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Tom's Bet
By Sparx

The party had been Neelix's idea. He had declared that this sector of space was just too boring and a party would liven things up. Janeway had been happy to agree. It had been three weeks of boredom in this almost deserted piece of space.

Tom and B'Elanna watched the couples moving on the dance floor.

"Care to dance?" Tom asked with a crooked grin.

"Not in this lifetime helmrat." B'Elanna answered with a laugh. "The last time I danced with you, you almost broke my toe. Now that I'm not dating you anymore, I don't feel particularly obligated to go through that again."

"Fine, then have a drink." Tom answered with a laugh of his own as he handed B'Elanna a glass of punch. "Though in my own defense, if we hadn't been both trying to lead, your toes would have been safe."

Both shared a smile as they went back to watching the dancers move across the floor. Just then Harry and Seven moved into their line of sight. They moved surprisingly well together. "Now there's someone you'd dance with all night long if you had the chance." Tom whispered in B'Elanna's ear.

"Harry? He is a good dancer but I wouldn't ...." B'Elanna began.

"I meant Seven." Tom interrupted with a toothy grin.

"Why would I want to dance with tall, blond and frigid?" B'Elanna asked with a sneer. Seven was wearing a mid length backless number in midnight black. B'Elanna had almost tripped over her own feet when she saw the ex-drone.

Tom just laughed. "Because you've been hot for her since the minute you first saw her."

"You've got to be...." B'Elanna was again interrupted by Tom.

"Give it up sweetheart. This is me, remember. I know you and you want her. Don't bother denying it." Tom said with another grin. Just then Harry and Seven spun past them again. The lust in B'Elanna's eyes was unmistakable.

"Ok, you got me there." B'Elanna laughed. She might keep her attraction to the tall blond well hidden, but anyone who really knew her could plainly see it. Tom knew her well.

"You should ask her to dance." Tom suggested.

B'Elanna took Tom's glass and set it on the table. "Now I know you've had too much to drink. We can't spend five minutes together without getting into a huge fight. She'd turn me down in a heart beat."

"Are you sure?" Tom asked with a grin.

B'Elanna took one look at Tom's expression and stated. "You're up to something. I'm not interested in your little games Tom."

"Not a little game. Just a little bet." Tom said casually. She might not want to admit it but to B'Elanna, a bet was as good as a dare. Klingons rarely turned down a dare.

"What kind of bet?" B'Elanna asked with sudden interest. She already had an idea what the bet was going to be but she couldn't help herself.

"Ask Seven to dance." Tom answered.

"No way! That's not even a bet. I ask, she says no and I lose the bet." B'Elanna growled.

"Ok, I'll make it easy. A Two part bet. One weeks replicator rations just for being brave enough to ask. A months rations if you can get her to say 'yes'." Tom said with a grin.

"A week for asking and a week if she says yes. I'm not risking a whole months rations." B'Elanna countered.

"So you're saying she's not worth a month of rations?" Tom asked all innocence.

Even knowing that Tom was using her attraction to the drone against her, B'Elanna grated. "Fine a month it is. Now just get out of my way." The song was about to end. It was time to do or die. 'I'm gonna die' B'Elanna thought as she approached Seven.

"Lieutenant." Seven nodded politely when B'Elanna came to stand before her. "How may I help you?"

"Dance with me." B'Elanna stated without preamble. She gave Seven a steady clear look as she waited for rejection.

"I will comply." Seven stated calmly. B'Elanna barely managed to retain her composure as she led the taller woman onto the dance floor. She had not expected the ex-drone to agree at all, let alone so quickly. The next song proved to be a slow sensual number. Seven was an excellent dancer and soon the two were floating across the floor. B'Elanna quickly lost herself in the feeling of the soft body in her arms. She forgot all about the bet.

As the dance ended, she pulled herself back to reality. "Um... thanks for the dance Seven." she said as she tried to take a step back. Borg enhanced arms held her in place.

"Before you go lieutenant, I also have a bet to win." Seven remarked calmly.

"You knew?" B'Elanna asked astonished.

"Borg enhanced hearing." Seven answered with a small knowing grin.

B'Elanna flushed crimson as she recalled admitting her attraction to the tall woman. "I'm going to kill Tom." she muttered.

"You may deal with Mr. Paris momentarily. Right now, you will help me to win my bet." Seven said

B'Elanna stole a glance at Harry. He was grinning like a madman.

"What bet did you make with Harry?" B'Elanna asked nervously. They were still embracing as they had during their dance. It was obvious that Seven was not about to let B'Elanna go until she had won the bet she made with Harry.

"I bet a month of replicator rations." Seven answered.

"What do you have to do to win?" B'Elanna asked softly.

"This" Seven answered just before their lips met.

The End

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