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Two Birds of Prey Drabbles
By ocean gazer


The waiting was always the worst.

Barbara tapped her fingers restlessly against the desk. Rationally she knew Helena traveled faster with comms off. Too much talk distracted her.

But she missed the connection; missed knowing for sure her lover was okay. Not physically, but emotionally.

Hearing the faint thump of boots hitting the balcony, she sat up straighter in her chair. Wheeling away from the desk, she rolled through the balcony door and into the night air.

Before she could say anything, strong arms enveloped her. She leaned into the hug.

Helena was home. And she was okay.

Barbara smiled.

She'd waited all evening for this.

Kicking ass was fine; Helena had no complaints about fighting crime. Being meta, she didn't worry much about getting hurt, and she wasn't one to debate morality for hours.

Bad people were bad people, and her job was to stop them.

But she'd rather be at home, spending time with the woman she adored, making sure she was taking care of herself and not just staring at the computer screen.

She held her lover close, smelling vanilla shampoo. She was home now, and Barbara was here.

All was right with her world.

Helena smiled.

The End

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