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An Undignified End of an Era: A Turbo-lift Tale
By Kris


Starfleet Commands' Admiralty Arch, only a mere twelve stories high, so that it would not dominate the natural beauty of San Francisco Bay, curved around Command Plaza, northern entrance, creating a grand entrance way.

Named after its Imperial forebear, in London, this too had been witness to many outstanding feats of, at first Human, but later Federation achievement, for the conception of the NX Warp Five project, to the final defeat of the Borg.

However, if the building was sentient, it would say it had never witnessed such goings on, as it would to what was about to happen in one of its Turbo-lifts, but it wasn't so it couldn't.

The door to the lift portal opened with a slight whoosh, and Seven Hanson, saw the hopeful features of her love. She entered the lift, and stated her desired destination. Just as the lift moved, a caramel hand opened a flap in the lift's wall, and activated a small device.

"That should give us a bit of time, to 'look more innocent!'" B'Elanna Torres explained sheepishly, in reply to Seven's quizzical expression. "Now tell me what happened?"

Seven sighed, and sat down. "I asked her for a divorce…."

A whistle from the lift's comm. system interrupted her.

"Starfleet Maintenance to occupiers of lift 21-alpha-19-beta."

B'Elanna pressed her comm. badge, "this is lift 21-alpha-19-beta, go ahead."

"Lift 21-alpha-19-beta, the problem seems to be part of the internal control circuitry, it will take some time for us to by-pass."

"Starfleet Maintenance, this is Lt Cmdr Hanson, Chief of Operations USS Discovery, I concur with your estimate, and calculate it will take 45.367 minutes for the fault to be by-passed externally, please inform USS Discovery, that I shall be delayed in my attempt to board the vessel. Also, please inform the Discovery, that Cmdr Torres, is also stuck in the lift, and she too shall be late in boarding Discovery. Lt Cmdr Hanson out."

"I asked her for a divorce." Seven started again.

"I presume she didn't take it very well?"

"You presume correctly, I had to access a lot of information, to discover the meaning of some of the more colourful euphemisms she decided to use."

"I don't think I want to know."

Seven inclined her head, "You are correct in that assumption B'Elanna."

"I then informed Kathryn that both you and I knew that she had been having an affair with Lt Cmdr Paris."

"I presume there were even more colourful euphemisms?"

"Not as many as before, as she soon retaliated, commenting that she knew about our affair. My next comment made her demeanour worse."

"Our assumption was correct, B'Elanna, mentioning the five other affairs made her even more obstinate than before."

"So it was going to plan." B'Elanna remarked.

"Yes it was, though I still think entrapment is an ugly term."

B'Elanna smirked; "and what would you call it?"

"Using substantially true information, as a bargaining position in a deal, which will benefit relevant parties."

"What we were doing was still entrapment Soch."

"To Katheryn, it was balckmail; but whatever we like to call it, it worked."

"It seems you care about her still?"

"She was my mentor and wife B'Elanna, a part of me will still care about her."

"She killed millions Seven!"

"I know B'Elanna, I feel sorry for her, she used to be such a fine person, now she has been reduced to this."

"I still can't believe my soon to be ex-husband and your soon to be ex-wife changed history, and set up a complete new reality, so that they could get Starfleet to use large chrome hubcaps on their Starship Nacelles!"

"There's more to it than that B'Elanna."

"What, power? Money?"

"I do not know, perhaps we will never know."

B'Elanna sighed, and combed her hand through her greying hair. "Poor old Ambassador Spock! Is there away to bring him back?"

"No, unfortunately, but at least it prevented a war with the Romulans."

"I still can't believe that Starfleet would agree with such a plan, I can't believe that my own daughter thought…."

B'Elanna's sentence was cut off by a searing kiss from Seven.

"What was that for?"

"B'Elanna it will be 25.34 minuets before the Starfleet Intelligence device will allow Maintenance to reroute lift controls, so while we are waiting to be rescued, and Admiral Janeway to be arrested, I believe we have time to kill."

With that Seven of Nine slowly started to unfasten her uniform top.

The End

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