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Twist of Fate
By Darkenedkarma


Chapter 17


Helena opened her eyes slowly. Her entire body felt sore. She hadn't felt this sore in years. Then she smiled remembering what had gotten her so sore. She turned over reaching out for the body that she knew was in the bed with her, encountering nothing but cold sheets. She sat up slowly looking around the room. She couldn't see Barbara anywhere but that didn't mean she wasn't in here. She could have been in the bathroom. She got out of bed padding out into the small sitting room just off her bedroom. All her old furniture was there but no Barbara. She checked the bathroom too still finding no sign of her. She left her room heading towards the kitchen thinking Barbara would be there. She knew it was where she would have been if it had been her.

"Alfred?" Helena said surprised.

"Miss Helena," he greeted. "Would you care for breakfast?"

"Uh, no thanks," she responded. "Have you seen Barbara?"

"Miss Barbara left some time ago. She was kind enough to bring your motorcycle to the garage before she departed," he said.

She smirked at the subtle reprimand. Alfred liked things in their proper place. Then she frowned. "She left? Did she leave a note?"

"Not that I'm aware," he responded, moving around the kitchen deftly.

"Oh." Barbara had left without saying anything? She left? Why would she just leave? Helena ran a hand through her hair as she started to pace the kitchen. Barbara left, like she was a one night stand. The bottom felt like it dropped out of her stomach; she thought she might be sick. Then the anger flushed through her pushing the sick feeling aside.

"It seems a bit drafty this morning," Alfred noted idly at the stove. He had the bacon sizzling already. Helena may have said no but she was always hungry. Besides he needed something to keep him occupied until she realized she wasn't properly attired.

"Huh, oh, maybe a little," Helena agreed being pulled away from her thoughts.

"Perhaps some clothes might be in order?" Alfred suggested without turning around.

Clothes? Helena looked down at herself confirming that she did indeed have no clothes on. "Yeah," she replied before she made her way back to her bedroom. She shrugged to herself. Alfred had changed her diapers.

In two minutes she was dressed and heading for the door. "I'll see you later Alfred!" Helena shouted. She was going to see Barbara. They had things to talk about.

There was no sign of Barbara in the immediate area. She cocked her head listening intently. She heard the shower running. At least Barbara would be trapped. The bathroom only had one exit. Helena planned to be standing in front of it.

"Do you always do the 'wham bam thank you ma'am' routine?" Helena asked. Her voice was loud enough to easily be heard over the shower.

Barbara closed her eyes then leaned forward letting her head thump against the shower stall wall. Helena was here already. She thought she would have more time before the other woman showed up. She'd planned to be dressed, disguised and apologetic. Now she was naked, fully exposed and angry. Why couldn't she be like other women? Why did Helena have to be so bold? This is what came from being too confident. A person didn't react like a regular person when they thought they were better than everyone else. That sense of entitlement that Helena displayed irritated the redhead.

"Well!" Helena demanded when Barbara didn't say anything.

"I'm in the shower," Barbara replied after a few seconds. "Will you wait outside?" She was as polite as she could be in the situation, especially considering how she was feeling.

"I will not wait outside!" Barbara's calm response just made her even more pissed off. It was like the whole thing meant nothing. "I've seen you naked already," Helena reminded her. She'd done more than just see her naked last night.

Barbara could feel it rising up inside of her. That feeling she had last night, the feeling she'd been having so often lately. She thought it was anger but most of the time it felt like something was trying to break through her skin. Sometimes she wanted to let it happen, she wanted to let go. She wanted to let whatever it was that wanted out to get out. She wanted to do it right now. Barbara threw the curtain aside then stepped out of the shower. Her eyes were blazing unnaturally at Helena. Her body was hot, too hot. She was burning up. Her skin was tightening; it felt like it was splitting. It hurt but it also felt so good. She surrendered to it.

Holy shit! Helena took an involuntary step backwards. She thought about that brief flash she'd seen of Barbara's eyes last night when the lights flickered on then off. She'd convinced herself that it was just a trick of the light. It definitely wasn't a trick of the light. She was going to fire every geneticist on the payroll. Then she was going to have their diplomas revoked. How could they have missed this?

"Barbara," Helena's voice was soft now. "I think we need to talk." She barely gave a thought to talking about last night anymore. Not that it wasn't important; they just had more pressing matters to attend to right now. She needed to know what exactly was going on and how to help her. Realistically she knew there was nothing they could do to help her. They didn't really know how to combine DNA anymore than they knew how to separate it. Theoretically, she supposed they new how to combine DNA but they had no control over it so it didn't do anyone any good. Really, from what she'd been told by all the scientists Barbara should be dead. She was beyond grateful that it hadn't but she wasn't happy that the redhead was going through this. She wasn't happy that she was going through it alone. Barbara could have told her. She would have helped her any way she could. Helena knew what it was like to be different. She wouldn't have judged Barbara.

She didn't step back when Barbara took another step towards her. Was she getting darker? Helena studied her friend. Yes, she was getting darker. She also seemed to be…changing? Holy fucking shit! Helena couldn't take her eyes off Barbara. It looked painful. It reminded her of some of those werewolf movies but the special effects had never been this good. One moment Barbara was staring at her like she wanted to attack her then a freakin' huge Jaguar took her place.

She started to back away now. Jaguar Barbara looked like she was ready to pounce. That was alarming considering what she knew about this particular animal. Its jaws could crush a person's skull like a nut. She could only imagine what would happen if she got a hold of any other body part. That could hurt.

"Nice kitty, nice Barbara," Helena crooned lightly to her very agitated friend. This was going to put a kink in her vague idea of developing a permanent romantic relationship with the woman. She was pretty open to differences in others. Gay, straight, meta or any variety of colors. But, she couldn't really see this happening. Perhaps a trip to the JLA was in order after all.

She saw Barbara shift her weight to her back legs getting ready to leap at her. It was time to retreat. She took off like a shot with Barbara on her heels. One good leap had her on the second floor. She glanced behind her only to see a black blur of fur hurdling towards her through the air. Okay, Barbara could leap just as far. Helena glanced around looking for something to subdue the animal. She would head outside but she couldn't risk Barbara being seen by anyone. She could end up in the pound or something.

She made her way towards the training room. There was really only one place to trap her. In the secret room that Barbara stored anything they might need to patrol. She shouted her access code coming to a halt inside. Now that she wasn't running away Barbara wasn't running either. She was stalking Helena though. The plan was simple; she was going to let Barbara attack. When she did, Helena was going to do a 'shake and bake' then hit the exit, trapping Barbara inside.

She didn't have to wait long. Barbara leapt at her letting out a very intimidating growl. Helena dove under the big cat, wincing when she felt claws scrape down her back. As plans went it was an effective one. She yelled her codes again barely squeezing through the closing doors. The thump of a body against the doors made her jerk slightly, which made her back sting. Damn! She looked over her shoulder at her back. Her shirt was shredded down the middle. She'd really liked this shirt. There were long deep groves running down the length of her back. Next time she needed to stay closer to the floor. She snorted. Next time, great.

She touched the key pad making the doors go from opaque to clear. She had a great view of Barbara throwing herself repeatedly against the reinforced plexi-glass. There was no way she was going to get out but Helena didn't think that Barbara was really thinking normally right now. She sank to the floor leaning against the wall only to hiss in pain. She scooted away from the wall crossing her legs Indian style to wait. Sooner or later Barbara would run out of steam. Then she could figure out what to do to help.

She must have fallen asleep. The thumping had been rather rhythmic. Helena looked at Barbara's sleeping form on the other side of the glass. She let out a sigh of relief. Barbara was Barbara again. That was heartening. Whatever had happened hadn't completely changed Barbara.

She keyed in the access codes this time. The doors opened not disturbing the sleeping woman at all. Helena knelt down then touched Barbara gently as she called the redhead's name. She watched as Barbara opened her eyes a bit then blinked groggily. The eyes were the same, they hadn't changed back.

"Hey," Helena greeted when Barbara's eyes finally focused on her. "How are you feeling?"

"What are we doing in here?" She was confused. She couldn't really remember how she got here or why she was lying on the floor naked. Or why Helena was kneeling over her looking a little ashen.

"We had a small misunderstanding," Helena replied holding her finger and thumb apart just a touch. "Do you remember anything at all?"

"You came in the bathroom," Barbara started slowly. Then she remembered why Helena had come into the bathroom. She buried her face in her hands. Helena thought she was an asshole! "God Hel, I'm so sorry."

"It's no big deal," Helena told her. Hell, she'd had worse injuries. A few scratches were nothing.

"How can you say that? I just left. You have to know I had a good reason," she said sitting up. She didn't want Helena to know. Not yet anyway. She blinked rapidly then rubbed her eyes to get the crust out of them. Her entire body stiffened and she stopped breathing. She wasn't wearing her contacts.

Helena drew Barbara's hand away from her face to hold it gently. "I wasn't talking about that."

"You know." It wasn't a question. Of course she knew. How could she not know? Barbara took a deep breath prepared to take what came next. Helena was probably horrified by her now.

"Yeah," Helena confirmed Barbara's statement. "It's okay. We'll figure it out."

Barbara shook her head negating the reassurance. "There's nothing anyone can do," she admitted.

"The JLA might have made some progress." Barbara seemed pretty upset by this so it certainly couldn't hurt to ask.

"I've already looked through their database. They still don't have the technology to do anything." She'd checked when her eyes had changed. She wasn't even sure she wanted to change back. She liked having super powers. She liked being Helena's equal.

"What about the mad scientist?" She asked, thinking of Cliveler.

"Do you really think it's a good idea to let anyone know about this? I could end up a lab experiment if this got out." Barbara pointed out reasonably.

"I wouldn't let that happen." She didn't add the 'again' that was hovering on her lips.

Barbara stood up stretching her muscles. She was kind of sore. She turned to ask Helena what exactly happened but stopped short at the blank mask that had settled on her face. She felt a rush of sadness that made her entire body feel cold. Helena thought she was a monster now. "I know it's hard to take in all at once," she said haltingly. "I'll understand if you need some time. I can leave, take a sabbatical."

Helena whipped her gaze to Barbara's face. Over her dead body! "You're not going anywhere!" Her voice was as hard as titanium.

"You think I'm an aberration. I can't blame you," Barbara said. She sighed tiredly.

"What?" Helena asked. "I can't believe you would think I would be that way. I would never…I couldn't…you're the most important person in my life," she finished. She was completely stunned that Barbara would think that. It was the furthest thing from her mind. She cared about Barbara more than she could easily express, if this was how things were she didn't give a damn. She would help Barbara learn to use this. She could probably stand to learn to control it too. That wouldn't hurt. Those furrows on her back really hurt.

"You can't say you're happy about this," Barbara argued.

Helena rubbed the back of her neck trying to massage some of the tension away. "I admit that you turning into a Jaguar was a bit…unexpected but it was also kind of cool." Sure her first reaction was 'holy shit' but that was more of an exclamation of amazement. Barbara as a Jaguar was just as beautiful as she was now. She liked cats.

"What?" Barbara asked. She couldn't have heard her correctly. There was no way.

Helena had forgotten she hadn't mentioned that part to Barbara yet. "I don't want you to freak out," Helena said cautiously. "You kind of changed…into a Jaguar. Earlier," she clarified unnecessarily. Obviously it would have been earlier. Duh.

Barbara sank to the floor slowly. She changed into an animal? She couldn't wrap her mind around it. She didn't remember anything like that happening. What the hell had she done? Why was Helena moving so awkwardly? She watched as Helena slowly lowered herself to the floor beside her. Usually Helena would just fling herself down onto any surface. She never did anything slowly unless she was injured. What exactly had she done?

"What happened?" Barbara asked. She needed to think about something else for a moment. Concentrating on Helena made that possible.

"Nothing really," Helena hedged.

"I don't believe you."

"Stop looking at me like that," she grumbled. "Nothing really happened. You got a little rambunctious and I trapped you in the equipment room."

"Why are you moving so gingerly?" Barbara asked not willing to let it go. She heard Helena mumble something but even with her new better than average hearing she couldn't make it out.

"What?" She asked, leaning closer to the brunette. That's when she smelled it. It was unmistakable. It was blood. She turned towards Helena scooting closer and closer until she practically had her legs around the other woman. She gently pushed Helena forward and separated the shredded shirt so she could completely see her back and the claw marks running almost to her butt. She hissed at the sight.

"I'm so sorry Helena," she breathed. She reached out to touch the torn flesh but stopped before she could do it. She didn't want to hurt her again.

"I told you it's nothing," Helena said. She could feel the heat from Barbara's hand hovering near her skin. She leaned back until she felt Barbara's fingers on her. She wanted the other woman to touch her. She wanted Barbara to know it was okay to touch her.

"We need to get you bandaged up," Barbara said ignoring Helena's protests that it was nothing. She rolled to her feet then held her hands out to assist Helena. She looked down noticing again that she was naked. "And I need some clothes."

"I don't mind." She may be a little hurt. She may be surprised by the turn of events. She might even be a little alarmed that she'd told Barbara how important she was to her. But she still wanted her. Plus, flirting came naturally to her.

"No?" Barbara asked, smiling despite the situation. Helena had that effect on her.

"Nope, I had plans for you after I got through clobbering you for leaving after last night. I still have plans for you," she finished, leering at the redhead.

"Easy there girl, you're in no shape to plan anything." She shook her head. She really didn't deserve a friend like Helena.

"My recuperative powers are amazing," she reminded Barbara.

"Mine aren't." She didn't think she'd get over any of this easily.

"Yes they are. I'll be here to make sure they are," Helena responded seriously.

"We'll see," she said, smiling slightly to reassure Helena.


Chapter 18

Helena should have been paying attention. She was too busy watching Barbara to listen to what the different division managers were reporting. The redhead was much more interesting than these people. Hell Barbara was more interesting than anyone else that Helena had ever met.

She sighed, resting her cheek against her hand. She wished she could see Barbara's eyes. It was easier to figure out how the other woman was feeling if she could see her eyes. Hell, even the contacts alone would have been alright, but Barbara had decided that she should wear the glasses as well when she went out in public.

Barbara looked pretty calm. The redhead was getting much better at controlling her aggression. Personally, Helena thought that a certain type of aggression Barbara displayed was really hot. Of course, that type of aggression hadn't been present in the last six weeks. They never talked about it after that morning. It was almost like it never happened. They went back to their friendship. Helena was being patient though. Patience, she'd been told over and over, was a virtue. Well, she hadn't been virtuous for a while but she was trying to fake it.

If she could just get the redhead to relax, maybe go to a movie or something. Anything, just as long as they did it outside the Clock Tower. Helena was beginning to really hate that clock. She'd never noticed how loud the ticking was until she started practically living there. The stupid thing clicked and ticked constantly. One night she decided that it was her or the clock and since she loved herself far too much to hurt herself, it had to be the clock. Unfortunately, Barbara was awake. She caught Helena red handed with a crowbar. It wasn't the easiest thing to explain. Despite her other numerous sabotage attempts the clock was still ticking. If she didn't get away from it soon she might just throw herself in the gears. All they did was patrol, train and go to work. All work and no fun made for a very grumpy Helena/Huntress.

Helena shifted uncomfortably. She glared down at her chair. How could a billion dollar company not have more comfortable chairs? After almost an hour her ass was beginning to hurt. The sound of Barbara's voice snapped her attention back to the meeting. Finally! She could watch the woman without trying to look like she wasn't watching her. Barbara could have been speaking Japanese for all Helena cared. She just wanted to listen to the sound of her voice. She had a great voice. She had a great mouth too. Helena knew for a fact that it could do and say the most wonderfully naughty things. She rubbed her forehead to remove some of the moisture that had appeared as she shifted again. Now her ass hurt and she was turned on.

"Were you even paying attention in the meeting?" Barbara asked.

"Of course I was. Why would you even ask?"

"You were staring at me."

"I was not staring at you. I'll have you know I take my position very seriously. I was paying close attention to the meeting," Helena finished indignantly.

"What were the projected costs associated with the delayed release of the new MS drug?" Barbara quizzed.

"We have a pharmaceutical division?" Helena asked guilelessly.

Barbara frowned at her. "One day you're going to miss something important," she warned.

Helena smirked. "That's why I have you. You never miss a thing and I can count on you to have my back."

Barbara made a disdainful sound. "I haven't been doing such a good job of that lately."

Helena sat forward, her demeanor becoming instantly serious. "You're getting much better B. It won't happen all at once."

She was being impatient with herself, she knew that. But, how could it take so long to learn to handle her increased abilities along with her increased ferocity? Too many times when they'd been out on patrol she'd had to sit out on an arrest to get a grip. It was taking too long. She never had this much trouble with anything she set her mind to accomplish. Maybe she belonged in a cage.

"Barbara?" Helena called when the redhead just glared out the window. "Barbara?"

She turned around doing her best to keep her temper in check. Even with Helena it happened, though with Helena she usually wanted to do something other than fight. That was a problem, especially since the brunette was living at the Clock Tower. She didn't want to have another hormone induced tumble. She could barely think about the last two she had. It was mortifying. Sometimes she could barely look at Helena. She never knew when it would strike. It was like a tidal wave washed over her causing her to imagine Helena naked and wanting underneath her. She took several deep breaths.

"You're right," she admitted after a few more seconds. "I'm getting better."

"Hey," Helena said softly, going over to Barbara. "You really are doing better. Soon you'll be the epitome of control just like me," she finished cheekily.

"So it's never gonna happen?"

Barbara's look was so comically disappointed that Helena had to laugh. "Go to work," Helena told her, waving her hand dismissively. "I'll have something special planned for you later."

One red brow quirked in question.

"You'll see this afternoon," Helena answered the unspoken question.

"What is that?" Barbara asked when she saw Helena carrying in a large object.

"This is Kenny," Helena responded, slapping the completely wood mannequin on the back.

"Why is Kenny in our Clock Tower?"

"He's your sparring partner," she informed Barbara. One day when they were sparring and Barbara was pounding away at her trying to figure out how hard to hit someone without killing them she'd had an idea. A dummy. When she looked around she decided the plastic one's wouldn't last two seconds so she'd had one made out of oak. And so Kenny was born.

"He won't be much competition," Barbara said, clearly unimpressed.

Helena smiled at the lack of enthusiasm. "Maybe not, but you can use him to figure out how much force to use rather than using me. I don't look good in bruise."

"You expect me to hit solid oak?" Barbara's voice was heavy with disbelief. She may be pretty strong now but she wasn't invincible. She needed her arms and legs intact.

"Stop whining," Helena ordered. "You need something that can take some abuse."

"Fine," she huffed. She wasn't whining, just making an observation.

Helena smiled. She wasn't going to get beat on again tonight. She set Kenny up on the training room wall. He had to be secured to something so he wouldn't just fall down when Barbara hit him. Hopefully the wall wouldn't get too damaged. Between the two of them the bills to repair various surfaces in the Clock Tower were starting to mount up.

Helena was using the rhythmic thwacking of padding hitting wood to pace her weight lifting. After a couple of kicks and lots of cursing they'd decided that Barbara should probably wear pads to spar with Kenny. Finally, with the pads on, the redhead had settled into a steady flow of punches and kicks. All in all, this was working out nicely for both of them. Then she heard the splintering of wood.

"What did you do?" Helena asked, coming along side the redhead to stare at what used to be Kenny's head.

"That last one was too hard."

"Ya think?" Helena asked sounding disgruntled. She looked at his head sadly. "You killed Kenny," she said mournfully. Then she blew the effect by snickering.

"You should watch less television." She should have seen this coming. Helena never did anything without some reason. She'd heard, 'You killed Kenny' coming from the plasma TV enough times that she really should have realized where this would go.

"You should watch more TV. Why did you buy a fifty-five inch plasma if you were never going to watch it?" Helena wondered.

Barbara just ignored her. She wasn't about to tell her that she bought the TV so Helena would want to be at the Clock Tower. Most of the additions that had been bought were for that very reason. She didn't need every game system known to mankind. She really didn't need the huge surround sound system either. But, it was a good investment. Helena was here after all.

"Do you have another one?" Barbara asked as she gestured towards the headless Kenny.

"No." Helena frowned at the redhead. She had expected Kenny to last much longer. She'd had an engineer on staff calculate the thickness of the wood so it could take blows that Helena herself could throw. "Kenny was an only child."

"I guess you'll have to fill in."

"Actually, I think you've had enough tonight," Helena told her.

"You mean you've had enough," Barbara teased. Helena hadn't gotten a single bruise as far as she could tell. In fact, she spent more time blocking attacks than anything else. Helena always had been a bit of a drama queen.

"We need to go out. We need fun," Helena replied, deflecting attention from her wussiness.

"We still need to patrol," Barbara disagreed.

"There's this thing called 'a day off'. Ever heard of it?" They'd been living and breathing work and patrol for over a month.

"You know, that's a good idea," she agreed. "I have a lot of work and research to finish. That's a terrific idea."

"That's not what I meant and you know it," Helena accused.

"I know. I'm sorry. I just…"

"Let's go to dinner. We have to eat and eating is a perfectly normal, non-hazardous activity with no potential for danger. Well, you may be able to poke yourself with a knife, but I have complete confidence is your dexterity." Her mouth had taken up babbling in its spare time. She needed to put something in it. Food would be good. "What do you say?"

"I can't."

"You're never going to be comfortable if you don't get out there," Helena said as she turned to leave. "I'm going to hit the shower."

"Helena," Barbara called after her.

"I'll be ready to patrol in a few," Helena said over her shoulder.

The following week

"What are you doing?" Barbara asked. She'd stepped off the elevator to see Helena lying on her stomach staring at Jagger.

"I'm watching her." Her tone indicated that she thought Barbara should have been able to figure that out without asking.

She sighed heavily. Helena had been increasingly abrupt with her lately. She knew her hesitance to move out of her self imposed isolation bothered Helena but she wasn't ready. She really didn't know how to make the brunette understand. Helena had dealt with her differences her entire life. She'd only just begun to adjust, she just needed time. "I gathered that," Barbara replied. "Why are you watching her?"

"She was stuck with the same mojo juice you were. I'm waiting to see if she does anything different."

"You mean if she does anything besides making you act like a weirdo?"

"I'm not acting like a weirdo," Helena defended herself. "It's a perfectly legitimate line of research."

"Research? Since when do you do research?" Research was her thing. Helena was more of a doer than a researcher.

"Someone has to. Besides I want to see," she replied.

"See what?'

"I want to see if she can change," Helena told her.

"Why?" Her tone was sharp. What Helena was doing made her defensive and slightly angry.

"Because you won't even try and I want to see it again." Helena had tried to get Barbara to explore this facet of her life but the redhead had adamantly refused.

"Leave her alone," Barbara ordered after Helena finished. She pulled off her glasses throwing them onto a nearby table then glared at the brunette.

"I'm not hurting her," Helena snapped. Who did Barbara think she was ordering her to do anything?

"She's just a house cat. She's not going to turn into anything else," Barbara replied angrily.

"Yeah, like you're just a person."

"I am a person," Barbara ground out.

"You're more than a person and you need to face that fact," Helena argued.

"I am facing it!"

"Then let's see it," Helena taunted.

"Fuck you!"

Helena tilted her head watching Barbara like she was an exotic animal, which in reality, she was. Barbara didn't use profanity. She didn't even like it. But, this wasn't only the old Barbara which is what Helena was trying to make her face. "You already did."

Barbara's eyes sparked with rage. "You want to see me," her voice was deceptively soft as she stalked towards Helena.

She probably was playing with fire getting Barbara pissed like this but nothing else had worked so far. She held her ground when the redhead walked right into her personal space. She could actually feel the heat from her body.

"You want to see the real thing, little house cat?" Barbara sneered.

House cat? Oh no she didn't! "I'll show you house cat." Helena's voice was menacing. That was all the warning she gave. It wasn't the most controlled or even the prettiest punch she'd ever thrown but it was a hard one. Barbara flew back several feet before she landed on her ass.

Barbara could feel blood trickling out of her nose. She snaked her tongue up, licking part of it off. "I know what my blood tastes like. Let's see what yours is like." Her fist went into the wall where Helena's head used to be. She quickly turned, smashing her elbow into Helena's face. She jerked her fist out of the wall, pulling plaster away with it. She didn't have time to block the kick to her stomach. She bent over as all the air whooshed out of her. The next kick was meant to take her head off but she caught the booted foot before it could make contact. She twisted the foot sharply watching Helena's entire body roll with it then land with a hard thump a couple of feet away.

Barbara wasn't about to let the advantage go. She grabbed the back of Helena's shirt, jerking her up and backwards throwing her back against the wall. She didn't stay there for long.

Helena jumped over Barbara, surprising the redhead with a sudden burst of speed. She wrapped her right arm around her neck then clamped the other around Barbara's waist holding her captive. She kept applying pressure to her neck until Barbara stopped struggling. They both needed to calm down. She held on tightly for a minute before little by little, she began to loosen her grip. She let her guard down when Barbara didn't react to the decreased strength of Helena's hold. That is, until she did react.

Barbara twisted sweeping her arm up and over Helena's arm that was beginning to tighten around her again. She trapped the arm, pushing down until she was released. She reversed their positions seamlessly then pushed Helena towards the wall, trapping her against it with her body. "Is this what you want?" Barbara's voice was an angry rumble as she ground herself against Helena.

"No!" Yes! But not like this. She just wanted to push Barbara a little, she didn't want this. She hoped to push enough to make Barbara lose some control not all of it.

"Liar," she whispered into the brunette's ear. "I can smell it."

"Maybe," Helena agreed, not bothering to struggle. "But, I still won't have what I want."

Barbara frowned at that answer. The confusion from that statement pulled her out of her fog. "What does that mean?" She asked, letting Helena go. She stepped away putting distance between them.

"You like puzzles, figure it out," she replied cryptically.

"Where are you going?" Barbara called out when she saw Helena heading for the elevator.


Metropolis the same evening

"Helena!" Selena exclaimed. She'd heard someone come in but she thought it was Bruce coming back early. The last thing she expected to see was her daughter.

"Hey," Helena replied, genuinely smiling for the first time in a month. She hadn't expected anyone to be here. She'd been prepared to wait for a while, probably days knowing her parents hectic schedule.

She pulled Helena into a tight hug. It had been too long since she'd seen her. "What are you doing here?" She didn't give her daughter a chance to answer. "Your father isn't here yet. He's going to be thrilled to see you."

"That's probably a good thing," Helena mumbled as she plopped down on the couch. Her entire body radiated unhappiness. She never could seem to hide anything from him anymore, her mother either for that matter. Maybe this visit hadn't been such a good idea.

"What's going on?" Selena asked, sitting down beside her. She'd recognized that unhappy voice. She assessed Helena, taking in her tired eyes. Something was wrong.

Helena sighed. Her mother was never one to beat around the bush. She was always very direct, going straight to the heart of things. "Nothing really," Helena hedged.

"I thought we agreed not to keep secrets from each other anymore," Selena reminded her. Secrets had hurt them all before.

"I'm just having some issues," Helena replied vaguely.

"We can talk about it now or we can wait for your father to get home."

Helena glanced up quickly with a mildly panicked expression. She didn't talk about these things with him. She couldn't talk to him about it. He still pretended she was a virgin!

"Romantic troubles," Selena guessed after seeing that look. That was the only thing Helena never spoke to Bruce about.

"I can't say they're romantic," she replied bitterly. How could Barbara just ignore it like she did?

"No?" Selena asked. She tilted her head curiously, studying Helena again. She had the look of a woman who wanted something she couldn't have. "Then what would you say they are?'

Helena glanced at Selena then turned her gaze away again. "Do you think you would have ever had a normal relationship if you hadn't met Dad?" Helena asked after a few seconds.

"Maybe. Maybe not, but luckily I did find him," she replied, unable to stop the smile that crossed her face at the mere thought of Bruce.

"I'd like to find that," Helena said quietly.

So, that was it. "I thought you already did," Selena answered.


"Why did you go back to New Gotham?" Selena asked, ignoring Helena's question.

"It's my home."

"I don't think that's the only reason."

"She wasn't the reason," Helena snapped. She knew what her mother was getting at.

Selena laughed at her. "You've been in love with her since you met her," she said smiling indulgently at Helena.

"I couldn't stand her!"

"Exactly," she said as if that proved her point.

Helena shook her head at the silly notion. "It doesn't matter anyway; she doesn't feel that way about me."

"Where on earth did you get that idea?" Selena asked, truly shocked. She knew when she saw them together the night everything came out that Barbara had feelings for Helena. Not that Barbara would have ever acted on them, but they were there. Her opinion had only been confirmed when she saw them together at the cocktail party and at Helena's birthday party.

"It's not an idea, it's a fact." A really hard fact.

"We must not be talking about the same person."

"I slept with her," Helena said abruptly. She hadn't planned to say it but it was out before she could stop it. "She left before I woke up and we haven't repeated it since." She left out quite a bit, not considering it relevant but also because protecting Barbara was always foremost in her mind.

"Did you talk to her?" Selena asked. "I'll take that to mean yes," she replied when Helena gave her the death glare.

"Give it time," she advised.

Helena snorted derisively. "I've given it time."

"Give it more time," she suggested. "Not everyone is as sure of themselves as you are. It took your father and me a while to figure it out, you know."

"All the time in the world probably wouldn't make a difference," Helena replied sullenly.

"Then move on."

Helena glared at her mother. Where was her support, her sympathy? Where was her pep talk?

"Then suck it up and give it time," Selena admonished, correctly interpreting her glare. "Now, go upstairs and freshen up. You look kind of dusty. Hurry up," she made a shooing motion at Helena when she just stood there. "Your father will be home soon and I want to surprise him with you."

"Why do I need to get clean for that?" Helena asked. For some reason she felt better even if her Mom yelled at her.

"Because, Alfred isn't here and I don't cook," Selena reminded her.

"Right." Helena shuddered at the thought. Her mother's cooking was worse than Barbara's.

"Don't give me that look. I didn't make either of you finish it." Selena frowned at the memory. She tried cooking when they first moved to Paris. With Alfred at home, someone had to do it. Both Bruce and Helena had turned green at the first taste. She'd never gone near the kitchen again.

Helena laughed at her mother's expression. She was glad she came to see them.


Chapter 19

One month later

"You know, I was thinking," Helena said from her place on the couch. She'd been relaxing there after another arduous night of patrolling. When she'd come back from her parents she had acted like nothing happened. It seemed Barbara decided to go along with the plan so now things were relatively back to normal. Which was to say that they still weren't getting anywhere.

"Oh God," Barbara moaned pathetically. Nothing good for her ever came from Helena thinking.

"Shut up," Helena said with fake indignation. "No comments from the peanut gallery."


"We need to go out. We need to have some fun," Helena pronounced. It was a frequent suggestion in the Clock Tower, one that had yet to happen.

"We went out this evening," Barbara told her.

"You know what I mean." She glared at Barbara menacingly. Not that it did any good. Barbara was never intimidated by her before.

"I'm not ready for that yet," Barbara replied quietly. She'd been practicing control. She was almost certain that she could keep herself in check. She'd been doing it for a while now. Patrolling was no longer a problem. The aggression she felt was starting to become something she was used to. It was just another aspect of her personality. But, she still didn't feel in control of other urges. Those were the one's that bothered her.

Helena stared at Barbara. She knew Barbara was ready to get out in the world again. Not just patrol and work. She was ready for all of it.

She'd been patient, like her mother told her to be, hoping that the redhead would realize that Helena was interested in pursing a relationship but nothing had happened. Her overtures had been rebuffed in the gentlest of ways. Obviously it had been a hormone induced one night stand. This was upsetting to her since, as she realized that morning, she wanted more than that from Barbara. Was she in love with her, as her mother had suggested? It was a distinct possibility.

Helena had done everything in her power to help Barbara, to show her that she was there and that she wanted to be with her. That she wanted her period. When Barbara would start to get keyed up she would drag her into the training room so she could work off her aggression. It was good for Barbara since she was able to test her limits. It was good for Helena because she was able to release some of her frustration at the situation.

She had encouraged Barbara to try to shift again, despite their encounter the last time she'd brought it up. Of course, she'd refused to even think about it. She was afraid she would attack Helena again or someone else if she somehow managed to get out of the Clock Tower. Helena wasn't concerned about it. If it happened, so be it. She'd deal. Then one evening she'd come to the Clock Tower before patrol to find Barbara naked as the day she was born, asleep on the training room floor. She'd obviously, successfully made herself change. Helena was happy that Barbara decided to do it. It meant she was accepting the way things were. But she was disappointed that she'd missed it.

"You're ready, you're just scared."

Barbara gave her an annoyed look. "I disagree," she said flatly.

"Get up and get dressed," Helena ordered. "We're going out."

"I said I'm not ready," Barbara repeated, easily pushing away the sudden rush of anger that tried to over take her. She didn't want a repeat of their last argument.

"It's not like I'm asking you to go cruising with me," Helena said, throwing up her hands. "Let's go play darts or pool or something."

"I'm not ready," Barbara ground out between gritted teeth. When would she get it?

Helena considered the situation for a moment. She couldn't force the redhead. Barbara was more than a match for her. She obviously couldn't bully her into going. She couldn't coax her into it, she'd tried that before. There was nothing else she could do. She would just have to let Barbara do what she needed to do. It was time she let the dream die. It was never gonna happen.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then," Helena told her. She pulled her duster on with angry motions.

"Are you going home?" Barbara asked surprised. Helena hardly left her side these days, aside from the few days she disappeared over a month ago. She'd been relieved when Helena came back unharmed. She'd also ripped into her for not contacting her.

"No, I'm going out," she replied as she stepped on the elevator. She closed her eyes as the doors slid shut in front of her. She needed some mindless fun.

Helena ended up at the Dark Horse again. It was filled to capacity since it was a Saturday night but she didn't have any problem getting inside. She was well known in New Gotham. It didn't take her long to find the bar. It took even less time to down four shots in quick succession. After the forth shot she made her way to the dance floor.

She didn't have a partner when she went out on the dance floor but somehow she found several while she was out there. She danced with women, men and sometimes both. She was sandwiched in between them or they were sandwiched between her and someone else. It didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was that she wasn't thinking about anything other than dancing, dancing and drinking. She downed yet another shot that a helpful waitress brought her and her dancing companions. She'd given the waitress a very healthy fee to keep the shots coming every ten minutes. Now she was beyond feeling good. By normal standards she should have been falling down drunk, but her body burned it off fast enough that the rate of consumption was just what was needed to keep her at this level.

She smiled seductively at the whispering voice that was encouraging her to come home with him. She had no idea what his name was. She just knew he was hot and more than ready. Of course, the woman they were dancing with had asked the very same thing a few minutes ago. Helena didn't know her name either. Just like old times.

She couldn't decide which one to take home. They were both hot. They were both eager. They both felt really good pressed against her. At one time she thought the woman was Barbara. She could have sworn she heard the redhead talking to her. When she looked around she couldn't find the redhead anywhere. It was just wishful thinking, her mind giving her what she really wanted. It wasn't going to happen. Barbara wasn't interested. She more than showed that in the last few months. It was a one night stand, a fucking one night stand. Well, she was good at the one night stand. She'd nearly perfected it at college. She looked at her dancing companions, she really couldn't choose between them, she'd take them both home.

"I think I'm ready to go," Helena told them. She led them both to the exit. Her body was already starting to thrum with excitement. She was almost painfully aroused now.

"Helena," a familiar voice called her name. "Helena," it said coming up beside her.

She turned to face the voice intending to give whoever it was a quick brush off so she could commence with the evening's more enjoyable activities. "Reese," she greeted. She was happy to note she sounded much more sober than she actually felt.

"Hey," Reese replied smiling at the brunette. He'd hoped to see Helena again. He thought it was a stroke of good luck that he had to respond to a call next door. He'd called her a few times but she was never home.

"Hey," Helena repeated smiling at him. She'd written him off a while ago but, he looked pretty yummy right now. What could it hurt? Was three too many?

"Are you leaving? Do you need a ride?" He asked.

"I am," Helena responded. "As for the ride," she continued, giving him a sultry look. "Can you accommodate all of us?" She asked meaningfully, indicating her two companions.

"Oh? Where are you going?" He looked over the two people behind Helena who were patiently waiting for her. It didn't take a detective to figure out what was going on.

"My place." Helena's smile was practically lascivious.

"I think three might be a crowd," he replied. He hadn't realized this was what Helena was into. No wonder she never called back.

"Maybe, but four is a recipe for a good time," she said, giving him a smirk.

"What would five be?" Barbara asked from where she was standing behind Helena.

She wasn't terribly surprised when she'd heard loud music pumping over Helena's open comm. link. She'd tried to ask what was going on but Helena didn't respond. She guessed, after listening for a few minutes that the brunette didn't realize she'd activated it. She was planning to turn it off when she heard Helena's quick intake of breath. That worried her. Then she heard the whisper of a woman's voice so clearly that Barbara knew the woman had to be speaking directly into Helena's ear. She hadn't liked what the woman said at all. She disliked Helena's teasing reply even more. Without conscious thought she found herself headed for Helena's location. The conversation she heard on the way to the club made her irrationally angry. Helena was being irresponsible.

"Five would fall into the orgy category," Helena replied lazily as she turned towards Barbara.

"So you wouldn't mind sharing?" She asked while she appraised the group.

"Sharing," Helena repeated. Would she have to share Barbara or share with Barbara? Weren't they the same thing? Either way it didn't really matter. "No I don't mind sharing."

Barbara took a step closer to Helena. "I do." Her voice was uncompromising.

That was sobering and it pissed her off. "Is that so? If you had a claim on me that might matter," Helena said quietly so only Barbara would hear her.

"Don't," Barbara warned her.

Helena laughed derisively. "Don't? Somehow you seem to think you have a say in this. Let me disabuse you of that notion, you don't get a say in anything since you haven't said anything in months."

"What did you want me to say?" Barbara asked harshly.

"Anything would have better than nothing."

She was annoyed when an arm slipped around Helena's shoulder. "You ready baby?"

"No, she's not," Barbara answered for her.

"She looks ready to me," he replied. "You look pretty ready too." He smiled at the redhead.

Barbara wasn't sure how it happened but suddenly the guy's wrist was in her hand and she was squeezing it hard enough to make him sink to his knees. He tried to pull away but she refused to let go. "Go home," she told him as she tightened her grip further before she let him go. She looked at the woman Helena had picked up letting her know with a look that the evening wasn't going to end the way she'd hoped. The last one was Detective Reese. She really didn't like seeing him with Helena. "Good night," Barbara told him evenly.

"Good night," he returned, nodding at the redhead. He recognized Barbara Gordon. There wasn't a cop in New Gotham that didn't know who the Commissioner's daughter was. He didn't need that kind of trouble.

"That was impressive," Helena said with fake admiration after Barbara had run off all her fun. "You should take that act on the road. Oh look, there's one," she mocked, pointing at the street.

"You're drunk," Barbara said. "And you're surly."

"Yep, I'm surly and drunk," Helena agreed as she started walking away.

"Where are you going?"

Helena glared at the woman who was now walking beside her. "Home," she replied curtly.

"I'll give you a ride."

"You already gave me a ride," Helena replied angrily. "I don't need another one."

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Barbara yelled rounding on Helena. Her frustration had finally reaching the boiling point. "I've done the best I can. Do you think this has been easy? Do you think this is what I wanted? I didn't mean to do it!"

"Didn't mean to do what? Fuck me or ignore me?" Helena shouted back.

"You don't understand," she told Helena at a lower volume.

"Please, explain it to me."

"Okay, but not here," she said, looking around at the interested people on the sidewalk. "Let's go," she said pulling Helena behind her. She didn't give her another opportunity to disagree.

It was a long ride for such a short distance. Neither of them was willing to give an inch. It was an uncomfortable ride too. It was also an uncomfortable ride in the elevator up to the Pent House.

Helena sat down in the living room chair. It wasn't the most comfy chair in the world. It was more decoration than anything. If she wanted to relax she normally did it at the Clock Tower. "Explain," she prompted when Barbara just stood there watched her.

"It wasn't me," she began. As soon as it was out of her mouth she knew that was the wrong thing to start with.

"Really? It sure as hell looked like you," Helena replied snidely.

"What happened wasn't something that I would have done before this happened to me," she rephrased her statement. That sounded more like what she wanted to say.

"I know that!" Helena yelled. That was what hurt most, if not for Barbara changing she never would have given her a second thought. Her entire body was vibrating from everything she was feeling. She couldn't even put a name to half of them. "But you fucking did it and ran away." She started to pace the room. "Then you topped it off by ignoring what happened. You ignored me. When I finally decide it's not going to happen you show up waving your proverbial club around like a cave woman."

"I was stopping you from making a mistake!" Helena would have regretted tonight if she hadn't stepped in when she did.

"Oh, well thanks." She rubbed her face with her hands. God she was tired. Everything was so screwed. She wished that she'd never even challenged Barbara to a race that night. Her life had sucked shit ever since. "Look, I'm going to bed. Just go home," she told Barbara waving a hand at the elevator. "I'll see you tomorrow."


"Fine, I'm sure Alfred changed the sheets in the guest room," she said over her shoulder.


"What Barbara? What!" She turned to look at the redhead. She couldn't understand why Barbara wouldn't just let it drop. God she was starting to feel kind of light headed. She wasn't in any shape to fight right now.

"I wasn't finished," Barbara said closing the distance between them. "I said it wasn't something that I would have done, not something that I didn't want to do."

"Thanks, that's something I suppose." She turned to leave, past ready to have this over and done.

"I'm still not finished. You always did interrupt too much," she reprimanded gently.

"I didn't want it to be because I was…feeling different. I wanted it to be me, only me. I needed to be certain." She paused searching for what she wanted to say, what she needed to say. She'd never been good in situations like this. Emotions were fine if they stayed inside where they belonged. It was when they needed to be outside that the problems started.

"I know I hurt you. I never wanted to do that again." She looked directly into Helena's eyes. Normally, she avoided that whenever possible. Even with Helena. Her eyes were probably the one thing that she disliked about her new existence but she wanted Helena to see what she was feeling, she wanted her to see what she was trying to say. "I wanted to stay that morning. I wanted to kiss you awake, shower with you, be with you."

Barbara took a deep breath. "I know I've blown it," she admitted. "Sometimes I can over think a problem. I suppose I spend too much time trying to cover every angle. I just wanted you to know that I wanted you, that I do want you."

She waited hoping Helena would say or do something. She didn't move a muscle. Barbara couldn't blame her. She'd stomped all over Helena's feelings. She hadn't even realized it until this evening. Hearing Helena throw all of it in her face made her see herself as Helena saw her. She didn't like the picture. "Good night Helena," she smiled sadly as she turned to leave.

"You hardly ever look me in the eye anymore," Helena mused aloud, stopping Barbara's retreat. "I've never understood why. I love your eyes." She walked over to Barbara her lightheadedness almost forgotten for the moment.

"I didn't want you to see. I already felt like a monster. I didn't want to see that thought reflected on your face."

"Do you remember the first time we met?" Helena asked needlessly. She knew Barbara would remember, she remembered everything. "That night, after the fight you asked me who I was; not what I was. You didn't seem frightened really, just curious." She moved to stand even closer to Barbara. "Then the next day when you saw me again, you looked at me like I was normal. Do you realize that was the first time I felt entirely accepted by anyone? You didn't think I was a freak. I always thought that if anyone found out they'd run away screaming or worse."

"They were beautiful," Barbara replied smiling slightly. "They still are."

Helena smiled at the compliment. She took a deep breath then let it out slowly. "I could never think you were a monster. And it's not just that 'love is blind' thing." She took Barbara's hand tangling their fingers together. "I wanted you the moment I saw you standing in the door when you came over for dinner that first night. I wanted you the night of the race. I wanted you all the days and nights in between. I still want you."

"I'm not the same anymore," Barbara warned her.

"You are to me."

"That's good to hear. Because I'm so in love with you it's kind of scary," Barbara said smiling fully. "So, is this the part where we kiss then stumble to the bedroom?"

"Actually, this is the part where I tell you that the room is starting to spin and I need to lay down. But, the kissing thing might be doable when the room calms down," Helena said even as she started to sway. This must be vertigo. She'd heard of it but never experienced it. She imagined this must be what it would be like to be flushed down the toilet.

"Whoa." Barbara grabbed one of Helena's arms pulling it across her shoulders then wrapped the other around the brunette's waist. "I thought you could hold your liquor better than this?" She joked as she helped Helena into her bedroom.

"It was a lot of alcohol." She sighed with relief when she was lowered to the bed.

"You should get some sleep." Barbara sat on the side of the bed looking down at Helena. She couldn't believe how happy she was right now. She couldn't fathom why she waited so long to say it to Helena.

"Hmmm, good idea. I like that about you, you know. Lot's of good ideas." Helena opened one eye happy to see Barbara not spinning around her as much. "Another good idea would be if you were sleeping beside me."

"Are you sure?"

"Stupid question," Helena grumbled. She scooted back; pleased when the room didn't spin faster, then she pulled Barbara onto the bed in front of her so she could wrap herself around the redhead.


Chapter 20

The next morning

Why was there light shinning in her eyes? She brought her hand up to shade her eyes then realized they were closed. How could light shine in her eyes when they were closed? Helena blinked blearily at the location of the bright light. She sighed in irritation; she should have shut the blinds before she went to bed. She rolled over trying to get away from the sun streaming through her window, right into a warm body, a warm body that she recognized right away. She smiled when the warm body shifted enough so equally warm hands could move over her body.

"I know you," Helena purred against Barbara's neck. She breathed in her scent happily. Barbara first thing in the morning was better than baked bread. She ran her tongue over the suddenly pounding pulse point just to get a small taste. The lick was quickly followed by kissing, which ended with a light bite causing the body against hers to shudder.

"It's nice to see you're finally awake," Barbara murmured. She ran her hand down Helena's side to her hip, pulling her further into her body.

Helena hummed her agreement. She didn't want to talk, they'd talked enough. She wanted to do other things with her lips right now. The only draw back to her plan was there was a really bad taste in her mouth that she hadn't noticed before. That was quite the stumbling block.

Barbara pulled away so she could see Helena's face when the brunette moaned as if she were in pain. "What's the matter?"

"I'll be right back." She had to practically pry herself away from Barbara. "Do not move," she warned.

Barbara wondered at the sudden departure. Then she heard the sound of running water. There was the clatter of a toothbrush being dropped and a quiet curse. A couple of minutes later the sound of the shower followed. All things considered she was happy with Helena's thoughtfulness. In fact, she thought that such thoughtfulness should be rewarded.

She stopped in the doorway watching Helena through the shower stall door. She could easily make out the shape and outline of her body but the subtle nuances' weren't visible because of the water on the door.

Helena turned when the shower door opened. She wasn't surprised to see Barbara joining her. The redhead never did listen. Of course, sometimes not listening could be a good thing. It was certainly a good thing now. Helena drew in a deep breath; Barbara was truly one of the most attractive women she'd ever seen.

"I hope you don't mind if I join you?" Barbara said. Helena had stopped moving except for her eyes. Her eyes were moving all over her.

Helena shook her head. She took the hand Barbara held out, tugging the woman to her. "I don't mind," she murmured. She trailed her hand down Barbara's stomach, feeling the goose bumps that had spread across her skin with her finger tips. They were soft, just like the rest of her. She tore her eyes away from the fair skin under her fingers to look at Barbara. "You're beautiful," she said. It was even truer now than before.

Barbara leaned into Helena bringing their lips together. She loved that Helena touched her so reverently but the sexual tension was driving her crazy. Last night had been an exercise in torture. It was just her luck that the night she finally managed to work up the nerve to talk to Helena, the woman is too drunk to have make-up sex. That line of thought got derailed when Helena deepened the kiss. She'd forgotten how good Helena was at kissing.

Helena moaned into Barbara's mouth. It felt so good, like coming home. She pressed against the redhead kissing her slowly, with long slow strokes. She mapped her mouth tenderly, savoring the moment. Her entire body clenched when she felt Barbara's hands stroke down her body. She really wanted this to be different from the first time. But, damn, she'd waited, what seemed like forever. She couldn't wait anymore. She leaned down sliding her hands around Barbara's hips then ran her hands over soft flesh before she lifted the redhead up and into her. Helena took two careful steps forward, pressing Barbara against the tile.

Barbara arched her back and threw her head back not at all concerned when her head thumped against the tile painfully. Every single part of her was on fire. She couldn't take Helena deep enough or feel her push into her hard enough. She dug her fingers into the brunette's shoulders urging her on. She was so close. The sound of Helena's voice whispering in her ear made her body shiver. She tried to make out the words but the pounding of her heart and her ragged breathing made it impossible. Instead the sensation of lips against her neck and the full feeling of Helena moving in and out of her pulled her under until her entire body shook with release.

"I love water sports," Barbara breathed out when she could draw air into her lungs.

Helena smiled against her neck where she'd been nibbling contentedly. She pulled back slightly to capture Barbara's lips with her own. She groaned when Barbara wrapped her legs around her waist.

"Bed," Barbara husked. She wrapped her arms around Helena's neck holding her tighter as she devoured her lips. "Now," she mumbled without losing contact.

Helena stared at the ceiling with what she knew was a blissed out expression. She just couldn't help it. That had been the best sex she'd ever had. Not only that, but it was Barbara. If it was good now, she could only imagine how it would be with practice. She clenched below her waist just thinking about it.

"How long was I asleep?" Barbara asked. She wrapped her arm around Helena's waist pulling her against her more firmly.

"An hour. I didn't think you were the type to roll over and go to sleep afterwards." Helena's voice was teasing.

"I was just resting up for round two," Barbara assured her.

Helena smiled. She could get behind that, round two, round six or round one million. "Are you waiting for permission?" She asked, turning to look at the redhead when Barbara just lay there.

"I don't need permission," Barbara replied as she shifted on top of the brunette.

Helena was surprised at the confidence and possessiveness in the tone, but she had to agree, Barbara didn't need permission.

Several hours later

"Do you like it here?" Barbara asked.

Helena frowned in confusion. How had she gotten out in left field? She was enjoying a post coital haze and didn't really appreciate the interruption. But, if anyone was going to interrupt it she was glad it was Barbara. She shrugged mentally before she answered, "Sure, you're here and the bed's pretty comfortable."

Barbara rolled her eyes. Helena could be so obtuse sometimes. "I actually meant, do you like being in the Pent House?"

Did she like it? She was hardly ever in it. The furniture wasn't terribly comfortable and not really her taste. The TV was smaller than the one at the Clock Tower but she spent most of her time there anyway, so why buy one? She supposed the only good thing was that it was very close to work. The draw back was it wasn't very close to Barbara. Still, not such a problem when she considered how much time she spent at the Clock Tower. It was okay.

Helena made a noncommittal noise then shrugged. "It's okay."

"High praise," Barbara replied dryly.

"It's nice but it's just a place to live," Helena replied. "It's not really home, you know?" She looked up at the redhead from her reclined position against her.

Barbara hesitated for a moment, suddenly unsure of what she was so sure of only moments ago. She nodded her head acknowledging what Helena had said. In terms of their romantic relationship it was too soon. Hell, being who they were, thinking about it at all was too soon. But, she wanted it. She loved having Helena live with her. She wanted it to continue. She wanted it to intensify. She wanted Helena in her home, in her bed, in her heart, she just wanted Helena period. "Could the Clock Tower be home?" she asked softly.

Helena practically stopped breathing. "You want me to live with you?" Helena asked, not sure if she'd even heard Barbara correctly. It had been said so quietly she could have misunderstood.

"Yes." Barbara replied, unable to say anymore now that the question was out.

"Really?" She could barely wrap her mind around Barbara asking her to move in. She thought she would be the one to do the asking. Though, her plan hadn't been to ask at all. She was just going to slowly but surely ensconce herself so firmly in the Clock Tower and Barbara's life that it would be like she'd always been there. She was pretty much living there already anyway. She didn't think her plan was much of a stretch. But, Barbara had beaten her to the punch. It was a very un-Barbara like thing to do.

"Yes." Barbara shifted uncomfortably. Surely the idea couldn't be so foreign to Helena? What if she wasn't ready? What if she scared the brunette away? "You don't have to," Barbara told her quickly, trying not to let her disappointment show.

"No take backs," Helena said, pulling away from Barbara so she could turn to face her.


"No take backs," Helena repeated. "You offered, I accept. So now you're stuck with me."

Barbara smiled widely, more than happy to be stuck with Helena. She leaned forward kissing Helena despite the fact they were both grinning like loons. She pulled back, feeling a bit breathless because of all the changes the last twenty-four hours had wrought. "I can have a mover here later this week," Barbara offered helpfully.

Helena looked around the bedroom wondering why she'd need a mover. Everything was pretty much already at the Clock Tower. All she really needed was her Batgirl toothbrush, the two changes of clothes she had here these days and the equipment she kept here. Really, she didn't even need the equipment. She had several spares of everything at Barbara's already. She'd just have Alfred transport that stuff to the Batcave for storage until she needed it. "Don't worry about a mover," Helena replied as she moved to straddle Barbara's lap. "I can get everything I have left here in an overnight bag."

"You're kidding?" Barbara couldn't imagine anyone having almost nothing to move. "Why aren't you going to bring anything with you? I have plenty of space."

Helena tilted her head looking at Barbara as if she said something she didn't understand. "Barbara, almost everything I own is lying around your place already. Haven't you noticed all the extra stuff?"

"Well, I know you've brought quite a bit over but I didn't think it was everything you owned," she admitted. Maybe she should pay more attention to what was going on around her.

Helena leaned forward to nibble up Barbara's very attractive jaw. "All I really need is my toothbrush," she mumbled against soft skin.

"You have a toothbrush at the Clock Tower," she replied absently. She was busy focusing on the sensation of Helena's lips lightly sucking on her neck working her way up to her ear lobe which she nipped.

"This one's my favorite. I've had it for years."

Barbara pulled away from the wonderful mouth doing deliciously sinful things to her body to frown at Helena. "You've had the same toothbrush for years?"

Helena smiled at the look on the redhead's face. It pretty much was a mix between ewww and you're not bringing that thing into my house. "It's more of a toothbrush handle slide-on. I change the actual toothbrush regularly," Helena promised.

"What is it?" She asked curiously. Helena didn't seem like the type to keep a childhood keepsake. Barbara watched in fascination as a blush crept up Helena's neck until it reached her hair line. Even her ears were burning red. Now she really wanted to know what it was. "Tell me," she prodded when Helena ducked her head.

"It's a Batgirl slide-on," Helena mumbled.

"Batgirl?" Barbara repeated, having heard the reply despite how low it was spoken. "You have a Batgirl toothbrush?" She asked with an amused grin. "That's sweet."

"My Mom gave it to me," Helena grumbled embarrassed.


She glared at Barbara for a moment before she sighed wearily. Sometimes Barbara really liked to have too much information. "When I was in college; after you joined the JLA. It's a collectible," she informed Barbara as if that were the reason she had it.

"Do you have one for Nightwing?" When Helena shook her head she tried again. "Wonder Woman? Superman?" Each one met with another shake of the brunettes head. "I see," she drawled, smiling again. "That's sweet."

"I changed my mind, I'm staying here," Helena said as she folded her arms over her chest and pouted.

"Sorry, no take backs. I'll make sure I save a special place for your toothbrush," she promised making Helena smile at her.

"That's good," she said, finally feeling the blush recede. "I guess you won't mind the Batgirl nightlight then."

"You can't be serious? You have a nightlight?"

"A Batgirl nightlight," Helena corrected. "Your emblem lights up."

Barbara smiled and kissed her again. "Let's see if I can make you light up," she husked as she ran her hands lightly down Helena's body.

God that was cheesy, she thought. But, really she couldn't find it in herself to care. "Okay."



"I'm sorry; you want us to do what?" Helena asked her parents for the third time. She couldn't have possibly heard right those other times. Did she look like she was ready for that kind of responsibility? Besides, she and Barbara were still in the honey moon stage of their relationship and she didn't want anything to disrupt it. And what they wanted would most definitely disrupt it. Surely, her parents realized this? After all, she'd talked to her mother mere hours after she'd packed up her Batgirl toothbrush and headed back to the Clock Tower to tell her about her change of address and why. She let her mother deal with her father. It was easier that way.

"It requires someone who's stable," Selena explained again. "We travel too much to do it ourselves."

"But…" She started to whine. Luckily or unluckily, depending on how you looked at it, Barbara cut her off before she could revert to a five year old.

"Of course, we'll do it."

Helena glared at the redhead. "A word?" She asked, looking at Barbara pointedly. She pulled her far enough away to keep their conversation semi-private. "What do you mean 'of course we'll do it'? Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to having a family one day. I just thought we'd spend more time practicing the actual making of the family before we had one."

Barbara raised one eyebrow at that speech. "You do know that neither of us is capable of getting the other pregnant, don't you?" Helena hadn't done very well in biology but surely she grasped that simple concept.

"How do you know? You can turn into a Jaguar. Anything's possible," she finished, crossing her arms over her chest.

"That may be true but regardless of what I can change into, the laws of nature are still the same." She smiled a little as she considered their conversation. "You want to have a family?"

Helena looked surprised that she would even ask such a question. "Well yeah, I mean, I have to have an heir. You know. Someone to carry on the family name." She wanted a child that looked just like Barbara. Actually she was looking forward to having several little Barbara's running round.

"What makes you think that our kids will have your last name?" Barbara asked, frowning.

"Well, I was thinking Gordon-Wayne. Kind of make everyone happy."

"Why not Wayne-Gordon?"

Helena smiled patiently at the question. "G comes before W," she explained.

"Oh." That actually made sense. "We need to do this," Barbara said, bringing them back to the original issue.

"No, we don't."

"You have to."

Helena watched her cautiously. Barbara had sounded too sure of herself. Something was going on inside her head and she was sure she wasn't going to like it. "Why?"

"I have that IOU."

"You can't be serious? This isn't something you can just collect from a bet!" She shifted under Barbara stare. "That's not right! This is a decision we need to agree on," she tried again. She met Barbara's stare, she was determined to wait her out.

"I'm never falling for that IOU thing again," Helena grumbled after three minutes of stare down. Barbara had a deadly stare. It was almost like she was looking at a particularly interesting bug. She hated that stare.

She sulked as Barbara turned back to her parents. "We'll do it."

"Helena?" Bruce waited for Helena to say something.

"Sure," she said, resigned to her fate.

"Wonderful!" Selena smiled at them both. "You're going to love her," she promised.

"When will she get here?" Barbara asked. She wanted to have everything ready.

"Actually, she should be on her way up," Bruce answered, looking at his watch.

"She's here? Already?" Helena wasn't sure she was ready. She'd barely had time to digest this and now she was here.

Everyone turned towards the elevator watching an attractive blonde girl step into the room with Dick. Selena walked over to the girl giving her a reassuring smile. "Helena, Barbara, this is Dinah Lance."

Helena smiled at the girl then glanced at Barbara. She couldn't see her eyes because of the contacts and glasses but she was pretty sure the smile she was directing at the girl was genuine anyway. Oh well, she supposed it wouldn't be too bad. It might even be fun to have someone to show the ropes to. Plus, she'd finally have someone to boss around.

The End

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