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By TexasWatermelon


When Lindsay Boxer gets angry, it's like a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, and tsunami all in one. Cindy suspects that they put a warning on the weather channel when this happens; torrential downpours of glaring, high force yelling, with possible injury to occur. Since she's usually on the receiving end of these things, she always manages to miss the warning.

The truth is, Cindy kind of likes it when Lindsay gets mad. She can tell it's coming before Lindsay even gets to her. Her strides are exceptionally long, and people practically dive to get out of the way for fear of what might happen to them should they impede the process of the detective getting to her target. She usually stops just short of running into Cindy, towering over her with arms crossed and a glare that may possibly have killing powers. Cindy pretends she doesn't know what Lindsay's angry about, which always angers her more. Her eyes narrow and her jaw clenches. When she does speak, it's slow and the Texas drawl becomes more prominent. Her voice is dangerously low and scratchy in a way that gives Cindy a low-down tingle and a shiver in her spine.

It's these details that cause Cindy to purposely infuriate Lindsay. By now she's figured out just what to do to get on the detective's bad side; the little actions that annoy her to no end, like printing one line too much in an article, or being just a little too perky in the morning. Sometimes Lindsay catches her in the act; catches the slight twitch at the corner of the redhead's mouth when Lindsay yells, or the innocent look on her face like she has no idea what's going on. Sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes Cindy's so good at what she does that Lindsay can't stop once she gets going. But it's the times that she does that Cindy particularly enjoys. Because it's those times that Lindsay pins her against the bathroom wall and makes her pant and moan and beg for forgiveness. It's those times that Lindsay leaves her half gone in the interrogation room, having come so close to release, but being denied the perfect bliss in the end. It's those times that Cindy remembers exactly why it is that she loves to get Lindsay mad. And it's those times that she begins working up her next plot to start the process all over again.

Lindsay Boxer is a force to be reckoned with when she gets angry. And Cindy… well, she likes it that way.

The End

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