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Treasured Routine
By Theia L.


The incessant beeping of the alarm pulls a moan from your lips. Before you can reach to turn off the alarm the pendulum of breast brushes across your skin pinning you in place; it is followed by the heat of the soft body leaning into yours. Your eyes fly open as you watch the closed-eyed redhead turn off the alarm. With a humph she collapses on your body.

"Ten minutes," she moans.

She wiggles up the length of your body, finding where your neck and shoulder meet, and nestled in. Legs entangled, her light snoring and rhythmic breathing plays in your ear and on your skin. Involuntarily your arms wrap around this curvaceous frame sealing it to yours.

"I must be dreaming," you mumble.

You can feel her twitch, moving her hips, sliding a leg off your body exposing the heat between her legs onto your stomach. Your mouth goes dry realizing this is anything but a dream. Visions of last night bring a smile to your lips and the blood in your veins begins to boil. Closing your eyes you remember how you got here.

Like a movie, images of last night began to form in your head. The four of you met for dinner at the usual place, at the usual time. You ate and laughed and talked about the "club's" current case until eleven and Claire begged off saying that she had to get home.

"The husband and the kids," you smirked.

"You'll soon realize, my friend." She quipped. The look she threw at Cindy was lost on you.

As you leave, you and Cindy wave to the others as they meandered through the parked cars to get to theirs. You watched the redhead under the cloak of night. You know her words before she even utters them, so you beat her to the punch.

"Want me to walk you to your car," you say with a smile.

She returns the smile and nods. You walk in silence, making it to her car. Yours is only a few rows back.

"Follow you home?" you beat her again. Ever since Jamie Galvin broke into her car and threatened her with nonexistent gun, Cindy looked over her shoulder. You checked the backseat as you fumed at the small amount of her innocence is stolen. If you ever see Jamie Galvin's face again, you will make him have sleepless nights and looking over his shoulder.

"Thank you," she whispers as you back away facing her, watching as she gets in, locks her doors, and fastens her seatbelt.

You jog a little to your car, popping the security system and hopping in. The black Charger roars as the chrome wheels pull out of the spot. You see her make a right out of the lot towards her home.

Relaxing in the leather bucket seat you watch her drive, smiling as you have to accelerate every now and then to catch up.

You bring your car to a crawl as you watch the vibrant redhead walk the path to her door. She unlocks the door but turns towards the street. You know what is coming next. Her face is puzzled as she waves for you to come. With a sigh, your heart quickens as you back in behind her beloved Maggie. You zip your jacket and climb out of the car. You tell yourself an hour at the most because you know you cannot bear sleeping on her tiny sofa one more night.

"At least I have tomorrow off," you resigned.

You jog up the steps where she is waiting for you, door slightly opened.

"Coffee?" she whispers. You nod, following her through the door.

Your fingertips brush against her neck as you reach for the collar of her jacket. The brief touch singes your skin as she shakes the jacket from her body. She's already halfway to the kitchen to make the java as you breathe deep to gather your senses. How did the two of you fall into this routine? For you, being in her presence every night since the Jamie incident was bittersweet. You inhale her scent on her jacket before hanging it in the closet. Shrugging off yours, you place it closer to hers hoping the delicious smell will rub off to keep you company on the ride home.

"Linds," her sweet voice calls your name.

Slowly you make your way into the living room, stalling a little more because you know what you will find. She does not disappoint. The redhead is ready for bed, sitting on the couch, sipping from a mug. Yours is on the coffee table waiting for you to join. Her legs are crossed and tucked underneath her. Your breath catches as your eyes travel from her delicate toes, tiny ankles, firm calves, to full shapely thighs. You know your eyes will betray you as they roam over barely covered hips under the Victoria Secret lacey shorts. Denying your eyes further exploring, you cross in front of her to sit solidly on the sofa. Cindy reached for your mug and handed it to you. She lightly caresses your hair before returning to drink.

"How is this going to get you to sleep?" you asked, blowing the hot liquid. Your eyes focus on her face. You notice hers is focused on your lips forming an O over the mug. You wonder if you mistaken the looked of desire because it disappeared as quickly as it flashed in those beautiful green eyes.

"I'm drinking herbal tea," she says, lowering her head. "So, I'll follow up on the fraternity lead for the Mark Stone case."

"Okay," you manage. She seems subdued. You wonder what is going through that gorgeous head of hers.

"Thank you, Lindsay," she begins. "For staying with me practically every night since…"

Her voice trails off.

"Sweetie, this is what I do. What are friends for, huh?" rolling your eyes, you hope the sugary drenched endearment escaped unnoticed as she places her mug down.

The redhead scoots close to you on the sofa, her head on your shoulder. Her arm snakes around your waist and her other arm rest gently across your hips. You sharply inhale every part of her, trying to calm the intense banging within your chest. You knew she would be out within the hour. She just needed someone she trusts close by to keep her mind from racing long enough to sleep. You reach for the remote as she stirs slightly. You settle in until you hear her faint snoring.

ESPN is occupying your eyes but your mind is off and running on the what-ifs and possibilities regarding the redhead in your arms. You didn't know when it happened—no, you did, the night when she peaked over that partition, but you were a goner and didn't even realize it. The red tresses were your undoing and the megawatt smile sent you freefalling. Her sudden body jerk brings your attention back. It would be one of many before she would actually fall into REM sleep. Your hand rubs her lower back as she settles with a faint purr. You resign to the idea of getting some sleep tomorrow morning when you get home.

You woke from the sofa to the soft massaging on your neck. You couldn't help but moan as it continued up below your ear. You know you're dreaming but you refuse to wake, not waiting it to end. A hand palms your breast squeezing as the soft lips travel across your jaw and then back to your ear.

"Morning," she breathed into your ear.

Your eyes fluttered open to see red hair nuzzled into your neck. She continues her blitz as you try to get your bearings. The two of you are completely crammed on her tiny sofa. She's stretched out on top of you with both of your hands resting comfortably on her heart shaped bottom. On impulse, you squeeze her tightly into you, pulling a moan from her lips.

"Cindy," you strain beneath her.

Your voice beckons her eyes to focus on yours. You're glad to be lying down because the look in those aroused eyes would have floored you. The unquestionable desire bores into you radiating heat through your body. She smiles the sexiest smile you have ever seen before kissing the cleft in your chin. It is followed with a soft, delicate flick of her tongue.

"God," you say in a harsh whisper.

Wordlessly she rises from you, instantly bringing in the cold. Her hand is extended to you as she patiently awaits your choice. The conflict within you wages between doing something that could devastate your friendship and making unbridle love to a woman you fell in love with at first sight.

That smile was back and you knew in your heart she was meant for you and you for her. You knew there was no one else for you but the redhead before you. Your hand slips into hers. She squeezes it as though she would fly away if you were not the anchor. Gently tugging you to your feet, she leads you to her bedroom.

Backing you against the bed, she makes slow progress with your clothes, kissing every area bared. When she allows your pants to fall, her lips kisses the area where your hip and thigh meet. Hooking her hands in your panties she pushes them away, kissing a trail across your stomach. Then everything stops. You're standing completely bare before her. She is standing in front of you looking at you from head to toe with a look of intense approval.

"Absolutely stunning," she said her voice heavy that you didn't recognize it.

You watch as the strips of clothing fall from her body. Your mouth opens as you drink her in and your legs feel like jelly as you sit on the bed. You watch as she closes the small distance. Your hands encase her, roaming over her skin and kissing anywhere your lips can find. You don't rush—no, you take pleasure in the slow, purposeful kisses and licks and sucks. Her skin is hot, scorching your lips as they travel all over her luscious frame.

She pulls your head from her body beckoning for relief. You pull her onto the bed and cover her with your body. Your fingers trace the face of your dreams. All you can do is smile. Your fingers travel over her eyes, nose, and over her kiss swollen lips. She licks your index finger as it passes. You notice the blush creeping across her face as she looks into your eyes. You know they are laden with desire. Those fingers continue to travel over her body as your head descends over hers. Your lips meet in a soft, attentive kiss. Her hands crept around your neck pulling you closer. You swallow her grasps as your finger brushes between her legs. Instinctively, her legs widen approving your intentions.

You can't hold it any longer. From the movements of her pressing against your hand to the constant barrage of kisses, bites, and moans she is giving you. You slip into her slowly, cautiously unsure how it will be received.

"Lindsay," her voice is deep as she moves to invite you deeper within her.

You're not one to be asked twice. You thrust deeply inside of her causing her to buck against your hand. Together you continue to ride this euphoric bliss clinging to each other, cementing your hearts. Never before have you experienced someone giving all of them to you. It was blowing your mind and causing heaviness in your heart. You know your life would not be complete without her and you didn't want to try. Cradled beneath you, the redhead shatters into a million pieces seconds before you join her. The moisture of love clings to your bodies. Your lips meet in a tender yet passionate kiss. You want to enjoy the moment, the feeling of being within her release.

Looking in her eyes, you kiss away the tears beginning to form. Pulling her close to you, you hold her tight, rubbing her back until you both doze off to sleep.

In the present…

The beeping is back. Cindy stirs a little before kissing the center of your chest. Fumbling with the alarm, she silenced it. Brushing her hair away, her sleepy eyes embrace yours.

"Hi," she smiles.

"H-Hello," you stammer.

You're still finding it hard to believe you are really here. Here within the woman you only dreamed of being with. She sees reservation in your eyes. Gingerly, she straddles you in a seated position. She is looking down at you with the sheet tousled around her legs. You can't help but look at the body completely naked and unashamed before you.

"Regrets," she asks. You notice the slight crack in her voice.

"Never," you whisper. "Can I tell you something?"

"Always," she smiles, the light coming back to her eyes. Her fingers lightly moving over your body as she watches you.

"I love you," you begin. "Cindy, I'm in love with you."

There you said it. Now you can die happy knowing the truth of your feelings have been laid at her feet. You close your eyes, afraid to see this declaration not reciprocated.

"Lindsay," she beckons but your eyes remain shut. "Lindsay, look at me."

You open your eyes to less than an inch from hers. You're captivated within them.

"I loved you the moment I saw you strut off the elevator into the pressroom. All those months ago…" She smiled. "I'm in love with you."

Your world just restarted as you captured her lips with yours. Dreams turn into a reality you fully welcome. You push her gently down to take all she would give. A soft voice stilled your progress.

"My turn," she murmurs, flipping you back onto your back.

The End

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