nothing more. She was not supposed to get close enough to end up like this!"

Jill tried very hard to conceal her amusement. She was failing. "But why do you have to hide out in here? Those are department-issued standard cuffs, right?"

"No," Lindsay grumbled. "They're the Houdini girl's. And she swears she doesn't have a key to them, so Jacobi's going to get some tools. I'm so over this case!" Underlining her words with a frustrated hand gesture, she pulled on Cindy's wrist, eliciting an indignant 'ow' from the woman shackled to her. "I'm sorry," she sighed, raising her free hand, stopping in mid air as if only now realizing that Jill was still in the room. "Sorry," she said, laying her hand against Cindy's cheek, the surprisingly intimate gesture changing the ambience completely.

This was the clue for Jill to leave; she had all the answers she'd wanted and then some.

Outside, she listened to some of the saucy jokes being made, wondering if any of Lindsay's colleagues were aware of what was really going on.

She waited by Lindsay's desk for Jacobi to return with the tools. "How's the mood?" he asked.

"I think," Jill said, smiling to herself, "the mood might have improved."

The End

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