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Two Bitches…and a White Picket Fence?
By Bynx


Part 9

Kendall hurries into work two hours early the next morning with two huge bags of Christmas decorations she bought the day before with Bianca. She sets to putting everything perfect. In the corner of the office, she sets up the miniature tree with lights and ornaments. She strings icicle lights from the ceiling all around the room. She puts stocking up on the front of Greenlee's desk. She finishes ten minutes before 9am. She stashes all the boxes into the bags and puts them in the trash chute. She runs out of the office and hides in the women's bathroom to wait for Greenlee to come in. It isn't but 2 minutes and she hears Greenlee asking for the news of the new lines ad campaign. She watches from the washroom as Greenlee opens the door to the office and walks in. She continues to watch as Greenlee stops half way in the office and looks around. She sees Greenlee drop her briefcase on the floor so she casually as possible walks into the office as if just arriving.

"Good morning, Greenlee." Kendall offers.

"Huh?" Greenlee mutters turning to look at Kendall with tears coming down her cheeks.

"What's the matter, Greenlee?" Kendall drops her briefcase and touches Greenlee on the shoulder.

"It's beautiful…it's like something Leo would do for me…the decorations and the time it took…Leo would do this for me…who?" Greenlee moves to the chair in front of her desk and sits down in it looking at Kendall.

"I…I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. I just…I didn'twantyoutolosewhatChristmasisallabout…and…Damn it!" Kendall curses herself.

"NO!" Greenlee stands and hugs Kendall impulsively, "It's…it's wonderful. You did all this for me? It's wonderful. Don't be sorry. I didn't think anyone would ever do such a nice thing for me ever again. Leo would have…he would have loved it. I love it. Thank you, Kendall." Greenlee squeezes Kendall again, who finally hugs Greenlee back lightly.

"It…it wasn't that big of deal. I…I just thought you should be…well, as happy as you could be. I'm sorry if it upset you." Kendall starts to pull away from Greenlee.

"I was surprised is all. For a moment, just a moment, it was like Leo came back to make sure I was living."

"Maybe he inspired me." Kendall offers.

"One will never know will they. Stranger things could happen." Greenlee moves around behind her desk. 'Maybe Leo is trying to make sure I am living, but he sure picked one hell of messenger.'

'Leo if you did help me think of this. Thank You. She is actually cheerful.' Kendall offers up a thankful prayer.

"Well, I am happy you enjoyed it." Kendall smiles.

"I am still enjoying it. It was really fantastic of you, but.."

I know. It's time to work. Let's see how the new ad campaign came out." Kendall picks up the magazines she brought in with her this morning sporting the new ads.

Greenlee looks at one, but her mind is on Kendall. She watches as the woman across from her scrutinizes the ad in her magazine. She takes in the graceful movements of her hands even when just turning a page. She marvels at the little way her brow creases when she is thinking about something serious. She watches as the tip of Kendall's tongue plays with her lower lip while she reads.

'Oh my God! No wonder you invade my dreams lately. You pull my attention even in the daytime. Isn't it enough that Leo turns into you at night? I think I am losing my mind here.' Greenlee slams her magazine down.

"What is it wrong?" Kendall sits up suddenly in tune with Greenlee's outburst.

"Well…n-not wrong, but maybe not right either. You…you look and tell me what you think," Greenlee covers while handing the magazine out to Kendall.

As Kendall takes the magazine, their fingers brush across one another sending electricity to both women's souls. In turn each lets go of the magazine and it falls to the desk between them. They look up at each other for only a moment, before Kendall laughs nervously and reaches for the fallen magazine.

"Sorry, just nervous about the new line." She covers.

"Yeah, must be nerves."

They agree that every ad could be better, but they came out better than anticipated. The rest of the day is spent hearing congratulations on scooping a new line before Enchantment and then scurrying to make sure the line hits the stores on it advertised date of Dec. 24th. Neither mention anything outside of work the rest of the day.

Greenlee sits in her office after Kendall has left for the evening. She marvels at the time it took for Kendall to put this up without her knowing. It must have all been done this morning. It is a wonderful gesture. She hasn't missed one gesture of kindness that Kendall has shown her or done for her. It is as if Kendall is trying to show her life is still waiting for her. It is exactly what Leo would do for her. It is one of the many things she loves about him.

'Perhaps, that is why you are always in my thoughts, Miss Hart? You do so many of the things now that Leo would have done for me. You make me face each day. You make me keep eating even when I am a bitch to you. You push me into life even when I am screaming and clawing to stay in my dark non-existence. I wish I knew why you are so insistent. Is Leo talking to you somehow and you just don't know it or do you know me better than I think you do?' Greenlee pinches the bridge of her nose, 'I have come to care about you, Kendall and I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I don't know that I can afford to care about anyone again, what do I do Leo? I just can't seem to help myself.'

"No, I just can't seem to help myself." Greenlee stands to go home, "I guess I will have to go shopping after all."

Over the weekend, Kendall had seen Greenlee only once for a short lunch. It was probably good though since Kendall didn't seem to be fit for very much company her feelings for Kendall weighing heavy on her heart. Kendall had spent quite of bit of time sitting in her room. Today, she walks into the office to find Greenlee buried under a massive pile of product.

"What the hell is all that?" Kendall blurts out.

"These are samples of all the new line that we are launching at midnight tonight. You know the Christmas Eve debut of our new products." Greenlee snaps.

"What are they all doing here?"

"They were supposed to be shipped to individual store managers at the stores who are stocking our line tonight as personal gifts, but as you can see they never made it. No one is going to deliver today. The products hit the stores tonight because of some of these managers agreements to us and we have now not thanked them." Greenlee screams out in frustration.

"Don't panic. I can take care of this. Do you trust me?" Kendall grabs her cell phone.

"Yes, I trust you, but…"

"No buts. I can take care of this. Is New York as far as most of this goes?" Kendall asks while her phone rings.

"Yes. Amazingly enough the one going to California made it." Greenlee sighs.

"Okay then. I can do this. I'll meet you back here at close today." Kendall heads out the door with her suitcase "Have a boy pack all these gift boxes and bring them downstairs."

Greenlee watches in disbelief as Kendall strides to elevator talking to someone on the phone. She picks up the corporate phone and dials delivery. They will have these downstairs waiting for Kendall. What other choice does she have right now.

"Aidan, I know it's your day off and all, but I really need you to help me. Yes, it's very important. I need to go to a million different stores and even a couple in New York. I need this to look official can you drive a Limousine?" Kendall listens to his reply, "Great. Get here to my job ASAP we have to get on the road now."

Aidan arrives wearing his tuxedo that he serves in at the Inn. Kendall and he take off for all stores marked on the big campaign for Greenlee's new line. At each stop, Kendall emerges from the company Limo carrying the sample gift box personally giving it into the hands of the Mangers as if it had been planned that way. At almost every stop, the Managers and CEO's receiving the gift boxes commented on how thoughtful it was to have personal delivery at the holidays. Coming on around 630pm, Aidan pulls in to the company parking. He opens the door for Kendall one last time as, exhausted, she exits the Limo.

"Aidan thank you so much for your help. I'll pay you for your time if you need me to." Kendall offers sincerely.

"That's not necessary, but you can tell me who has got you so riled you gave up your engagement ring from Ryan." He half-jokes.

"I…I can't Aidan. I promised someone else they would be the first to know, but I will tell you one thing. It isn't someone you would ever suspect." She kisses his cheek as she rushes up to Greenlee's office.

She enters the office to find Greenlee asleep with her head on the desk. She looks at her for just a moment in sleep. It isn't as if she hasn't seen Greenlee Dupree sleeping before, it's simply that she loves watching her sleep. She sets her briefcase down and sits in the chair in front of Greenlee's desk. She clears her throat loudly.

"What?" Greenlee sits up and wipes her face, "Oh, Kendall. I got so many thank you calls for the personal delivery of their gifts. You didn't have to do that. We could have…"

"What sent them late. That wouldn't have looked good. You…I mean we worked so hard getting this right that I did what I had to do. You would have done the same thing." Kendall states matter of factly.

"Yes, but you did it for ME," Greenlee stresses the last word without even thinking about it.

"Well, it had to be done. Do you think the line will be out for tomorrow's deadline?"

"The calls I got not only were thanking me, but informing me, reassuring me that all was going well with delivery and stocking." Greenlee smiles brightly.

"I see so we out debuted Enchantment and Erica Kane. We are the shit!" Kendall smiles back at Greenlee.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean her line won't still do better." Greenlee adds ominously.

"Maybe it will, but we got ours out first and that's what counts at the moment." Kendall stands to leave.

"I'm sure you're tired and I want you to thank Aidan. I assume that's who drove for you."

"Yes, I will give him your regards, but you could yourself." Kendall picks up her briefcase.

"Perhaps I will." Greenlee nods, "I was wondering though. Did you have any plans for Christmas?"

"Uh…no…I don't. I was just going to well…" she drops her head.

"I…I thought that maybe…since we did Thanksgiving so well…" she chuckles, "I thought maybe you would like to have Christmas together. I still don't want to do the whole Leo's family thing and mine…well…let's not go there. I had my room at the Inn decorated and dinner is being catered…if…if you're interested."

"I…you should see some family…it's Christmas…but I would like to have dinner with you. What time?" Kendall acquiesces.

"I am having them bring dinner in the evening since most of the staff was doing dinner with their families at lunch. Will that do?" Greenlee replies quietly.

"Yeah that will be fine. I'll just come down around say 5?"

"Great. I'll see you then. Kendall you did a great job today. I look forward to working with you more."

"Thank you, Greenlee." Kendall leaves the office leaving Greenlee to herself.

'Okay, I have just invited Kendall to another holiday dinner. I'm sorry Leo that I can't face your family yet, but I simply can't. I did pick some new fabric designs and wallpaper out for our Penthouse. I even managed to get the nerve up to call and put the Paris apartment up for sale. It went quickly. I may someday be able to step foot in our home, but never there. I can't go there without you. It wouldn't be right. Kendall said she was proud of me. Would you be? I think you would be. Leo? I don't know what to do? I know I have told you that before, but now someone is knocking on my heart and for a change it isn't you…I feel very lost baby. I love you, but…I'm lost.'

Greenlee wipes a tear form her cheek and leaves her office to go home and to bed. It has been more than a long day for her. She turns to look at her decorated office one last time.

'What a loving thing to do.' She turns off the light shaking her head at her own thoughts and heads to her temporary home.


Part 10

Greenlee answers the door still in her pajamas. It isn't that she was sleeping, but it is Christmas and who wants to rush out of bed when your not rushing to open presents. She pulls open the door getting ready to shoo whoever it is off, but is surprised to see Maggie standing there.

"Hi, Greenlee. I didn't wake you did I?" Maggie apologizes.

"Um…no…no you didn't. I just wasn't ready to get dressed yet. Can I help you with something?"

"I just want to try to invite you to Christmas dinner with all of us at David's cabin. Will you come?" Maggie looks anxious.

"I…I'm just not ready to do the family holiday, Maggie, but I appreciate you asking me." Greenlee looks at the young girl fidgeting.

"I…are you alright, Greenlee. I know you don't like us to ask you that, but none of us have really seen you and we're concerned. It seems you avoid us all." Maggie looks at her hands.

"I guess I sort of am avoiding you, but I have also been really and truly busy at work. I'm sorry Maggie. I suppose I'm okay. Look, would you like to come in for a minute Maggie?" Greenlee moves opening the door.

"You wouldn't mind?" Maggie looks at Greenlee, "I'm not meaning to intrude or anything."

"Come on in. I think I would rather talk to you than others in your clan right now."

"You mean like Trey? Yeah, we're all avoiding him at the moment. He isn't quite right." Maggie sits down on the couch.

"Please don't mind the mess." She refers to the unmade bed.

"I don't mind, but I love the decorations. You are, at least doing some of the holiday things." Maggie smiles at her.

"Yeah, well, I…I actually have dinner plans with a friend. This person won't let me not be in the holiday spirit. It is strange actually it seems to have become their mission in life to make sure I don't avoid life…" Greenlee muses more to herself.

"So, this PERSON…it sounds like they are a very good friend. May I ask who this person is?" Maggie smiles.

"I…I don't know that you would either believe me or maybe you would and think I have completely lost it." Greenlee turns away from Maggie.

"Greenlee, I wouldn't think you were crazy. Obviously, this person whoever he is has been good for you and how can that be crazy."

"I'll tell you who it is if you promise not to tell anyone who my friend is. It is very important. I can't deal with other people's judgments right now." Greenlee whispers.

"I promise. I just want to know who is helping you through this so well. Honest." Maggie stresses.

"I…well…the person isn't a man and I spend almost every day in her company. She works for me…with me really. It is unbelievable, but it's …Kendall Hart." Greenlee almost whispers the last part.

"Wow. Kendall won't let you shrink from life? I am amazed, but I don't think you are crazy. If you say she's helping you than I believe you. She's your dinner companion tonight?" Maggie stares at Greenlee's back in mild shock.

"Yeah, I figured that if neither of us were doing the family thing…"

"It makes sense. Now, I am going to tell you something you probably will believe then."

"What is that?" Greenlee turns back around.

"Kendall left me a note the other day when she and Bianca went shopping telling me that there was the perfect gift waiting for me to buy it for Bianca at the jewelry store, but not only that, but if I needed help with the price to call. Now, she didn't sign the note, but I called the number for a clue to who left it and it was your office extension. I knew you didn't leave it no offense…" Maggie shrugs.

"Yeah, that sounds like Kendall. Did you pick up the gift?"

"Yeah, it was this pair of beautiful Sapphire earrings. I had just enough to get them. Kendall sure has great taste. I know Bianca will love them." Maggie's face lights up.

"That means a lot to you doesn't. That Bianca's happy?" Greenlee pushes.

"Yeah, she's my best friend. She deserves good things." Maggie answers honestly.

"Yeah, but…well…I've seen the way you protect her…look at her…it looks like something more, Maggie." Greenlee sits down next to Maggie.

"I…uh…we're really close…" Maggie blushes.

"Maggie, I may give Bianca a hard time, but she's a good person. There really isn't anything wrong with being a lesbian."

"I…I know that. I…why are you telling me these things?"

"I guess, well, because like I told David and Anna. Love is too precious to let it pass you by for anything…for a job…for other people's judgments…for fear…for anything. If it's there you have to try for it with all your might…" Greenlee turns away.

"Like you and Leo?" Maggie touches Greenlee's shoulder.

"Exactly like that. So, I guess I'm telling you if you do have those feelings for her you should grab her and never let her go."

"I…I'm afraid that…I'm not who she wants…that…"

"That you only remind her of Frankie?" Maggie just nods, "Maggie, you are not really that much like Frankie at all. I mean you look like her, and she was strong, but you are stronger and far more a person than she was capable of being. I don't think Bianca sees Frankie. I think she would have tired of that long ago. I think she sees the wonderful person you are Maggie and if you tell anyone I said any of these things I will deny and disown." Greenlee smiles with a warning.

"I…I don't know what to say. Thank you, Greenlee. I think you're pretty wonderful, too. I don't know what I'll do, but yeah, I have those feelings." Maggie ducks her head.

"Maggie," Greenlee makes her look at her, "Don't you ever and I mean ever be ashamed to love someone…especially not someone your cousin loved so much as a friend."

"I think you should show this side of yourself to more people Greenlee. They would be amazed at you." Maggie smiles.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Now, you should get going. I am sure you have another stop to make before dinner with the family. Am I right?" Greenlee stands.

"Yeah, I have to drop Bean's present off. We'll miss you, Greenlee. By the way, I am glad you have someone to spend the holiday with. Leo wouldn't want you to be alone." Maggie stands by the door.

"No. I don't think he would either, but I am not sure how much he would like the company I've chosen. Although, other times it seems some of the things Kendall has done came straight from Leo like decorating my office for Christmas."

"I think Leo would approve of anyone who made you live life. Perhaps, Leo is sending her ideas. One will never know. Messengers come in all forms." Maggie impulsively hugs Greenlee before opening the door.

"Now…none of that…save that lesbian affection for Miss Montgomery." Greenlee smiles at Maggie.

"Whatever. Please enjoy the Holiday Greenlee. Leo would want you to."

"I will do my best. Now scoot." Greenlee closes the door. She looks to the couch and sitting there is a gift-wrapped box. 'Why that little..' She moves to open the box. She unwraps the paper and opens the small box. Inside the box, wrapped in tissue paper, is a gold Christmas tree ornament with a beautiful picture of her and Leo together.

"It's beautiful, Maggie." She says out loud as she moves to place it on the small tree in her room.

Kendall opens the door to find an Enchantment deliveryman standing there. She signs for the package and moves to her couch to open it. She notices the perfect wrapping and gets suspicious.

"Surely, even Erica wouldn't try to blow me up on Christmas." She admonishes herself as she grabs the card.


I thought at least one member of your family should give you a Christmas gift. I did enjoy shopping with you that day and I will think of you as I am opening your gift to me today. I hope you enjoy this.


Kendall wipes a stray tear as she pulls the top off the box. Inside the box, lies a beautiful silk shirt. Kendall pulls the shirt from the box and moves to the mirror to hold in front of her. She smiles at the reflection.

"Bianca, you do have such wonderful taste." Kendall moves toward the bathroom to shower and change. The silk shirt will be great to wear to dinner.

The door opens at the Kane Penthouse and Chris smiles at Maggie, "Come in. Bianca is in the spare bedroom. She stayed over last night, but you know that already." He shakes his head at himself.

"Thanks Chris. Is it okay?" She points toward the room. Chris waves her on as he heads back toward the kitchen.

Maggie knocks on the door, "Bean, it's me. Can I come in?"

"Maggie, come on in. I'm just finishing dressing."

Maggie swallows and opens the door. She walks in to see Bianca buttoning up the last of her shirt. She feels herself blush, but sits down on the bed and turns away from Bianca. Bianca finishes and sits down next to Maggie holding a gift-wrapped box.

"You didn't have to get me anything Bianca."

"I know, but I wanted to and I see in your hand that you have something for me?" Bianca smiles.

"Um…y-yeah. Shall we?" She hands out her small box.

"Here," Bianca hands over one box and points to another small box on her nightstand.

"But…I only got you one." Maggie looks guilty.

"So, it's the thought that counts." Bianca chides her.

Bianca watches as Maggie opens the bigger box that she handed her. Maggie smiles at the school supplies and other things in the box. She looks at Bianca and shakes her head.

"You are ever always practical, Bean. Thank you. I really need that graphing calculator." Maggie points to Bianca's gift, but Bianca hands Maggie the small box first.

"We'll open them together." Bianca smiles.

They both carefully remove the tops of the boxes and at the same time they both look as if they are in shock. They both pull out the earrings in their box. They smile at each other.

"Maggie, how did you know? I love sapphires, but I don't remember telling you that." Bianca lightly touches her gift.

"Someone advised me on the perfect Bean gift. Were they right?" Maggie grins.

Bianca punches her playfully in the arm, "You. If…if you don't like yours…"

"Bean, I love them, but you really shouldn't have spent so much on me. I mean…they are beautiful, but…"

"Sshhh…you deserve them, Maggie. Something that beautiful should be worn by someone who will just slightly outshine them." Bianca says without thinking and blushes and so does Maggie.

"Thank you, Bean. I love them." Maggie before she can think twice pulls Bianca into a very tight hug.

Bianca returns the hug automatically, but then relaxes into it. Both girls, unaware the other is feeling the same way, prolong the hug for as long as they can reasonably. They take in each other's scent, warmth, and love although they don't know it. Slowly, they break apart and Maggie moves to the mirror to put her new earrings in. Bianca watches for a moment before standing behind her and looking over her to put her own in. Both girls are thinking the same thing as they look into the mirror at themselves together.

'We could be perfect together.'


Part 11

Kendall stands nervously outside Greenlee's door. She shifts from foot to foot with her gift box in her purse. She runs a hand through her hair and pulls on the edge of her skirt. Just as she raises her hand to knock the door opens.

"I thought you were going to just stand out there forever." Greenlee smiles while opening the door.

"I…I was just…"

"Primping?" Greenlee teases, "You look terrific…all this just for me?"

"Well, you're supposed to dress up for holiday dinners and you look like you took some time to get ready yourself." Kendall admires Greenlee's simple yet elegant dress.

"Thank you. Come on in dinner was just delivered a few minutes ago." Greenlee opens the door and watches Kendall's lanky frame saunter in subconsciously.

Greenlee sits down at the table motioning for Kendall to join her. Kendall sits and looks at the dinner provided by chef Marcel. Could it have been only a month ago that they sat here like this before?

"I don't have to push you to eat tonight do I?" Kendall asks only half-seriously.

"Are you kidding me? I am going to eat so much that you will have to pull me away from the table." Greenlee digs into the bowl of mashed potatoes.

"I'll believe that one when I see it, but I'll be satisfied if you simply eat a good plateful and, of course, some dessert." Kendall picks a piece of turkey off the plate in front of her.

"I promise. Now, let's eat before it gets cold."

Their dinner is quiet as they both enjoy the meal prepared for them. They exchange a few pleasantries about getting ready and how it is strange to be without family, but nice to be together.

Greenlee pushes her pie plate away groaning, "I am stuffed. See, I told you I planned on eating well."

"I am so happy, but I think I ate too much." Kendall laughs.

"Oh, right. Look at that figure. You could put on a few pounds and still look fantastic." Greenlee chuckles.

'You look at my figure?' Kendall's pulse jumps, 'No…that is just a casual observation…stop it.'

"Hello?" Greenlee waves her hand in front of her guest.

"Sorry. All this food has gone to my head." Kendall smiles awkwardly.

'Where did you just go, Kendall?' Greenlee thinks, "Why don't we move to the couch and have some hot chocolate. I have something for you." Greenlee moves away from the table walking over to the couch.

"Oh. Sure, hot chocolate sounds good." Kendall sits joining Greenlee on the couch tucking her legs under her.

Greenlee turns to the end table reaching for a medium-sized gift box sitting there. She turns and hands it to Kendall with her hand shaking slightly. Kendall takes the box into her own slightly trembling hand and shakes her head.

"You didn't have to get me anything, Greenlee. Really. It's just nice having dinner with you and not having to be alone." Kendall's voice is low.

"You have done so much for me lately that you didn't have to do and I wanted to get my friend something special so just shut up and take it." Greenlee smiles.

"Only if you open yours with me." Kendall pulls her gift out of her handbag sitting on the couch behind her and hands it to Greenlee.

"Now, you definitely shouldn't have gotten me anything after all you have done for me lately." Greenlee admonishes Kendall, but takes the gift offered out of a shaking hand.

They stare at each other for a moment before tearing into their presents like children. They each stare in awe at their presents. Kendall takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as she stares at a beautiful diamond necklace. She reaches into the flip box and lightly runs her fingers over it almost afraid to touch it.

"Oh my God, Greenlee. I can't take this…it's way too much. It's perfect." Kendall looks up at Greenlee to see tears running down her face as she looks at the emerald earrings that Kendall bought for her.

"I'm sorry. You don't like them. I didn't know what to…" Kendall starts, but Greenlee puts her hand up in front of her to stop her.

"I l-love them. I love em-emeralds. I never told Leo, because…he would try to buy them when he couldn't…I…how did you know?" Greenlee whispers out.

"You wouldn't believe me…" Kendall reaches out without thinking wiping tears off Greenlee's cheek. Greenlee closes her eyes at the touch then opens them looking at Kendall.

"Of course, I will. I have found its okay to believe you lately." Kendall realizes what she's doing and pulls her hand back.

"I took Bianca shopping with me and she told me that you told her once that you loved emeralds…so I bought them." Kendall tells her looking at her hand that had just touched Greenlee.

"Bianca. I think sometimes I was always just jealous that Leo cared for her so much. She can be such a wonderful person." Greenlee wipes the other cheek that Kendall never touched.

"Yeah, I'm learning that myself." Kendall looks again at the diamond necklace, "You spent way too much for me."

"You can never spend too much on those who are your friends. Leo taught me that. Besides, I was tired at looking at your unadorned neck." Greenlee offers.

"Oh." Kendall reaches for the now gone ring at her throat, "Yeah, I…"

"Didn't think anyone would notice? I did. I watched you give it back to Chris that night. I didn't want you to see me, but I was curious to see why you needed to talk to him. I noticed you weren't wearing it when you came to dinner. I thought that something just as wonderful should replace it. It isn't the same, but it will do. Correct?" Greenlee looks hopefully at Kendall.

"It will more than do. It was time to admit Ryan and I just weren't meant to be. I suppose it just took awhile." Kendall sighs.

"I think you did a brave thing giving that ring to Chris. It's excruciatingly painful to let go of someone you love. We both know that. I'm proud of you." Greenlee compliments her friend.

"Thank you. It should have been harder than it was, but I think I did Ryan a disservice. I think I was just as in love with the fact that he believed in me as I was with him." Kendall admits.

"That isn't a crime Kendall. Shall I put it on for you?" Greenlee reaches for the box.

"If you don't mind." Kendall hands her the box and turns away from her.

Greenlee picks up the necklace and unclasps it. She gets on her knees and lowers it over Kendall's head. Kendall pulls her hair up out of the way so that Greenlee can see what she is doing. Kendall feels the cool necklace touch her all too warm skin. She shivers slightly. Greenlee has trouble connecting the clasp and her fingers touch Kendall's neck lightly. Kendall's heart races and she tries to conceal her trembling.

'Beautiful skin…I'll bet it's soft.' Greenlee thinks to herself as without thought her hands smooth down from where the clasp lays on Kendall's neck and glides over the skin exposed by Bianca's gift of an open shoulder shirt.

"D-did you get it?" Kendall stammers out as she revels in Greenlee's torturous touch on her skin.

"Oh, yes, I did. Let's see." Greenlee moves back from Kendall so she can turn around, "Oh it's beautiful on you. I do have good taste if I say so myself."

"Yes, you do. It goes well with the top Bianca bought for me."

""Yes, she has good taste as well. It was a Christmas gift?"

"Yeah, I gave her a sapphire necklace. I hope she liked it."

"I'm sure she loved it and that it matched perfectly with the sapphire earrings that you sent Maggie to buy," Greenlee ribs Kendall.

"How did you know that?" Kendall asks shocked.

"Maggie knew you sent her and she stopped by today to give me a Christmas gift. We talked. You shouldn't give out my office extension if you want to remain anonymous." Greenlee chuckles.

"Shit. I didn't even think about it. I just thought that she would want to get Bianca the perfect gift. I am glad it worked out."

"Yes, it did. You are turning into an old softy, Kendall Hart." Greenlee teases.

"It's all your influence, Mrs. Dupree." Kendall chides back, "May I see the gift Maggie bought you?"

"Certainly, it's hanging on the Christmas tree." Greenlee stands and walks to the small tree. She points out the gold ornament.

Kendall takes in the image of Leo and Greenlee together. It somehow makes her feel guilty for having feelings for Greenlee. She touches it lightly looking more closely.

"What do you think?"

"Greenlee, I think it's a terrific gift and a wonderful picture of the two of you. It shows how much love you have for each other. Just look at the way you look at each other." Kendall answers honestly, but quietly. 'I wish you would look at me with half that amount of love.' She tells herself.

"Yes, I thought so, too. Let's sit down and talk shall we?"

Greenlee and Kendall talk about the gifts they bought for others. They talk about how great the line will do and how wonderful it is to get one over on Erica. Kendall admits that it is nice that her and Bianca are trying to be friends. Greenlee asks what sparked it and Kendall expertly changes the topic. Kendall and Greenlee are both surprised that they can see the love that the girls have for each other, but Maggie and Bianca can't see it in each other. Isn't that the way it always goes? They talk about their mothers and the animosity there. They avoid all talk of Leo and Ryan until Greenlee looks at the necklace she gave Kendall.

"So, I know what my dream was, but what was yours?" Greenlee asks.

"Dream about what?"

"Leo and I wanted to live in Paris. We wanted to raise our children abroad. What was yours?"

"Oh. You'll just think it's silly." Kendall evades.

"No, I won't tell me, please?" Greenlee whines.

"Okay, but no more whining." Kendall covers her ears, "I want to live with the person I love in a medium sized urban setting, in a house with a white picket fence, and a two car garage, with a large yard where our children can play."

Greenlee just stares at her for a minute, "See, silly I told you." Kendall sighs.

"I don't think it's silly at all. I think you want to give your kids a life you couldn't have with your mother. I think it sounds fantastic." Greenlee says honestly.

Kendall blushes and looks at the clock, "Oh its' 11:30 already. I should let you get to sleep. After all, tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year." Kendall laughs nervously. Knowing she really only wants to leave so she doesn't blurt out that she wants that dream with Greenlee.

"Yes, we can't miss out on that Miss shop-o-holic. I am so glad you spent tonight with me, Kendall. I think we have surprised each other." Greenlee stands when Kendall does.

They walk to the door. Kendall stops and turns, "Yes, I think it has been a pleasant one though." She smiles as she sees Greenlee chuckling.

"What are you giggling at?" Kendall smiles.

"Oh, nothing. I just had a funny thought. You see, the decorators put mistletoe in front of the door and now you are standing exactly under it." Greenlee points up.

"Oh. Ohhhh…" Kendall grins nervously, "How quaint."

"Well, its bad luck not go with the mistletoe. So, do you mind?" Greenlee moves closer to Kendall.

"Um…you aren't really that superstitious are you?" Kendall almost squeaks.

"Yes, what's bothering you so much? Just bend down, I'll give you a peck on the cheek and we're all set." Greenlee looks suspiciously at her friend. 'Why are you pushing this?' her mind argues, 'I am not pushing this.' She argues with herself.

"Okay, you win." Kendall bends down, closes her eyes, and waits for Greenlee to move.

Greenlee takes a moment to move so as she moves in, Kendall turns back facing Greenlee with her eyes starting to open. Instead of the peck on the cheek both were expecting, their lips touch lightly. Both women open their eyes at the same time without moving away. In a split second, Kendall moves wrapping her arms around Greenlee and pulling her close to her. Greenlee doesn't respond or fight it at first, but Kendall runs her tongue along Greenlee's lower lip asking entrance. At that touch, Greenlee's arms wrap around Kendall and she grants entrance to Kendall's questing tongue. The kiss deepens and they hold each other as tight as they can. In her mind, Greenlee at first sees Leo, but that image shakes his head at her as it morphs into Kendall's. Greenlee clutches at Kendall's back as they battle for dominance in the kiss. Kendall's hands glide over Greenlee's back sensually. Greenlee suddenly pulls away from the kiss breathless, heaving in air. She looks at Kendall who has opened her eyes in shock at her own behavior. Kendall drops her arms from around Greenlee who moves quickly away.

"I…I'm sorry…Oh God, Greenlee. I…don't…Fuck…I…I should just go. I'm really sorry. I…damn…I should…" Kendall stammers as tears start pouring down her cheeks.

"You…um…that…uh…you should maybe take next week off…you…um deserve it. Yeah…I'll see you after New Year's….It…it's…um…" Greenlee stutters out her hand at her lips.

"I'm sorry…please…I…"

"It'll be…okay…you should go…" Greenlee turns around.

Kendall reaches out towards her, but drops her hand and runs out the door. She runs down the hall and into her own room. She throws things around the room screaming before she collapses onto the bed.

"What were you thinking?! What were you dong?! She just wanted a kiss on the cheek and you maul her! You just pull her to you and crushed the only thing you did have with her. Now, she won't want anything at all to do with you. Fuck! She just gave you a week off…you'll be fired when you go in…you deserve every bad thing anyone has ever wished on you. You are an evil BITCH!" She screams out loud. 'I'm sorry, Greenlee. I love you. I never meant to hurt you.' Her mind repeats over and over as she falls into a fitful sleep.

Greenlee sits in her slip on her bed looking at the remains of their dinner. It was a wonderful night. She holds herself tight hugging her own body to keep it from shaking as she cries.

"Why did I have to push so much on a superstition? Everything was wonderful. Then, Kendall Hart kissed me like there wasn't ever going to be a tomorrow. What was she doing?! What was I doing?! Leo, at first it was you in my mind that I was kissing, but it was like you were telling me no and then it was Kendall and it felt so right, but it can't be! It just can't be. I love you, Leo, but…" she trails off into tears.

'What was I thinking kissing Kendall like that… a woman…not Leo. What was I doing?!' Her mind cries out, 'You were letting someone love you and it felt wonderful.' Her mind answers, 'NO! I can't let it happen. It would be a betrayal to Leo.' She argues with herself until she too falls into a restless sleep.


Part 12

Kendall did as Greenlee asked and had stayed away from work. She stayed away all right. She didn't even leave her room. She was completely afraid of running into Greenlee anywhere. What if she caused Greenlee pain or something? She hadn't taken an interest in the phone ringing or eating for that matter for last couple of days either. She knew this was no way to keep going, but she couldn't bring herself to really care about what was going on outside her door. All she knew was that she had just cost herself the one thing she had just recently realized mattered to her. So, here she lays in her bed un-showered, unfed, and basically unkempt. She stares out the window in her room. Occasionally, she catches a glimpse of Greenlee coming and going and that has become her only moment of life. She turns her head toward the door when she hears an insistent knock. She just blinks not really comprehending that she should answer it. After all, it was probably just Aidan again asking if she still had the flu. The knock keeps coming though and she knows she should get up to answer it, but she just can't.

"Kendall, come on. If you are still sick you need to see a doctor. I'll even take you. Please just open the door. I asked around and room service says you haven't order food in days." Aidan's voice comes through the door as she suspected.

"Go away, Aidan. I'm fine." Her voice comes out hoarse from its lack of use.

"Please Kendall, I just want to see your face so I know your at least getting better. I'll go away if you just come to the door." Aidan pleads truly worried.

Outside, Greenlee stands down by her door preparing to enter when she hears Aidan pleading at Kendall's door. She stops and listens.

"I'm FINE. Just leave me alone!" Kendall yells through the door.

"Kendall you're not fine. No one has seen you since Christmas. I know you haven't been out of that room once since then. I asked the maid service and they haven't been into clean since then. What is really wrong? Please Kendall, come to the door."

"I'm not coming so go away or I'll call security. I'm fine Aidan. Please just go away." Kendall pleads in her own right.

Greenlee sees Aidan lean his head against Kendall's door. He shakes it back and forth, "Okay, Kendall. I'll go away for one more day, but I'm coming back if I have to call security." He turns to walk into his room, but Greenlee waves him down the hall to her.

"What's going on?" She asks innocently.

"Kendall hasn't come out of her room in days not once. She keeps saying she has the flu, but it's more than that I know it. She hasn't eaten, or let the maids into clean, nothing. I'm really worried about her. Something has happened and she has shut out everything." Aidan offers.

"Yes, she has the week off from work. I assumed she went somewhere." Greenlee drops her eyes to the floor.

"Maybe you could…"

"No. I have to get changed and I have a meeting." She lies, "But you could call Bianca I know she and Kendall have been getting closer. Perhaps, she can get her out of there."

"I think I'll have to try that. Thanks Greenlee." Aidan trots down the hall to his room to make the call.

Greenlee opens her door, "It's the absolute least I can do." She reprimands herself closing the door.

Kendall hears the phone ringing again. She waits for the machine to pick up. She'll answer it if it's Greenlee, but somehow she doubts that is something she is going to have to worry about.

"Kendall, it's Bianca. I haven't heard from you since we went shopping and I wanted to thank you personally for my gift. It's wonderful. Look, I know you are there, because Aidan called me. I'm worried now and if you don't pick up this phone I'm coming over and I will get into that room to see you. So, pick up in 3 seconds or…3-2-1….Kendall?"

Kendall reaches the phone just as it clicks the hang up. She just stares at it, "Damn it! I can't…SHIT!" She screams slamming the phone down, "Damn it, Aidan, you had no right. Now, I have to do something…"

For the next 15 minutes, Kendall does her best to clean up some and make herself look presentable if not well. She brushes her hair out and sticks it in an unruly ponytail, dresses in plain pants and a sweatshirt, and brushes her teeth. She puts on deodorant to mask the fact that she hasn't showered in how long? Then, she picks up the used tissues and throws them in the trash from all over the room. Just as she places the trashcan back by the desk she hears the knock.

"Kendall, open this door." Bianca sounds demanding.

"I'm coming Bink." Kendall opens the door to her sister and tries to smile, but it doesn't work.

"Kendall, move and let me in. You look like hell." Bianca moves around Kendall into the room, "Damn, it's stale in here." Bianca looks around the room and for all practical purposes it does look like someone has been sick except that there are no remedies, no tale tail signs of trying to get well. In short, it looks like Bianca's room when Frankie died. Something had happened. Aidan was right.

"See, I'm alive and…well, alive. I haven't felt good. I'm sorry Aidan worried you for nothing." Kendall tries to cover.

"Don't give me that shit." Bianca curses for emphasis, "You haven't eaten. From the bags under your eyes and the bloodshot appearance you've been crying and not sleeping. You haven't been sick, well, heart sick maybe, but not sick. So, two choices are yours to make. One, we let the maids come in and clean and I take you to lunch or two, I force you to let me take you to lunch and the maids come in and clean."

"I…Fine. Then will everyone leave me alone.?" Kendall sighs.

"We'll see. Get a coat let's go." Bianca watches Kendall sadly as she moves to grab her coat.

They leave with Aidan looking out his door at them. Down the hall, Greenlee sneaks a look to and is taken aback at the disheveled appearance and utter lack of grace in Kendall. It is almost like watching the ghost of someone walk down the hall rather than the person itself. A tear slides down Greenlee's cheek as she closes the door and slides to the floor. 'What have we done?' She thinks desperately.

Kendall follows Bianca into the SOS. She knows she should care about how she looks, but she just can't. No one pays much attention to them as they shuffle through to a table in the back. Bianca waves over a waitress and she ends up ordering for them both. She takes a drink and then looks intently at her sister.

"Kendall, what happened? I know you were having dinner with your friend so what happened?" Bianca urges, "Please, I am not going to tell anyone. You need to talk to someone…you can talk to me. I want to be there for you." Bianca touches Kendall's hand.

Kendall looks at Bianca and then to their touching hands. A tear falls slowly from her eye, "You…I…you would either hate me or not believe me, Bink."

"I'm not going to hate you, Kendall. I thought we were getting past that. I will believe you if you tell me the truth." Bianca says truthfully.

"I…I had dinner with my friend and everything…everything was wonderful. We were sharing memories and dreams. She lost someone recently and we were talking about that. I have been…well, just trying to help her through. See, that's how I…" Kendall swallows hard.

"How you developed feelings for her?"

"Yeah, but I hadn't told her or pushed or anything. I swear. Then, it was stupid really. She had bought me this most wonderful gift." Kendall touches the necklace showing it to Bianca, "She said I needed a replacement for the other. It was so special. I got up to leave. It was late. I walk to the door and the people she had decorated for the holidays had put up mistletoe. She said it…it was bad luck not abide by it and that she would give me a peck on the cheek. So, my heart racing, I bent over, but it didn't come so I turned back and her lips touched my softly. We both opened our eyes, but neither of us moved. The next thing I know I'm wrapping her in my arms and we're kissing like there isn't going to be another day. She's kissing me back, but then we break apart and the shit blew Bink. Now, Greenlee will never…" Kendall looks up in shock at her slip and right into Bianca's wide eyes.

"G-greenlee? You kissed Greenlee Dupree?! You…" Bianca stammers.

"I…I…yes…" Kendall whispers.

"My God. You're telling me that you are in love with Leo's widow…" Bianca puts her hand to her mouth.

"I'm sorry Bianca. I didn't mean to…I'm sorry." Kendall tries to apologize.

"Sssshhh…don't. I'm not mad. I'm shocked, but I'm not mad. After everything you've done and told me about how you feel for this person, for Greenlee. How could I not believe you love her? She kissed you back then?"

"Um…yeah. It was wonderful until…reality hit again. She told me to t-take the week off and she would see me after New Year's. I don't think I can go back to work." Kendall wipes her cheeks.

"Now, I know why you haven't come out of your room then. You were afraid that you would run into her. I'm sorry it happened that way, but she did kiss you back. She could just be…frightened maybe. She is somewhat homophobic."

"That's just it Bink. She isn't. She was just jealous of you. Believe it or not she admires you. I don't know what to do Bink."

"Well, first we feed you, then we shower you cause no offense your getting ripe." Bianca smiles, "We'll work something out. You just can't hide yourself away though. Whatever happens you have to keep living that's what you've been telling Greenlee right?"

"Yeah, you know Bink. I think I'm….no I'm glad I have you." Kendall squeezes her sister's hand, "I see Maggie got you those earrings."

"How did you? You're the little bird. I should've guessed it is the matching set. The necklace was very thoughtful Kendall thank you. Now, come on let's eat and try to get you back to your glamorous self. We'll really think of something Kendall I promise."

Kendall nods not quite believing her sister, but wanting to and grateful that she is willing to be there for her at all. She for the first time in many days feels like maybe she could eat something. She also realizes that she definitely needs a shower. She would just have to find a way to at least keep Greenlee's friendship. She takes a bite of her food and smiles at Bianca sadly as Bianca watches her.


Part 13

Maggie stands outside Bianca's door at Myrtle's. She slowly raises her hand, but before she can knock it opens. Bianca stares at her for a moment as Maggie stares back. They just look and then both chuckle.

"You scared the crap out of me, Bianca." Maggie laughs.

"Yeah, me too."

"So…what are you doing?" Maggie smiles.

"I was actually just going to look for you. I need to talk to you about something and get your opinion. Did you need something?"

"No, I just wanted some good company. What do you need to talk to me about?"

"Come on in. It's a secret and very private." Bianca steps aside so Maggie can come in.

They each sit on Bianca's bed and Bianca sighs inwardly wishing she had the nerve to talk to Maggie about her own secret instead of Kendall's, but that just isn't meant to be. Maggie on the other side has much the same feelings, but knows it's hard enough for Bianca right now.

"So, what's the secret?" Maggie asks, "Is it juicy?"

"Oh, yeah. I would say it's juicy and I need to know what you think without being judgmental. It's about Kendall and Greenlee."

"All I know is that they've been working well together. I think they had Christmas dinner together. What is the secret?"

"Okay, but don't freak out and get mad."

"Why would I get mad? Did Kendall do something?"

"Uh…yes, but from the sound of it nothing that Greenlee didn't want her too…" Bianca trails off.

"Just tell me what happened." Maggie braces herself for something horrific.

"Kendall did have dinner with Greenlee and from my understanding she's been trying to keep Greenlee in with the living."

"Yeah, Greenlee thought I would freak out when she told me they were having dinner and were becoming friends. I think it was a good thing. I mean Kendall told me what to get you for Christmas."

"Yeah, she told me when we were talking. It was sweet. So, the big secret is…um…Kendall is in love with Greenlee." Bianca waits for the outburst, but it doesn't come.

"Really?" is all Maggie whispers out.

"Yeah, really." From there Bianca explains how Kendall had talked to her about having feelings for a woman and then the shopping for decorations and the perfect gifts. She explains how she was just happy to be having a good time with her sister. They figured together that it was sweet of Kendall to do the gifts she did and that she must really be changing. Maggie told Bianca how she agreed that there was definitely a change coming over Kendall.

"Okay, so none of that seems all that bad." Maggie says questioningly.

"I know. So, besides her hiding all these feelings…she well, Greenlee is superstitious about things and there was mistletoe and she was going to give Kendall a peck on the cheek, but it ended up being a kiss on the lips that turned well…passionate. Kendall kissed Greenlee and it sounds like some kiss and Greenlee kissed back…"

"Holy Shit!" Maggie puts her hand over her mouth, "Greenlee kissed her back. That…wow…"

"You're not angry are you, because of Leo?"

"Angry? No. If Greenlee is happy…"

"No. I mean. I guess she freaked. She told Kendall to take the week off and not come to work. Hell, Kendall…she went to hell. She didn't come out of her room for days or eat…. Aidan called me to come get her out. That's when I found all this out. Kendall's heartbroken. I mean truly heartbroken. Its way worse than when Ryan left her. I told her we would work something out. She's hurting. I just found out today that it was Greenlee who told Aidan to call me. I just wondered if she was alright."

"I haven't talked to her since Christmas, but I guess I had better. What do we do?"

"I guess first we better try to figure out what Greenlee thinks or feels about all of this." Bianca rationalizes, "I mean we can't very well try to pair two people up if only one of them has feelings. Greenlee could've just been grieving, but I hope for Kendall's and her sake she wasn't."

Maggie nods, "Yeah, they both have to have the feelings or it won't work. You can't just go with the grief. I think I need to go have a talk with Greenlee. I'll call you when I know something. So, much for the company."

"I…thanks for your help. If you want we can…um…would you like to go to the Crystal Ball together?" Bianca blushes, "I mean…I'll get a limo and buy the tickets to make up for all of this."

"Oh. You don't have to do that. I…"

"Oh if you already have plans…"

NO…um…no I mean I would love to go, but you don't have anything to make up for. We are just trying to make people we care about happy. We can always hang out. Um…I'll call later so we can scheme." Maggie smiles.

"Yeah, and we can set pick up times for tomorrow night for the Ball."

"Sure. It sounds wonderful, Bean." Maggie leaves closing the door.

"Yeah, it does." Bianca smiles.

Greenlee opens the door to Maggie smiling, "Hey, Maggie what's up?"

"I thought we could just have a visit." Maggie lies.

"Oh yeah, sure come on in." Greenlee opens the door wide, "Don't mind the mess. I just haven't felt like tidying up."

"Don't worry about it. I know how it is." Maggie sees the bed is unmade and it looks like there are a lot of tissues in the garbage can.

"Had trouble sleeping?" Maggie pushes.

"Yeah…" Greenlee looks suspiciously at Maggie, "Okay, Maggie why are you really here?"

"Yeah, I guess I don't sneak well do I?" Maggie just gives it up. "No, you're not Leo." Greenlee answers as she sits on the couch with Maggie.

"No. No one is. So, if I come right to the point about why I am here. You have to promise not to get angry at some people and listen to me."

"This sounds ominous. If I promise you'll tell me. Okay, I promise." Greenlee says.

"I came here after talking to Bianca who told me what happened on Christmas Eve with Kendall about the kiss." Maggie waits for the explosion.

"Oh." Greenlee drops her head down.

"Wow, that's all you have to say?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to betray anyone…I…" Greenlee starts to stutter as her eyes tear up.

"No…oh Greenlee I'm not mad. I just wanted to know how you were doing?" Maggie touches Greenlee's hand, "Bianca said Kendall wouldn't come out of her room for days she was so upset. She thinks she molested you or something. I just wanted to check on you. Bianca thought someone should."

"Is she angry?" Greenlee whispers.

"No, Bean's not mad. She was worried for the both of you. I think she was right to be. You don't seem much better than what Kendall sounded like except you obviously have been going to work. Greenlee what's upset you so much? Was it…did Kendall do something to hurt you?"

"No…no she didn't hurt me. I think I hurt her." Greenlee cries.

"Oh. I don't understand. Kendall told…well, did you kiss her back?"

"Um…I…I didn't mean to betray L-leo…" Greenlee loses it.

"Oh, Greenlee, is that what you think? You didn't betray Leo." Maggie pulls a sobbing Greenlee to her, "Sshh…you didn't betray Leo… he would want you to be happy. He wouldn't want you to be alone if you found someone."

"I…love him, but…" Greenlee shakes her head.

"But what? Don't you know that he looks out for you? He would want you to live and you know that. Kendall's been telling you that. She didn't mean to upset you so much. She thinks she hurt you so bad and you think you hurt Leo's memory."

"I didn't mean to…to kiss her, but it…it felt so right…and then I hurt her by freaking out."

"Greenlee, it's important so answer me completely honestly. Did you want to kiss Kendall or was it grief?"

"It…it was…I meant to kiss her on the cheek, but she moved and then it was her lips, but my eyes were closed…" Greenlee breathes deep, "I…I saw Leo in my mind," Maggie closes her eyes, "But…then he shook his head and it was Kendall there and it was…it was okay…I was…"

"You were what?" Maggie nudges.

"I was happy. It was good and I was happy." Greenlee sighs.

"There isn't anything wrong with that at all Greenlee. You should be happy and there isn't anything wrong with Kendall making you that way."

"It's almost like everything she does…well, it's what Leo would do, but somehow different." Greenlee sits up from Maggie shaking her head, "It doesn't make any sense. I have been crying my eyes out. First, for Leo and his memory…and then I cry for Kendall and hurting her so badly. I don't know what to do."

"I want to tell you something else. Then, I want to hear exactly what your heart tells you when you hear it."

"Okay," Greenlee just looks at her.

"Kendall told Bianca why she gave Ryan's ring back. Do you want to know why?"


"She said she had found that real love was something different than what she had thought it was. She said she had found that feeling. She said real love means you want only for that person to be happy. She said she loves you, Greenlee. Kendall is in love with you."

Greenlee's mouth drops open, "I…she…she loves me?"

"Yes, it sounds like she loves you very much. She says she will do whatever it takes for you to be happy even if it means leaving Pine Valley."

"NO! No, she can't leave…" Greenlee blurts out.


"I need her. I…she can't leave when I…I…" Greenlee closes her eyes tight, "I love her."

Maggie smiles and touches Greenlee's face, "You should tell her."

"Yeah, look whose talking." Greenlee smirks.

"Well, at least you know she loves you back." Maggie drops her gaze.

"Maggie, if you don't think Bianca loves you…well, I think she does."

"Yeah, but…Frankie.."

No, buts, you'll end up sounding like me." Greenlee stands, "What am I going to do? I can't let her leave."

"Bianca and I are going to the Crystal Ball tomorrow, maybe you should go too. I think Bianca can get Kendall to go. You could see her there, because she isn't going to see anyone today. Bianca sent her to a day spa to get her back to herself."

"Yeah, she was wrung out when I saw her with Bianca." Greenlee tears up again, "I caused that."

"You didn't mean to. She'll understand cause she loves you." Maggie comforts.

"Yeah, wow…she loves me." Greenlee turns to Maggie, "And you don't think Leo would have minded?"

"No. I think Leo would have expected you to live and be happy." Maggie reassures her, "I know he would have."

"Yeah," Greenlee smiles sadly, "He would have, but I don't think he would have seen this one coming."

"No, probably not." Maggie jokes.

"Okay, okay. I can do this. She loves me. I…I love her. We can do this. I have to get things ready. It has to be right." Greenlee slips into work mode.

"So, we'll see you at the ball then?" Maggie stands moving to the door.

"Yes, I have to be there. I can't let her think she can leave me. I lost one. I can't lose another and I don't think she can either." Greenlee reasons.

"I need to call Bean and let her know. I have to get a dress and…"

"Maggie, think about telling her and put your dress on my account and the Boutique."

"I can't do the dress thing…it's too much."

"No it isn't enough and you will do it. I notice you didn't say you couldn't do the other."

"I have to think about it. I'll see you tomorrow night." Maggie stops at the door, "Just be happy, Greenlee it's all he would want."

Greenlee closes the door behind Maggie and heads for the phone, "Yes, this is Greenlee Dupree and I need Limo service for tomorrow night. I need it fully stocked and I need two-dozen roses in it as well. The best and the most expensive Champagne you have, too."


Part 14

New Year's Eve and the Crystal Ball. It is the biggest night of all in Pine Valley. There isn't a person invited that turns down that invitation. This year would be special, because instead of celebrating Maria's memory, they would all be celebrating her return. Every shop and boutique in town hurried to finish dresses and jewelry requests. Even those who couldn't go talked about all the wonderful guests and rumors the night would produce. It was Pine Valley's night at the Oscar's so to speak. Tonight, would bring about a full circle of life for one family and who knew what else for everyone else.

Bianca stands in front of her mirror. She turns making sure the blue gown looks right everywhere. Her mother had offered a day at the beauty parlor to get ready, but she had promised Kendall she would come over and help her get ready when she was ready. She loves this dress. It was the one thing she gave in to with her mother. She let her mother have it designed for her. It needless to say fit in all the right places. Not to mention much to her surprise there was a low neckline and a slit up her thigh. It was a truly exquisite dress.

"Now, if only Maggie likes it." She says out loud smiling in the mirror. "I want to tell her how I feel, but I don't want to lose her."

"Honey, you have to take chances in life if you are going to be happy." Erica offers.

"Oh. Mom, you look gorgeous." Bianca smiles blushing at her mom.

"Thank you darling. You look amazing and if Miss Stone can't see that well, then she doesn't deserve my little girl."

"Mom." Bianca blushes, "You told me not to tell her before."

"I know. I just see how much you love her and I see she cares for you so if she doesn't feel the same way I still think she would still be your friend. Don't you?" Erica stands beside her daughter.

"I…yeah…I just don't want to have things awkward between us. It sucks mom."

"Hmm…sucks…what a word. Yes, honey I guess it would 'suck', but love is always a chance. Honey, only you know what to do. Just be happy Bianca…be happy." Erica kisses her daughters cheek then rubs lightly to be sure there is no lipstick.

"Thank you mom. I love you." Bianca hugs her.

"I love you too, honey. I have to go make sure Chris gets his bow tie right. I'll see you at the Ball."

Bianca watches as Erica sweeps out of her room at the penthouse. It seemed the best place to get ready. She checks her watch and realizes she is due at Kendall's any minute. She grabs her wrap and her handbag rushing out the door.

Kendall sits in front of her mirror in her robe looking at her face. She just knows she is going to regret going to this ball, but Bink seemed so sure she should go. How could she say no when Bianca had been there through all of this mess.

"Come on Binks, I most definitely am not looking like Ball material here." Kendall sighs.

AS if on cue, the door opens and in comes Bianca, "Sorry, had to have the mom moment."

"At least you get one." Kendall turns to look at Bianca, "WOW. Binks you look wonderful."

"Thanks, now, come on we have to get you ready. You are going to knock people over. Now, the face and the hair must be done first. Did you get the dress I sent over?"

"Yeah, it's beautiful, Binks. You shouldn't have. It is way too much." Kendall sighs.

"No. It's perfect. Now, give me the make up and let's get going on this."

Maggie sees the Limo pull up. She stands nervously in her gown. She grabs her wrap and her purse. She heads to the door and opens it just as Bianca was about to knock. She had gotten ready with Anna at the cabin. She needed help with her makeup and hair.

"Oh, I was going to come and get you properly." Bianca smiles sheepishly.

"Oh. Sorry, want me to go back in?" Maggie giggles.

"No. You look absolutely perfect." Bianca gushes.

"Oh…um…Anna helped me. I love your dress…you look beautiful."

"Thanks. Well, we should get this party going. We have love to get into the air." Bianca winks.

"Yeah…love." Maggie whispers.

"Shall we?" Bianca offers her arm.

"Yes," Maggie takes it and they go back to the Limo.

Once inside, Maggie sees Kendall fidgeting, but looking amazing, "Kendall, you look great."

"Thanks Maggie. You look wonderful, too." Kendall croaks out, "I'm not sure this is a good idea."

"Hush now. We've been over this." Bianca pats her hand on Kendall's.

Greenlee walks down the hall ready for the ball. She is heading to her Limo that has been stocked just as she has asked it to be. While passing Aidan's room the door opens.

Aidan smiles at her and looks her over politely. She grins back and turns for him.

"Greenlee, you look divine."

"Thank you, Aidan. Aren't you going to the ball?" She asks.

"No. I can't. I have to work tonight, but I may stop by after. Um…can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," Greenlee looks at him seriously.

"Eh…I think Kendall has feelings for someone….really deep feelings for someone…and I was wondering if you knew if this person might return those feelings?" Aidan uncharacteristically stutters.

"You are a good friend to her Aidan." Greenlee touches his hand, "You could just ask outright…isn't that more your style, but I'll answer it anyway…Yes, I can tell you this person Kendall cares for….she…I love her very much." Greenlee looks at him then away.

"Good. She needs someone who will love her like she can love. She deserves that." Greenlee nods, "And so do you, Mrs. Dupree."

"Thank you, Aidan. Happy New Year." Greenlee smiles and on impulse hugs him making him blush before he walks away.

At the entrance to the Ball, The three women in the Kane Limo step out. They survey the decorations and make their way into the celebration. It is marvelous with the lights and banners. It seems more beautiful then it ever has. They spot many of the Pine Valley residents. Kendall sees Erica and Chris and subconsciously moves behind Bianca.

"Kendall, don't worry. Mom, won't say anything to you if you don't." Bianca sooths.

"I just don't want to cause you problems, Binks."

"I know, but you're here to have a good time. So, forget about mom. Besides, just think of her reaction if she found out both her daughters were in love with women."

Kendall snorts lightly blushing. Maggie just opens her eyes wide. She didn't miss Bianca saying she was in love. Was it just a figure of speech or had Maggie waited too long to tell her how she felt? They move off into the crowd.

A half an hour later, Greenlee makes her entrance into the Ball. She sees Maggie and there with her is Kendall and Bianca. She didn't expect to have to face Kendall so soon. She can feel her heart pounding and her palms are already sweating.

"You look so beautiful, Kendall." She whispers to herself, "I can't do this not yet." She turns to the bar.

Maggie had seen Greenlee come in. She nudged Bianca, but they didn't tell Kendall since they saw Greenlee look up and then retreat to the bar. They looked at each other and Bianca headed that way after her.

"Where's Binks going?"

"She wanted to get another drink. She said she would be right back." Maggie lies to Kendall.

"Greenlee you look great this evening." Bianca stands by her.

"Oh. Thank you. You look wonderful too. I…I chickened out." Greenlee sighs.

"It's hard. I ought to know." Bianca smiles.

"I suppose you would." Greenlee smiles back nervously, "I…I never thought after all those nasty jokes that I would be…well…and…with your sister." Greenlee looks down.

"I don't hold a grudge. All I ask is that you both be happy, Greenlee. It's what I want for you both and so would Leo." Bianca squeezes Greenlee's shoulder.

"I know. I think I finally realize that. I didn't mean to hurt her you know?"

"I know. So, may I suggest you get moving since your fashionably late appearance has gotten us so close to Midnight?"

"Yes, it isn't amazing how late it can get without you realizing it. It almost seems like time is against you. I think you have someone waiting for you as well. How long do you suppose she will wait?" Greenlee offers.

"I…um…I don't want to hurt her." Bianca decides to be honest.

"She thinks she hurts you." Greenlee whispers.

"What?" Bianca blurts out.

"She thinks she is a bad memory for you. What do you think?"

"I think I have some heavy explaining to do. I guess here we go then." Bianca once again puts her arm out to a woman that night.

Greenlee takes it smiling nervously, "Yes, here we go."

"Kendall, I found someone who was just straining at the bit to talk to you." Bianca taps Kendall's shoulder.

"Who?" Kendall turns around seeing Greenlee and blushes, "I…oh…" she takes off in a hurry out to the patio.

"Shit." Bianca swears.

"I'll go. I think I need to do this." Greenlee offers.

"Probably. Good luck." Bianca and Maggie both offer.

"Thank you, both. Bianca, Good luck, too." Greenlee takes off after Kendall.

"What do you need luck for?" Maggie asks quietly.

"I think we need to talk. Do you mind if we find a quiet room?" Bianca offers her hand.

"No. That's fine." Maggie feels her heart beat rapidly. 'She's going to tell me she's in love. Damn it.'

Kendall sits on the deserted patio shivering and crying. She doesn't hear Greenlee come up to her. Greenlee stands looking at the woman she has fallen in love with. She doesn't know if she can give her everything she deserves, but she sure as hell wants to try. She cautiously moves toward Kendall.

"Kendall, please don't cry." She pleads as she sits down on the bench.

"I'm…I'm sorry, Greenlee. You know that right. Please tell me you know that." Kendall sobs out.

"What are you sorry for?" Greenlee asks.

"I…I…kissed you…took advantage of your friendship…forced…"

"Whoa…you didn't force me into anything. Don't you even think that for a second." Greenlee interrupts her.

"but…I…you…." Kendall stutters.

"I kissed you back. You didn't make me do that. I'm just sorry I freaked out on you. I should have handled it better." Greenlee realizes how cold it is as she shakes.

"I shouldn't have done it. I just…I couldn't hide my feelings anymore. I'm sorry."

"You're sorry you have feelings?" Greenlee sighs.

"N-no…I'm sorry…that I couldn't keep them quiet. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"You didn't hurt me. I think I hurt you more. I didn't know what to think and I don't mean about you. I mean I didn't know what to think about me. I kissed you back and it frightened me. I thought I had betrayed Leo somehow."

"I'm sorry I made you feel that way." Kendall cries again.

"Ssshh…you didn't make me feel that way…you made me feel…well…loved…and I made myself feel guilty about that. It was never your fault, Kendall. Never." Greenlee tells her honestly.

"I…I didn't mean to…you know… I tried so hard not to…I just wanted to make sure you were alright. I wanted you to know life went on…I never meant for the other to happen…I fought it, but it was stronger than me." Kendall cries more.

"You fought what? What didn't you mean to happen?" Greenlee urges hoping for the right answer.

"I didn't mean to fall in…in love with you, but I couldn't stop it…I mean….you are so wonderful…beautiful…more giving than anyone will ever get to see…I just couldn't help it. I fell hard….I tried not to…I tried to hide it, but…" she breaks off.


"But then you had your lips on mine and I was lost. I just had to taste…just once and I never should have and now it's all ruined." Kendall sobs hard.

"Oh, Kendall, it's not ruined." Greenlee hugs Kendall to her tightly. She just holds her for a moment.

"It isn't? You still want to be my friend?" Kendall asks hopefully.

"Yes, but….I want to tell you something and I hope you will like it." Greenlee moves away from Kendall who looks at her hands.

"Okay," she says. 'She's going to fire me.'

"Look at me." Greenlee tips Kendall's head toward her. She waits for Kendall to look in her eyes, "I want to be your friend, Kendall. I want so much to be your friend, but…"

"But you can't work with me anymore?" Kendall supplies.

"Oh…no…that's not it at all and quit interrupting me." Greenlee touches Kendall's cheek, "I…oh..this is hard…Kendall Hart, I want to be your friend, your partner, your confidant, your everything." Greenlee spits out very quickly.

"I…what?" Kendall asks shocked.

"I am trying to tell you that I love you, Kendall. I am in love with you. I want to be with you." Greenlee smiles nervously, "Could you say something?"

"I…I…are you…I…" Kendall stutters.

"Or not…" Greenlee leans in and kisses Kendall's open lips lightly.

Kendall feels the rush of blood to her head and other parts. She feels the soft lips of the woman she adores on hers again. She wraps her arms around Greenlee again pulling her into her arms and passionately deepening the kiss. Greenlee moans into the kiss and wakes Kendall from her ecstasy. Kendall breaks the kiss.

"I did it again. Um…I…damn it!" Kendall yells at herself.

"Kendall, shut up and do it again." Greenlee pulls Kendall into her arms and kisses her slowly, longingly. She feels Kendall shiver against her, "Are you cold?"

"I know I must be, but somehow I feel really warm." Kendall blushes.

"Hmmm…let's go back in. I don't want you to get cold." Greenlee stands pulling Kendall with her.

"Greenlee, I…" Greenlee looks at her, "I love you more than I thought possible. Where do we go from here?"

"Oh, Kendall. I love you too. I think we go back inside…celebrate the New Year here very shortly and see what happens."

"Oh. Okay." Kendall smiles goofily, "You look gorgeous."

"Thank you." Greenlee blushes.

They walk back in holding hands. They look around for Bianca and Maggie, but cannot find them. They go up to the bar and order some Champagne. They have so much to talk about, but here is not the place. They stare at each other and wait.


Part 15

"Bianca, what did you want to talk about?" Maggie asks quietly.

"Um…let's sit down." Bianca leads Maggie to the couch in the empty room.

"Okay." Maggie sits beside Bianca.

"Um… I've been hiding something. I have these feelings and…"

"Bean, I heard you say you were in love when you were talking to Kendall. I think that is wonderful. I just wish you had let me know there was someone. I would have liked to have met her." Maggie interrupts.

"Huh?…OH….No, you have met her." Bianca smiles figuring it out.

"I have. You mean that girl from your computers class?" Maggie asks dumbfounded.

"No…she's straight. I…well, she's about your height," Bianca's heart starts racing, "and she has these most beautiful loving eyes. She could melt your heart when she smiles. She always does mine. I do things sometimes just to have her smile just for me. She takes care of me like no one else except for Leo. You would love her if you saw her the way I do Maggie." Bianca smiles.

"I know I would. I would love anyone that you love. I wish I could remember meeting her." Maggie's voice cracks.

"You could meet her again tonight if you would like. She's here. I don't know how you will react to her though." Bianca fidgets nervously.

"I…I would love to. I know I will like her." Maggie holds in tears.

"I hope so, because no one means as much to me as you and her." Bianca stands pulling Maggie up with her.

They walk together over to the mirror. Maggie follows Bianca thinking that she is just adjusting before going to meet Bianca's love interest. Maggie looks at Bianca who is looking strangely at her in the mirror.

"Maggie, look into the mirror." Bianca stares at her. "I'm looking. What am I looking at?" Maggie grins.

"You are meeting the woman that I love more than anything. Isn't she lovely?" Bianca whispers.

"What? I m-mean…um…" Maggie stammers.

"I…I'm sorry…if she isn't what you thought." Bianca tries to recover.

"NO! I m-mean…you love me?" Maggie asks.

"With all my heart. I hope you don't hate me." Bianca turns away.

"Hate you? OH god Bean." Maggie turns Bianca back around, "I could never hate you. I…I'm so glad you introduced her to me cause she loves you more than anything back."

"She….You do?" Bianca smiles widely.

"Yes. I love you, Bean." Maggie hugs Bianca tightly.

Bianca hears the count down outside the door. She looks at Maggie and pulls her out the door back to the ball. She looks at Maggie and points out Greenlee and Kendall holding hands. The count down continues.






"Happy New Year!" the crowd yells and the kissing begins.

"Maggie, I love you." Bianca squeezes Maggie to her.

"I love you too, Bean. Now, could you kiss me?" Maggie leans toward Bianca and their lips meet passionately.

"Kendall, I would like to kiss you here. Is that alright?" Greenlee whispers.

"Oh, please…I love you Greenlee." Kendall bends low to her.

"I love you, too." Greenlee smiles leaning up meeting Kendall in a breath taking kiss.

From off in the crowd, Erica kisses Chris somewhat chastely. She looks around the crowd taking in all the people. She sees Maggie and Bianca kissing. She is a little taken aback, but as long as her baby is happy. She looks over the other way and…

"OH MY GOD!" The entire crowd turns to see what she is looking at and there is Kendall and Greenlee kissing. The whole crowd sees both of Erica Kane's daughter's kissing the women they love. The crowd suddenly bursts into uproar and applauds. The two couples break apart all with red faces.

Bianca gapes and swallows hard as she grabs Maggie's hand. Greenlee puts a hand to her lips and Kendall holds her close. They all stare at Erica Kane who suddenly faints falling into Chris' arms. The reporters head in and Greenlee looks over to the other two women.

"Come on! We need to get out of here! Ladies my Limos parked the closest…I suggest we run!" Greenlee practically screams.

"I concur. Come on, Bean. Let's run for it." Maggie pulls Bianca with her. Bianca looks to her mom and then the reporters. She chooses to run.

All four women run to the entrance and dash inside Greenlee's limo. The driver drives off practically running down two reporters. He turns around to look at them.

"Where to?"

"Just drive please," Greenlee orders.

"What are we going to do?" Bianca whispers.


Part 16

"Holy Shit!" Kendall squeaks out.

"Is everyone okay….well, no I guess that's stupid." Greenlee berates herself, "Are we all in one piece?"

"Yeah, Bean, are you alright?" Maggie nudges Bianca.

"I…yeah…um…do you think that my…our mom's alright?" Bianca asks shaking just a little.

Maggie pulls her in close for a hug, "I think it was just the shock is all. I think she will be okay. We'll check on her soon."

"Yeah, Binks. I'm sure Erica is alright. I guess we got to see her reaction about her daughters though." Kendall grins a little.

"Yeah, but so did everyone else…she's going to be furious…." Bianca looks at Greenlee's and Kendall's hands clasped together tightly, "So, I guess you two are on the same page?"

"Yeah, I see you finally got brave, too." Kendall smirks.

"Um…yeah…well…." Bianca blushes.

"Greenlee, this Limo is wonderful. You had something special planned for tonight and now I have a feeling we just ruined it." Maggie looks at the roses and the Champagne.

"I wouldn't say ruined it, besides wouldn't have happened if not for you two. I would say we now just have company with more things to celebrate." Greenlee leans toward the Champagne, "Can someone open this? Ooops, what do you know there isn't a Butch among us…" Greenlee cracks herself up and the others follow shortly.

"I guess I am as close as we are going to get," Maggie reaches for the bottle. Deftly she opens it and pours the two glasses.

"You two will just have to share one and we'll share this one." Greenlee holds up her glass, "To friends and lovers. I think L-leo would be surprised." She smiles as Kendall kisses her cheek.

"I agree. To all of us and our happiness." Bianca toasts, "I think Leo would be more than surprised…I think he would be laughing until he snorted."

They all take their turns on the drink and put them aside. Bianca leans with her head on Maggie's shoulder and Greenlee falls into a loose embrace of Kendall's arms.

"Greenlee where are we going?" Maggie asks.

"Well, I had reservations at a little bed and breakfast for the two of us…if Kendall agreed and I don't see a problem getting you two a room…if you want?" Greenlee explains.

"You sure are presumptuous Greenlee," Kendall chuckles.

"Oh…if you don't want to…" Greenlee blushes at her forwardness.

"I didn't say that. I would love to go anywhere with you." Kendall kisses the top of her head.

"I…you could get us a room?" Bianca stutters out.

"Yes, if you want otherwise you can have the Limo to take you anywhere you want to go." Greenlee smiles.

"Um…I don't want to go back to Pine Valley tonight, but I should check on my mom…what do you want to do, Maggie?"

"Bean, I don't care as long as I am with you, but the bed and breakfast did sound kind of nice…I mean if you want to…" Maggie blushes and Greenlee smirks at her.

"I…yeah…let me just call my mom." Bianca reaches in to her handbag and gets her phone. She dials the number and waits…no answer, "Mom's phone isn't picking up. Let me try Chris'" Bianca says a little worried.

"She's fine Bink. You'll see when you get a hold of her." Kendall reaches across and touches Bianca's hand in support.

"Chris, yes, it's Bianca. How's mom?"

"Oh. So, she's okay just fainted. Did you get her out before the reporters swarmed her…oh good. Yeah, I know. I didn't mean for it to happen. Yeah, I'm happy. Thanks Chris," Bianca smiles at Maggie who smiles back, "Um…yeah that was Kendall…yes and Greenlee, you weren't seeing things. Yes, I think she loved Ryan, but it wasn't meant to be…um…oh, Mom wants to talk to me…um…okay." Bianca starts shaking.

"I'm right here, Bean." Maggie whispers to her hugging her.

"Mom, are you alright? NO. I don't suppose that was a good question. I'm sorry I didn't mean to cause such a spectacle…none of us did. Yes, it was who you thought it was. Yes, Maggie and I are happy…Yes, it really was Kendall kissing Greenlee…no it wasn't some plot to out publicize you." She moans and looks at Greenlee who is shaking her head. Kendall's mouth just drops open, "Mom, it's a long story. Yes, I have been hanging out with Kendall…she is my sister…I know, but mom…things are different…you said she seemed different yourself…she found love…that's how I know. Yeah, mom…I know…I know. I promise. No, I'm not coming back to town tonight. I thought it would be best to stay away…you think so too. Okay, no I'm fine with them. She really does love her mom and yes, Maggie knows…yes, she loves me. Mom, will you at least talk to Kendall sometime? Please… it's time. Okay…yes. I know PR nightmare. We'll spin it. We'll make it work for us…yes, I think Greenlee is aware of the nightmare this is going to be." Bianca shrugs, "I love you, too, mom. Yes, we'll come right over tomorrow. `night." Bianca hangs up.

"Oh my God. What did she say…no I think I understood most of it, but what do I know?" Maggie asks.

"Um…one, that if you hurt me she'll hunt you down…"

"Amen…I know that." Both Kendall and Greenlee chime in.

"Yeah…and two, if you know how lucky you are…sheesh."

"Oh, I know both of those things. I definitely know how lucky I am." Maggie hugs Bianca close.

"She thinks Greenlee and I did that for publicity?" Kendall fumes.

"I don't think so…it was just a hope maybe. What is she supposed to do with two lesbian daughters?" Bianca looks sheepishly at Kendall, "I mean she seemed concerned for you both really. She would like to talk to Greenlee about what spin to put on this if any. She wants to make sure that the make-up war stays on even ground. Kendall, she wants to talk to you, too…Maggie and I are expected tomorrow…and I would like you both to go with us." Bianca offers.

"I…I feel like we've just been summoned to a meeting with the Queen." Kendall smirks.

"yeah…but which Queen? The Queen of `I'll get you and your little dog, too' or the Queen of `live life to it's fullest'?" Greenlee chides, "No offense Bianca."

"None taken. I know exactly what you mean."

A silence falls over the car as it travels on its way down the country road. Each young woman is lost in her own thoughts. It wasn't supposed to be this way, but it happens that love is wonderful and never as simple as we would like it to be. The Limo pulls up in front of the bed and breakfast. They were more than happy to have another couple and their room would be ready for them. They all exit the Limo and head up to their rooms. Maggie holds tight to Bianca's hand and smiles at Greenlee holding Kendall's. They turn to each other when they reach Bianca's and Maggie's room.

"So, we're further down there on the end. You two…what would I have done without you two brats?" Greenlee smiles.

"Been trying to hide from love…but you'll find you can't do that. You should know that already…you told me not to hide from it." Maggie offers.

"Yeah, and who would have thought two of the world's biggest bitches would end up together…look out world," Bianca laughs.

"Sheesh…Bink…we aren't that bad." Kendall blushes.

"Oh yeah we are." Greenlee adds in.

"Goodnight," Kendall pulls Greenlee down the hall gently.

Bianca opens the door with the key and opens it for Maggie. Maggie walks in and feels Bianca follow her in. They stare at the room filled with rose petals and candles. They look at each other and break down giggling.

"I guess that we know what Greenlee had in mind for her night." Maggie giggles.

"Um…yeah," Bianca blushes.

"You're beautiful when you blush, Bean." Maggie touches her cheek.

"Thank you…um…want to hear a funny and blush worthy thought?" Bianca smiles mischievously.

"Oh, you know I do."

"Greenlee obviously has their room done this way, too…but funny thought here in my head says…well…they were both straight before so…" Bianca can't finish the thought.

Maggie's eyes go wide as she comprehends, "Oh my God…Bean, I never thought you thought that way…they probably don't have a clue…too funny." Maggie falls onto the bed laughing.

"Not so funny when I tell you that…um…I never…I mean…um…"

"Bean, you've never…not ever…" Maggie sits up.

"No…no one's stayed around long enough." Bianca blushes really hard.

"Oh, Bean. I am going to stay until you make me leave…which I hope is never." Maggie pulls Bianca to her on the bed.

"I never want you to leave me," Bianca pulls Maggie to her and claims her lips in a soul-searing kiss.

Kendall walks into their room after Greenlee opens the door. She goes numb with shock at the rose petals and candles. She feels her eyes tear up. She turns to Greenlee who smiles lovingly at her. Greenlee walks into her arms as Kendall opens them up to her. They hold each other tightly for a moment. Kendall moves away to look down at Greenlee.

"I want…wow…I want you. I want to…" she hooks her head toward the bed blushing causing Greenlee to smile, "But…"

"But…" Greenlee looks worried.

"But I want to talk to you first. I think it's important. Nothing is wrong…I hope nothing is wrong….I just want to say a few things to you first."

"Okay…I am all ears." Greenlee moves them to the bed.

"Greenlee, I love you. I never meant to fall in love with you, but I did head over heels in love with you. Hell, I never ever thought I would fall in love with a woman let alone a woman who we were always at each other's throats. But here I am, holding you and getting to kiss you. I couldn't ask for anything more." Kendall feels her eyes tear.

"I love you, too." Greenlee touches Kendall's cheek.

"I am so happy to hear you say that. Greenlee, I just want you to know that I didn't mean to cause this dilemma with the press…I just wanted to kiss you for New Year's. I know it will be hard and I'll abide by whatever you want to do, but I don't care who knows that I love you. I'll understand if you need to spin it and make it something else. I'll go along with that. It's whatever you want. I don't want people to give you a hard time about loving a woman or those idiots who might ask about L-leo…I just want you to know that I know I'm not him…I'm not Leo…He was one of a kind, but I'll love you just as much if only differently. I want only your happiness…that's how I knew this was real love…cause I just want you to be happy… whatever it takes," Kendall drops her eyes.

"Oh Kendall," Greenlee's voice cracks, "I love you. I don't give a shit what anyone else thinks you should know that by now. I don't expect you to hide your love and I don't want you to. I also don't expect you to be Leo. I know you wouldn't try to be him, but Kendall you are one of a kind, too. If you weren't I wouldn't have jumped the gender fence," Greenlee smiles, "I love you. We aren't hiding. We are going to face this all together. It is what Leo would have done and if I learned anything from loving him it's when you want something you go for it and I want you." She looks deep into Kendall's eyes, "I don't know that I can make all your dreams come true, but I want to try. I suddenly have this urge to have a house with a white picket fence, two car garage, and 2.5 kids…and I want to have it with you. I'm sure Leo will watch over us all." Greenlee finishes reaching out to wipe the tears from Kendall's face.

Kendall smiles and then giggles, "What's so funny, love?"

"I was just thinking about what Bianca will say," Kendall kisses Greenlee's hand, "Two Bitches…and a White Picket Fence? What is this world going to do?"

Greenlee laughs and then plants a heart pounding lip lock on her lover to be. Kendall wraps her arms around her. They tangle themselves into each other. In Bianca and Maggie's room, two young women are standing and undressing in front of each other. Slowly, they reveal their bodies to one another until there is nothing left to hide from each other.

"Bianca, are you sure?" Maggie moves taking Bianca into her arms.

"I can't think of a better way to start our New Year…are you sure?" Bianca kisses Maggie's shoulder.

"Oh yes, I'm so sure." Maggie kisses Bianca's chest above her breasts.

Their hands roam feeling every inch of skin they can possibly touch. Moans escape as their lips greet in passion. Bianca moves to sit on the bed and trails kisses from Maggie's neck down to her breasts then on to her navel as she stands in front of her. Maggie tangles her hands into Bianca's hair.

"Mmmm…Bean, I love you."

"I love you, Maggie." She breathes out against Maggie's skin. She pulls her hands up the outside of Maggie's thighs causing the smaller woman to shudder.

Kendall stands looking at the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Greenlee lies on the bed before her completely naked. Kendall's heart beats with desire and a little fear. She knows Greenlee has never done this either, but she wants so much for this to be perfect. She smiles at Greenlee and crawls up to lay next to her touching her along her legs, over her stomach, and then through the valley of her breasts. She watches and sees Greenlee's eyes close at her touch. She kisses Greenlee's shoulder. Greenlee opens her eyes to look at Kendall before they kiss heatedly. Greenlee trails her hands down Kendall's back to cup her buttocks. Kendall moans into their kiss. Kendall tangles their legs together as they wrap around one another.

Bianca pulls Maggie with her up onto the bed. Soon, they are a tangled heaving mass of flesh. Bianca breaks their kiss to plant little wet kisses on her love's neck trailing down her throat to her breasts. Bianca feels Maggie tangle her hands into her hair again. Bianca takes a nipple into her mouth and Maggie holds her tightly against her as she flicks her tongue rapidly over the hardening bud. Maggie arches into Bianca as she moves to the other peak. Bianca then slides one hand up Maggie's thigh and down the other as she continues her assault on Maggie's breasts.

"Mmmm…please…Bean…" Maggie lifts her hips trying to gain contact.

"Love you," Bianca whispers into her skin before lightly running her fingers along Maggie's wet sex. She hears the gasp Maggie lets out as she explores Maggie.

Bianca licks her way down to Maggie's navel swirling her tongue in a circle around it. She feels Maggie squirm and the gentle push of her hands on her head. Bianca smiles into Maggie's hipbone moving to her target. She kisses the light covering of hair there taking in the scent of her lover. She just knows she has to taste her, all of her. She dips her tongue into Maggie and savors the flavor. It's salty, but sweet…just like her lover. She dips her tongue into the well of Maggie's desire and this elicits a deep groan almost scream from Maggie above her. She feels Maggie begin rhythmically undulating her hips to Bianca penetrating her. Bianca moves from the opening replacing her tongue with two fingers pumping slowly in and out of her love. She swirls her tongue over Maggie's bud. She feels Maggie tighten her hold in her hair holding her to her. Faster and faster their temp picks up. Bianca matches Maggie's heated movements as she nears climax. She feels Maggie stiffen and arch she continues to move with her wringing out every last possible moment of pleasure.

"Oh God, Bean…Bianca! Ohhhh!" Maggie cries out in orgasm. She falls back to the bed breathing heavy as she comes back down.

Bianca moves up to lay with Maggie holding her to her and waiting for her to calm down. She strokes Maggie's hair planting gentle kisses on her hair. She feels Maggie look up at her.

"Bean, that was wonderful…I never thought…I love you, Bianca." Maggie kisses Bianca on the lips.

It isn't a moment and Maggie is running her hands over Bianca hoping to make her feel just as wonderful. Sounds of love can be heard from their room well into the early morning.

Kendall's leg comes into contact with Greenlee's wet center. She revels in the fact that she caused this excitement. Her hands and lips are causing this passion. Kendall looks down at Greenlee and smiles.

"I love you. I want you…May I?" Kendall kisses the end of her nose.

"Please.." is all Greenlee whispers out.

Kendall's hands roam over Greenlee's body as she feels Greenlee's hips sway trying to get more contact from Kendall's leg. Kendall rocks her hips causing the friction Greenlee is looking for. Kendall feels Greenlee's hands pulling her hips to her more. They rock in unison as their lips meet.

"Oh God! Kendall don't stop…." Greenlee moans out.

"Mmm….never…" Kendall answers as her hand plays with a stiffened nipple.

Kendall trails that hand from Greenlee's breast over her hipbone and in between them to feel Greenlee's center. She shifts so that her hand dips into Greenlee's core. She kisses Greenlee one last time and moves to take a coral tip into her lips. She flicks her tongue wildly over the firm tip. She feels Greenlee arc into her touch. She slides a finger deep into Greenlee's satin. She moves further down to her opening and slides into her.

"Yes….deeper…more…" Greenlee groans out.

Kendall adds another finger and glides into and out of Greenlee in a slow pattern. She feels Greenlee pick up the rhythm and kisses Greenlee's skin wherever she can. She places her thumb over Greenlee's clit and listens to Greenlee moan in ecstasy. She keeps this pace watching Greenlee's face as it changes from one moment of passion to the next.

"Harder…pl-please…" Greenlee shouts.

Kendall puts her leg behind her hand in an attempt to grant Greenlee's demand. They grind together in passion. Greenlee digs her nails into Kendall's back. Kendall hisses at the sharp feel of pleasure in the pain. She knows Greenlee is getting close something innate just tells her this. She moves back up to Greenlee's face.

"Greenlee, I love you…I want to see you, baby. Open your eyes, baby," Kendall whispers to Greenlee.

"I…um…love you, baby…" Greenlee opens her eyes.

Kendall speeds up their pace pushing into Greenlee and listening to her moan. She feels Greenlee's nails break skin, but she loves it. Greenlee arcs off the bed taking Kendall up with her in her orgasm.

"Oh! Yes!…Yes!" Greenlee screams loudly right before Kendall kisses her ardently s her own orgasm hits her just from Greenlee's powerful release.

They lay in a tangled heap sweaty and panting. They hold each other tightly as Kendall gently withdraws from Greenlee. Kendall pulls the sheet up with her foot and pulls it over them with her hand. She smiles down at Greenlee who is still heaving in air. She strokes Greenlee's hair from her face and kisses her lightly.

"I love you Greenlee. I love you so much….that was absolutely amazing. You are amazing, baby."

"Mmm…not too bad yourself beautiful." Greenlee opens her eyes and smiles.

"Thank you….for everything…everything."

Greenlee snuggles in close on Kendall's taller frame and holds her tightly. They whisper endearments to one another until they both fall asleep together. Love is a strange thing is the last thought any of these women have before morning.

Bianca and Maggie watch as Kendall and Greenlee make their way out of the bed and breakfast toward the Limo. They smile at each other and the outcome of a strange holiday season.

"I'm sorry about your back, babe." Greenlee whispers, but sees that Bianca and Maggie hear her.

"Uh…yeah…over sharing." Bianca groans.

"Hey, I already told you we are cutting yours, baby." Maggie quips out making Bianca blush.

"I said I was sorry, Maggie…" Bianca blushes deep.

"I see you enjoyed your room then?" Greenlee smirks. "Yes, thank you."

"So, Kendall…want to compare short women notes?" Bianca blurts out chuckling.

"HEY!" both Maggie and Greenlee yell.

"Damn, Binks. One night of love and listen to your mouth…" Kendall chuckles.

They all get into the limo laughing. Who would have thought these four women would be laughing together? The Limo a couple of hours later pulls up in front of the Kane Penthouse building. They all ride the elevator up in silence. When they are standing outside the door, Bianca turns to them all.

"Look, I'm her baby. No offense, Kendall, but if it goes bad everyone run and I'll hold her off." Bianca sounds serious.

"I don't think that will be necessary, Bianca." Erica stands behind them.

"Mom, hi. We are all here." Bianca turns to face her.

"I see that. Please all of you come in. I think some major discussion is called for. I see my d-daughters have made some life choices that should be discussed." Erica opens the door for them all and stands to the side.

Kendall looks at Erica with tears in her eyes from the word daughters escaping her mouth. She walks past Erica and looks down at her.

"I love her…I do and Bianca, too. I didn't… I'm not playing." Kendall offers quietly.

"We'll talk about it…okay? We'll for once just talk about it, Kendall." Erica smiles a little.

"Okay. Thank You."

The door closes on this scene. In Pine Valley, one can never tell what is going to happen. Perhaps, the world will come crashing down again as it seems to do frequently, but this time these four women will have the love of each other to survive and live their dreams.

The End

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