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Uh, is this initiation?
By Erin Kait


"Lindsay, Lindsay, hey, over here!" Cindy yelled as she ran across the street towards the stairs to the station house.

"You can't go a day without seeing me, can you?" Lindsay smirked out.

"You asked me to dig up some stuff on your killer, and well, how can I refuse a tall, dark, broodingly handsome woman?"

"Ah, appease the ego. Aren't my legs killer, too?" They laughed as Cindy suddenly remembered why she was there.

"I ran the name you gave me and he's got a few ex girlfriends who say he was a little too violent in the bedroom for their taste."

"See, handcuffs are fun, but that bdsm stuff is just scary."

"Yea, well, they didn't like when he'd strangle them as they were about to orgasm. Frankly, I like my orgasms uninhibited."

"You're a moaner." Lindsay licked her bottom lip as she pictured Cindy handcuffed to her bed, squirming underneath her, moaning into her shoulder and biting as she came.

"And a screamer." Cindy suddenly realized they were talking about sex, and not so much in a 'friend' kind of way... more in a 'wouldn't you like to know' way. "Uh, is this initiation?"

"Say what?" Lindsay baffled at what Cindy just asked, started to replay the conversation back in her head. Oh shit, maybe my gaydar was wrong about her. I'm an ass.

"Ya know, flirting with me. Is it part of my initiation?" Cindy looked at Lindsay with a crooked glance and pursed lips. I could let her out of this easy, but this is more fun.

"You're kidding, right? This isn't a lesbian murder club. We're the only ones." Good, call her out. Hopefully she won't be offended if she's not. I mean, it is a compliment, isn't it?

"And you assume I am, why?" Her face was blank.

Lindsay was suddenly trying to figure out her next move, skillfully trying to not look stupid or embarrassed. Or maybe she will be offended. I don't understand, I thought we were flirting with each other. Was this really all one sided? "Well, color me confused. You flirted back. Did you not?" Cindy blushed as Lindsay suddenly seemed to be scrutinizing her.

"You were married..." Damn you Lindsay, this is not going to help my enormous crush.

"I prefer women," Lindsay said smugly.

"So you're bi-sexual?" Cindy said, not hiding her disdain.

"You make it sound so dirty," she paused, "I fell in love." She looked at Cindy and smiled. "So, was I wrong? Because I'm going to have to mark it on my calendar if I was." She winked at Cindy and turned her head to the street, suddenly realizing they were in public.

When Lindsay looked back at Cindy, she had stealthily moved barely an inch from her lips. "I think about you a lot. And practically stalking you for work doesn't help. I imagine being this close to you and how you'll just take the initiative and..."

Lindsay kissed the words straight out of her mouth. They explored each other's mouths for a minute before Lindsay once again remembered they were in public, in front of the station house none-the-less. "I think if you want to continue this we have to do it somewhere else. My place?"

"What about your killer?" Cindy asked, hoping to hell Lindsay would forget about work for just one night.

Lindsay took Cindy's arm and started leading her away, "I told you, I prefer women."

The End

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