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Two Souls in One
By Sarah


I am Borg.
I do not feel.
I do not want.
I do not desire.
I do not need.
I do not wish.

I am Human.
I feel.
I want.
I desire
I need.
I wish.

I am two parts that make one soul.
A soul that wars with itself.
A soul that carries burdens of the past.
A soul that is surround by pain.
A soul that cries out for love.
A soul that cries out for chaos.
A soul that tries to find its soul mate.

I am two parts that make one soul.
My soul no longer cries out.
My soul found love.
My soul found happiness.
My soul found chaos.
My soul found its soul mate.

I found what I need.
I found what I desire.
I found what I want
I found what I wish for.

In that of a Hybrid Klingon/Human

The End

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