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By Deathsheadx

Book One: Change of Pace

Chapter Two

"Really B'Elanna, you have got to stop dropping in like this."

"Just why am I here this time?!"

"For the same reason you were last time, you've brought dishonor on yourself."

"What are you talking about?"

"I cannot tell you that."

B'Elanna started to think back…she had accepted her Klingon heritage, she had not committed any dishonorable acts…but then a thought crept in… Seven of Nine.

Suddenly she remembered an incident, she had called Seven a Borg bitch and several other names…but how could that dishonor her…

Seven was rude, obnoxious and had no respect for B'Elanna's authority…

But then, what could she expect from someone who was Borg most of their life? It didn't change the fact…

B'Elanna stopped. Borg all her life…well 18 years of her life; the human half of her had been repressed for 18 years…if you took those years away…she had the human development of a 6 year old… a child; she was an adult in many ways but emotionally she was childlike.

B'Elanna had been insulting a child. She had known deep down this was true but she had refused to admit it. Instead of helping a child grow she had been adversarial to Seven…

Her treatment of the ex-drone, it had been dishonorable.

But B'Elanna knew there was more; she had allowed others to do the same with no thought to the child within Seven.

"Ah…now you get it." said Kortor…

B'Elanna sank to the deck filled with remorse, sure Seven had the mental faculties of an adult but emotionally, spiritually she was a child that was being forced to grow up fast…"I'm so sorry Seven." said B'Elanna "I have wronged you. I have dishonored myself…"

Suddenly B'Elanna's hands began to glow, there was a flash and she was in sickbay.

"You were very lucky the energy stream only grazed your shoulder," said the Doctor, "a direct hit would have killed you, as it is you just suffered a powerful shock…"

"Thanks Doc, what about my baby?"

"There are no adverse effects to your unborn child B'Elanna." He replied.

B'Elanna nodded and got up, her mind on what she had experienced…

The next day.

Seven was alone in Cargo Bay Two when she heard a beep and realised someone had activated the door's intercom system. "Seven can I come in?" came B'Elanna's voice.

"The door is not locked, you may enter…"

Seven watched the Chief of Engineering enter the cargo bay. She wondered what she had done to aggravate the Lieutenant this time.

"Seven I have come to apologize."

"Apologize?" Asked Seven in confusion.

"I've come to realise I have been acting without honor towards you. I have refused to see you as anything but Borg when you were more than that; when you like me suffer a conflict between the two halves of your heritage…I should have been mor—"

"Lt Torres it is I who should apologize to you. You were right when you said I had been undermining your authority in engineering, I should have worked with you instead of going over you…"

"But Seven I should have tried to listen to you more..."

"If I had not dismissed your feelings and reasoning as irrelevant you would never of been so averse to my presence…"

B'Elanna looked at Seven.

Seven of Nine looked at B'Elanna.

"I guess we're both guilty of alienating each other," said B'Elanna.

"It would seem so," replied Seven.

"Truce?" Asked B'Elanna.

"That would be accept---that would be fine Lieutenant Torres."

"Well then, now that's out of the way, I want to talk to you about working on a new type of coolant system…"

"What did you have in mind Lieutenant?"

"Hey, first rule if we're going to make this truce work Seven, call me B'Elanna."

"Very well l…B'Elanna."

A few days later.

"Hey Tom, did you hear? "

"Hear what, Harry?"

"B'Elanna and Seven called a truce!"

"You shitting me Harry? They actually called a cease fire…okay, now all we need is the four horsemen and the end of the universe is a good to go!"

"Ha-ha very funny Tom…"

Tom watched his best friend walk away and sighed as he thought about B'Elanna; he had to admit the truth… it wasn't working out. He had believed that he and B'Elanna were meant to be together but it became clear they were meant to only be friends… he could pretend that they had a chance but that would be unfair on their unborn child…

Tom set his jaw resolutely; he would talk to B'Elanna tonight.

That night B'Elanna entered her apartment to see Tom waiting for her which was a first as he was usually out playing this time of night.

"Hiya flyboy, what's up? The Captain kicked you out of the holodeck?"

"No…B'Elanna we need to talk."

B'Elanna stopped in her tracks. "What's up Tom?"

"I've been thinking B'Elanna…"

"Whoa, don't strain yourself helm rat."

"B'Elanna, I'm serious!"

"Tom? What's wrong?"

"I was thinking about the other day when you ripped me to shreds over the overtime thing. You wondered why you married me, you called me a kid and you said I disappointed you…"


"B'Elanna you're right, I have acted like a big kid, and when I realized that, I realized I have been a disappointment to you, I haven't been there when I should…"

"Tom I…"

"B'Elanna I want a divorce."

To Be Continued

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