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Got Time for a Quickie
By nikkiandnora


Nora woke from a peaceful sleep, glanced at the clock and saw that she had two hours before she and Nikki had to be at work. She closed her eyes and let out a contented smile at the feel of the warm body spooning her from behind. Raising her hand, she linked her fingers with the ones that were resting just below her breasts. Borrowing deeper into the body behind her she waited for sleep to once again claim her.

Fifteen minutes later Nora was still wide awake. Realizing that she wasn't going to get anymore sleep, Nora decided that she would go to the precinct early and get in a workout. Carefully extracting herself from her lover, Nora headed into the bathroom. Taking care of her needs, she stepped carefully back into the bedroom and went over to the closest.

Changing into a pair of jeans and pulled on a t-shirt, Nora shoved her feet into her sneakers and went over to where Nikki was still fast asleep. She shook her lover gently until she was awake. Nikki rolled onto her back and looked up into her lover's green eyes.

"Morning, babe," Nikki whispered.

"Morning, sweetie, I woke you to tell you that I am heading to the precinct. I want to get a workout in before we have to clock-in."

"Ok, I will see you in a few hours."

Kissing Nikki lightly on the lips, Nora headed out to her car. Pulling to a stop by the precinct Nora got out of her car and walked into the deserted station. Heading to her locker, she opened it and pulled out her workout gear. Changing, she made her way to the gym.

Half hour later Nora was so into her workout that she didn't notice that she wasn't alone in the gym.

Lying in bed for a while after her lover had left. Nikki couldn't get back to sleep. The bed felt cold and empty without the presence of her blonde lover. After tossing and turning for another few minutes, Nikki decided to go and join her lover for the workout.

Standing at the entrance into the gym Nikki took in the scene before her. Nora had pulled her blonde hair into a ponytail and was wearing cutoff sweats and a tank top. Nikki watched Nora's leg muscle bunch and flex as she pressed the stacks of weighs that was attached to the leg press machine. Nikki also took in the tense muscle of Nora's wash board abs. Nora was covered in a light sheen of sweat and her face was filled with the look of total concentration.

After completing her set of exercise, Nora was heading over to the leg curl when she noticed Nikki standing at the entrance.

"Hey! Not that I'm complaining, but what are you dong here?"

"I couldn't sleep so decided to join you for a short workout."

Heading over to the treadmill, Nikki got on wanting to warm up a little. She set it to a slow pace before taking it up to a slow jog. Nikki looked over at Nora who was now lying on her stomach; she watched as Nora hooked her legs under the bar and closed her eyes in concentration. Nikki watched as Nora's leg muscles once again began to bunch and flex, running her eyes up her lovers toned legs, Nikki's eyes settled on the firm ass.

A jolt of desire shot through Nikki and she tore her eyes away, trying to focus on her own workout. What Nikki really wanted to do was head over there and run her hands over the firm cheeks while pressing her aching nipples against her lover's back.

Oblivious to her lover's thoughts, Nora continued to count silently to herself as she continued her leg curls. Finishing up, Nora headed over to the weight bench, which was the last phase of her workout. Straddling the bench, Nora grabbed the weights that she was comfortable with and laid on her back on the bench. Settling the weights high above her head, Nora began to do supine flies.

Glancing over at her lover, Nikki stumbled and almost fell off the treadmill when she took in her lover's prone position. Turning the treadmill off, Nikki staggered over to the pull down bar in the vain hope that it would take her mind off of Nora. Her brain must have been more fried than she thought because she realized that it gave her an unobstructed view of Nora.

Grabbing the bar, Nikki was determined to get a workout. That thought was quickly forgotten as she took in the sight of Nora's muscles bulging in her arms and the flex of her tight abs. Nikki also noticed the track of sweat that was running down Nora's neck and disappearing under her tank top. Nikki got lost in a fantasy of walking over there and tracing her tongue along the same path while sliding her hands over Nora's abs, feeling it tense under her touch before running her hands under the waistband on Nora's sweats, before….

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her lover's voice.

"I'm gonna head off to the locker room and take a shower." Nora said while placing the weights down.

Starring at her lover mutely, Nikki watched as Nora rose and heading out of the gym. Nikki sat there trying to get a grip on the arousal that was coursing through her body. She took a few deep breaths hoping to calm her racing heart but that wasn't helping. Glancing over at the clock on the wall Nikki saw that they still had forty-five minutes before they had to clock in. She debated over whether to follow her lover or continue her workout.

"Screw that." Nikki murmured before standing on shaky legs and going after her lover. Nikki knew that it would be much more fun to work out with Nora.

Standing in front of her opened locker, Nora had just taken her tank top off when she felt warm breath on her skin and jumped, not realizing that Nikki had entered the locker room. She shivered when she felt her lover's hand running along the back of her cutoff sweats.

"Do you have any idea how goddamn sexy you look all hot and sweaty?" Nikki whispered into Nora's ears, causing the blond to let out another shiver.

"Ahhh," was all Nora could say as her lover started to massage her firm backside.

"God, I want you so much," Nikki said, pressing her aching breasts into her lover's back while pinning Nora to the locker.

"Nikki we're at work, we cannot do this here." Nora said weakly, feeling the desire starting to dampen her sweats.

"But I'm so hot for you right now, baby." Nikki said, kissing her way down Nora's neck to suckle on the wildly beating pulse point while she continued to massage Nora's firm ass.

Tipping her head to the side to give her lover better access, Nora tried to remember the reasons for why this was a bad idea. Those reasons flew out the window when she felt Nikki's hands running up her rip cage. Nikki slid her hands in front of Nora and cupped her breast.

"Please, baby, you know you want to." Nikki said while pinching Nora's nipples until they were standing proudly at attention. "Please?" Nikki repeated, maintaining her torturous movements.

Letting out a groan, Nora arched her back, pressing her breasts harder into Nikki's hands. Nikki ran her right hand down the front of Nora's body and cupped her lover's mound through her sweats. Nora's hips thrust forward trying to ground herself against Nikki's palm. Nikki pressed her thumb against Nora's pulsating clit. She could feel how wet her lover was even through the cutoff sweats.

"Come on, baby. Let me take you right here and now. Just like this." Nikki whispered huskily as she continued to rub her hands against Nora's wet center. Nora's center clenched from Nikki's touch and lust filled voice.

Nikki began to grind her own throbbing center against Nora's backside, trying to ease some of her own growing needs.

"Come on, Nora." Nikki pleaded while rubbing her hand in a more demanding motion against Nora's clit and rolling her stiff nipples between two fingers.

"God, yes, take me please." Nora whimpered, needing her lover's touch to extinguish the fire raging inside of her.

Thrusting her hips in a wild rhythm, Nora rocked her ass harder into Nikki's center. She could hear her lover moaning and that was setting sparks to her raging hormones.

"Nikki, please." Nora pleaded her juices now soaking her sweats.

"What is it that you want, love? Nikki asked, slipping Nora's bra up to palm her lover's heaving breast.

"Take me." Nora gasped out.

Gripping her lover's sweats, Nikki pushed it down until it lay on the floor around her lover's ankles. Nora groaned when she felt her lover's fingers running along her swollen nether lips. Nora gripped the locker tighter, afraid that her legs were going to give out. Nikki rubbed her thumb against Nora's throbbing clit.

"Please." Nora pleaded pressing against her lover's hand, trying to get Nikki to take her. Nikki continued to run her fingers along her lover's slick folds and rubbed her finger in slow circles against Nora's engorged clit.

"Yessss." Nora growled when her lover pushed two fingers into her dripping center, stretching and filling her.

"God, you feel so good." Nikki whispered plunging her fingers deep into her lover. Nora thrust her hips trying to match her lover's pace.

"Please. Harder."

Complying, Nikki sped up her thrust, plunging deeper and faster into her lover's aching center. Keeping a steady pace, Nikki flicked her thumb against Nora's clit. Sensing that her lover was close, Nikki slid a third finger inside of Nora curving it to reach that special spot that made her lover cum harder and longer.

"God, yess." Nora hissed her body bucking against Nikki's fingers. A few thrusts and Nora was cuming hard. Nora's climax tore through her body, she could feel her whole body convulsing from her intense orgasm.

Nora bit her wrist trying to muffle her screams.

Sliding out from her lover's warmth Nikki turned her around and placed a sweet kiss on her lips. Checking her watch she saw that they only had thirty minutes before they needed to clock-in.

"Shit," Nikki gasped out, grabbing a still trembling Nora and half dragging her into the precinct shower.

The End

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