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By Charliesgirl7681


Part 1


Sabrina glanced to her left to see Kelly's head droop for the fourth time. Jill had left about an hour ago and now it was just the two of them. Currently on the Television Set was an old rerun of "Dragnet". After they had been dismissed from the Séance case the three of them decided to head back to Kelly's for pizza. It offered Sabrina a good excuse to keep an eye on her still withdrawn friend. Looking over at the clock to see it was fast approaching 12:30 Sabrina turned to Kelly.

"Hey Kel?" She kept her voice soft as to not startle her friend.

Green eyes slowly fluttered open and came into focus on Sabrina, "Hum?"

"Are you about ready for bed?"

Kelly looked up at the clock hanging above the TV, "Yeah, I guess so. I didn't think it was that late."

Sabrina smiled softly at her friend, pushing herself up off the couch she walked over to the T.V. and shut it off. Kelly followed suit, standing and stretching heading towards the bedroom. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Umm…" Sabrina shifted her weight from foot to foot. "Would you care if I stayed in your other bedroom? I'm really tired."

Kelly smiled, she knew what her friend was trying to do and for once she was too tired to fight it. Maybe knowing that Sabrina was in the other room would help her sleep. She sighed letting her shoulders slump. "I would really like that Bree."

Sabrina saw the movement; she had never seen her friend look so drained. Crossing the room she placed her hands on Kelly's shoulders. "Hey, things will be better in the morning, okay?"

Kelly smiled and nodded. She let herself collapse into Sabrina's arms, "Thank you." She mumbled into Bree's neck. She could smell the remains of her perfume and her mouth watered. How she would love to kiss this neck.

Sabrina awoke and looked at the clock next to the bed. The eerie green light shined back into her eyes informing her that it was close to 3:30. She frowned, concentrating on what had awoken her. A minute later a yelp greeted her ears. Pushing the covers back she swung her legs out of the bed. Straightening her night gown Sabrina stopped in front of Kelly's door.

"No, No please, no."

Rapping gently on the door the tall brunette called out to her friend. Just hearing more whimpering she pushed open the door. "Kel?" Crossing to the bed Sabrina looked down at the perspiring woman. Slowly she reached out and touched her shoulder. "Kelly, wake up."

Kelly shot up into a sitting position so quickly it forced Sabrina to take a stop backwards. "Whoa, it's okay." She gently sat down on the bed. Reaching over she took a clammy hand into her own cool ones. Green eyes sought out brown in the dimly lit room.


"Yeah Kel, you're safe."

"Oh," Kelly took the hand that was not occupied by Sabrina's and ran it through her sweaty hair. "I…umm…I was back there. It was the same dream I always have. But this time I was able to put a face to the monster in the closet."

Sabrina slid up towards the head of the bed shifting so she was leaning against the head board. Kelly laid her head against Sabrina's shoulder sighing at the contact.

"You've had this dream before?" She felt a head nod into her shoulder.

"Almost every night," She paused "Maybe not the dream itself but a feeling. An emptiness being so scared. Since…since the séance I remember now what I was afraid of, I don't' know which is worse."

Sabrina gently kissed the hair that her fingers were running through. "Maybe this will help. Now you know who it is, you can fight it."

Kelly smiled sadly. "You don't know what it was like Bree, my childhood. I learned…I did things, saw things that no child should ever have to go through."

Sabrina wanted to ask more, to tell Kelly that she wanted to know everything about her. She wanted to know what made her cry, laugh, feel fear or joy. Instead she pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. "I'm so sorry honey."

Kelly pulled back and looked up at her friend. "I know." They both froze. Eyes locked, time for one moment stopped. Slowly lips met, soft and slow. A minute later they pulled back.

"Kelly- I."

"No," She gently pressed her lips to Sabrina's again. "It wasn't a mistake was it?" Her voice had a desperate quality to it. "Please don't say you want to take that back."

"No." Sabrina pulled Kelly back into her arms. "No I do not want to take it back, quite the opposite actually." Sabrina resumed stroking Kelly's hair, "Sleep we'll talk in the morning."

Kelly nodded sliding down into the bed pulling Sabrina with her. "Bree?"

"Hum?" Sabrina questioned a silly grin plastered on her face.

"Things really will be better in the morning."


Sabrina looked down at the picture in her hands. '1977- Hawaii- Kel and Me' it read at the bottom. Looking up at her was a smiling younger version of herself with her arm around a green eyed brunette. She remembered that day, the smell of the ocean, the feel of the lai around her neck, and the soft brown hair brushing against her arm. Shaking her head she placed the picture back in the old cigar box. She ran her hand through her short hair and beamed. It was finally long enough so she could run her fingers through it. Just last year she reached up and only touched skin. She felt good again.

Looking back at the box of mementos made her stomach flutter. "Am I really doing this?" She asked herself aloud. She swore 25 years ago she would never ever go back. Two years prior she had made the same vow. That lasted only until she got that phone call. The one that had scared twenty years off of her life.


"Sabrina Duncan." A long haired woman said as she held the phone between her chin and shoulder shuffling through papers with her right hand.

"Sabrina." One word. Just one word spoken in that voice sent chills up her spine.

"Charlie." Her voice was icy. "What do you want?"

"Look, I know how things ended…"

"No shit. What do you want?"

There was a sigh on the other end. "I should have had Kris call you."

"Look I'm real busy here…"

"It's Kelly."

Two words and Sabrina's heart stopped. "What…" Her voice croaked "What about Kelly?"

"Listen, I do not agree with your former relationship with her but I thought you should know. She was shot, in the head. Fate sure seems to have a funny sense of humor."

Sabrina flashed back to a sterile hospital waiting room. Not knowing if Kelly would live or die. "Is this some sick joke you son of a-"

"Sabrina." Charlie's sharp voice cut her off. "I wish it was. Look I know what happened in the past and I cannot say that I am sorry for it. I just thought you should know. We…we are not sure she will make it."

Long nimble fingers brushed away a tear; taking a deep breath she made her decision. "Where is she?"

'We are not sure she will make it' kept running through her head as she left the office. Leaving unfinished paper work behind, library books that would become over due and a ficus that was hiding in the corner of her bedroom would lose its life.

The words ran through her head as she stepped onto the plane that would take her back to a place she had vowed two years ago that she would never return to.

Looking out her window seat she closed her eyes. She remembered the last time she saw Kelly. It broke her heart all over again.


They had been caught in compromising positions before. Hell Kris had walked in on them both topless. It had taken sometime for the shock to wear off but when it did they had an ally. This time it was different, this was being confronted by her employer.

"Look Charlie, what we do when we are off the clock is our own business. We have a great working relationship, us getting together has not hindered that."

"Sabrina I will not tolerate this!" Charlie's voice came loud and clear through the phone. "You will break it off with her or I will expose your relationship. This is hurting my reputation."

"Charlie! Once person saw us…"

"One very prominent person! It could have been more than just Mr. Jenkins! You corrupting Kelly like this…"

"Wait a second corrupting Kelly?" Sabrina ran her free hand down the front of her pants to get rid of the thin layer of sweat that had developed there.

"What you are doing to her is a disgusting act! You break it off with her or I will be forced to call in a doctor."

Sabrina scoffed. "A doctor."

"Yes, you know there are hospitals that can help you and Kelly with your sickness."

"Charlie you leave her out of this."

"Oh I am Sabrina; it is your choice whether I am forced to bring her into it."

Sabrina took a shaky breath. "Don't hurt her."

"I'm glad we understand one another." The line went dead.

The next day she announced that she had to go to Rome for a family matter. Kelly was confused but reluctantly accepted. She assumed her partner would be back with in two weeks.


The image of the smiling woman waving goodbye to her was something that still haunted her to this day. She had taken a job on the east coast, a mundane gig compared to her last job but it paid the bills. She had assumed that Kelly would look for her when she didn't return. After a month she assumed that Charlie had probably pulled some strings to make it look like she vanished into thin air.

Sabrina tried to cry but the tears would not come. What would she say to Kelly? What about Kris? She broke Kelly's heart but what else could she have done? Risked getting them both committed? She had to see Kelly and explain. God, what if she died?

To Be Continued

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