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Two A.M. Swim
By raven_christina


Calleigh had to admit, she felt a little like a teenager again, sneaking around so they wouldn't get caught. By whom she didn't know because Natalia's house was in a secluded neighborhood with high fences.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." she said again, her tone quiet (it was two in the morning).

Natalia looked over her shoulder at her lover as she turned on the pool lights. "What? Swimming at two in the morning in your girlfriend's pool?"

The blonde nodded. Natalia giggled and kissed her on the nose, "you're being silly babe. I'm with you, there's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"I'm not embarrassed, I just... well, I don't know what it is." the blonde took a breath. "Ok, let's do this before I change my mind."

Natalia shook her head, and then slid into the water. "Whew, it's a little cold," she held out her hand to her girlfriend, "come on."

Calleigh took her hand and slid in. "Gah! A little cold?"

Natalia laughed again. "It's not that bad. You got to move around some."

Calleigh treaded water and watched as Nat went under the water and swam to the end of the pool. Good lord that swimsuit looks good on her. But then again, red always looks good on her.

She came up and wiped the water from her eyes. "Calleigh, come on."

Ah to hell with it. She might as well enjoy this moment while she could. Taking a breath, she went under and swam over to Natalia. When she came up, she pushed her hair from her eyes and grinned. "The water's not bad."

"I told you it would be. Wanna race?"

"Oh you'll regret you said that. You're looking at the girl who won the championship at Louisiana State."

"Just words, Duquesne. Ya got to beat me first."

And with that they took off, water splashing as they raced. Calleigh touched the edge of the pool first followed only by a few seconds by Natalia. Instinct kicked in and she somersaulted in the water then swam back. When she touched the wall, she realized Natalia wasn't with her and looked to see Natalia looking at her incredulously. She smiled, "well, I wasn't lying when I said I won the championship."

"I see that."

They both stared at each other for a few minutes, and then laughed. After a moment Natalia cocked her head in that little way that made Calleigh smile every time and said, "You know, black looks good on you."

Calleigh smirked, "and where haven't I heard that before? You need to be more original Boa Vista."

"Jesus woman, can't I pay you a compliment?" Natalia teased and swam over to where Calleigh was treading water.

"Maybe." Calleigh said in her best "come hither" voice.

Nat caught the bait and slid her arms around Calleigh's waist, gently pushing her against the wall. "Put your hands on the pool edge and hold on," she whispered, "I don't want you falling in."

Calleigh shivered slightly and did as she was asked.

Natalia leaned forward and kissed her, opening her mouth scrape her teeth across her bottom lip. Calleigh moaned and Natalia's tongue slid into her mouth, dueling with her own. Her hand slid down and gently caressed the bare skin of Calleigh's stomach, loving the reaction she was getting. They then began to play with the top of the bikini bottom, teasing Calleigh into madness. She tore her lips away from the brunette's and groaned "Nat, please don't..."

"Don't what babe?" she breathed against smooth skin as her hand lingered there tauntingly.

"Please don't... oh god; please don't tease me like that."

"What do you want me to do?" Natalia had to admit, she thrived on this. Usually, Calleigh would lead in the bedroom, but the few times she had when she could make bullet girl beg... it was something she really enjoyed. "What do you want?" she slipped her hand in and teased slick outer lips, the wetness so different from the cool water.

"Oh Nat... Natalia... Jesus, I want you inside of me... oh god..." Calleigh gasped as fingers slid into her and began to thrust. She began to rock her hips against the sliding fingers, eyes slamming shut.

The brunette was different than her other lovers. Jake had been demanding, often taking without giving, and John had been too. Men were such clods, but Natalia always seemed to be everywhere at once, tenderly loving her and making her feel safe. Maybe that's why she loved her so completely.

Natalia leaned up and kissed her voraciously. In all her life she had never tasted anything as addicting or as unique as Calleigh Dusquene. She was the sweet, tempting her mouth and making her hungry for more.

It was something that often crossed Natalia's mind that Calleigh was the first woman she had ever been in a real relationship with. Unfortunately in college she had been taken advantage of by many bi-curious girls who knew she was bi and wanted the experience. It was something that followed her even into married life, and then after her divorce. But Calleigh was different; Calleigh wanted her because she wanted to be with her just for her and not for the sex. That was why she loved the blonde.

A toned thigh slipped between her legs and she thrust against it to relieve her own desire.

Finally Calleigh's muscles tensed around her fingers and she came, moaning into Natalia's mouth, the brunette following her into ecstasy.

Calleigh removed her hands from the pool edge and wrapped her arms round her lover's neck. "That was nice." She panted, stroking a stand of drying hair from Natalia's eyes.

Natalia merely grinned and put her head on Calleigh's shoulder, letting her breathing calm down.

They stayed like that for a few more minutes, letting the sounds of the water lapping against the sides of the pool and their breathing calm down. Finally, Natalia lifted her head from Calleigh's shoulder and murmured, "I love you."

Calleigh smiled, "I love you too Nat. But it's cold. What do you say we get out and go inside?" she lowered her voice and whispered, "I could think of some nice ways to warm us up."

Natalia let go of her and climbed out. Helping the blonde out, she gestured towards her house. "Lead the way. I'm a little anxious to be warmed myself."

"I'll bet you are." Calleigh chuckled as she took her lover's hand and led her into the house.

The End

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