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Top Dog
By Wonko


Since her...'chat'...with Cassie in the laundry room, Yvonne had regained most of her old cock-of-the-walk attitude.  She hadn't decided yet whether it was actually the talking that had helped her or whether all she'd really needed was a good shag.  Maybe it was both - now she'd been reassured she wasn't too old to pull she was beginning to realize she wasn't too old to rule G-Wing either.  There was just one thing in the way.


If it ever got out that that little bitch had nearly got her, Yvonne would fall in standing so far it'd finish her off.  But what was the best way to keep her mouth shut?

"You fuck her," Cassie said, in one of their post-coital chats.  One glass of wine had actually turned into two, then three and Yvonne had lost count somewhere around twenty.

"That's your answer to everything sweetheart."

"I'm serious.  Fighting someone will only keep them down so long."  She grinned.  "Pardon the pun."

"You're forgiven."

"But shag them," Cassie continued.  "Well...then you've got 'em for life."

Yvonne nudged Cassie in the ribs.  "You're fucking confident."

Cass laughed.  "Well...you and Roche went from occasional wine-tasters to raging alchies pretty fast."

"Good point."  Yvonne's eyes took on a dangerous gleam.  "Maybe I need another taste..."

The problem was, Denny assured her that Maxi was straight as a bloody arrow.  Although, this information did come from Al and if that was your only female choice you'd be bound to stick with dick.

"Have you learned nothing from me woman?" Cassie said.  "Just 'cause she thinks she's straight doesn't mean she won't shag you.  You just need to get her in the right situation."


Yvonne's thoughts were interrupted by Maxi yelling at her from across the wing.  "Stop fucking staring at me or I'll scratch your bloody eyes out."

Yvonne raised one perfectly sculpted eyebrow.  She stood up and walked over to Maxi, swinging her hips delicately as she walked.  When she was within a hair's breadth of Maxi she said in a stage whisper: "Any time you like.  Bitch."  She raked her eyes up and down the brunette's figure and then turned away with a disdainful curl of her lip.

She stopped at the door to Cassie and Roisin's cell where Cassie was lounging around watching the entertainment.

"You any good in a fight, sweetheart?" she said in a low voice.

"I'm not exactly a liability," Cass relied slowly, wondering where Yvonne was going with this.

"Good.  I think I've figured out Maxi's situation."

Yvonne woke up the next morning with a plan fully formed in her head. That was the upside of being a gangster's moll for twenty odd years - you thought quickly and you adapted well to new situations. Case in point - two weeks ago she'd been the straightest woman a women's prison had ever seen; now she was hatching a plot to seduce her way into power on the wing. Adapt, adapt, adapt.

I'll be shagging the bleedin' screws next, she thought with a smirk.

"All right girls," Yvonne said as she sat down at Cassie and Roisin's table. "Sleep well?"

Cassie glanced over at Roisin who was so doped up on tranqs and jellies that she may as well still have been asleep.

"Well, I got a couple of hours in after lock-up," she said. "But then that herd of rampaging elephants tore through the cell. Right Roche?"

"Uh, yeah," Roisin mumbled, playing with her porridge.

"And then when your knickers caught fire we were kept busy till dawn." When Roisin didn't answer after a few seconds Cassie prompted her. "Eh, Roisin?"

"Hmm," she replied.

Cassie turned back to Yvonne with a sigh and a roll of her eyes. "You gonna let me in on this plan then?"

"Just a sec," Yvonne said. She stuck her leg out from the table slightly, catching Maxi just as she was walking past. Both she and the breakfast tray went flying. Maxi ended up flat on her face, covered in mixture of porridge, watery eggs and tea.

"Stage one," Yvonne said to Cassie. "Piss Maxi off." She glanced down to the floor, in time to see Maxi throw a furious and slightly murderous look her way.

"Check," said Cassie. "Stage two?"

"You'll see," said Yvonne. "You'll even get to join in."

Yvonne turned her attention back to Maxi now who had picked herself up and was now advancing towards them with a face like thunder.

"That's it Atkins!  You are dead this time!"

Yvonne stood up so as to take full advantage of her extra few inches in height.  "The chapel.  An hour before lock-up," she whispered for Maxi's ears only.  "You an' me are gonna sort this out once and for all."

"I'll be there,"  Maxi growled.  "And you'll be sorry."

"You're going to fight her in the chapel?" Cassie was, understandably, a little incredulous.

"Why not?  No screw's going to come snooping around there.  And Crystal's the only one who ever went in there and she's in the Mother and Baby unit now."

"Yeah, okay, I'll give you that.  It's just...don't you think it's a bit..."


Cassie nodded.

"For God's sake Cassie, you don't believe all that shit do ya?"

"Well, no but-"

"But nothing sweetheart.  It's the best place.  Now are you in or out?"

Cassie grinned.  "I've been out for years."

"Ha bloody ha.  What were you, a comedian on the outside?  That's really how you ended up in 'ere, innit?  Your jokes are so bad they're criminal."

Cassie looked around and leaned in for a quick kiss when she saw there was no-one about.  "But that's why you love me."

"No darling.  It's 'cause you're such a good shag."  Yvonne grinned.  Cassie gently punched her on the arm.

"I suppose we'd better go if we're going," she said eventually, not sounding too thrilled with the idea.

Yvonne leaned over and closed the cell door.  Leaning in she captured Cassie's lips and kissed her until Cassie wasn't quite sure which way was up.

"Tell you what," Yvonne said when she broke away, breathing slightly heavily.  "When it's all over, I'll let you get lucky."

Cassie would have preferred getting payment in advance but she decided she'd better let Yvonne have her way.  "What girl could resist?"

When Maxi slipped into the chapel she found all the chairs had been cleared away to one side of the room.  Yvonne, who had obviously been busy clearing the area, was standing in the middle of the room with her arms folded, waiting for her.  Maxi felt a tiny little twinge of fear.  It was all very well managing to get a belt round Atkins's neck when the other woman was distracted.  When she was standing there larger than life and prepared, that was something else entirely.

"You're late,"  Yvonne said.  "Came alone though.  Your trained gorilla not to be trusted anymore, eh?"

"Shut it Atkins."

"Oooh," Yvonne said.  "Original.  Never 'eard that one before."

"I thought we were 'ere to fight.  You not feeling up to it all of a sudden?"

Yvonne's face darkened.  "I'm gonna have you, Purvis.  Make no mistake about that."  In more ways than one, she added silently.

"Let's go then."  With that, Maxi flew at Yvonne.  Yvonne was ready for her though and blocked.  Maxi tumbled to the floor and ended up on her side, facing Yvonne's feet.  Yvonne delivered a swift kick in the stomach.

"I normally don't hit people when they're down," she said.  "But for you I'll make the exception."

Maxi growled in anger.  Putting aside the pain in her gut, she twisted her legs round, catching Yvonne and sending her to the floor.  Maxi rolled over and straddled Yvonne's hips.  She grabbed Yvonne's arms and held her down.

"You're gonna pay for that Atkins.  I haven't even started yet."

Yvonne lifted her head a little.  "Neither have I."  She spat in Maxi's face and used her lapse in concentration to free her hands.  A swift right hook followed and then Yvonne was back on her feet.  Grabbing Maxi by the hair she pulled her up so she could look her in the eye.

"As a matter of fact, I haven't done half of what I've got planned for you."  She kneed her in the stomach.  Maxi would have doubled over but Yvonne still had a hold of her hair.

"Cassie!" Yvonne called, still looking into Maxi's eyes.  Maxi tried to keep a blank look on her face but couldn't hide another twinge of fear as she realized it was now two against one.

Cassie sidled up to Yvonne's side and slipped her arm round the older woman's waist.  "You rang?"

"Yes darling.  I'd like you to get a hold of our friend Maxi here and keep her nice and still for me."

Maxi eyed the two of them as Cassie slipped round behind her and grabbed her wrists.  Her grip was surprisingly strong and Maxi found that she couldn't break free.  Yvonne finally released her hair.

"Have you turned lezza or something, Atkins?  You and the dyke seem awfully close."

"Oh, we've been closer than you can imagine sweetheart," Yvonne relied, looking Maxi up and down.  "But me and Cassie ain't important right now.  And I don't think you're in any position to be mouthing off."

Maxi swallowed slowly as Cassie's grip tightened marginally.

"Now," said Yvonne, walking in a slow circle round Cassie and Maxi.  "I've got a little theory I'd like to test out."

Maxi chose that moment to struggle against Cassie's grip.

"Oi!"  Yvonne yelled as she delivered a swift punch in the stomach.  "Just shut up, stay still and do as you're told and then maybe we won't hurt you.  Much."

Maxi continued to struggle for a second until she saw the dangerous gleam in Yvonne's eye.  She slumped against Cassie, accepting defeat for the moment.

"All right," she said.  "What d'you want?"

"Like I said," said Yvonne, stepping up close.  "I wanna test a theory."  She trailed her hand down the side of Maxi's face.  "You see I think I know why we're always fighting sweetheart."  The hand slipped lower, tracing the curve of her breast before coming to rest on her waist.  "I think you get off on it."

"Piss off you dyke bitch!" hissed Maxi.

"Now, now," Cassie whispered in her ear.  "That's no way to talk to the boss."

"Yeah," Yvonne added.  "I'm Top Dog in this prison, Purvis.  I get what I want, when I want it and how I want it."

"Whichever way she wants it," Cassie added with a smirk.

"And right now," Yvonne continued.  "I want you."

Maxi's eyes widened as Yvonne leaned in and pressed their lips together.  Of all the things she expected from Atkins, this sure as shit wasn't one of them.  Although...she was a pretty good kisser.  That kind of made Maxi wonder what else her dykey pal had been teaching her.

Maxi's eyes widened a bit more as she realized what she was thinking.  But then again...why shouldn't she enjoy it?  After all, Atkins had got her number.  She'd fancied the pants off her from day one.  Despite what Al thought, she wasn't the 100% straight girl everyone thought.  She figured she was safer pretending that with Al around.  Who'd want that coming on to them after all?

Yvonne slipped her tongue forward a bit and traced a path along Maxi's lips.  Maxi couldn't help a light groan at that.

"I see my theory is accurate," Yvonne said as she broke away.  Maxi groaned in protest at the loss of contact.

"I'd say so," said Cassie.  It was a good thing Maxi wasn't exactly trying to struggle anymore because she'd almost forgotten she was supposed to be restraining her.

"Stage two," Yvonne said.  "Turn Maxi on."  From the flush on Maxi's cheeks and the way she was breathing slightly heavier than normal Yvonne figured she'd succeeded.

"What's stage three?" asked Cassie.

"That's up to Maxi," said Yvonne looking Maxi in the eye.  "I'm not a rapist.  I'm not gonna force anything on her.  So...."  Yvonne stopped speaking for a moment as she leaned in to kiss Maxi with one of now patented 'breath-stealers.'  "We can either have a little fun...or we can forget this ever happened."  At that Yvonne motioned to Cassie and the other woman released Maxi's arms.

Maxi rubbed her wrists while she tried to think things through.  Of course it was hard to think straight  (in both senses of the word) when you were the meat in an Yvonne/Cassie sandwich.  On the one hand, why should she let Atkins win?  On the other, she was horny as hell and two very sexy women had just offered her wet dream material.  In the end she decided to give her brain a rest and, taking a cue from some old boyfriends, thought with what was between her legs.

If Yvonne was surprised at the way Maxi threw her arms round her neck and kissed her like there was no tomorrow she didn't show it.  She just opened her mouth slightly and groaned when their tongues met and fought with the intensity with which they usually fought with their fists.  Slipping an arm round to the small of Maxi's back and another into her hair, Yvonne lowered the younger woman to the floor.

Cassie kneeled down next to the two women.  Any qualms she might have had about screwing in a chapel were done away with when she saw Yvonne's hand undoing the button on Maxi's trousers.  She bit her lip as she checked her watch.  Not long till lock-up.  "Yvonne," she said.  "Lock-up's in twenty minutes.  You'll have to hurry."

Yvonne pulled back from Maxi and looked at her.  "What's this 'you' business?  I said you'd get to join in didn't I?"

Cassie grinned.  Yvonne shifted down a bit which left Cassie to take over the kissing.  It soon became clear to Maxi where Yvonne had learned to kiss women so well.

Yvonne busied herself with Maxi's shirt.  She was confident she could get Maxi off within twenty minutes but still, there was no time to waste.  Not that she'd want to waste much time on Maxi anyway.  She was okay to look at but she was still an evil little bitch.  She was more looking forward to letting Cassie get lucky, but that would have to wait until tomorrow now.

Cassie tangled her fingers in Maxi's hair as she  nibbled on her bottom lip.  She felt Maxi take a sharp breath through her nostrils which she soon realized was in response to Yvonne taking one of her nipples into her mouth.  Cassie reached down and ran her right hand through Yvonne's hair.

Maxi's head was starting to spin a little.  The combination of Yvonne's mouth on her nipple and Cassie's lips on hers was a little overwhelming.  She shifted her legs slightly so her thighs rubbed together.

"Oh no you don't," said Yvonne.  "That's my job.  Your job is to lie there and let me do it."

Maxi groaned.  Cassie lifted her head and took up Yvonne's vacant position on Maxi's nipple.  Her saliva and Yvonne's mixed as she nibbled on the sensitive flesh.  Yvonne kissed down Maxi's torso until she was stopped by the material of her jeans.  Yvonne got those out of the way soon enough, pulling them down around her knees.  The underwear came next.

Grinning, Yvonne leaned back on her heels.  So this was the so-called hard woman eh?  Didn't look like much of a threat now, half naked and begging for it.

Maxi looked up suddenly.  "You gonna just stare at me all night Atkins?"

Yvonne leaned forward and abruptly took Maxi's clit between her fingers, squeezing till just the wrong side of pain.  Maxi yelped a little.

"Watch your mouth and remember who's in charge round here."  She squeezed a bit harder.  "Who's in charge Maxi?"

Maxi gritted her teeth.  Yvonne stared her down, eyes cold and distant.  "You are," Maxi grunted eventually.  "You're the boss."

"That's better," Yvonne smiled evilly and replaced her fingers with her tongue.  Maxi yelped again, in pleasure this time as Yvonne soothed her sore flesh with her tongue.

Cassie moved her lips back up to Maxi's again, deciding that if Yvonne was going to carry on like that they'd need some way to muffle the sound.  Maxi groaned as she felt Yvonne slip a finger inside her.

All right, time to wrap this up, Yvonne thought.  The last thing they needed was a bunch of screws coming through the door, wondering why they weren't in their cells come lock-up.  Slipping another finger inside the wriggling girl Yvonne stroked her inner walls gently.

Maxi moaned into Cassie's mouth as the older woman below stroked her pussy like some kind of fucking pro.  There was a small part of her mind that wasn't too happy with the way she'd let Atkins win her over.  The larger part was still thinking with her pussy.  Tangling one hand in Yvonne's hair and the other in Cassie's she urged both women on.

Pulling back for air Cassie looked deep into Maxi's eyes.  She felt the other woman tense below her and knew Yvonne must be getting close.

"You're not gonna give Yvonne any more trouble are you?" she asked.  Yvonne slowed the movements of her fingers and tongue while she waited for Maxi's answer.

"No," Maxi grunted through gritted teeth.

"And you're gonna be a good girl and behave from now on?"


"Yvonne is the only top dog in this prison and always will be.  Right?"

"Yes.  Yes!  Oh Christ YES!"

Cassie felt Maxi stiffen beneath her and hold her breath.  She maintained eye contact, silently reminding the other woman of which team had the upper hand.

Yvonne felt Maxi's pussy clench around her fingers and rode out the orgasm with a mental smirk.  She punctuated each contraction with an extra thrust as Maxi moaned her release into the quiet air of the chapel.

Maxi relaxed, breathing hard.  Cassie and Yvonne moved away from her while she tried to get her head together.  After a minute she realized how ridiculous she looked with her shirt undone and her jeans round her ankles.  She jumped up and dressed hastily trying not to look at Yvonne or Cassie.

"Right well...I'd best get back to me cell," she said in a rush.

"Remember," said Yvonne grabbing Maxi's arm as she tried to rush past them.  "I'm in charge round 'ere."

Maxi looked up, meeting Yvonne's eyes briefly before she looked down again.  "Yeah, Yvonne," she said sheepishly.  "You're the boss.  Can I go now please?"

"That's a good girl," Yvonne said with a grin.  "Off you go."  She patted Maxi's cheek before she showed her mercy and let her slip past.

"You certainly showed her," Cassie said with a grin when she was gone.

"Yeah," Yvonne replied distantly.

"Hey, what's up?" asked Cassie, stroking her hand down the side of Yvonne's face.

"Oh, it's nothing.  Just having a delayed reaction to my new lifestyle change.  I mean...it's not exactly normal is it, all this?"

"Oh Yvonne," Cassie sighed.  "You're not normal, you're not abnormal.  You're just you."

Cassie took the older woman's face between her hands and kissed her gently.

"Where'd you come up with that line?" Yvonne smiled.

"My first girlfriend."  Cassie shrugged.  "She was big on the philosophical one-liners."

Yvonne laughed.  "Come on," she said.  "We'd better get this place squared up and get back to our cells sharpish."

Cassie nodded and got to work moving the chairs back into their neat rows.  Yvonne paused at the door as they left, looking back into the chapel.  The God-sqauders would never be able to tell anything had gone on when they turned up for church the next day.

Now that's sacrilegious, she thought with a smirk as she snapped off the light and hurried after Cassie.

The End

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