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By ralst

Stretching out her sore back, B'Elanna flopped down onto the couch, the data padd she'd been reading dropping to the floor. The last few weeks of non-stop activity were taking their toll; her once inexhaustible energy reserves having dwindled to almost nothing in the face of continued attacks.

"I'm too tired to breathe," B'Elanna mumbled, her eyes closed and brain numb.

Sleep crept up on her before she could recognise its approach, her mind soothed by the lullaby of the warp core humming its special tune in her ear. Moments of total peace enriched her soul and revitalised her body, bringing a small measure of relief to her flagging reserves.

"B'Elanna," a voice whispered into her ear.

Her eyes fluttered but did not open; sleep's lure too strong.

"B'Elanna?" The voice was accompanied by gentle hands, that both soothed and aroused as they teasingly caressed her neck. "Wake up, honey."

Yawning, B'Elanna forced her eyes open, the dark gaze warming at the sight of her lover. "Hey, baby." With a smile lifting her lips B'Elanna turned her face into the hand cupping her cheek.

Seven's voice dropped an octave, "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too." It had been all of five hours since they were last alone together, but she wasn't lying, she had missed the other woman; Seven's beauty and calm had become an addiction, the craving for her touch never diminishing.

Seven's lips began to dance across her skin, waking her senses with their promise of further bliss. It had been that way for weeks; every spare moment spent in each other's arms, loving with their bodies and spirits; hour after hour of pure and utter happiness.

B'Elanna's breath hitched as Seven's mouth descended upon her neck. "Seven, baby, I'm so tired."

With a small whimper Seven pulled herself away from B'Elanna's skin, her tongue flicking out to taste the heated flesh one last time before her retreat. "I'm sorry..."

"Don't be." B'Elanna captured her lover's hand, the fatigue that had consumed her vanishing at the uncertainty in Seven's voice. Turning, she captured Seven's lips in a demanding kiss, "I can sleep when I'm dead."

The End

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