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Trick or Treat
By Geekgrrllurking


"What do you mean you hate Halloween? How can you hate Halloween?" Nikki Beaumont paused as she slid their dinner leftovers into the fridge and peered around the door at her girlfriend.

"I don't know. I just do." Nora Delaney wandered into the kitchen with their plates and popped open the dishwasher. "Dealing with all the nasty little delinquents on Halloween over the years has kind of soured me on the whole thing."

Nikki snuck up from behind and draped her long arms around Nora's shoulders, pulling her close. Nuzzling into the long blonde hair, she found a delicate ear to nibble and tease.

"Come on, Nora. You know the costume party will be fun." With one last nip on an earlobe, Nikki pulled away from the tempting woman in her arms and headed back to the living room to grab their glasses from the coffee table.

"I'm gonna go as that CSI lab rat on TV you think looks like me a bit. I've already snagged a white lab coat from Charlie." Nikki brought the two glasses and a missed knife over and placed them into the appropriate racks in the machine.

"Can I just go as your girlfriend?" The blonde grumbled as she squirted detergent into the small compartment, closed the door with a snap and started the dishwasher. She looked up to see Nora's eyes twinkling with mischief.

"Well, you could go as Catherine Willows if you like sweetie, but we'll have to find you something with a plunging neckline and tight pants." Nikki moved away as the teasing thoughts swirled and actually started taking shape as having real potential. "Some dark rimmed glasses, I bet you'd look hot in…latex gloves and maybe a magnifying glass or something. Not a bad idea though…"

"That's not what I meant." Nora slumped down onto the couch realizing that her lover could be like a dog with a bone. She looked up as the brunette stood before her, arms crossed and an amused look gracing her face.

"Stop with the pouting lip, Delaney. I'm sure we can come up with a great costume for you." Nikki grinned at Nora's long suffering look, not deterred in the least.

"I see you just need the right motivation then." Nikki tugged the long tails of her shirt out of her dark pants and popped a button on her white blouse, then a second one, slowly revealing her lacy bra and toned stomach.

"Don't you want to dust me for fingerprints?" Nikki raised a dark eyebrow and waited.

Nora blinked. She could work with the CSI costume. Definitely. Maybe she could even borrow a Kevlar vest from work. Oh, was that Nikki's pants zipping open…?

"Come here, Trouble." Nora reached up and pulled the taller woman down onto the couch trying to ignore the smug grin of victory. Rolling a now giggling Nikki to her back, she slowly captured the soft lips, their tongues dancing together.

"This isn't a trick is it?" Nikki paused for a moment and smiled up at her lover, teasing her. She gasped suddenly as Nora eased a hand into the tight confines of her panties, finding her wet and ready.

"Oh, no baby, this is all treat…"

The End

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