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SUMMARY: Holiday Challenge
NOTES: This is my 1st attempt at Voyager Fiction. Oh yeah this isn't Bate'ed so forgive the errors you will more then likely discover.

Regarding Toby
By Elizabeth Carter

Seven lithely walked into the mess hall, intent on meeting her lover. She and B'Elanna had made a stormy start, when the young Borg had been brought aboard the Federation vessel. Their love now was as tempestuous. It was often murmured that if engineering could somehow harness the enormous amount of energy fueled by the passionate love of Seven and B'Elanna they would be home in the Alpha Quadrant by now.

B'Elanna looked up from her table near the middle of the mess hall, her caramel face beamed as she saw the plum suited Nordic beauty step into the room. "Sev." The fiery breath-taking engineer greeted her partner.

Seven allowed the corners of her own lips to curl up into a ghost of a smile as she stepped up to her beloved. The silver metallic meshed hand reached out and gently stroked the darker skin of the smaller woman. "Forgive my tardiness," she said in her normal monotone. But B'Elanna picked up a softness you had to be listening to hear. "Naomi Wildman requested I read her a bedtime story before I vacated the Wildman quarters."

It was at that moment that both women realized they were not wholly alone at the table. For a nanosecond both Harry Kim and Tom Paris had been forgotten. "Giving excuses already?" Tom threw out with a smirk. "You know she hates those."

"Tom…"Harry whispered softly, his tone a warning.

"What? Hey I am just giving her some friendly advice." The blonde pilot said. "I know almost everything there is to know about Lanna."

B'Elanna starred him down. Seven cocked her head, and stood with her hands clasped behind her back. That same back impossibly ramrod straight. Having known her as long as she did B'Elanna knew the posture was a defence mechanism. She saw the alabaster jaw set, a sign that Seven was becoming furious. The young Klingon flashed a smirk of her own as she reached up and planted a kiss upon Seven's unexpectant lips. Her tongue flicked out and grazed across Seven's lips causing the former ex-Borg to moan.

"You softy. Just can't say no to Spike can you?"

"She can become very insistent."

"A lot like her hero."

"Yes the Chief Engineer is very insistent." There was a small smirk in the corner of Seven's lips. Her humor was always subtle and dry but it was hilarious if you just listened for it.

"Charmer." B'Elanna patted Seven's chest. "Why don't you go get your dinner?" The Klingon's voice became soft.

"You are not angered with me for being late?" The silver ocular implant arched.

B'Elanna could have allowed herself a small fraction of a joke on Seven but she knew her lover's temperament and she would take it all too seriously. Unlike Tom, Seven took any deviation in the relationship very seriously, and being late for a secluded meeting even it the reason was very legitimate, Seven was regretful of it. Warpcore breech, a disaster in Astrometrics, the Captain making her pull a double shift, or reading a story to a seven year old Katerian it was all the same. Seven had been late and she was remorseful for it.

"No Be'nal I am not mad." B'Elanna kissed Seven once more. "I understand. And I think it was sweet of you to read Naomi a bedtime story. She needs a little 'motherly' attention since Sam is on the away mission. Your heart is in the right place, how can I be mad about that." A delicate caramel hand reached up and traced the starburst implant upon Seven's cheek. "But I will be angered, if you don't go get your dinner."

Seven smiled widely this time as she placed a soft kiss upon B'Elanna's ridged forehead before turning upon her heel heading for Nelix.

"You are so whipped Lanna." Tom spouted off despite a swift kick to his shin from Harry from under the table. "If I came up with that excuse you would have never let me off the hook."

"You're probably right." B'Elanna shrugged as she reclaimed her chair. "But then believing you read a bedtime story to Spike would be very hard to swallow."

A moment latter Seven returned to the table with her normal nutritional supplement. She had only just begun to consume more solid foods but she tended to stick to the tried and true of the thick liquid supplement that sustained her.

Paris was seething. His attempt to create discord had time and again failed, however there was one thing he could try. He knew getting B'Elanna back was as the Borg Barbie was so fond of saying was futile. However if he could not have her, neither could Seven.

"Seven you do know it is a holiday today right?"

"I am aware of Earth's western Holiday of Valentines Day. What relevance do you ask me?"

"Well it is kinda special. I mean I think Lanna would understand if you didn't get her anything. No one expects you to find holidays of any relevance." Tom had a self-congratulatory grin upon his boyish face. He knew his Ex hated the remote detachment Seven often displayed regarding holidays, gatherings, and recreation. The fact Seven would vocally put down one of the most important holidays in front of B'Elanna was too good.

"You are misguided in your information Lieutenant. Paris." Seven said chillingly. She felt B'Elanna's hand upon her thigh, her thumb gently stroking the long limb. "Since the celebration of holidays are relevant to Bella, they are relevant to me." She said with a familiar tilt of her blonde head. The hand that was upon her leg squeezed allowing Seven to feel her Be'nal's love. "And it is a small thing to endure if celebrating a holiday will bring B'Elanna joy."

B'Elanna found herself smiling. It was true Seven found no relevance nor redeeming qualities in the celebration of holidays however because B'Elanna herself found relevance then it did mean something to Seven.

"Its not small to me, Be'nal." The Klingon grinned.

Tom sucked in a bit of air, irritated now that the Borg-Bitch had yet once more outmaneuvered him. Still there were other factors of Valentines that drone would not be aware of.

Harry on the other hand had thought it terribly romantic that Seven loved his good friend so much she was willingly immersing herself in something she cared nothing for. Not many would do that for one they loved. True at first he was a little jealous of the relationship B'Elanna had with Seven as he still carried a torch for the Nordic blonde, but he was happy for her as well. He was more then happy to discover that Seven would be loved and watched over by one as honorable as the young Chief of Engineering. He had been increasingly worried for Seven and her naiveté with humanity and that she would be taken advantage of.

"So Seven what did you get Lanna?" Tom was relentless as he leaned forward on the table.

"Tom that isn't our business."

"I have not gotten anything directly for Bella."

B'Elanna wasn't truly expecting anything from her beloved, but she was surprised to find she was disappointed in Seven's remark.

Tom was elated. "Like I said Seven you shouldn't be expected know everything about romantic things. After all the Borg find it irrelevant right? You were a drone…what would you know of romantic things? Lanna understands."

Seven saw the crestfallen expression adorning her lover. She had wanted to give the gift she had for B'Elanna in her quarters, however perhaps this was a good time. However she had more information to gather. "Seven, Sweety I know that holidays are new to you, its okay."

"You are such a jerk." Harry said from the side of his mouth.

"Bella…what I mean to say…" Seven paused. Then turned slowly in her chair. Her voice was so soft that the others had to strain to hear. "Before I reveal to you of what I do have, I must say something that I have discovered recently."

"Oh so you did a little research?" Tom baited.

"Lieutenant Paris I fail to see the relevance of this line of questioning from one so small and incompetent in the field he so abysmally failed in."

The others at the table laughed full heartedly. Even Neelix from his spot in the kitchen chucked. Tom blanched.

"You trying to make me look stupid, Drone?!"

"You do not require assistance from me." Seven said dryly with a slip of a smirk under her remote expression.

The other two were laughing so hard now that all else was momentarily forgotten.

"That's right!" Tom roared above the laughter, which only produced more laughter.

He blinked realizing he had just been had. The gall of the blonde bimbo before him chafed the helm-rat to no end.

B'Elanna could not contain herself, as she reached over and placed searing kiss upon Seven's temple. "Kah'less woman you're adorable."

"For what I am about to say, I am glad you say so." Seven said perfectly deadpan but she was smiling.

Tom thought he still might get Seven. "You know giving someone a heart on Valentine's Day isn't giving them a cardiovascular organ."

"Then I should not remove yours." Seven said stoically though both B'Elanna and Harry knew she was joking. Indeed her humor was improving in the last months. Perhaps it was always there if one only knew how to listen for it. Subtle but hilarious nonetheless.

Tom paled he knew how literal Seven could be, if she thought that to give a heart to the one she loved, what better heart then the one of the Ex? Tom felt his own beating hard against his chest as if responding to Seven's question.

"Your heartrate has elevated by twenty-two percent, it seems a strong organ. B'Elanna do you require me to give you a heart upon this day?"

The young Klingon knew her lover was baiting the Helm-rat. "I would Sev, but I don't have a real Targ to feed it to."

Tom felt faint.

"If you change your mind before 2400 hours will you inform me?" Seven placed her enhanced hand upon the table, taking a knife in to her palm. With laughable ease she bent the knife in half. "My Borg enhancements would procure such a thing with little resistance."

Tom wanted to run. But he wouldn't give the Ice Queen the satisfaction.

Then with all seriousness Seven turned to B'Elanna. "Bella you are mistaken in the fact you do not have a live Targ."

B'Elanna sobered a bit, whipping the tears from her eyes from laughing so hard. "What'cha mean Sev?"

Seven had truly wanted to do this in private but she was placed in a position that now required her to act. She would not allow the Helm-rat victory in belittling her attempt to show B'Elanna that she was able to celebrate the spirit of Valentine's Day.

"Toby." Seven said the name quietly so that only those at the table could hear her words. "I believe he is alive."

"That ragged old thing? You gotta be kidding me Borg! You think that purple teddy-hog is alive?" Tom now laughed heartedly.

Seven casually placed her enhanced hand upon the table once more a subtle threat. Tom quieted, but he was still chuckling under his breath. His glee was even more elevated as Lanna was blushing at the mention of her plush animal.

B'Elanna would have been mortified had anyone else found out that the strong fiery Klingon had a stuffed animal she treasured. Almost a year ago B'Elanna would have been more then pissed had Seven even mentioned it aloud. A little bashful, B'Elanna was more then curious to find out why Seven normally so logical suddenly decided that the toy was alive.

"I need to clarify." Seven said slowly. "I had recently read the story The Velveteen Rabbit to Naomi Wildman. The stuffed animal in the story became alive after much affection given to it by the boy. It spoke to a hobbyhorse asking what was real. The hobbyhorse responded that to be real is to be loved. And 'by the time you are alive most of your fur is rubbed off, your seams have burst and sometimes you are missing an eye.' In careful inspection Toby has many patches of fur rubbed off, he has a replacement right eye as he lost his original. And he had been pieced together for he has fallen apart many times. Those toys that had to be carefully kept would never achieve the essence of what is to be alive. For it is a painful process to be alive, and most people do not understand. They would think a life ugly. But when you are alive to one who loves you, you cannot be ugly. But the ragged much abused and tattered velveteen rabbit was alive. In this way I believe Toby to be alive."

B'Elanna found herself smiling; Seven had such a gentle way about her sometimes, so pure and innocent. 'How in the name of Kah'less could I have treated her so carelessly before? Sev, you know you fit that description yourself baby. You're not a heartless drone but alive. You had your hair removed and replaced, you a have a replacement eye for your own was lost…yes my lover you are alive. Hell you been put through a lot of pain to become alive and no my Be'nal to one who loves you, you cannot be ugly. And I don't find any of your Borg implants ugly. Maybe people don't understand, but it doesn't matter. I love you and it is enough for me.'

Seven pulled from the tight sleeve of her biosuit what looked to be a combadge. "When I said I had not a gift for you Bella this was both true and misleading. This is for Toby. It is a locater badge only. It can be placed within him. If there is an emergency that requires all hands to abandon ship… all hands, including purple-plush hooves will be able to comply."

Tom thought it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard, if not the most corny and sappy.

B'Elanna looked stunned at the combadge in her hands. It wasn't the design of Starfleet, but that of the Maquis. She looked back up to Seven, her hand almost trembling as she held on to the small device. Her reaction was immediate. She leapt from her chair and pounced upon Seven holding her tightly. Her lips hungrily devouring her beloved's own satin lips. "Be'nal it is a perfect gift."

"She's Borg, Maquis did you expect any less?" Harry smiled. "Maybe you should take her home and thank her properly."

Seven was content to remain where they were. Her hands crept up B'Elanna's muscled back kneading the perfection she found. "I…I enjoy your gratitude right here."

"Humm," B'Elanna uttered. "Starfleet is right, lets take this to our quarters. I still have my Valentine's gift to give to you." B'Elanna pulled Seven to her full six-foot height. "And I defiantly can't give it to you in the mess hall."

Seven frowned almost pouting. She did not want the kissing to end. But B'Elanna was insistent that they leave. Then her brilliant blue eyes shone in wonderment as to what her Bella had for her. "I will comply." Seven said flashing a breath taking full smile. There was nothing in all the quadrants that the ex-Borg would deny her beautiful and most talented and brilliantly intelligent B'Elanna.

The End

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