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By Outsidethebx


Helen Stewart valued control more than anyone she knew. She daily ate the exact same food, at the exact same times, and closely followed each meal with an exact shot of Stoli. She'd been called a control freak, on more than one occasion, and secretly took great pride in maintaining status quo.

But then she found herself locked in a Larkhall prison cell, with Nikki Wade's body pressing into hers.

"No, Nikki, it's too dangerous. Fenner'll be by in a minute."

"…then we have 59.5 seconds, and believe me, it's enough."

Helen was surprised how quickly she gave in, and allowed Nikki to take charge. It wasn't exactly how she'd imagined, but it certainly felt nice.

Nikki led the wing governor to her bed, and gently kissed her lips. She allowed her fingers to trail down Helen's face, and reached underneath her blouse to touch her hot skin.

"Hurry, Nikki…"

"…bit horny are you?'

"God, just get on with it…before I lose my nerve."

Nikki smiled as she pulled up Helen's skirt, and moved past her undergarments. She lightly brushed her fingers over Helen's clit, then placed two digits inside her center.

"You like that, Helen?"

Muffled moans were Helen's response, coupled with the lifting of her hips to accept more of Nikki.

Nikki leaned forward, pressed farther into Helen, and gently flicked her tongue around her clit.

Seconds felt like hours, as Helen lost all control, closed her eyes, tightened around Nikki's fingers, and arched her back as she came.

When she finally opened her eyes, the grinning inmate gently kissed Helen's forehead.

"What's so funny?"

"We have 6 seconds to spare. Wanna have another go?"

The End

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