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To Be Loved
By Aubz


Cindy had watched Jill over the past five months. She had watched her prosecute the criminals, watched her sit across the table from her in the diner, and even seen her cry. All of them had cried when Lindsay told them that Kiss-Me-Not had threatened her. She had watched Jill tell Lindsay that they wouldn't give up. She had watched, and held, Jill as the strong and independent blonde woman had let herself break down when no one else was around.

When Jill kissed her, she thought it might have been a complete fluke. Just a mistake that the distraught woman made. Even as Jill fell asleep leaning against her on the couch, she didn't want to believe it. It wasn't that she didn't like it, she just wasn't prepared for it and it wasn't how she wanted their seemingly dream-only first kiss to be like. She had imagined it would be something out of a movie. Have a perfect first date, followed by that perfect first kiss.

The next morning when she awoke with Jill still holding onto her, she felt happy. For the first time in a long time she realized that she may have found someone who truly makes her happy, and it scared her. Not because love was something new to her, but simply because she still didn't know if all of these feelings were reciprocal. Without asking Jill for verification on anything, she had slid out of the woman's hold and quietly left the house.

The only thing that managed to cause more confusion and turmoil in the poor redheaded woman was when she somehow found herself in her bed with Jill's hands roaming freely and unstopped over her body. Their clothes were in a pile by the door, bags in the living room, cell phones ringing being ignored. She closed her eyes as she felt Jill's slim fingers slide slowly down her side as the woman placed a light trail of kisses from her mouth to her collarbone.

Jill was, for lack of a better term, amazing in bed. She knew exactly where to touch, suck, kiss, blow and lick to make Cindy feel like she was going to lose her mind if she didn't come right then and there. She had the ability to leave the redhead wanting more, but with the feeling that her body couldn't take much more, and she loved every second of it. She loved every second that she could make Jill feel the same way.

Suddenly it seemed that every night Jill was on Cindy's couch with her, relaxing after stressful days to watch movies. There was no verbalization of the status of their relationship, and Cindy was fine with that. She was content to just have the woman by her side. When they would sit side by side in the booth at the diner, Cindy had stopped flinching when Jill silently held her hand under the table. She now would gently stroke the back of the woman's hand with her thumb.

Cindy decided that the one day that would live in her memory forever was when Kiss-Me-Not was caught. She was standing next to Lindsay's desk, watching Jill talk about nothing in particular. Lindsay had rushed over and announced it. With the wave of relief that came over her she swore her heart stopped for that brief moment when Jill grabbed her arms and pulled her close, placing the most gentle yet fierce kiss on her smiling lips. It had taken her a moment to recover to realize that everyone was looking at them.

From that moment, neither woman had to ask the other for verification on where they stood. It became a world of walking around the city in the glow of the sunset hand in hand. Greeting the other in a hallway with a gentle hand squeeze. It was a world that Cindy Thomas felt safe in, because at night, all she had to do was turn over in bed, and Jill was there. She had found the person to love her, and the person she wanted to give every ounce of her love to, the one person that would always be there for her the second she needed them, and she had every intention of giving back to Jill tenfold everything the woman gave her.

The End

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