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By ralst

B'Elanna stood in the turbolift fuming about Tom's latest bout of insensitivity, she couldn't imagine what had prompted her to accept his proposal and actually marry the jerk, but whatever it had been the effect had most certainly worn off, and she was on her way to see Janeway right now and work out the procedure for getting a divorce. So when the doors to the lift opened to admit another passenger she was already prepared to bite the persons head off for delaying her journey, but when the person turned out to be Seven of Nine she went into an unreasonable rage.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Seven? I gave the stupid lift the command to bypass all other requests. What did you do huh, program the thing to ignore everything I say and do whatever the hell you tell it?"

Seven was shoked by the sudden outburst, but she'd had enough of the lieutenants moans and gripes over the last few years, and wasn't about to suffer another, especially as she'd thought they were getting on better now. "I have done nothing to the lift, you are obviously suffering from paronoia, or your ego is so inflated it thinks everything in the universe revolves around you."

"You bitch!" B'Elanna took a swing at the other woman, but Seven's quick reflexes enabled her to dodge the blow and capture the other woman's arm in a vice like grip.

"Emergency stop." Seven spoke to the turbolift computer as she pushed the other woman up against the lift walls. "You will refrain from calling me names." A slight twist of B'Elanna's captured arm reinforced the statement. "Is that understood?"

"Sod off and die you stupid borg bitch!" Spat the enraged Klingon.

Using her other hand Seven started to squeeze B'Elanna's neck, restricting her flow of air, "I do not like to be called names." The fingers grew tighter, "if you persist I will make you sorry." As the last word exited her lips Seven pushed B'Elanna away from her and stepped to the other side of the lift.

The Klingon was breathing heavily, her face red with lack of oxygen and rage, "You tried to kill me! Your pet Captain can't save you from this one, no matter how many times you screw her." Pointing a finger in Seven's face she continued, "I'll see you thrown in the brig for this, see if I don't"

"I do not 'screw' the Captain." Seven replied matter of factly.

"Oh give me a break, make love to then, or how about fornicate, or copulate, is that what you still call it?"

"I do none of those things with the Captain." Seven placed her hands behind her back and observed the other woman in her usual calm manner.

"Sure Seven, and I'm a Ferengi's left earlobe." The Klingon scoffed.

"You are surprisingly attractive for an earlobe." Seven did a slow look up and down B'Elanna's body, "especially a Ferengi one."

The blatant come on shocked and confused the Klingon, so she chose to ignore it. "Can you get this tin can moving, I've an appointment with the Captain."

"Oh, do you wish to discuss who she is copulating with?"

"What!" B'Elanna came close to trying to hit the ex-borg again but realised the futility of the action. "Just get the damn lift moving all right?"


"What do you mean no?"

"I will not give the order to move the lift until you tell me why you are going to see the Captain." Still said with total calm.

"That's none of your damn business you cow, just get this thing moving."

"No." Seven quickly moved into the other woman, once again pinning her to the wall, "Why are you seeing Kathryn?"

"To get a divorce, okay." B'Elanna shouted.

"Really?" Seven moved away slightly, but rested her hands on the other woman's waist, allowing her thumbs to massage small circles on B'Elanna's skin.

"Yes," the feel of Seven's hands was beginning to transform B'Elanna's rage to desire, "what are you doing Seven?"


"For what?"

"For you to make love to me." As the last two words exited her lips Seven brought her hands up to cup B'Elanna's breasts, squeezing them gently.

"Oh gods!" B'Elanna arched her back into the welcoming hands, then took hold of Seven's hips and forced their bodies into closer contact. Her hands moving round to kneed the perfect flesh of Seven's behind, producing a whimper from the tall blonde. "You like that don't you?"

"Hmmm, I want to feel you, all of you against me."

"Not here" B'Elanna said, as much as she wanted to rip Seven's clothes off right where they stood and devour her body until she screamed, the turbolift wasn't exactly roomy or comfortable, and if she was going to do half the things she had always fantasised about she'd need time. "Meet me later, after I've seen the Captain."

"I want you now." Seven punctuated her sentence by squeezing B'Elanna's breasts harder.

"Oh Kahless, Seven this isn't the right place, trust me, I want you so bad it hurts, but here isn't right."

"It has to be soon, I don't want to wait."

"Me either. Come to my quarters, er no Tom'll be there, your quarters in forty minutes."

"I have no quarters, only the cargo bay."

"God! Meet me in holodeck 2, okay?"

"Acceptable." Lunging forward Seven captured B'Elanna's lips in their first kiss, although surprised the Klingon soon recovered and forced her tongue into Seven's mouth, delighting in the warmth and sweetness of this virgin territory. For all her inexperience the young Borg didn't allow the other woman to dictate the action, and soon had the Klingon once again pressed up against the turbolift wall, her hands stroking down B'Elanna's body, fingers itching to touch flesh.

"Stop!" B'Elanna took in a much needed breath and used her arms to keep the enthusiastic blonde at arms distance. "Soon Seven, I have to see the Captain remember?"

"Yes." Seven took a step back and forced herself to place her hands behind her back and away from the temptation that was B'Elanna Torres. "Computer, resume."

The turbolift took just eight seconds to reach its destination and without looking behind her B'Elanna walked out onto the bridge.

Seven went straight to holodeck 2.

The End

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