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Turbolift, I think Not
By ralst


Seven looked across at her companion. "The turbolifts aboard Voyager are notoriously inefficient."

"Hmm." The other woman grinned. "It's a good thing I'm not claustrophobic."

"Indeed." Seven shuffled towards the turbolift's doors as the other woman approached her.

"No need to run away, Seven, I won't bite," she leered, "unless you..."

"I should call engineering!" Seven interrupted. "Now!"

The other woman brushed up against Seven's biosuit covered form. "I've always found turbolifts terribly romantic," she reached up as if to trail her hand through Seven's hair, "haven't you?"

Seven jerked back. "I am more of a jeffries tube woman myself."

"Really?" A gleam entered the woman's eyes as scenarios raced through her fevered brain. "That's good to know."

Seven hit her comm. badge, "Help!" She coughed. "Seven to Engineering." There was no response. "B'Elanna!"

Kathryn brushed a finger along Seven's arm. "Let's not bother her, she's probably very busy."

Seven gulped. "I feel sick."

"There, there." Kathryn started patting Seven on the back, her hand lingering after each pat to caress the other woman's back. "Let Katie make it better."

"B'Elanna," Seven whispered, her eyes shut tight as the image of Kathryn's looming face came ever closer.


"Hey Seven!"

Seven slowly opened her eyes. The transporter room slowly came into focus and B'Elanna's annoyed face loomed in front of her. "B'Elanna!" Seven threw herself at the other woman. "We were trapped. It was horrible."

"Alone in a turbolift with that woman," B'Elanna's voice had taken on a steely tone but she managed to soften it slightly as she whispered in Seven's ear, "it's all right now, I've got you."

Seven smiled before looking to her left, then her right. "Where is the captain?"


"The captain?"

"Oh," B'Elanna closed up her tool kit, "we only had enough energy to transport one of you." She took Seven's hand. "I'll fix the lifts when I get back on duty...tomorrow."


B'Elanna shook her head. "Did I mention that Tuvok traced the turbolift fault back to an implanted virus that originated from Kathryn's work station?"

"No, you didn't, but on second thought I think tomorrow will be fine."

The End

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