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Turbolift Torment Three
By alastria7

Lieutenant Torres had been feeling a little under the weather; nothing serious, just a muscle problem she had managed to inflict upon herself, from an extra strenuous bout of Velocity with the Captain a few days ago. As the problem didn't seem to be leaving of its own accord, the Lieutenant had just had it evicted by the EMH and was now feeling much more like her old self again.

`A light lunch and then back to work,' she thought as she waited patiently for the turbolift at Deck 5. On its arrival, it seemed the entire staff of Voyager had tried to sardine themselves into it as the Lieutenant frowned and stepped forward.

Seven had been one of the last people to enter the lift and she nodded her acknowledgement coldly to the fiery Engineer as B'Elanna entered, stood in front of her and turned to face the doors. Two late arrivals were then accommodated and the lift finally got under way.

B'Elanna was sandwiched in between a crewman in front of her and Seven to her rear. Packed in so tightly she was more than aware of the ex-Borg's body pressing up against her.

Seven was uncomfortable, not so much with the crowd in the turbolift but with the fact that it had pushed her so closely up against the Lieutenant. It embarrassed her. She tried to pull backwards but was held in place by the people behind her. She tried to move sideways, and succeeded to some degree, but had to move back again due to the jostling at her side.

Seven's bid for freedom had afforded the Lieutenant every opportunity to make out the extended areas of Seven's upper torso as the young woman had moved to the side and then back again.

`Oh God,' thought B'Elanna as her mind unwillingly homed in on the shape of the ex-Borg. She felt Seven's knees pushing in against her upper legs, and (when the woman had just moved) she had felt a hip brushing her back. But it was the upper torso, still pressed firmly against her, that she was finding hard to put out of her mind.

Seven could feel the contact of her breasts on B'Elanna's shoulders and could do nothing to break it, becoming slightly flustered as the situation began to cause her mental distress. Her attempts to move aside in the crowded situation had been to no avail, there simply wasn't the room. When she was jostled from the side and pushed back towards B'Elanna, she'd felt her upper body being scraped against B'Elanna's back.

Something was happening that the ex-Borg did not understand. In fact, two somethings. One, she had felt a tingling at her breasts as she'd scraped along B'Elanna's back and, two, she now felt an odd (although not unpleasant) sensation in her groin.

B'Elanna's eyes widened! `No, sweet Kahless no,' she pleaded in her mind as she felt two very small areas harden, one at each shoulder. She knew instantly what they were and was extremely gratified that her current expression could not be seen by anyone. She was very annoyed with her body for acting without her permission as she felt… `NO! Arousal?'

Seven closed her eyes. Her embarrassment was now off the scale as she felt herself pushing even further into B'Elanna's back – wanting to, enjoying doing so and yet totally disgusted at her lack of willpower. She scraped her body across B'Elanna's shoulders once more, hoping the Lieutenant would believe it to be an act out of the ex-Borg's control.

The two hardened areas, on the move again across her upper back, set the Engineer aflame. There was something about all this that was… `Oh, come on Torres, get real. This is `circumstance', she doesn't mean it! She probably doesn't even know what's going on with me here.'

Seven sensed something from the woman in front of her, something to do with her body heat increasing and her breath quickening. It was obvious what was happening and it only served to increase Seven's discomfort further, and yet she seemed powerless to stop moving across the Engineer's back, blaming it (silently) on the others in the lift.

As though in answer to a silent and yet deafening plea from B'Elanna Torres, the turbolift stopped and the doors opened. The Lieutenant breathed a sigh of – what? Relief? Clearly they were on Deck 2 and her objective had been the Mess Hall, so this was her stop. And Seven?

Seven of Nine was in a rare old state. Her embarrassment had peaked at the realisation that they had reached their destination and she would now, in all likelihood, have to come face to face with the Lieutenant who, no doubt, had felt what she had felt a moment ago.

`How the hell can I look her in the eye?' questioned the Lieutenant of her wits. `And was it on purpose that she pushed even closer to me in there?' B'Elanna took a dozen brisk steps out of the turbolift, heading towards the Mess Hall doors and then stopped. `This is only going to get more difficult to face if you leave it now,' she cautioned herself, turning around slowly.

Seven was walking towards the Mess Hall with her head down. She walked slowly, allowing others to pass her, viewing only the area of flooring she needed to take the next few steps. She didn't want to look up. She didn't like to think what she might have to face if she looked up. As it was, she walked straight into an Engineer.

"Cosy, wasn't it," stated B'Elanna with some sarcasm as the ex-Borg ploughed into her. She eyed the blonde's obvious discomfort with some pleasure. `Why the hell should she feel good after what she just put me through?' she thought unfairly.

Seven's eyes held the floor. "I apologise for the tightness of the situation, Lieutenant. It was beyond my control. I was being pushed forward from the rear."

"Yeah. Into my rear."

"I said I was sorry." Seven finally plucked up courage and looked into the Lieutenant's eyes and was surprised to find them dancing with the hint of a smile and some devilment.

"Yeah, well." The Lieutenant bit her lip, wondering whether to risk her next words. She decided she would. "It was hard, but it was bearable…" She looked at Seven suggestively, suddenly realising this was fun. Unchecked, she flicked her eyes down to the areas of Seven that had been `hard but bearable' and then looked back up at the young woman's face.

What Seven wouldn't have given to be full Borg at that moment - beyond independent thought, beyond concern. She looked at B'Elanna unwaveringly, showing a false bravado she didn't feel and said, "No longer hard, Lieutenant, and no longer to be borne. Excuse me." She inclined her head slightly sideways and nodded briskly before stepping around the puzzled Engineer and making her way to the Mess Hall.

`Uh,' thought B'Elanna, still standing in the corridor, mouth gaping. She turned around just in time to see the shapely behind go through the doors ahead of her. `How did that happen?' B'Elanna walked slowly towards the Mess Hall, shaking her head… "She was in control. Then I was in control. She was back in control. Hell," she said with a growing smile, "that must make it my turn."

She set off with purpose, into the Mess Hall.

The End

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