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WARNING: allusions to both heterosexual and homosexual unions. Follows If Only and Another Year but I think can be read alone. I apologize if it makes little sense.

I Know Too Much
By Cirroco DeSade


In my short life I have come to love many people. I know many people love me too. However, some people stand out in my 'heart' and I hold these people more dearly. I've grown to know that life is not fair and is often ugly; I have absorbed the works of all the philosophers in the database and hence consider myself educated on the observed nature of life's ugliness.

Nonetheless, after observing some things for this long I felt a great need to help my loved ones. I know it sounds silly, as I have never overtly demanded anything from anyone. Yet even I have a sometimes-illogical desire to 'fix' things I see as wrong.

I suppose that in order for you to understand what I am talking about you would have to see what I have seen. I know you know the players in this little tragedy, but I doubt you know what I do. Let me tell you… let me show you so that maybe you can understand why I am doing this.

Kathryn Janeway started her off day like any other day: in the arms of a beautiful and strong woman. Twenty years of marriage had not diminished how sensual the experience was, even if she was not in love with the woman anymore. Her wife was the epitome of feminine beauty, but had the strength of three Vulcan men. Kathryn honestly enjoyed opening her eyes to the bounty of Seven's body. She just wished their personalities had meshed better than they had. Yet, Seven was a caring woman, who loved her, and who had provided her with a daughter.

She sighed as she thought on that; Phoebe really had not turned out anything like her. Unless you count the independent spirit, thumbing her nose at her 'mother' basically. That irked Kathryn. Once Phoebe hit four she started calling Kathryn 'mother'. It was no longer mom like she called Annika, just plain old 'mother' for the redhead.

Janeway knew she had to be thankful for the genetics and parenting Annika provided. Between the two of them Phoebe could not help but be brilliant. Further, she inherited almost all of Annika's beauty. She was tall, graceful, and voluptuous, with chiseled features and searing ice blue eyes. The young woman kept her strawberry blonde hair long like Annika's and often wore the same bun when she wanted to keep it out of her way.

Kathryn realized that a lot of the reason Phoebe acted like she did was simply because so much of the child rearing had been left to Annika. Nevertheless, she had been a captain before the marriage so her wife should have expected it. The ironic part was that Janeway had not expected her daughter to dislike her for it. Kathryn knew Annika admonished Phoebe whenever the girl had gotten mouthy about it as a teen. Her daughter had still had words with her on many occasions. However, now Phoebe was old enough for her own quarters and lived with her best friend Miral. It was back to being just Janeway and her wife, and Kathryn found she preferred the renewed solitude.

Now, later in the morning, she sat alone in her quarters, enjoying her wife's blend of coffee, reading through all of the ship's reports even during her off-duty rotation. She paused for a moment and reflected on the coffee. With a quirk to her lips she realized that the coffee and waking next to beauty would be the only things she would truly miss if Annika were suddenly out of her life. It might even be nice to have complete solitude again.

Going back to her reports, she saw a personal communiqué arrive. It was addressed to her, but the sender was simply labeled "Voyager." It was just another oddity in a long line of bizarre occurrences in the Delta Quadrant.

Inside the message were the two words 'I SEE' with an attached file. Cocking an eyebrow intrigued, she activated the attached file. What she found was a holovid of her and her latest boy-toy, Tom Paris, in the Delta Flyer during a very carnal moment. After her heart returned to its proper place, she found the video filmed the entire episode. It was only cued to begin at that point for dramatic effect.

The Captain spent the rest of the day squirreled away in her quarters trying to track down the sender of the message. She may not be happy in her marriage, but she would end it on her terms, if she decided it should end. Plus, she would be damned if anyone sent this to her volatile chief engineer. She couldn't afford for B'Elanna to go off… not on Tom or her ship.

Three decks away, Tom Paris received the same holovid. However his message said 'I KNOW' and the man nearly lost his breakfast. It wasn't addressed from Lanna, but she could do anything on this ship.

I thought that maybe I had been successful. Both of them had been jarred by my hints. Yet that afternoon I watched as two adulterers met in the Airoponics lab. He was scared, and without her he might have done the right thing. However she was angry. He told her he just wanted to confess to his wife. She then told him that she would throw him out an airlock if he even thought about it.

I watched it all, every twisted moment, recording it sadly. She eased his mind, then did things to him his wife did not do, right there in the lab. He was obviously putty in her hands. When they left the lab, he had agreed that they could continue the arrangement, but be more careful.

Two days later I decided to try again. I am not oblivious to stronger tactics; I had simply wanted them to decide on their own. They had not. So I brought in outside parties that were close to them, people who had often acted as each one's conscience.

Janeway looked up from her desk when Chakotay waltzed into her ready room unannounced. It was the end of alpha shift, and she was just finishing some paperwork before heading out. She wondered what gall suddenly possessed the wooden idiot that was her First Officer.

"Just what the hell do you think you are doing just barging in here?" she growled. She knew how to handle him. She had put him in his place years ago.

"I came to tell you Kathryn, that YOU," he spat out, "are the lowest, most reprehensible woman I have ever known. To think I believed you all those years ago." He turned his head away from the sight of her, trying to hold back the majority of his anger, but his voice changed to mock her, throwing her words back at her. "'It's just this one time Chakotay, I just need a man, not a substitute, just this once'." He threw down a PADD onto her desk. "I believed all those lies about Seven you told me that night… it kept me from feeling guilty for a while. But now I just feel dirty knowing you've been in my bed. I feel for Seven."

He began to stomp away. Before the doors tripped open he turned back one more time. "You took a married man, and you have corrupted him. You will tell Seven. Or I will. You have a week to decide. I'll give Tom two… he'll need to figure out how to escape B'Elanna alive." Then he left her stunned.

She picked up the PADD and watched two holovids. Then she began to plan. How to get Chakotay to change his mind… what would happen to him if he did not.

"Hey Tom," Harry called out from the lift. "Hurry up!"

Tom didn't expect Harry to wait for him, but he was always happy to pal around with the ops officer. As a result he ran to catch the lift with a smile on his face and called out his deck once the doors closed. Harry surprised him by calling for the lift to halt. He turned to look at Harry just in time for a right hook.

"You son of a bitch... you worthless sack of flesh. Don't you ever come near me again fly boy. You better find a way to tell B'Elanna from a space suit... because I will let her know in a few days and she may rip you limb from limb if you are on the ship. You really are a fool," Harry said then stuffed a PADD down the front of the helmsman's tunic.

Tom didn't even notice the lift resume or Harry leave on his floor. He just stared at the contents of the PADD: the first Holovid he knew, the second was he and Janeway in Airoponics, two days earlier. Their conversation was there, but what was really bad was after the conversation.

He stumbled out of the lift on his deck. He felt the bile rise in his throat and he ran to his quarters. Once his lunch was gone and he had cleaned a little, he erased then recycled the PADD. He poured himself a large whiskey and sat at his workstation trying to figure out what he was going to say to Kathryn and Lanna. One or the other of them was going to kill him.

He opened the workstation and found another message. Once again it said the sender was Voyager. Damnit. Was Lanna just fucking with him? He opened it and the message was a little longer this time.

"DID SHE TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR SON?" Accompanying that was a portion of Janeway's file medical file dated 77208.70. He couldn't believe his eyes. He had been a father again… to a boy... but she didn't even let him know.

He slammed his drink down and stomped out of his quarters.

At Holodeck One, almost at the same time, I had gathered my two friends, the two I was trying to help. I wanted them somewhere safe from the theatrics that were occurring. Furthermore, I wanted them to be together. These two had supported each other through everything for as long as I had really known them. I was beginning to feel like things were changing in such a way that they would need each other this night.

Then I continued my observations of all the players. I needed to make sure that things did not get out of hand.

"Lanna?" Seven asked as the hybrid walked through the doors. "Was it you who left the invitation for me? What is this place?"

B'Elanna looked around, finding herself just as puzzled. "No clue 'Nik. I got a message telling me to come here at 1730. Strange thing was it was from 'Voyager.'" She said as she bent down and touched the floor. Quicksilver pools rippled away from her hand but nothing was wet. "That's what got me to come. Curious who could write a message from 'Voyager' or if she's finally saying something to me." B'Elanna grinned and winked at Seven who smiled back.

"Mine was from Voyager also, however I merely thought it was clever programming," she replied. "Early in our relationship Kate was clever like that." The tall blonde sighed and moved forward. "I foolishly hoped that maybe… maybe she was trying again."

"Hey," B'Elanna said, "You're not the fool 'Nik." She walked up arm put her arm around the tall blonde and suddenly their entire surroundings shifted in shape and color.

Kathryn Janeway had stewed in anger in her ready room only briefly before deciding she could better plan from her quarters with a large tumbler of whiskey and soda. Before she had left the bridge, part of her had even wished that her wife were home. Annika was a great cook. Not to mention a part of her would have liked to take out a few of their toys and dominate the younger woman in bed... release all her anger. Really, if the blonde had just been the wife she had needed, she wouldn't have had to continually find little boy-toys to dominate elsewhere.

Nevertheless her quarters were empty, so she was left to her own devices. She replicated finger foods and a liter of whiskey. Some of her finest decisions were made like this. She could pace and drink… and think.

What was it going to take to shut up her self-righteous first officer, she wondered. The man was like a boy scout in some ways. It had taken lots of persuasion to finally seduce him years ago… lots of propaganda denouncing Annika as a person and wife. If that little video had caused him to change his mind about her wife, it might be impossible to make him stay quiet.

The chime sounded and she growled. She couldn't afford to spend time dealing with anyone right now. She asked the computer about the identity of her visitor; she was surprised when it told her Tom was at her door. After a brief check on her wife's whereabouts she let in Tom.

"I told you not to come here Tom," Kathryn announced as soon as the doors closed behind him. "And I'm not really in the mood for anything anyway."

"I'm not here for that," he stated decisively, a little too strongly for her taste in fact. "I'm here to tell you it's over. I am going to tell Lanna."

"You will not," she hissed at him. "There is no reason to tell her, so don't be an idiot."

"You don't understand Kathryn," he said after flinching at her tone. "Harry knows. Someone sent him that vid... and another one… someone taped us in Airoponics too. So, either I tell her now, or he tells her in a couple of days. I just came here to tell you myself because she will probably tell Seven."

"Good God! The choirboy knows? Well that's great... the choirboy and the boy scout," she grumbled to herself and slammed her whiskey and soda down her throat. She held out her glass. "Be a good boy and get me another," she commanded in a sultry voice.

He looked at her and felt sickened with himself. He did her bidding and handed her the drink, trying to keep his anger at the surface so he could finish what he started. "Look, I'm going to tell her tomorrow night and I am not going to fight the divorce I know she will want. I'm sorry if this is a problem for you, but it's something I have to do," he said wearily. He began to walk to the door, and then turned his head back over his shoulder. "By the way, our mysterious messenger sent me another file Kathryn. I know you had an abortion last week. I know 'he' was mine. I wish we had never started this. It was wrong." Having said this he resumed his journey away from her.

"Computer lock doors," she called out trying to keep him there. However, the doors still parted, and he looked back at her then shook his head somberly.

In the holodeck, two women sat mesmerized by the display before them. This was unlike any program either of them had ever seen and they had given up trying to figure out the author early on. The computer would give no information; it would only respond that there was no program running. They had long since lost their way to the entrance and the computer wouldn't display it. Voyager's computer would only answer basic commands, and no questions about the rest of the ship.

In the beginning, they had taken to exploring the vast space around them. They walked on what felt like solid ground, but looked like a lake of mercury. They stopped at stone monoliths distributed along their path, finding their pasts, together and apart, displayed in various forms upon them. Once a stone was approached it would shimmer, and then reveal something, usually either a vid or sometimes a log entry.

Long time had passed with each supporting the other through the odd journey. They now sat on the ground where B'Elanna was holding Seven. The blonde had become too emotional to continue walking, had simply sat and begun to cry. Still, they were forced to examine the past together, growing ever closer to the present. At present they were watching their daughters. They listened to tidbits of conversations; each girl had expressed displeasure at their parents' marriages, apparently multiple times. Phoebe raged at one point to Miral about how she 'didn't see what mom saw in her mother' then the scene changed to Miral lamenting how her mother was too good to her father. Several times over their children consoled each other, encouraged each other, or simply held the other and listened.

The monolith fell silent leaving only the sound of the blonde's occasional sniffle. Finally, she broke their silence. "I never knew my daughter felt that way. I always thought… that if I left her mother it would hurt her too much. I always thought I was a failure for not being enough for Kate. I know she cheats on me… I have known for years, since the very beginning, a year after Phoebe was born." The former drone sighed. "I don't know why she bothers to try and hide it. I can smell her men on her the minute she walks in. No matter what… I am still Borg." She was looking down at her hands in her lap.

B'Elanna sat there stunned. She had no idea that her friend had endured this. She had not known that the Captain had cheated on her wife until the week prior. "Kahless 'Nik. I'm so sorry… I didn't know," the small woman said gently while reaching up to wipe a tear off the former drone's cheek. Then she realized she couldn't omit the knowledge she did have, even if she would have to find a way to be creative, so as not to break her oath to the Doctor. "Well, I didn't know until recently and I only found out about this last one." She growled as she thought about it. "But I had sworn an oath not to share…"

Coming to life again, the stone in front of them broke into the engineer's story. A feather could have knocked the hybrid over as she was so shocked by what followed. There in front of them was the entire scene of the Doctor begging for B'Elanna's help, his misery, her oath. There was no mercy in B'Elanna's mind as it continued through some distant camera in the sickbay, watching her examine the evidence of Janeway's betrayal, and finally displaying her angry destruction of the equipment, her blue line of curses directed at her absent husband. B'Elanna hardly recognized herself in the picture displayed as the Doctor fixed her. Then her face was even bleaker as the scene faded to her alone on her couch drinking bloodwine and crying. The hybrid wondered who had filmed this and why; why did they film Seven's loving care for her that day? Why had they filmed any of it?

After he left the Captain's residence, Tom walked down the hall with slumped shoulders until he reached Chakotay's quarters. He hit the admittance chime and waited for the first officer. Once the helmsman was granted entrance he didn't have to explain very much. It was unnecessary; they both knew the score and were cognizant of each other's knowledge. Chakotay granted him residence in a set of guest quarters until a permanent residence could be made. He even agreed to not officially note it or tell the Captain where they were. Before he left, Tom told the older man about the Captain's comments and odd behavior, relating how she tried to lock him in her quarters at the end.

Thirty minutes later the helmsman had gathered some things from his and B'Elanna's quarters. He wanted to have a few things out while B'Elanna was still on the holodeck. He had no idea what she was doing, but it was opportune. He needed to sit in his new quarters for a while and figure out how to tell his wife that he had finally stepped over her line. How to tell his Klingon wife that he had dishonored her and that several people knew about it before her.

Things began to change rapidly. I watched one player trying to control her fate by destroying others'. I had to bring in another player. My hand was forced. I suppose I could have chosen to let her succeed, but I knew I would be forever regretful if I did. So I sent another message, sad to know that this newest turn of events would eventually be known throughout the whole ship.

Tuvok sat alone in his quarters deep in meditation. Nearly thirty years in the continuous company of humans had been wearying and took a great deal of energy to survive with his Vulcan ideals intact. When his console chirped signaling the receipt of a new message he unwound his long legs and stood. A few steps over to his desk and he sat to view the contents. The message was curious from the start as the sender was labeled 'Voyager.'

However the contents were harder to believe than the addressing. Inside was a collection of log entries and holovids that incriminated the Captain on many fronts. At the very least, he would be forced to charge her with conduct unbecoming an officer. Yet beyond that as he sifted through the evidence collected by the anonymous sender, he realized that many things would have to be handled in a full court martial. He had no idea how someone could gather some of the material present, but somehow he doubted that even a small portion of it could be faked. He would never admit to an intuition, instead he believed it was his years of experience that told him that his investigation, as there would have to be one, would show only the veracity of the materials.

The most disturbing thing was the final charge: two counts of attempted murder. Furthermore, if the information was correct, he could travel to her quarters and catch her still in the act. He stood and touched his comm. badge, "Tuvok to Commander Chakotay." Once the line was open he requested that the commander meet him outside the Captain's quarters. After that, he contacted four members of the beta squadron.

Janeway had watched the helmsman leave in disbelief. The damned computer had not responded to her command, so he had simply waltzed out her door without her permission. Seconds after the doors closed her glass of whiskey and soda collided with them.

She only felt a small measure of relief. Then she realized she would have to replicate a new glass and her irritation at the helmsman was back tenfold. As she retrieved a new glass from the replicator, something the blonde man said to her suddenly jarred her. The messenger had told him of her little procedure. The only one to know of the procedure was the Doctor, and furthermore all of the holovids she had seen came from after her visit to the EMH.

It became achingly clear to her who was trying to mess up her life; therefore she decided it was time to return the favor. He had dared to disobey her order not to investigate the identity of the father and he had placed it in her records. He would learn why it was inherently stupid to mess with a Janeway. She would take care of Tom after that. He would either listen to reason, or he could join the hologram. After all, B'Elanna was better off a widow than a dishonored Klingon seeking to regain her honor on the two people who had sullied it.

With those thoughts, the redhead sat down at her workstation with her decanter and glass. She had not become a Starfleet Captain without learning how to manipulate her ship's computer. Erasing a hologram in a way so that nobody knew what occurred should not take very long at all. After that, she would expunge that little entry from her medical records and nobody would be any wiser.

B'Elanna felt Seven staring at her and she hung her head in shame. She had failed her as a friend for the sake of her honor. She had kept an oath to one friend, but in doing so, she had hidden the truth from her best friend. Either way she lost honor, but now she would lose more than that; she knew she was going to lose the only person in her life beyond her daughter that she truly loved.

"B'Elanna," Seven said quietly. The hybrid did not look up. "You did what honor demanded you to do. I understand." Startled brown eyes flew up to meet those of ice blue.

"How can you just brush this away Annika? I should have told you," B'Elanna protested.

"Because you are my best friend, Lanna. I would forgive you anything." Seven responded passionately. "You have always been there for me, you held me when I was alone or afraid, you've protected me from other's disdain, and you were there when everyone else left me to try to raise a child with no help. You have treated me better than Kate ever has and… I love you." She finished quietly with a tremor in her voice.

There were the unspoken words. The words had always lain on the other side of the line that neither women dared cross. Now that one of them had spoken them neither knew what to do.

The computer decided for them once the silence had stretched too long. Out of thin air their spouses appeared. It threw the women off quite a bit. Then it became clear it was just another video, only done in realistic and 3-dimensional proportions. Seven knew what drink her wife had in her hand even if the holodeck provided no smell and she knew Kate's tone of voice she was using on the helmsman. B'Elanna growled at Tom; she wanted to wrench his neck as she heard what she already knew from his own mouth. The two women were stunned though by the end as they watched Janeway's back and the liquid dribble down the door.

Neither recognized when they joined hands, but the Klingon felt it when Seven pulled her into strong arms. She was sitting between the long lanky legs, her back leaning against the blonde's front, protected by the safety of Seven's loving embrace. She wondered how many times had Seven held her like this.

"I can't believe Tom is going to do the right thing," was all B'Elanna could think to say. She paused then added. "Of course we have no way of knowing if this is real."

"I believe it is. Everything it has shown about me has been accurate. I do not understand it," Seven responded, "but I do believe it." She was glad the engineer faced away from her. "I am glad that he is going to tell you, that he is finally being decent."

"I'm just glad he isn't going to contest the divorce," B'Elanna said firmly. "I should have done it years ago."

"I wish Kate would do the same," Seven said wistfully. "She will never let me go even if I confront her."

"She can't just hold you hostage Annika!" B'Elanna turned to face the blonde who merely turned her head shying her eyes from the hybrid's view. B'Elanna regarded Seven seriously, wondering how to get through to her.

"She is the Captain, B'Elanna," replied somberly.

They had ignored the image of the redhead at her workstation during this discussion, but the familiar hiss of door opening caught B'Elanna's attention. When she turned back she saw the chief of security and the first officer enter into the quarters uninvited. Then the scene unfolding before them enthralled both her and Annika.

"Captain," the regal tones of Tuvok cut through everyone's surprise. "As chief of security and third in command I am here to tell you that you are under arrest. You are relieved of duty while you face a court martial under federation law; if found innocent, you will be returned to your post. Until then Starfleet regulations leave Commander Chakotay ad hoc Captain. Please come with me."

"The hell I will," Janeway growled out. "Just what the hell do you think you are charging me with anyway. What lies has this man told you Tuvok?"

"Captain, first I would caution you to make no more comments. Everything you say from this point forward can be used against you in a military court. As for the charges, two counts of attempted murder among possible others." The Vulcan walked carefully over to the woman with two of his best security officers behind him at a small distance if needed. "Please step away from your workstation, Captain. Your quarters have become a crime scene."

The woman finally seemed to understand the seriousness of her situation. Standing tall with an angry, yet arrogant look on her face, she walked forward to him and presented her arms to be cuffed. After he applied the restraints her instructed his officers to take her to the brig and seal it from any entry until he arrived.

Chakotay stood silent throughout the whole scene. After the doors had closed Tuvok approached him. "I don't understand why the computer let her believe she had succeeding in erasing the Doctor and gassing Tom. I want you to find out who it was who managed to alert you," he ordered wearily. The Vulcan nodded and observed the first officer who was staring into the distance.

"I suppose I need to find Seven," Chakotay said stroking his salt and pepper goatee. "How am I going to explain this to her Tuvok?"

"I find that the best method of communication with Seven is honesty," the tall dark man informed the human. "She does not have respect for the human need to dissemble."

"She will need to collect some of her things," the former Maquis commented, mostly to himself. "At least her regenerator. Maybe I should just take it to her. She shouldn't be forced to return here until she is ready. Do you want to find it? I don't want to interfere with your investigation."

The Vulcan simply nodded before leaving for the master bedroom. Chakotay simply stared ahead for a moment. Finally he called out to the computer. "Computer, locate Seven of Nine."

The placid tones of the computer responded, "Seven of Nine is currently in Holodeck One."

In that very holodeck two women had watched every movement, had heard every word. Seven could not fathom the implications or especially the charges. B'Elanna turned to see how Seven took the information and found the blonde paler than she could remember seeing in a long time.

Seven continued to observe Chakotay standing in her quarters. As he raised his hand to his badge, her hand ascended to cover her mouth. She was alarmed at the possibility. His fingers hit his badge and opened a channel.

"Chakotay to Seven of Nine," her badge erupted to life a mere nanosecond after he finished, the standard timing for a correct connection to be made. She closed her eyes and twin tears fell down her face. Lowering her hand to her badge she completed the channel. "Yes, Commander?"

The real-time holo-projection of Chakotay lowered his head sadly, unknowing of his spectators. "Can you meet me at the conference room in ten minutes?"

"I will comply, Commander," she replied, falling back on a phrase she had barely used in two decades.

I continued to watch them well into Gamma shift until B'Elanna finally fell asleep. She had been holding and comforting Seven ever since the blonde had returned from Chakotay. The tall blonde had not even attempted to go to her newly assigned temporary quarters. I had watched her then, sadly taking the trip to her friend's quarters. It really hurt to observe her blank look.

When the blonde was away I saw B'Elanna call Tom. She told him point blank that she knew about the affair. She ordered him to stay away for a few days and told him she would be seeking a divorce. He agreed sadly and informed her that he would not contest it.

It wasn't the best situation. The blonde was terribly upset and had cried herself to sleep in her friend's arms. However, I knew she would heal over time. Moreover, right now she was in the arms of someone who loved her very much. The last words the little engineer had spoken before succumbing to her slumber were softly whispered. "I love you too 'Nik"

I heard them, even if the blonde could not. I have been a silent witness to their love for years, so I felt satisfied to hear it finally expressed. These two women were like my mothers they cared so much for me, but also like my daughters as I watch over them, trying to protect them as I can. That's paradoxical perhaps but ultimately unimportant. The important part is simply my love for them.

It is sometimes difficult to care for over 160 beings. It's especially hard since almost all of them don't recognize my feelings. They may love me conceptually but they don't understand that I indeed can and do love them back.

However these two women had talked to me before I could remember actually feeling any resonance... well, feeling any anything. The small engineer was especially emotive often yelling during firefights and secretly whispering words of adoration to me during the better times. She just did not know if I really heard; she has asked before… I just never answered.

Maybe I am wrong to interfere, to have decided to accelerate some of the inevitable in bringing these two together. I prevented my original mistress from doing incomprehensible harm, but because she chose this route, my plan was not as smooth as I would have liked.

However, looking down on the two women now, I know it will be okay eventually. They love each other, even if they had never acted on it before due to honor and circumstance. They have the chance now and I'm confident they will take it when they are over this drama.

It's been a long, emotional day. I have done more in three days than I ever dared to do before now. Yet, overall I am a happy ship.

The End

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