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Undercover Operation
By Ann


Sabrina breezed into the office thirty minutes late and unceremoniously plopped down on the nearby couch.

"Sorry I'm late, Bosley. I brought my car in this morning for repairs, and the loaner car wasn't quite ready yet," Sabrina offered in the way of an apology.

"That's okay, Sabrina. We just got off the phone with Charlie, and Kris and Kelly are in the back room changing into their undercover outfits," Bosley explained to the seated woman.

Glancing around the room, Sabrina asked, "Where's mine?"

Nervously playing with his tie, Bosley replied, "You don't need one. You're sitting this one out."

As Sabrina opened her mouth to ask exactly he meant by 'sitting out,' the door opened to the nearby room, and Kris and Kelly stepped into view.

Kris was adjusting the straps of her go-go girl costume while Kelly was fiddling with the hat of her French maid costume. Sabrina sat spellbound as she noted the amount of cleavage being exposed by Kelly, not to mention the very short skirt detailing every single contour of her lover's legs.

Jumping up from her seated position, Sabrina exclaimed, "Now, wait just a minute here. What the heck is this assignment anyway?"

Bosley walked around to the front of the desk and asked, "You remember Mr. Jack Houston?"

Grimacing and then nodding her head, Sabrina replied, "Yes, but what does that have to do with Kris and Kelly dressed like a couple of high priced call girls?"

"He's back in town, and word has it that he's holed up somewhere, but he's been using different escort services to 'fill' his needs. Charlie wants Kris and Kelly to be ready when Houston calls the next agency. I've already been in touch with the owners, and they've all agreed to cooperate in exchange for anonymity," Bosley explained to the obviously irate angel.

"Oh, no. No, no, no. There's got to be some other way," Sabrina answered in protest.

"Sabrina, Jack Houston has never killed anyone, his only crime is extortion. Granted, he extorted a huge amount of money, and it just happened to be from Charlie, but there's no need to worry about Kelly or Kris getting injured in this operation," Bosley countered in return.

"You're kidding, right? Have you forgotten how Jack gave Jill a black eye and broke one of my ribs because we mistakenly believed he wouldn't resort to violence? When he's cornered, there's no telling what he'll do," an upset Sabrina replied.

"Sabrina, Charlie's on top of this sting. He's going to have both angels wired, and an expert team will discretely follow the limo to the destination. Nothing can go wrong."

Folding her arms in anger, Sabrina said, "Fine, but I want to be a part of this."

"Sabrina, Houston will recognize you so Charlie doesn't want you anywhere near this operation. You can either stay here or go home," Bosley offered.

Kelly stood watching the proceedings in silence. She knew how Sabrina was going to react when she heard about their current assignment, and frankly, she couldn't blame her. If the shoe were on the other foot, she would be protesting about Charlie using Sabrina as bait as well.

Stepping forward before her lover could voice her opinion about Bosley's two choices, she asked, "Bree, could I talk to you for a minute in private?"

Bosley was stunned by the question, but Kris just smiled as she watched Sabrina stomp angrily into the next room with Kelly trailing behind.

"I don't understand. Why does Kelly want to talk to Sabrina alone?" Bosley asked the remaining angel.

"Well, you could say that Kelly has a way with Sabrina. If anyone can get her to see reason, it'll be Kelly," Kris pointed out to the confused man.

Looking toward the closed door, Bosley replied, "I sure hope she can calm her down. Sabrina could single handedly sabotage the entire thing."

Several minutes later, both angels returned to the room, and Sabrina immediately made a beeline to the door and walked out of the office without a word to anyone.

"Sabrina's decided to wait at home until this operation is over," Kelly explained to her two partners.

"Good, thanks Kelly. Now, all we have to do is wait for the phone call to start the ball rolling," Bosley said as he walked back around to sit at his desk.

Hours later, a limousine rolled up to the front of the Townsend Agency, and two women wearing long coats stepped out and walked toward the vehicle. The driver quickly got out of the car and opened the door for both women before walking back around to the driver's seat to wait for instructions.

"Fourth and Jefferson," Kris said to the driver, and the privacy glass immediately went up as the car pulled away from the curb.

"He's sure not very friendly," Kris remarked to the other angel.

Fifteen minutes later, the limo pulled into a space next to a seedy hotel, and the driver once again opened the door for the two ladies and was instructed to wait for their return. Nodding, the driver climbed back behind the wheel and rolled down the window in preparation for a long wait.

Kris and Kelly immediately made their way to the last room on the left, and Kelly took a deep breath before knocking on the door. Several minutes later, the door opened and both angels stepped into the room.

Kris was able to engage the man in conversation, but not until both women removed their coats at his insistence. Houston immediately walked over and made contact with the blonde angel as he ran his hand up and down her arm while she continued to distract him with small talk.

Assuming that the suspect's attention was solely on Kris, Kelly eased over to the bed and reached into her coat pocket to remove her gun, but Houston quickly realized what she was doing and tackled her to the ground. The two wrestled for the gun while a shocked Kris looked on, and by the time Kris was able to retrieve her own gun, Jack had pulled Kelly in front of him and was pointing the gun at Kelly's head.

"Let me guess? You two must work for Charlie Townsend. Ol' Charlie really is slipping if he thinks a couple of broads can take me down. He should've learned his lesson the last time," Jack boasted, and pulling Kelly closer, he walked backwards toward the door.

Suddenly, the hotel door opened, and Jack quickly glanced over his shoulder before returning his attention back to an armed Kris.

"Hey, buddy. Want to make some big bucks driving me out of the city?" Jack asked the chauffeur.

"Sure," the deep voice replied.

Smiling, Jack lifted the gun high in the air with the intention of hitting Kelly over the head, but he stopped dead in his tracks when he heard, "I wouldn't do that Jack."

Releasing Kelly, he turned around just in time for a flying fist to hit him squarely between the eyes, and he was out cold before his head ever hit the floor.

"That's for me and Jill," the chauffeur muttered as she cradled her injured hand.

"Sabrina?" A stunned Kris asked while Kelly moved to check her lover's injury.

Hissing in pain when Kelly rotated her hand, Sabrina replied, "Yeah, it's me. There was no way I was letting the two of you face Houston without backup."

Moments later, several men swarmed the room and took Jack Houston into custody while Kris offered to stay behind so that Kelly could take Sabrina to the hospital for x-rays.

The two women slowly walked to the limo and climbed into the vehicle with Kelly taking the wheel. The car pulled away from the curb and headed directly to the hospital.

"Kelly, we need to stop by the apartment on the way," Sabrina informed her partner.

"Don't worry, Bree. We'll just call Bosley to give the hospital your information," Kelly replied as she patted her lover on the nearby leg.

Grabbing Kelly's hand with her good one, Sabrina said, "I'm not worried about my insurance card; we need go by the apartment so you can change. There's no way I'm letting anyone else see you in that outfit."

After several minutes of arguing, a smug Sabrina sat in the parked car waiting for her lover's return, and Kelly wasted no time throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Soon, the women were once again on their way to the hospital.

"I can't believe I broke my hand on Houston's face," Sabrina muttered when the two women entered their apartment.

"Bree, you knocked the guy out cold. What did you expect?" Kelly asked her lover as she directed her to the master bedroom.

Protesting, Sabrina said, "Hey, I don't want to go to bed. The doctor said ice and rest; he didn't say I had to rest in bed."

With a sexy grin and a cheesy French accent, Kelly replied, "Then I guess you don't want me to put on my French maid's costume and thank you properly for protecting me from Houston."

Increasing her stride, Sabrina leaped onto the bed, making sure to keep her injured hand out of harm's way while a laughing Kelly looked on.

The End

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