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Twas the Night Before X-mas
By Sparx

Twas the night before x-mas and all through the ship
not a being was stirring
even the long range sensors
showed not a blip

The redshirts were hiding belowdecks all scared
in the hopes the alien of the week, would not find them there

B'Elanna was sleeping all snug in her bed
While visions of naked Borg danced through her head
Seven in her catsuit that zips in the back
had just settled in for a borg cubicle enhanced nap

When across the sensor grid the alarm set up such a clatter
Both women went to see what was the matter

Away to the bridge they flew like a flash
Seven accessed the controls while B'Elanna brought the weapons array online

Now the writer forgets how this poem should go
but she's not killed it enough, so on with the show

They accessed the viewport that much is clear
and B'Elanna then grated, "I wish Janey were here."
Seven muttered,
"It would be a good idea if Chuckles were here too."

They both rolled their eyes,
knowing their wish would not come true.
Cuz they were in Janey's bed
Seems wooden boy does have a skill or two.

They would have to deal with the dilemma this day
Thought no one would believe their story of a fat guy
eight renideer and a sleigh

Then B'Elanna did say,
"Between you and me we're fresh out of luck.
We can either kill Santa, or go back to my place and
forget the whole thing."

So with a sly knowing grin
they left hand in hand
back to B'Elanna's, where tucked out of sight
moans could be heard and they had a great night.

The End

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